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Encyclopedia results for peoplestring tutorial deutsch

peoplestring tutorial deutsch

Encyclopedia results for peoplestring tutorial deutsch

  1. PeopleString

    Multiple issues orphan May 2011 notability May 2011 wikify May 2011 POV December 2011 PeopleString is an interactive social portal and social affiliate program founded in January 2009. Public since 2010 OTCBB PLPE , the company has developed and operates an interactive social portal that features a multi tiered affiliate program, sharing revenue generated by the company with its users. The PeopleString Portal consists of PeopleString s InstaPortal technology, cash back shopping, pay to watch videos, affiliate offers aggregated on the site, as well as self destructing and re callable email services. PeopleString is the first social network sharing its revenue with active members for doing things online they already do every day. Citation needed date December 2011 Technology The company s InstaPortal technology allows users to crop the pieces of their favorite website onto their own customizable PeopleString homepage. The PeopleString Social Portal allows users to organize their favorite sites and pieces of those sites as tabs, bookmarks or InstaPortal previews. ref name Beta Release of the PeopleString Social Portal http news home 20110125005443 en Beta Release PeopleString Social Portal ref Business Model PeopleString shares the revenues it generates from online advertising, shopping and product sales with its members. PeopleString also provides financial incentives for users to create a personal affiliate network by referring friends and businesses to PeopleString. The network created generates income for the member each time users in the affiliate network earn money. shares revenue generated from advertising and marketing affiliations with its active users . Active users consist of members who have registered and logged into their respective accounts within the previous 90 days. In addition to PeopleString s free member accounts ... http q?s PLPE.OB&ql 0 stock quote DEFAULTSORT Peoplestring ...   more details

  1. Tutorial

    selfref For tutorial about Wikipedia, see Wikipedia Tutorial . selfref For other tutorial information on Wikipedia, see Help contents . A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used ... a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task. Depending on the context a tutorial can take one of many forms, ranging from a set of instructions to complete ... academic parlance , a tutorial is a small class of one, or only a few, student s, in which the tutor ... needed date August 2007 . The tutorial system at University of Oxford Oxford and University of Cambridge ... to them Heythrop College University of London , for instance, also offers a tutorial system with one ... individual tuition six to eight or even more students is a far more common tutorial size. At Cambridge, a tutorial is known as a supervision . The Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University in Athens ... universities, such as the University of Waterloo or the University of Toronto , a tutorial refers to something ... instructor of a course, even if a full professor, to take a tutorial. At Princeton University ... Australian and Education in New Zealand New Zealand universities, a tutorial colloquially ... version of the Great Books program, a tutorial is a class of 12 16 students who meet regularly with the guidance of a tutor. The tutorial focuses on a certain subject area e.g. mathematics tutorial, language tutorial and generally proceeds with careful reading of selected primary texts and working ... poetry . Since formal lectures do not play a large part in the St. John s College curriculum, the tutorial is the primary method by which certain subjects are studied. However, at St. John s the tutorial ... to that of an Oxbridge tutorial. At Williams, students in tutorials typically work in pairs alongside ... or tips as a tutorial, this usage can be misleading. Computer based tutoring In computer based education , a tutorial is a computer program whose purpose it is to assist users in learning how ...   more details

  1. Deutsch

    Wiktionary Deutsch deutsch Deutsch is the German language word for German disambiguation German adjective . Deutsche are Germans , while eine Deutsche ein Deutscher is a German female and male forms, respectively . See Deutsch etymology for details. the German language Deutsch, a village in the German municipality of Gro Garz Deutsch surname Deutsch crater , a crater on the far side of the Moon Deutsch Inc. , an American advertising agency Deutsch Interconnect Solutions , an international connector manufacturer See also Dutch disambiguation Deitsch Dietsch disambiguation Deutz disambiguation Theodiscus Deutsche Bank , a German bank Deutsche Welle , international public broadcaster Deutsche Telekom AG, a telecommunications company based in Bonn, Germany Andr Deutsch , an imprint of Carlton Publishing Group disambig als Deutsch de Deutsch es Deutsch fr Deutsch he it Deutsch pt Deutsch th Deutsch ur ...   more details

  1. Internet tutorial

    The term Internet tutorial can have two different meanings. It can mean a tutorial on the Internet which can have any kind of subject or it may refer to a tutorial that teaches Internet beginners basic skills on how to use the Internet.the internet tutorial help us in study. See also Learning management system Virtual learning environment online learning E learning glossary M learning Computer assisted language learning CALL computer assisted language learning for a more historical perspective Educational technology Distance education External links dmoz Computers Education Internet FAQs, Help, and Tutorials Internet FAQs, Help, and Tutorials Category Technical communication Category Educational technology ...   more details

  1. Tutorial system

    At Cambridge University and Oxford University , undergraduates are taught in the tutorial system . Students are taught by faculty fellows in groups of one to three on a weekly basis. At Cambridge, these are called supervisions and at Oxford they are called tutorials. One benefit of the tutorial system ... students. As a pedagogic model, the tutorial system has great value because it creates learning ..., D. 2008 The Oxford Tutorial OxCHEPS , Papers page, Item 1 available online at http ... of the United Kingdom , Williams College in Massachusetts has a rigorous and successful tutorial system ... too for example, by the Honors Tutorial College of Ohio University . Further reading Adamson, J. W. Briefest of references to the Oxford Tutorial in Education. In From Steel and Addison to Pope ... Books . Bailey, Cyril. The Tutorial System. Revised by J. B. Bamborough. In Handbook to the University ... Tutorial. Paper presented at the Tutorial Education History, Pedagogy, and Evolution conference, Lawrence ... presented at the Tutorial Education History, Pedagogy, and Evolution conference, Lawrence University ... mayr harting.shtml . Moore, Will G. The Tutorial System and Its Future . New York Pergamon, 1968 .... The Oxford Tutorial Thanks, You Taught Me How to Think, 2nd ed. Oxford Oxford Centre for Higher ... . Paper 6 Tutorial Teaching . Oxford Institute for the Advancement of University Learning, n.d. See http files Tutorial 20Teaching.pdf . Ryan, Alan. The Oxford Tutorial History and Myth. Keynote address at the Tutorial Education History, Pedagogy, and Evolution conference, Lawrence ... tutorials 2007 ryan keynote.pdf . Shale, S. Understanding the Learning Process Tutorial Teaching ... for Tutorial Fellows, Other Teaching Fellows, College Lectures, and Graduate Teaching Assistants ... and practice of tutorial instruction in early eighteenth century Cambridge, from Victor Morgan, 1546 ... , 342. Williams, Gavin. Socrates in Stellenbosch and Tutorials in Oxford. Paper presented at the Tutorial ...   more details

  1. Dhanmondi Tutorial

    Unreferenced date April 2010 Infobox school name Dhanmondi Tutorial image motto established 1972 type Private school affiliation district grades president principal Naz Mustafa head of school dean faculty staff students Abdul Quiyum enrollment athletics Football, Cricket, Handball , Basketball, Table Tennis etc. conference colors mascot free label location Dhanmondi , Dhaka coordinates country Bangladesh homepage Dhanmondi Tutorial , commonly known as DT, is a private, English medium educational institution located in Dhanmondi , Dhaka , Bangladesh . It was founded in 1972, and has four campuses at the moment,which are better known as Junior 1, Junior 2, Middle, and Senior. The Junior 1 section consists of classes Play Group to KG II. Then Class I and Class 2 fills the Junior 2 Section. Following that are the last to primary classes 4 and 5, which comprises the Middle Section and finally the Senior Section has Class 6 to A Levels, completing one s school life. DT follows the British GCE and IGCSE syllabus and the students are taught for the Ordinary Level O level and Advanced Level A level examinations conducted by Edexcel International. The school has consistently been one of the leading ones in Bangladesh in terms of O and A level results for more than a decade. Facilities offered by DT include a computer lab, science labs, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Students have the opportunity to take part in the Bangladesh Scouts or the Bangladesh Girl Guides Association movements, science fairs, debating and cultural events as extracurricular activities. The principal of the school is Naz Mustafa. the student is Abdul Quiyum coord missing Bangladesh Colleges in Dhaka Category Schools in Dhaka Category Schools in Bangladesh Category Educational institutions established in 1972 ...   more details

  1. Deutsch (surname)

    wiktionarypar deutsch toc right Deutsch is a German surname , meaning German . When transliterated from other languages, it may also be spelled as Deutch, Deitch, Deich, Daj . Deutsch Adolph Deutsch , Academy Award winning composer Alex Deutsch , founder of Deutsch Interconnect Solutions Alexander Deutsch , German planetologist active since 1984 Alexander Nikolaevich Deutsch , Russian astronomer active 1926 1985 Ana Deutsch born 1940 , psychologist and co founder of the Program for Torture Victims Andr Deutsch , a publisher in London Andrew Deutsch born 1968 , sound artist Armin Joseph Deutsch born 1918 , American astronomer and science fiction author Arnold Deutsch , NKVD operative who recruited Kim Philby Babette Deutsch 1895 1982 , American author Charles Deutsch , French engineer David Deutsch born 1953 , physicist Donny Deutsch Diana Deutsch , British born, American perceptual and cognitive psychologist Ernst Deutsch 1890 1969 , German actor George Deutsch , ex NASA press officer Gotthard Deutsch 1859 1921 , scholar of Jewish history Harold C. Deutsch , author of the World War II book Covert Warfare book Covert Warfare Helene Deutsch , Austrian born American psychologist Herbert Deutsch , American Composer Immanuel Oscar Menahem Deutsch 1829 1873 , a German oriental scholar John James Deutsch , Canadian economist Julio Deutsch 1859 1922 , well known Croatian architect Julius Deutsch 1884 1968 , Austrian politician Karl Deutsch 1912 1992 , Czech social and political scientist Ladislas Deutsch, pen name of L szl Detre microbiologist L szl Detre 1874 1939 , Hungarian microbiologist Lea Deutsch 1927 1943 , Croatian Jewish child actress who died during the Holocaust Leo Deutsch 1855 1941 known as Lev Deich in Russia , Russian revolutionary Louis Red Deutsch 1890 1983 , American boxer and owner of the Tube Bar in Jersey City L. Peter Deutsch , programmer and creator of the Ghostscript software Mark Deutsch musician , a musician, inventor of bazantar Mark Deutsch journalist ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Evern

    Infobox German location Wappen Wappen Deutsch Evern.png lat deg 53 lat min 12 lat sec lon deg 10 lon min 26 lon sec Lageplan Deutsch Evern in LG.svg Bundesland Niedersachsen Landkreis L neburg Samtgemeinde Ilmenau Samtgemeinde Ilmenau H he 31 Fl che 11.16 Einwohner 3683 Stand 2007 12 31 PLZ 21407 Vorwahl 04131 Kfz LG Gemeindeschl ssel 03 3 55 014 Stra e Bahnhofstra e 10 B rgermeister Hubert Ringe Partei CDU Deutsch Evern is a municipality in the L neburg district district of L neburg , in Lower Saxony , Germany . Deutsch Evern has an area of 11.16  km and a population of 3,683 as of December 31, 2007 . Cities and towns in L neburg district References Reflist L neburg geo stub de Deutsch Evern eo Deutsch Evern it Deutsch Evern nl Deutsch Evern pl Deutsch Evern pt Deutsch Evern ro Deutsch Evern ru sr vi Deutsch Evern vo Deutsch Evern war Deutsch Evern ...   more details

  1. Zertifikat Deutsch

    The Zertifikat Deutsch ZD is an internationally recognized exam of German language ability. It tests for a level of ability equivalent to level B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR scale. Candidates will typically need between 300 and 450 hours of instruction in the German language in order to obtain the necessary fluency to pass the Zertifikat Deutsch exam. The Zertifikat Deutsch exam is tailored to the needs of adult students of German, regardless of whether they are inside or outside a German speaking country. Another exam, the Zertifikat Deutsch f r Jugendliche ZD j , is tailored to adolescent students of German. The Zertifikat Deutsch is the result of a joint collaboration between Goethe Institut Goethe Institute , the sterreichischem Sprachdiplom SD , the Schweizer Erziehungsdirektorenkonferenz EDK and Weiterbildungs Testsysteme GmbH WBT Weiterbildungs Testsysteme gGmbH . See also Common European Framework of Reference for Languages External links http lrn prj pba bes gzd enindex.htm Zertifikat Deutsch at the Goethe Institute website http lrn prj pba bes zdj enindex.htm Zertifikat Deutsch f r Jugendliche http sterreichischen Sprachdiplom Deutsch http Zertifikat Deutsch http Zertifikat Deutsch ZD.226.0.html Informationen der Carl Duisberg Centren Category German language tests de Zertifikat Deutsch fr Zertifikat Deutsch it Zertifikat Deutsch pl Zertifikat Deutsch pt Zertifikat Deutsch ro Zertifikat Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Goritz

    Infobox Ort in sterreich Art Gemeinde Name Deutsch Goritz Wappen lat deg 46 lat min 45 lat sec 00 lon deg 15 lon min 49 lon sec 48 Lageplan Bundesland Steiermark Bezirk Radkersburg H he 244 Fl che 23.26 Einwohner 1264 Stand 2005 12 31 PLZ 8483 Vorwahl 03474 Kfz RA Gemeindekennziffer 61502 NUTS AT224 Stra e Deutsch Goritz 75 Website http www.deutsch www.deutsch B rgermeister Heinrich Tomschitz Partei VP Gemeinderatanzahl 15 Gemeinderat 9 VP , 3 SP , br 3 B rgerliste Wahljahr 2005 Deutsch Goritz lang sl Slovenska Gorica is a municipality in the district of Radkersburg district Radkersburg in Styria , Austria . References reflist Radkersburg Styria geo stub de Deutsch Goritz fr Deutsch Goritz it Deutsch Goritz nl Deutsch Goritz ru sk Deutsch Goritz vi Deutsch Goritz vo Deutsch Goritz war Deutsch Goritz ...   more details

  1. Deutsch-Griffen

    Infobox Town AT name Deutsch Griffen name local image coa Wappen at deutsch griffen.png image map state Carinthia state Carinthia regbzk district Sankt Veit an der Glan district Sankt Veit an der Glan population 981 population as of 2005 population ref pop dens 14 area 71.41 elevation 847 lat deg 46 lat min 51 lat hem N lon deg 14 lon min 4 lon hem E postal code 9572 area code 43 0 4279 mayor Hans Prodinger website http www.deutsch www.deutsch Deutsch Griffen lang sl Slovenj Grebinj is a town in the district of Sankt Veit an der Glan district Sankt Veit an der Glan in Carinthia state Carinthia in Austria . References reflist Commons Deutsch Griffen Cities and towns in Sankt Veit an der Glan district Category Cities and towns in Carinthia state Carinthia geo stub de Deutsch Griffen fr Deutsch Griffen fur Deutsch Griffen it Deutsch Griffen nl Deutsch Griffen pt Deutsch Griffen ru sk Deutsch Griffen uk vi Deutsch Griffen vo Deutsch Griffen war Deutsch Griffen ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Kaltenbrunn

    Infobox Town AT name Deutsch Kaltenbrunn name local image coa AUT Deutsch Kaltenbrunn COA.jpg image map state Burgenland regbzk district Jennersdorf district Jennersdorf population 1796 population as of 2005 population ref pop dens 74 area 24.2 elevation 262 lat deg 47 lat min 5 lat hem N lon deg 16 lon min 6 lon hem E postal code 7572 area code mayor Erwin Hafner website Deutsch Kaltenbrunn lang hu N methidegk t, N met Hidegk t , lang sl Mrzli Most is a town in the district of Jennersdorf district Jennersdorf in Burgenland in Austria . Cencus results Year Population http php austria burgenland.php?cityid 10501 . 1981 1,948 1991 1,836 2001 1,828 2011 1,770 http php austria burgenland.php?cityid 10501 References reflist Cities and towns in Jennersdorf district Category Cities and towns in Jennersdorf District Category Slovenian communities in Burgenland Burgenland geo stub de Deutsch Kaltenbrunn es Deutsch Kaltenbrunn eo Deutsch Kaltenbrunn fr Deutsch Kaltenbrunn it Deutsch Kaltenbrunn hu N methidegk t nl Deutsch Kaltenbrunn pt Deutsch Kaltenbrunn ru sk Deutsch Kaltenbrunn vo Deutsch Kaltenbrunn war Deutsch Kaltenbrunn ...   more details

  1. Andrew Deutsch

    Andrew Deutsch born 1968 is a sound art ist who also teaches at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University . Deleted image removed Image Deutsch bw.jpg left thumb 180px Andrew Deutsch Life and work Deutsch received his BFA in Video Art and Printmaking from Alfred University in 1990. He obtained his MFA in Integrated Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1994. Since 1998 Deutsch has released over 14 CDRs of solo electronic music on his Magic If Recordings . Each Magic If edition showcases his experimental music and graphic art and is distributed exclusively in the United States by Anomalous Records . He has collaborated with various artist, including Tetsu Inoue ... archives of the John Cage Trust. There are re mixes of Deutsch s CD Garden Music on Oval musical project Oval s OvalProcess , and Microstoria s Improvisers . In 1998 Deutsch formed Carrier Band ... Melody . Deutsch is also a regular collaborator with Peer Bode and Jessie Shefrin on both sound and video projects. Deutsch is the recipient of an Artists Fellowship in Video Art 1997 from the New ... 1999 . ref http faculty fa deutsch.html Deutsch s home page at Alfred ref Deutsch has also made video work at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY. Deutsch s The Sun ... Exposure . ref http artist Andrew Deutsch Andrew Deutsch bio at Discogs ref Deutsch ... Board of Advisors. Deutsch is a former member of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation Board of Directors ... bending Sonic artifact References http artist Andrew Deutsch Andrew Deutsch bio at Discogs http faculty fa deutsch.html Deutsch s home page External links http Magic If Recordings http faculty fa deutsch.html Deutsch s home page ... viral symphOny Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Deutsch, Andrew ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1968 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Klasse

    Expand German topic culture date September 2011 Deutsch Klasse Infobox television show name Deutsch Klasse image caption format camera runtime creator starring country Germany network Theme first aired last aired num seasons num episodes list episodes Deutsch Klasse is a German television series. See also List of German television series External links imdb title id title Deutsch Klasse Category German television series Category television series debuts Category television series endings Germany tv prog stub de Deutsch Klasse ...   more details

  1. Charles Deutsch

    Unreferenced date November 2009 Charles Deutsch 1911 1980 was a France French aerodynamics engineer and automobile maker, founder of the brand DB car DB with Ren Bonnet , and later of the CD . Career File CD Panhard LM64 1964 .jpg thumb right The CD Panhard LM64 of 1964 Educated at the Ecole Polytechnique , Deutsch was a pioneer in the field of aerodynamics, and founded the SERA CD vehicle engineering Research and Development Company Soci t d Etudes et de R alisations Automobiles Charles Deutsch . He used the Ground effect cars ground effect on race cars 10 years before Chaparral Cars Chaparral and his 53 entry from Autombiles Deutsch et Bonnet won the Index of Performance trophy at the 1961 24 Hours of Le Mans . Deutsch served as President of FISITA , the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies, from 1975 to 1978. French aerodynamics engineer Robert Choulet Ecole Centrale Paris is Deutsch s most famous disciple. Although Deutsch died in 1980, SERA CD continues research and development to this day, from light to heavy vehicles using conventional and hybrid propulsion technology. On 23 April 2007 it was acquired by Sogeclair. External links http filiales sera fondation.php SERA http cd panhard le mans 64 english.htm CD Panhard Charles Deutsch http panhard et levassor panhard 10.html PanhardNet Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Deutsch, Charles ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1980 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Deutsch, Charles Category French engineers Category 24 Hours of Le Mans drivers Category 1911 births Category 1980 deaths Category Aerodynamicists france autoracing bio stub de Charles Deutsch fr Charles Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Group

    name Deutsch company logo File Deutsch Interconnect Solutions Logo.gif company type Euronext foundation ... homepage http intl yes Deutsch is a manufacturer of electrical and fibre optic connector ... offices and distribution networks globally. History 1938 Deutsch was founded in California by Alex Deutsch, a pioneer in the industrial connector industry. 1954 The connector business took off when Deutsch acquired the General Electric Connector Division, known as Monowatt. 1957 Deutsch invented the miniature ... equipment to trains, space shuttles and Formula 1 cars. 1962 Deutsch opened locations in the UK and Hellerman ... Hellernam Tyton History ref and the Deutsch Company of America. Other sites in France during the next ..., USA, UK, Japan, France and more. 1984 Deutsch invented the first metallic Composite material composite ... M connector. 1986 Hellerman Deutsch welcomes a new director to the company, Eric Dunn Air ... The Times Newspaper ref 1989 Demerger from Bowthorpe Holdings. Hellerman Deutsch becomes Deutsch Ltd. 1990 Deutsch acquired Carrier Kheops Bac SA in Le Mans , France. 2006 De Wendel family Wendel Investments acquired Deutsch ref http www.wendel en deutsch 107.html Wendle Investments acquire Deutsch ref and is listed on the Euronext Paris 2008 Deutsch continues to grow ... 459.html Wendel Investments Investment Day 2007 ref Locations United States Deutsch Offshore Houston, Texas Houston , Conroe, TX Deutsch Industrial US Hemet West , Hemet, California Hemet , CA Deutsch Industrial US Hemet East , Hemet, California Hemet , CA Deutsch Corporate Head Office, New York, New York New York , NY Deutsch ECD, Oceanside, California Oceanside , CA Europe Deutsch UK, East Sussex , UK Deutsch CED, France Deutsch CKB Carrier Kh ops Bac Offshore & Railway, France Deutsch CDD, Compagnie Deutsch Distribution Rueil Malmaison, France Deutsch CDG Compagnie Deutsch GmbH Planegg , Germany Deutsch BeNeLux & Scandinavia, Zoetermeer , Nederlands Compagnie Deutsch, Madrid , Spain Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Lindsay Deutsch

    Lindsay Ann Deutsch born November 28, 1984 is an United States American violin ist. A native of Houston, Texas , Deutsch moved to Los Angeles at age 15 to pursue her performance career. Deutsch made her solo orchestral debut at the age of 11 with the Clear Lake Symphony in Texas. Deutsch has performed throughout the U.S. and Canada with such symphonies as the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra , California Philharmonic, Colorado Symphony Orchestra , Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Fort Worth Symphony , San Diego Chamber Orchestra, Knoxville Symphony, Boulder Chamber Orchestra, New West Symphony, McGill Chamber Orchestra in Montreal, National Academy Orchestra, and Oakville Symphony in Ontario, Canada. She is actively involved in outreach programs to present classical music to inspire young audiences and revitalize classical music in general. Lindsay Deutsch s movie credits include the violin sound track in the 2006 movie The Good Shepherd film The Good Shepherd starring Robert De Niro . Deutsch received national attention in April 2005 when her 1742 Sanctus Seraphin violin, on loan from the Mandell Collection of Southern California, valued at 850,000, was stolen from her car. It was returned five days later after she offered a 10,000 reward. In addition to her music, Lindsay Deutsch won the gold medal in the World Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships in 1997 and was selected to the 2000 U.S Junior Olympic Racquetball Team. Lindsay Deutsch currently studies with Robert Lipsett in Los Angeles. External links http Lindsay Deutsch website http user ddeutsch Lindsay s Youtube Channel Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Deutsch, Lindsay ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH November 28, 1984 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Deutsch, Lindsay Category American classical violinists Category Texas classical music Category People from Houston, Texas Category Living people Category 1984 births ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Jahrndorf

    Infobox Town AT name Deutsch Jahrndorf name local image coa AUT Deutsch Jahrndorf COA.svg image map state Burgenland regbzk district Neusiedl am See district Neusiedl am See population 565 population as of 2005 population ref pop dens 21 area 27.4 elevation lat deg 48 lat min 1 lat hem N lon deg 17 lon min 6 lon hem E postal code 2423 area code mayor Reinhold Reif Austrian People s Party VP website Deutsch Jahrndorf lang hu N metj rfalu, N met J rfalu is a municipality in the district of Neusiedl am See district Neusiedl am See , in the Austria n state of Burgenland . It is within a few kilometres of the borders of both Hungary and Slovakia . Deutsch Jahrndorf is the easternmost municipality of Austria, at 17 degrees eastern longitude, and the easternmost commune of the German language German Sprachraum . History With Burgenland, the former Kingdom of Hungary Hungarian village passed to the Republic of Austria after World War I . During the Cold War , or from shortly after World War II until the Revolutions of 1989 , Deutsch Jahrndorf was the easternmost community in Central Europe with a Western market economy . It lies farther to the east than all of the former East Germany and is farther east than parts of Poland and parts of what were then Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia , all of which were communism communist countries behind the Iron Curtain . http wikipedia commons 7 72 Cold war europe economic alliances map en.png Politics Seats in the municipal assembly Gemeinderat as of 2007 elections Social Democratic Party of Austria SP 6 Austrian People s Party ... cities in Austria Twin towns Sister cities Deutsch Jahrndorf is twinned with flagicon Slovakia Hamuliakovo ... communities in Burgenland Burgenland geo stub de Deutsch Jahrndorf es Deutsch Jahrndorf eo Deutsch Jahrndorf fr Deutsch Jahrndorf it Deutsch Jahrndorf hu N metj rfalu nl Deutsch Jahrndorf pl Deutsch Jahrndorf pt Deutsch Jahrndorf ru sk Deutsch Jahrndorf vo Deutsch Jahrndorf war Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Andr� Deutsch

    Andr Deutsch 15 November 1917 Budapest , Hungary &ndash 11 April 2000 was a United Kingdom British publisher . After having learned the business of publishing working for Francis Aldor Aldor Publications, London with whom he was List of concentration and internment camps Isle of Man interned in the Isle of Man during the Second World War and who had introduced him to the industry, Andr Deutsch left Aldor s employment after a few months to continue his burgeoning publishing career with the firm of Nicholson & Watson. After the War he started his first company Allan Wingate which survived for five years. Andr Deutsch Limited started trading in 1952. ref Athill, Diana. Andr Deutsch The Great Persuader , p.33 in Abel and Graham 2009 ref His small but influential publishing house ran until the 1980s, and included books by Jack Kerouac , Earl Lovelace , Norman Mailer , George Mikes , V. S. Naipaul , Ogden Nash , Andrew Robinson author Andrew Robinson , Philip Roth , Art Spiegelman , John Updike , Margaret Atwood , Charles Gidley Wheeler and Helene Hanff , and is now an imprint of Carlton Publishing Group . Deutsch employed dedicated editor Diana Athill . Deutsch died on 11 April 2000, aged 82. His company is now an imprint of Carlton Publishing Group . See also List of publishers Paul ... Andr Deutsch work Naim Attallah Online url http 2010 07 05 no longer with us andre deutsch External links http Andr Deutsch website http services library speccoll deutsch.html Andr Deutsch Collection at Oxford Brookes University ... Speccoll collections deutsch index.htm Andr Deutsch Publishing Archive at the McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Deutsch, Andre ALTERNATIVE ... 2000 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Deutsch, Andre Category 1917 births Category 2000 deaths Category British ... bio 1910s stub de Andr Deutsch fr Andr Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Nepal

    Piero Scaruffi classified Deutsch Nepal as member of the early 1990s sound constructivists generation ... Nepal ref Facts Trivia The name Deutsch Nepal is derived from the track of the same name released ... 2006 Amygdala 2011 References reflist External links http deutschnepal Deutsch Nepal ... biography and discography http music Deutsch Nepal Deutsch Nepal on Last.Fm http artist Deutsch Nepal Deutsch Nepal discography at Discogs http show artist ?artistid 5629&compact 0&short 0 Deutsch Nepal discography at MusicBrainz Category Dark ambient music groups Category Swedish musical groups Sweden band stub de Deutsch Nepal lt Deutsch Nepal pl Deutsch Nepal ru Deutsch Nepal uk Deutsch Nepal ...   more details

  1. Deutsch (crater)

    lunar crater data latitude 24.1 N or S N longitude 110.5 E or W E diameter 50 km depth Unknown colong 250 eponym Armin Joseph Deutsch Armin J. Deutsch Deutsch is a Moon lunar Impact crater crater on the Far side Moon far side of the Moon . It lies to the southwest of the larger crater Seyfert crater Seyfert . About one crater to the east northeast is Polzunov crater Polzunov . This crater has a relatively low, eroded rim that is heavily damaged along the southeastern section. This portion is overlain by Deutsch F along the east and Deutsch L to the south, with an irregular region between these two formations. The interior floor of Deutsch is relatively level, but is marked by a number of small impacts. A ray system ray from Giordano Bruno crater Giordano Bruno to the north northwest passes along the western edge of Deutsch. Satellite craters By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid point that is closest to Deutsch. class wikitable width 25 style background eeeeee Deutsch width 25 style background eeeeee Latitude width 25 style background eeeeee Longitude width 25 style background eeeeee Diameter align center F align center 24.1 N align center 112.0 E align center 31 km align center L align center 22.4 N align center 110.8 E align center 36 km References Lunar crater references Moon crater stub Category Impact craters on the Moon da Deutsch m nekrater fa ...   more details

  1. Max Deutsch

    Expand French Max Deutsch date January 2011 Max Deutsch 17 November, 1892, in Vienna 22 November, 1982, in Paris was an Austria n France French music al composer , Conducting conductor , and teacher. He was a pupil of Arnold Schoenberg and founded the theater Der J dische Spiegel The Jewish Mirror in Paris . Here, many works of composers like Schoenberg, Anton Webern , or Alban Berg were debuted in France. From 1940 to 1945, Deutsch served in the French Foreign Legion . In Paris, his students included the composers Gy rgy Kurt g and Luis de Pablo , the music critic Heinz Klaus Metzger , the Canadian born Srul Irving Glick , the Italian Sylvano Bussotti , and the American composers Eugene Kurtz and Donald Harris composer Donald Harris . References de Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Deutsch, Max ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 17 November 1892 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 22 November 1982 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Deutsch, Max Category 1892 births Category 1982 deaths Category 20th century Austrian people Category 20th century French people Category 20th century composers Category 20th century conductors music Category Austrian composers Category Austrian conductors music Category French composers Category French conductors music Category Austrian Jews Category French Jews Category French people of Austrian descent Category People from Vienna Category Soldiers of the French Foreign Legion austria composer stub Austria conductor stub France composer stub France conductor stub de Max Deutsch es Max Deutsch fr Max Deutsch it Max Deutsch nl Max Deutsch ja ...   more details

  1. Babette Deutsch

    Use mdy dates date November 2011 Babette Deutsch September 22, 1895 November 13, 1982 was an American poet , critic , translation translator , and novel ist. Born in New York City , the daughter of Michael and Melanie Fisher Deutsch, she matriculated from the Ethical Culture School and Barnard College , graduating in 1917 with a B.A. She published poems in magazines such as the North American Review and the The New Republic New Republic while she was still a student at Barnard. In 1946, she received an honorary D. Litt. from Columbia University. On April 29, 1921, Deutsch married Avrahm Yarmolinsky , chief of the Slavonic Division of The New York Public Library 1918 1955 , also a writer and translator. They had two sons, Adam Yarmolinsky and Michael. She translated Alexander Pushkin Pushkin s Eugene Onegin into English and also made some of the best English versions of Boris Pasternak s poems. Bibliography Poetic Collections Animal, Vegetable, Mineral 1954 Coming of Age 1959 Collected Poems, 1919 1962 1963 Other Works Mask of Silenus 1933 Poetry in Our Time 1954 Poetry Handbook 1957 As Anthologist Modern Russian Poetry an Anthology Chosen and translated by Babette Deutsch and Avrahm Yarmolinsky 1921 External links http ce6 people A0815323.html Deutsch, Babette at FactMonster http query?url http alindahaw poetry poetry poets deutsch.html&date 2009 10 25 12 19 47 Deutsch, Babette at Geocities https php speople.php?rec true&UID 1244 Deutsch, Babette Literary Encyclopaedia subscription required Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Deutsch, Babette ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH September 22, 1895 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH November 13, 1982 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Deutsch, Babette Category 1895 births Category 1982 deaths Category American Jews Category American novelists Category American poets Category Barnard College alumni US poet 1890s stub de Babette Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Julius Deutsch

    Julius Deutsch February 2, 1884, Lackenbach , Kingdom of Hungary January 17, 1968, Vienna , Austria was a politician in the Social Democratic Workers Party of Austria , member of Parliament between 1920 1933 and co founder and leader of the Social Democrat militia Republikanischer Schutzbund Republican Defense Association . Leader of the Schutzbund main Republikanischer Schutzbund Julius Deutsch founded the Schutzbund in 1923 as an answer to the paramilitary organization Heimwehr Home Guard , which ... archives ref It had been organized by Deutsch himself as Under Secretary of State in the Department ... in Czechoslovakia. Emigration From 1936 until 1939 Deutsch fought as General of the Republican troops ... Socialists AVOES . After the occupation of France by National Socialist Germany , Deutsch ... to Austria in 1946. Deutsch was also the President of the Socialist Workers Sport International . ref ..., No. 2, Special Issue Workers Culture Apr., 1978 , pp. 191 210 ref Since 1951 Deutsch was married to Adrienne Thomas, an writer. After his death, a Vienna apartment complex Julius Deutsch Hof was named in his honor. Julius Deutsch was also an uncle of Karl Deutsch , a renowned German American Social science social and Political science political scientist . Works Julius Deutsch Antifacism. Proletarian ..., Nr. 33 18. August 1939 , S. 793 References reflist German language Wikipedia de Julius Deutsch Julius Deutsch . Retrieved October 21, 2005. External links http gfh multimedia Photos idea 58040.jpg Julius Deutsch at the Third Workers Olympiad, Antwerp, 1937 photo Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Deutsch, Julius ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH ... Vienna, Austria DEFAULTSORT Deutsch, Julius Category Austrian politicians Category Austrian people ... Ministers of Defence Austria politician stub Austria hist stub de Julius Deutsch fr Julius Deutsch pt Julius Deutsch ru , sv Julius Deutsch ...   more details

  1. Deutsch Inc.

    Infobox company name Deutsch Inc. logo caption type Advertising agency genre fate predecessor David Deutsch Associates, Inc. successor foundation 1969 founder David Deutsch defunct location city location country location locations area served key people nowiki nowiki Donny Deutsch , Chairman Val DiFebo, CEO Linda Sawyer, CEO North America Mike Sheldon, CEO Deutsch LA Kris Weiner, EVP industry Advertising Services Agencies 54180 products services revenue operating income net income aum assets equity owner num employees parent Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. divisions subsid homepage URL footnotes intl Deutsch Inc. is a notable United States American advertising agency . Founded in 1969 as David Deutsch Associates, Inc., in 1989 the founder s son Donny Deutsch took over the agency and led it through a period of growth and creative accolades, including 1998 National Advertising Agency of the Year Adweek , Advertising Age ref name levere Levere, Jane L. January 29, 1999 . http gst fullpage.html?res 9C05E2D81F39F93AA15752C0A96F958260 Deutsch Is Named Agency of the Year. New York Times ref 1999 National Advertising Agency of the Year Adweek 2001 National Advertising Agency of the Year Adweek 2002 National Advertising Agency of the Year Adweek , ref name nudd2003 Nudd Tim January 13, 2003 . http aw google article brief 1792985 U.S. Agency of the Year 2002 Deutsch & Co. Catch Me If You Can. Adweek ref Advertising Age ref name sanger2003 Sanders, Lisa January 13, 2003 . Deutsch dominates Agency s ability to reach the youth market and integrate ... , Sony , and Snapple . Deutsch was sold to the Interpublic Group of Companies in 2000. ref name guardian ... Interpublic set to buy out Deutsch. The Guardian ref ref name nyt Elliott, Stuart ... courtship ends as Deutsch, the last of the big independents, says yes to Interpublic. New York Times ref References reflist External links http Deutsch Inc. Category Advertising ...   more details

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