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Encyclopedia results for reset


Encyclopedia results for reset

  1. Reset

    wiktionary reset Reset may refer to Ramsey RESET test statistics , a general specification test for the linear regression model Reset computing , to clear any pending errors or events and bring a system to normal condition or initial state Reset finance , a generic concept in the financial markets, meaning the determination and recording of a reference rate Possession of stolen goods Scotland Reset , the Scottish crime of knowingly and dishonestly receiving stolen goods Reset horse , Australian racehorse Strategic reset , a policy framework designed to strengthen the United States stance throughout the Middle East Reset military Culture Reset band , a French Canadian punk band that formed in 1993 in Montreal, Quebec Reset Norwegian group , a Scandinavian eurodance band Peace Orchestra Reset , an album by the electronic group Peace Orchestra Reset Funky album Reset Funky album , 2011 Reset song Reset song , a song by Outkast from their 2003 album Speakerboxxx The Love Below Reset Torchwood Reset Torchwood , the sixth episode of the second series of science fiction series Torchwood Reset EP , an EP by Set Your Goals released in 2006 on Eulogy Records Reset Mutemath EP Reset Mutemath EP , 2006 Reset Flying Lotus EP Reset Flying Lotus EP , 2007 Reset Records , a British record company See also Cocaine addiction booting disambiguation fr Reset ko it Reset nl Reset pl Reset sv Reset ...   more details

  1. Reset vector

    Orphan date December 2009 Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Reset vector is a computing term used to describe the default location a central processing unit will go to find the first instruction computer science instruction it will execute after a reset. That is to say, the reset vector is a pointer computer programming pointer or Memory address address where the CPU should always begin as soon as it is able to execute instructions. The reset vector for the 80386DX and later x86 processors is 0xFFFF0, although the value of the CS register CS register at reset is 0xF000 and the value of the program counter IP register at reset is 0xFFF0. In actuality, current x86 processors fetch from the physical address 0xFFFFFFF0. This is due to a hidden base address portion of the CS register in real mode which defaults to 0xFFFF0000 after reset. The reset vector for the 8086 processor is at address FFFF 0000 The reset vector for the 80286 processor is at address 0x00FFFFF0 just below 16Mb DEFAULTSORT Reset Vector Category Central processing unit Category Instruction processing Compu stub fr Vecteur de d marrage sv Resetvektor ...   more details

  1. Reset (computing)

    In a computer or data transmission system, to reset means to clear any pending errors or events and bring a system to normal condition or initial state usually in a controlled manner. It is usually done in response to an error condition when it is impossible or undesirable for a processing activity to proceed ... perform a reset if a command Timeout computing times out and error recovery schemes like retry or abort computing abort also fail. Most of the computers have the reset bus that brings the device into the startup state and is active for a short time after powering on. Reset is less dangerous for the hardware ... the user accessible reset button. Out of band management also frequently provides the possibility to reset the remote system. Many memory capable digital circuits flip flops, registers, counters and so on accept the reset signal that sets them to the pre determined state. This signal is often applied ... device to be able to reset itself in case of error or abnormal power loss is an important aspect ... sometimes be fixed by removing and restoring power, making the device reset. Some devices, such as portable media player s, very often have a dedicated reset button as they are prone to freezing or locking up. The lack of a proper reset ability could otherwise possibly render the device useless after a power loss or malfunction. A soft reset is performed by restarting system software without resetting the hardware. tt reset tt is also an Terminal Services Windows Terminal Server command computing command . The syntax is code RESET SESSION code . In addition, tt reset tt is a BSD Linux UNIX command ... Current&arch i386&format html Similar commands include code stty sane setterm reset code See also Abort computing Abort Abnormal end Hang computing Hang Reset button Category Computer errors Category ... ar cs Reset de Reset es Reset fr Remise z ro it Reset informatica he Reset nl Reset computer pl Restart ru Reset sk Reset sv Reset datasystem uk ...   more details

  1. Factory reset

    unsourced date December 2007 A factory reset or master reset is a full restore of an electronic device to its factory settings. Such electronic devices include handheld computer s such as Personal Digital Assistant PDA s and cellular phone s. It entails deleting all information stored in the device. This is essentially the same as reformat ting a hard drive . A factory reset may become necessary from time to time on a device which is no longer working. It should be used with caution, as it destroys all data stored in the unit. Many problems with a hand held electronic device such as freezing can be resolved by performing a factory reset or hard reset. Microsoft Windows In Microsoft Windows, resetting to the factory default settings can be accomplished by reinstalling Windows. Many brands of computers have a factory reset setting that can be found in the start menu. External links http www.factory Factory Reset Instructions http www.master Hard Reset Category Electronics terms computer stub ...   more details

  1. Reset button

    for the plot device Reset button technique Refimprove date September 2007 In electronics and technology , a reset button is a button that can Reset computing reset a machine device . On video game console s, the reset button restarts the game, losing the player s unsaved progress. On personal computers ref group NB On IBM mainframes reset neither clears memory nor initiates an IPL . ref , the reset button clears the memory and booting reboot s the machine forcibly. Reset buttons are found on circuit breaker s to reset the circuit. This button can cause data corruption so this button often doesn t exist on many machines. Usually, in computers, it is present as a small button, possibly recessed into the case, to prevent accidentally pressing it. Personal computers Image Reset button.svg 250px thumb The icon denoting the power or reset function on most devices The reset button could be an actual button or concept. The reset button would typically kick off a soft boot , instructing the computer to go through the process of shutting down, which would clear memory and reset devices to their initialized ... the reset button would be preferable to the power button, which could potentially leave a device ... expect the device to be resilient enough to reset when power was restored. Depending on the architecture, the reset button might have different effects. On PCs, usually it is connected to the motherboard , and when pressed it sends a reset signal to all peripherals. Many newer computers have no separate .... When OS hangs reset button is no longer integrated with the power button . Game consoles On game ... off the system instead of restarting it the reset button is actually also the on off button, but under ... games especially those that use autosave , one can gain an advantage by using the reset button. If a mistake is made, such as getting a character killed, the reset button can be pressed instead ... already short fuse to light, angering Mr. Resetti. At one point, he even threatened to reset the game ...   more details

  1. Reset (military)

    Reset is an evolving military term currently used to describe the equipment refurbishment process. In current U.S. military terms, reset refers to a series of actions to restore units to a desired level of combat capability commensurate with future mission requirements. ref name anderson1 http .... Brigadier General Charles A. Anderson ref The military term reset is being adopted in contexts outside ... unrest in the Asian nation in 2008 applied the term reset in a slightly different context .... July 12, 2008. ref Context specific terminology The military term is somewhat like Reset finance the financial term reset , which is a generic concept in the financial world. Reset, which also known ... schedule between two parties. The military term is somewhat like Reset computing the computing term reset , which means to clear any pending errors or events and bring a system to normal condition or initial state. The military term reset is unlike its finance and computing counterparts in that the military ... reset, in simplest terms, is intended to reverse the effects of stress on all equipment. Initial funding from Congress was used to reset brigade combat teams involving about 4,000 soldiers and about ..., Gerry J. http news newsarticle.aspx?id 2895 Army s Equipment Reset Program Ahead of 2006 Pace, American Forces Press Service. February 1, 2007. ref Strategic Reset Strategic reset ... Progress Strategic Reset retrieved 27 June 2007 ref The plan for strategic reset entails four ... reset a proposal by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that took the form of an unusually detailed ... 2007 01 25 AR2007012501555.html Rice s Strategic Reset. Washington Post 26 Jan 2007 ref Notes reflist 2 References Wiktionary reset Dinklage, Lindy. http features 0,15240,162648,00.html Army Launches Reset Pilot, Army News Service. February 22, 2008. Lenaers, William M. and Brent D. Coryell. http alog issues JanFeb06 reset armyeq.html Reset Extending the Life ...   more details

  1. Reset Records

    Reset Records is a British record company founded in 1983 by Vince Clarke Depeche Mode , Yazoo band Yazoo , The Assembly , Erasure and Eric Radcliffe . ref cite web title Reset Records url http label Reset Records work publisher Discogs date accessdate 2009 04 28 ref The 4 singles from Robert Marlow were released on this label from his friend Vince Clarke. Absolute and Hardware released also some singles on the label. References Reflist External links http viewtopic.php?id 819 Vince Clarke s Reset Records 1983 1987 Category Record labels established in 1983 UK record label stub ...   more details

  1. Hard Reset

    for the computing process Hard reboot Infobox video game title image File Hard Reset cover.jpg 256px ... news ?feed steam updates&appids 98400 title Hard Reset Updated date November 21 ... Radeon HD 3870 DirectX 9.0c 4 GB free hard drive space ref http hard reset gets release date pre order discount and system requirements ref Hard Reset is a first person shooter exclusively ... hard reset pc exclusive single player only new engine omg.ars ref a Polish developer that is made ... pc action hard reset news 6326099 hard reset qanda whats old is new again?mode previews&page 1 ref ... Hard Reset Extended Edition . Gameplay Hard Reset is modeled on old school video games such as Quake ... Reset features only two weapons, the CLN Modular Assault Rifle, and the EEF 21 Plasma Rifle. Both .... ref cite web title Hard Reset Weapons Trailer url http watch?feature player embedded&v nLNfjq8O78Q accessdate 9 September 2011 ref Extended Edition Hard Reset Extended Edition featured ... 23em clear none hack MC 72 ref name mc cite news title Hard Reset Reviews url http game pc hard reset work Metacritic accessdate 2011 10 05 ref IGN 7.5 ref name ign cite web last Onyett first Charles title Hard Reset Review work IGN date 2011 09 13 accessdate 2011 10 05 url http ... title Hard Reset Review work PCGUS date 2011 11 13 accessdate 2012 01 04 url http review hard reset review ref GI 7.75 ref name gi cite web last Biessener first Adam title Hard Reset work GI date 2011 11 09 accessdate 2012 01 04 url http games hard reset b pc archive 2011 09 09 an afternoon of sci fi carnage.aspx ref Hard Reset was released on Steam software Steam on September 13, 2011 ref cite news title Hard Reset Gets a Firm Release Date, Solid System Reqs, and Sharp New Screens url http 5835365 hard reset gets a firm release date solid ... Windows games it Hard Reset nl Hard Reset pl Hard Reset ...   more details

  1. Reset the Preset

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Reset the Preset Type Album Artist Console musician Console Cover Reset the preset.jpg Background Released January 2003 Recorded Genre Electronica br Experimental Length 44 48 small Disc 1 small br 47 58 small Disc 2 small Label Virgin Records Producer Reviews Last album Rocket in the Pocket br 1998 This album Reset the Preset br 2003 Next album Mono br 2006 Reset the Preset is an electronica album by Console musician Console . The track Dirt on the Wire was sung by Miriam Osterrieder. Track listing CD1 Reset Your God Eats Me Surfin Atari Into the Universe Dirt on the Wire Times They Are Not A Changin Suck and Run Secret Game Plus A Equals B CD2 Preset Diagonal Para. Lel Para. Lel Funicular Mix Marina Mallorca Mix Independencia Marina Diagonal Raton Relax Mix Independencia 3 4 Mix Interactive Part DEFAULTSORT Reset The Preset Category 2003 albums Category Console albums Category Virgin Records albums ...   more details

  1. Pitch reset

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Infobox IPA above Reset upstep ipa symbol ipa number 518 decimal1 42779 In speech, phonetics phonetic pitch reset occurs at the boundaries pausa between prosodic unit s. Over the course of such units, the median pitch of the voice declines from its initial value, sometimes reaching the lower end of the speaker s vocal range. At this point it must reset to a higher level if the person is to continue speaking. In non tonal languages, this sudden increase in pitch is one of the principal auditory cues to the start of a new prosodic unit. In register tone languages which experience downdrift discrete downdrift , pitch reset is required as the tones approach the lower end of the speaker s comfort range, and in those languages which experience tone terracing , it is in addition required in order to maintain the tonal distinctions of the language. See also Upstep Suprasegmentals Category Tone linguistics phonetics stub ...   more details

  1. Reset Speed

    orphan date November 2009 Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Reset Speed Type EP Artist Marystaple Cover Released 24 June 2002 Recorded ??? Genre Alternative rock Alternative , Blues music Blues , Indie music Indie Length Label Hey Harry Producer Reviews Last album This album Reset Speed br 2002 Next album Shotgun Marystaple EP Shotgun br 2003 Reset Speed is the debut EP by New Zealand band, Marystaple released in 2002. Track listing Labourer Gave Me The Sun Go To Sleep Exchange For Good Newdog Ditty Category Albums by New Zealand artists Category 2002 EPs Category Debut EPs 2000s rock album stub ...   more details

  1. Power-on reset

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 A power on reset PoR generator is a microcontroller or microprocessor peripheral that generates a reset Signalling telecommunication signal when power is applied to the Computer hardware device . It ensures that the device starts operating in a known State computer science state . PoR generator In VLSI devices, the power on reset PoR is an electronic device incorporated into the integrated circuit that detects the power applied to the chip and generates a reset impulse that goes to the entire circuit placing it into a known state. A simple PoR is composed by an RC device that charges with the rising of the supply voltage. A schmitt trigger is used so that the rising charged voltage of the RC network generates an impulse. This impulse is generated based on the two threshold voltage s of the schmitt trigger. When the input voltage at the schmitt trigger coming from the RC network reaches the first threshold voltage the output of the schmitt trigger switches so that it generates the first edge of the input. The charging of the RC network should be long enough so that the PoR can reset all the internal circuits before the charging voltage reaches the other threshold voltage of the schmitt trigger and the output to switch back. One of the issues with using RC network to generate PoR pulse is the sensitivity of the R and C values to the power supply ramp characteristics. When the power supply ramp is rapid, the R and C values can be calculated so that the time to reach the switching threshold of the schmitt trigger is enough to apply a long enough reset pulse. When the power supply ramp itself is slow, the RC network tends to get charged ... that there might not be a reset pulse supplied to the core of the VLSI. POR on IBM mainframes On an IBM mainframes, a power on reset POR is a sequence of actions that the processor performs either ... Reset System Reset . See also Low Voltage Detect Oscillator start up timer DEFAULTSORT Power On Reset ...   more details

  1. Reset (horse)

    Infobox thoroughbred racehorse name Reset image caption sire Zabeel grandsire Sir Tristram dam Assertive Lass damsire Zeditave sex Stallion horse Stallion foaled 2000 country Australia colour Bay horse Bay breeder owner trainer Graeme Rogerson jockey Danny Nikolic record 5 5 0 0 earnings AUS 850,000 race Cadbury Guineas 2004 br Futurity Stakes Australia Futurity Stakes 2004 awards honours updated Reset foaled in 2000 is a Australia n bred Thoroughbred racehorse and sire by the Leading sire in Australia and New Zealand, Zabeel out of the multiple List of Australian Group races Group One winner Flight Stakes Assertive Lass . He raced only as a three year old, in the 2003 2004 season, and recorded five wins from as many starts, including the Cadbury Guineas and the Futurity Stakes Australia Futurity Stakes both at Group One level. ref http Racing race.aspx?meet code 471929&race code 649578 2004 Futurity result ref In the Guineas, he narrowly defeated Starcraft horse Starcraft , who went on to win two Group One races in Europe . Rather than continuing his career, Reset was sold at four years of age to Darley Stud , Australia. To date, his progeny include the Victoria Derby Victoria and South Australian Derby winner Rebel Raider and highly rated Saxford. 2011 Cox Plate Winner Pinker Pinker See also List of leading Thoroughbred racehorses References reflist http Racing horse.aspx?horse code 636660 Reset s racing record External links http stallions our stallions reset pedigree Reset at Darley Stud Category 2000 racehorse births Category Australian racehorses Reset Category Thoroughbred racehorses Category Undefeated racehorses racehorse stub ...   more details

  1. Reset EP

    About the Set Your Goals EP other EPs with the same title Reset disambiguation Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Reset Type EP Artist Set Your Goals band Set Your Goals Cover Setyourgoalsresetep.JPG Released April 11, 2006 Recorded Genre Melodic hardcore Length 12 Minutes 41 Seconds Label Eulogy Recordings Producer Reviews Allmusic Rating 1.5 5 Allmusic class album id r852809 pure url yes link Last album Set Your Goals Demo br 2004 This album Reset br 2006 Next album Mutiny br 2006 Reset is an EP from melodic hardcore group, Set Your Goals band Set Your Goals . It was released on April 11, 2006. This is a re release of their 2004, Set Your Goals Demo with a bonus track. Track listing All of the songs were written by Set Your Goals, with the exception of Do You Still Hate Me? which was written by Jawbreaker band Jawbreaker in 1994. Reset 1 21 How Bout No, Scott? Feat. Israel Branson & Mikey Ambrose 1 18 Goonies Never Say Die Feat. Donny Shot 2 59 Sharptooth 1 12 Latch Key Feat. Chris Clack & Andrew Dimagglo 3 03 Do You Still Hate Me? 2 51 DEFAULTSORT Reset Ep Category 2006 EPs 2000s punk rock album stub it Reset Set Your Goals ...   more details

  1. Reset Generation

    Infobox VG title Reset Generation image Image Reset Generation match.png 250px Reset Generation arcade match caption Reset Generation arcade match in progress developer RedLynx publisher Nokia released ... N Gage 2.0 designer Scott Foe, Antti Ilvessuo, Olli Sinerma composer 8 Bit Weapon Reset Generation ... Reset Generation news.asp?c 6121 title 8 Bit Weapon confirmed for Project White Rock soundtrack publisher ... value N Gage game Reset Generation will be given away for free on PC publisher Tech Digest ... 2008 05 03 project white rock revealed nokia unveils reset generation 1113 Gameplay article on Reset ... archive resetfileplanet title Reset Generation on FilePlanet publisher N Gage Blog accessdate .... ref cite web url http blog.n archive resetrialfileplanetopen title Reset Trial on FilePlanet ... resetishere title Reset Generation is Here publisher N Gage Blog accessdate 2008 08 04 Dead link date September 2010 bot H3llBot ref Features Image Reset Generation Heroselection.jpg thumb left 170px ... url http do reviewPage?cId 3169663&p 38&sec REVIEWS title Reset Generation Review publisher ... cite web url http reviews item Reset Generation.php title Review Reset Generation ... Reset Generation publisher Evergeek Media accessdate 2008 08 09 location Toronto ref rev4 http ... Reset Generation review.asp?c 8184 title N Gage review, Reset Generation, Pocket Gamer publisher ... pc reset generation title Reset Generation video game review for the PC publisher Game Revolution accessdate 2008 08 17 ref EuroG 8 10 ref cite web url http articles reset generation review title Reset Generation Review publisher Eurogamer Network Ltd. accessdate 2009 02 20 ref Edge 8 10 ref cite web url http reviews review reset generation title Review Reset ... Rating 5 5 ref cite web url http 2008 12 17 reset generation review n gage title Reset Generation review N Gage publisher Republic Publishing Ltd. accessdate 2009 02 20 ref Reset Generation ...   more details

  1. Virgile Reset

    Infobox football biography playername Virgile Reset fullname image File Virgile Reset US Boulogne .png 120px dateofbirth Birth date and age 1985 8 3 cityofbirth Les Lilas countryofbirth France height height m 1.76 precision 0 currentclub US Boulogne Boulogne clubnumber 29 position Winger football Winger youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 2003 2006 years2 2006 2009 years3 2009 2011 years4 2011 clubs1 FC Lorient Lorient clubs2 FC Sion Sion clubs3 Vannes OC Vannes clubs4 US Boulogne Boulogne caps1 43 caps2 82 caps3 67 caps4 0 goals1 5 goals2 6 goals3 13 goals4 0 nationalyears1 nationalteam1 nationalcaps1 nationalgoals1 pcupdate 15 48, 21 July 2009 UTC ntupdate Virgile Reset born 3 August 1985 is a France French football midfielder , who currently plays for US Boulogne . Career Reset began his career with FC Lorient Lorient and joined than in summer 2006 to FC Sion Sion . ref http www.foot flashes 9419.html Vannes Virgile Reset va s engager ref On 21 July 2009 the 24 year old forward has left FC Sion to sign a three year deal with Vannes OC . ref http sport fussball story 31531605 Das R tselraten um Virgile Reset ist beendet ref Honours Swiss Cup Swiss Cup 2008 09 2009 References reflist External links http spieler profil.php?id 52337 Weltfussball profile de icon http www.fc sion index.php?pageID 1f247566284ef56c80615c58d39d551b FC Sion profile fr icon US Boulogne squad Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Reset, Virgile ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 3 August 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Les Lilas , France DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Reset, Virgile Category 1985 births Category Living people Category French footballers Category FC Lorient players Category FC Sion players Category Vannes OC players Category US Boulogne players france footy midfielder 1980s stub de Virgile Reset fr Virgile Reset ...   more details

  1. Reset (band)

    Refimprove date October 2011 Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Reset image ... br Adrian White musician Adrian White br Dave Barbaccia Reset is a punk rock band that formed in 1993 in Montreal , Quebec , Canada . History Reset was formed in 1993 by Pierre Bouvier and Chuck ... for Reset was Roach, but there was another band in Canada also named Roach so the band members changed the name to Reset. The band s first full length album, No Worries , released in 1997, was recorded ... see song Friend 1999 . In 1999, the band released No Limits Reset album No Limits , which was co ... by Greg Reely. Three video clips were filmed for No Limits Reset album No Limits Pollution , Pressure , and My Dream and I . Shortly after the filming of Pressure , Bouvier left Reset to reacquaint ... for six months, being recruited by Simple Plan members to fill their bass spot. In 2003, Reset ... Inc. Choke and Kyoto are the singles and the new video clips for that album. On Kyoto , Reset speaks about Kyoto Protocol . Today, Reset has a new line up with Philippe Jolicoeur guitar and vocals ... No Worries and the band s demo CD Concerned . Over the years Reset participated in five Canadian tours and three American tours, the 1997, 2000 and 2006 Vans Warped Tour in North America. Reset has played ... , The Planet Smashers and Subb . ref http 2009 03 reset will play special show with.html Reset Will Play Special Show With Original Line Up . Noise Press . Retrieved 2009 03 02 ref ... Reset album No Worries 1997 Everyday Why? Go Away I m a Man Hope T.K.O. Stolen Land A Matter of Rights Concern Right or Wrong Holy War United we Stand Tall No Limits Reset album No Limits 1999 ... Open Big Brother Friend Double Cross Hidden song Radioactive Reset album Radioactive 2003 Choke Picture ... Brainscan Infiniti No Intensity Reset album No Intensity 2008 Corrupted to the bone Sadness and Sorrow ... links http Official website http resetpunk Reset on MySpace DEFAULTSORT ...   more details

  1. DJ Reset

    Wikify date September 2009 DJ Reset is a New York City based producer, composer and Mashup music mashup musician. He has opened for numerous electronic music electronic and hip hop music hip hop acts including The Chemical Brothers , Fatboy Slim , The Prodigy , Ja Rule , Chingy , Fabolous and 112 band 112 . New York Post The New York Post has called DJ Reset miraculous . Jan 8, 2005 His work has also been featured in Rolling Stone , Entertainment Weekly , People magazine People , Popular Science , The New Yorker , The New York Times , New York Post The New York Post , The New York Times Magazine , The Washington Post , Q magazine Q Magazine , Mixmag , Billboard magazine Billboard , Wired magazine Wired and The Village Voice . DJ Reset has performed guest DJ sets on 106.7 FM KROQ Los Angeles , 89.9 FM KCRW Los Angeles , 103.4 FM WKTU New York , 92.3 FM K ROCK New York , 104.9 FM XFM London , 102.3 FM OUI FM Paris , and Sirius Satellite Radio. DJ Reset recently composed and performed an original score for an episode of the TV show Biography A&E Networks . Selected discography Frontin on Debra DJ Reset Mash Up Beck , Jay Z and Pharrell Williams Interscope Records , 2004 Thank You Nation 1814 Sly and the Family Stone with Janet Jackson and DJ Reset Epic Records , 2005 Glory Days DJ Reset Remix The Incredibles Remixes Disney Records , 2004 Sympathy Dayz Mary J. Blige with The Rolling Stones promo With a Little 1999 Paul McCartney and Prince musician Prince promo Seven Nation Superman The White Stripes with Eminem promo My Girl Hotel The Temptations and Cassidy feat. R. Kelly promo External links http Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Reset, Dj ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Reset, Dj Category Remixers Category Living people Category Year of birth missing living people Category Musicians from New York City ...   more details

  1. Trip/Reset

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Trip Reset Type studio album Artist Genesis P Orridge and Psychic TV Cover Trip Reset.jpg Released 1996 Recorded Genre Psychedelia Length 78 Label Cleopatra Producer Genesis P Orridge , Larry Thrasher Reviews Last album Breathe Psychic TV album Breathe 1995 This album Trip Reset 1996 Next album Cold Blue Torch 1996 Trip Reset is a 1996 album credited to Genesis P Orridge and Psychic TV featuring The Angels of Light UK band The Angels of Light . The title is a colloquialism of Genesis P Orridge P Orridge s. S he used this term to describe the act of taking a psychedelic to reset patterns of personal thought and behavior. It includes a cover of Pink Floyd s Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun , a tribute to Syd Barrett called A Star Too Far , and a tribute to The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band called Suspicious . Track listing The La La Song Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun I Believe What You Said Mother Jack A Children s Story Wrongs Of Spring Lady Maybe White Sky Black Cat A Star Too Far Lullaby For Sid Barrett Suspicious West Coast Experimental Pop Art Mix Firewoman Exhuma Exhortation Personnel For the realization of this project PSYCHIC TV aka PTV USA 96 were William Breeze Electric Viola and Viola Synthesizer Michael Campagna Lead Guitar and Guitar Synthesizer Billy Pink Goodrum Keyboards Genesis P Orridge Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Analog Effects, Analog Samples Larry Thrasher Lead Guitars, Bass Guitars, Analog Synthesizer, Tabla, Percussion, Backing Vocals Mother Jack Children s Method Storytelling, Background Voices For the realization of this project the The Angels of Light UK band Angels Of Light were Caresse P Orridge Backing Vocals, Harmonies, Analog Keyboards Genesse P Orridge Backing Vocals, Harmonies, Analog Keyboards Category Psychic TV albums Category 1996 albums 1990s electronic album stub ru Trip Reset ...   more details

  1. The Great Reset

    Cleanup link rot date January 2012 The Great Reset How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post Crash Prosperity is a book published in April 2010 by Richard Florida , a professor at the University of Toronto s Rotman School of Management . The book puts into context Florida s urban development theories, with the recent recession, to describe the future of our cities. Book Summary The Great Reset looks at the economic incentives which have driven our society in the past. Florida compares our recent economic downturn to two similar periods in recent history, the 1870s and the 1930s . The book is divided into three parts, how past resets have shaped development, how different cities are positioned, and what trends will emerge from the reset. Part 1 Past as Prologue Florida claims the 1870s reset .... During the first great reset there was a mass human migration migration of people from the countryside ... great reset laid our current foundation. Florida cites historian Alexander Field, calling the great ... 93 September 2003 1399 1413. ref The second reset, through a combination of public policy, economic ... and began to spend more on appliances and other household items. The second reset created the ownership ... the potential impact that the recession and the reset will have on different types of cities. The higher a city s exposure to the creative economy, the better it will do in the great reset. Cities ... city. ref Jannene, Jeramey. The Great Reset by Richard Florida Book Review. Urban Milwaukee 25 Nov 2010. http 2010 11 25 the great reset by richard florida book review . ref ref Chevreau, Jonathan. The Great Reset and the future of Tor Mon tawa Canada. National Post 14 Jul 2010. http 2010 07 14 the great reset and the future of toronto . ref Florida has ... Florida http magazine archive 2009 02 the great reset 7303 The Great Reset article in The Atlantic DEFAULTSORT Great Reset, The Category 2010 books Category Canadian non fiction ...   more details

  1. Reset (finance)

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Reset also known as fixing is a generic concept in the financial markets , meaning the determination and recording of a reference rate , usually in order to calculate the settlement value of a periodic payment schedule between two parties. Resets are most commonly used in Interest rate swap s, to determine the value of the floating rate payment for each period. The parties will have agreed a source for the reference rate usually a named screen on an information vendors system, though any public domain source will do, such as a newspaper or government publication . Fixing involves looking up the reference value on the agreed date, recording, then computing a payment based on the rate. Fixing can often change the value of a financial instrument , and can be difficult to encode in the software models used to price such instruments. Other examples of fixing are in average rate option s, where the underlying price of the option is an average of some kind, also in ONIA type swaps, where periodic payments are made on the basis of average overnight interest rates. DEFAULTSORT Reset Finance Category Financial markets ...   more details

  1. Strategic reset

    Strategic reset is a policy framework designed to stop counterproductive U.S. engagement in a fragmenting ..., reset refers to a series of actions to restore units to a desired level of combat capability commensurate ... reset entails four key measures acknowledging Iraq s politics of Iraq political and demography ... Center for American Progress Strategic Reset retrieved 27 June 2007 ref Background The Center for American Progress developed the framework for strategic reset on the premise that with the Iraq ... The New Way Forward in Iraq ref While proponents of strategic reset support diversification, particularly ... 2007 ref Supporters of the strategic reset framework disagree with the latter terms, claiming that the ISG ... issues 2007 06 pdf iraq report.pdf CAP Strategic Reset p 6 retrieved 28 June 2007 ref Strategic reset emphasizes making counterterrorism the primary role of U.S. troops, rather ... 2007 06 pdf iraq report.pdf CAP Strategic Reset p 30 retrieved 28 June 2007 ref It also emphasizes ... issues 2007 06 pdf iraq report.pdf CAP Strategic Reset p 10 retrieved 28 June 2007 ref In 2007, the Washington Post described as strategic reset a proposal by U.S. Secretary of State ... s Strategic Reset. Washington Post 26 Jan 2007 ref Principles of the strategic reset framework Advocates of strategic reset maintain that the current administration s misjudgments regarding Iraq policy ... 06 pdf iraq report.pdf CAP report p 5 retrieved 28 June 2007 ref Proponents of strategic reset point ... right Under the strategic reset framework, one immediate response to the political stalemate ... report.pdf CAP report pp 16 18 retrieved 28 June 2007 ref Supporters of the strategic reset see two ... archives 2007 06 strategic reset.php Strategic Reset, The Atlantic Online, 25 Jun 2007 retrieved ... is decentralization of U.S. policy and power structure in Iraq. The strategic reset framework calls ... 28 June 2007 ref Phased military redeployment Phased redeployment is the strategic reset framework ...   more details

  1. Reset (Torchwood)

    DISPLAYTITLE Reset Torchwood multiple issues notability July 2011 original research July 2011 plot July 2011 Doctorwhobox number 19 serial name Reset caption Owen examines the Mayfly that he extracted from the Pharm s hired killer. image File Reset Torchwood .jpg 275px show TW type episode cast John Barrowman Jack Harkness Captain Jack Harkness Eve Myles Gwen Cooper Burn Gorman Owen Harper Naoko Mori Toshiko Sato Gareth David Lloyd Ianto Jones Freema Agyeman Martha Jones guests Alan Dale List of Torchwood minor characters Aaron Copley Aaron Copley Jacqueline Boatswain Plummer Jan Anderson actress Jan Anderson Marie Thomas Rhodri Miles Billy Davis Michael Sewell Mike John Samuel Worsey Policeman Paul Kasey uncredited Weevil Torchwood Weevil writer J.C. Wilsher director Ashley Way production code 2.6 producer Richard Stokes producer Richard Stokes br Chris Chibnall co producer executive producer Russell T Davies br Julie Gardner script editor Brian Minchin series List of Torchwood episodes Series 2 2008 Series 2 length 50 mins date 13 February 2008 preceding Adam Torchwood Adam following Dead Man Walking Torchwood Dead Man Walking Reset is the sixth List of Torchwood episodes episode of the second series of British science fiction on television science fiction television series Torchwood , which was first broadcast by BBC Three on 13 February 2008, immediately after the broadcast ... Martha. Martha discovers the facility is responsible for the drug Reset , which works by releasing ... Mayfly larvae then proceed to reset the human body, eliminating incurable diseases. The downside ... through time and space. Martha is injected with Reset in order for the Professor to see how her ... Reset Torchwood story Reset Brief torch y quotes y id 2008f title Reset Doctor Who RG id torchwood 19 title Reset quotes y UNIT Stories Torchwood series 2 Use dmy dates date September 2010 Category Torchwood episodes Category 2008 television episodes fr Reset Torchwood ...   more details

  1. Answer to reset

    An Answer To Reset ATR is a message output by a contact Smart Card conforming to ISO IEC 7816 standards, following electrical reset of the card s chip by a card reader. The ATR conveys information about the communication parameters proposed by the card, and the card s nature and state. By extension, ATR often refers to a message obtained from a Smart Card in an early communication stage or from the card reader used to access that card, which may transform the card s message into an ATR like format this occurs e.g. for some PC SC card readers ref http fileadmin products datasheets SDI011.MANUAL.VER1.05.pdf Section in SCM Microsystems SDI011 Reference Manual &mdash version 1.05 ref ref http documents ok contactless developer guide an en.pdf Section 3.2 in OMNIKEY Contactless Smart Card Readers Developer Guide ref when accessing an ISO IEC 14443 Smart Card . The presence of an ATR is often used as a first indication that a Smart Card appears operative, and its content examined as a first test that it is of the appropriate kind for a given usage. Contact Smart Cards communicate over a signal named Input Output I O either synchronously data bits are sent and received at the rhythm of one per period of the clock supplied to the card on its CLK .... Some Smart Cards mostly of the asynchronous variety have different ATR depending on if the reset is the first since power up Cold ATR or not Warm ATR . small Note Answer To Reset should not be confused ... about the communication parameters supported, as does Answer To Reset, but its structure is different ... character TS is always physically present, but is not part of the Answer to Reset in ISO IEC ... until the next reset . In direct resp. inverse convention, bits with logic value tt 1 tt ... Part 3 Cards with contacts &mdash Electronic signals and answer to reset for synchronous cards partial ... is standardized. References reflist DEFAULTSORT Answer To Reset Category Smart cards de Answer to Reset ...   more details

  1. No Limits (Reset album)

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name No Limits Cover No Limits.jpg Type Album Artist Reset band Reset Released 1999 br November 14, 2006 Re Release Recorded 1998 and 1999 in Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada Genre Punk rock Length 47 45 Label 2112 Records Producer Greg Reely & Reset band Reset Reviews Allmusic rating 3 5 Allmusic class album id r462049 pure url yes link Last album No Worries br 1997 This album No Limits br 1999 Next album Radioactive br 2003 No Limits is the second album by the Canadian punk rock punk band Reset band Reset . It was released in 1999 , and re released in 2006 . Track listing I Know 0 52 Pollution 2 53 Planet Earth 2 25 My Dream and I 2 37 Let Me Go 4 08 Pressure 3 08 The End 1 41 What Now? 3 20 Blew It Off 1 50 Wide Open 1 03 Big Brother 2 28 Friend 2 56 Double Cross 18 06 Including hidden track Personnel Pierre Bouvier bass, lead vocals Phil Jolicoeur guitar, vocals Adrian White musician Adrian White drums guitar samples, keyboards Greg Reely production, mixer, engineering, mastering Reset band Reset production Leslie Symansky pictures Patrick Francis Guay artwork Chuck Comeau creative input J.S. Boileau creative input Category 2000 albums fr No limits ...   more details

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