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Encyclopedia results for openx org

openx org

Encyclopedia results for openx org

  1. OpenX

    OpenX refers to OpenX company a company based in Pasadena, California OpenX software an open source software package disambig ...   more details

  1. .org

    Infobox Top level domain name .org background FC0 image Image DOT ORG ORG Marketing Resources logo .png ... tlds agreements org ICANN registry agreement disputepolicy UDRP website http Public Interest Registry dnssec yes The domain name tt org tt is a generic top level domain gTLD of the Domain Name System DNS used in the Internet . The name is truncate truncated from org anization . The tt org tt domain was one of the original top level domains, ref RFC 920, Domain Requirements , J ... org tt domain with code code ref http ref in July 1985. Registrations in the tt org tt are processed via accredited registrars worldwide. Anyone can register an tt org tt second level domain second level domain. Although tt org tt was recommended for non commercial ... Domains gTLDs ,Retrieved 2011 03 31. ref ref http get faq general q7 Buy .ORG Registrant General Questions , Retrieved 2011 10 25. ref There are many instances of tt org tt being used by commercial sites. which date December 2011 Second level domains on tt org tt were also commonly used by individuals .... According to the ICANN Dashboard Domain Name report, the composition of tt org tt is diverse ... where companies or organizations have created sites under tt org tt for crisis management. which date December 2011 The tt org tt TLD has been operated since January 1, 2003 by Public Interest Registry ... faqs org transition.html InterNIC FAQs on tt org tt transition ref Although organizations anywhere in the world may register tt org tt domains, many countries, such as Australia tt ... are usually named org or or . fact date December 2011 On 17 March 2010, the Public Interest Registry announced that there are over 8 million domain names registered as .org, making it the third largest generic top level domain gTLD . ref http press release ORG The Public Interest ... domain names The tt org tt domain registry allows the registration of selected internationalized ...   more details

  1. OpenX (company)

    Infobox Company company name OpenX company logo company type LLC? Public? foundation year company slogan ... name lat homepage official http intl OpenX , a Pasadena, California based company, also offers hosted and proprietary versions of the OpenX software OpenX software . ref name comparison http publisher compare ad server products OpenX product comparison ref The company, founded ... http technology 2011 05 openx venture capital profit.html title OpenX, Web ... publisher Los Angeles Times accessdate May 31, 2011 ref The company offers OpenX Marketplace, an ad exchange launched in April 2009, and OpenX Ad Server, which takes 20 of ad revenue in exchange for providing ... techbeat archives 2009 04 post 16.html title OpenX Launches Online Advertising Exchange BusinessWeek ... ref In November 2009, OpenX served 300 billion ad impressions per month. ref cite news url http technology 2009 11 microsoft partners with pasadenas openx to share online advertising technology.html title Microsoft partners with Pasadena s OpenX to share online advertising technology ... 2009 11 02 microsoft and openx team up against google adsense in web ad partnership title Microsoft And OpenX Team Up Against Google In Web Ad Partnership last Wauters first Robin date 2 November ... article 2009 11 02 openx microsoft idUSN0143961320091102 title Microsoft and OpenX forge Web ad deal ... 2010, OpenX announced a deal with French telecom giant Orange telecommunications Orange for the launch ... . ref cite news url http technology 2010 03 openx and orange team up in an effort to crack display ad market in europe.html title OpenX and Orange team up in an effort to crack ... accessdate 31 May 2011 ref In February 2011, the company announced OpenX Enterprise also powers deals for Groupon , ref cite news url http 2011 02 08 openx enterprise groupon title OpenX ... rightmedia ad exchanges microsoft cmo network openx orange.html title Provoking Google And Yahoo ...   more details

  1. OpenX (software)

    refimprove date April 2009 Infobox software name OpenX title OpenX logo File screenshot File caption collapsible author developer released Start date YYYY MM DD discontinued latest release version 2.8.8 ref name comparison http publisher compare ad server products OpenX product comparison ref latest release date Start date and age YYYY MM DD latest preview version latest preview date Start date and age YYYY MM DD frequently updated programming language PHP operating system platform size language status genre Advertising server license GNU General Public License and proprietary website http OpenX Source is an open source advertising server that is licensed under the GNU General Public License . It features an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics . The product enables web site administrators to rotate banners from both in house Advertising campaign advertisement campaigns as well as from paid or third party sources, such as Google s AdSense . OpenX provides standard banner rotation, click tracking, zone based ad selection, zone based campaign targeting, direct ad selection, ad targeting per browser, domain, language, etc. , ad capping and full Adobe Flash support. History OpenX began as phpAdsNew, a fork software development fork from a similar project called phpAds, created by Tobias Ratschiller in 1998. When the phpAds project came to a halt in 2000, Wim Godden decided to create phpAdsNew by expanding the project with new features. He hoped the New moniker would be temporary, lasting only until Ratschiller could update the phpAds website. Unfortunately, this only happened years later, after ... was once again rebranded under a new name OpenX. The final 2.4 version is v2.4.11 and was released in March 2009. ref http OpenX releases OpenX 2.4 ref Due to the fact that OpenX ... openx ref References references Category Internet advertising and promotion ...   more details

  1. ORG (disambiguation)

    ORG or org could refer to Open Rights Group Oxford Research Group .org , an Internet top level domain Orange Metrolink station , California, United States Org, Minnesota , an unincorporated community in the United States .org, the file type used by Org Maker An Online Reality Game disambig de ORG eo ORG it ORG ja ORG sv Org ...   more details

  1. Org-mode

    DISPLAYTITLE org mode Infobox software name org mode logo File Org mode unicorn.svg org mode logo screenshot caption author Carsten Dominik et. al developer Bastien Guerry programming language Emacs lisp latest release version 7.8.02 latest release date release date and age 2011 12 14 ref http ... summary Outlining , ... license GNU General Public License GPL website URL http Org ... for the items to be done this week can then be automatically generated by org mode. ref Citation last Chavan first Abhijeet title Get Organized with Emacs Org mode journal Linux Journal year 2007 url http article 9116 ref Most aspects of org mode s behaviour are customisable ... friendly Customize interface . Since Emacs version 22, org mode has been part of Emacs ref Citation ... Articles 206916 ref although it is also released separately, and newer versions of org mode than the ones shipped with Emacs are often available. Integration Org mode can integrate with Emacs BBDB to link ... android Various programming languages can be executed inside org documents org babel It can also be used to edit outlines in non .org files. Some of the integrations above require free third party org mode extensions, all of which are free software. Distributed issue tracking Org mode can be used as a distributed bug tracking system issue tracker , by storing .org files in a distributed revision control system. Developers of the org babel extension to org mode use org mode in this way to track bugs and feature requests. ref Citation title org babel development url http babel dev ref External links http Org mode website http worg org tutorials index.php List of Org mode text and video tutorials on the Org mode wiki, http worg ... task management software Category Lightweight markup languages de Org mode es Org mode fr Org mode zh Org ...   more details

  1. Org, Minnesota

    Infobox settlement official name Org, Minnesota settlement type Unincorporated community nickname motto ... Minnesota Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Org Highlighted .jpg Location coordinates region ... name blank1 info website footnotes Org is an unincorporated area unincorporated community in Nobles ... f?p 115 3 2559697459728622 NO 3 P3 FID,P3 TITLE 654860 2COrg GNIS Data on Org, Minnesota ref ... county 1895.jpg thumb left Nobles County,Minnesota circa 1895 Image Village of Org 3.jpg thumb left Org, Minnesota USGS 2010 Image First Org Train.jpg thumb left First Train to Org Org is located at coord ... . GR 1 Org is located about 4 miles southwest of Worthington, Minnesota Worthington on Minnesota State ... Minnesota State Highway 60 History Origin of Name Org was originally called Islen, after Adrian C. Iselin ... was changed to Org by W.A. Scott, a general manager of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway , the company ... an ideal location for a town. The significance of the name Org remains obscure. The town was platted ... to Sioux City line. Even though Org never became incorporated, a post office was established between ... on Org Post Office ref Distinguished Visitors Two American presidents brielfly visited Org. Theodore Roosevelt travelled through Org when he was running for president in 1912 as the Bull Moose Party ... to the nation. Neither man really stopped in Org. Their trains merely slowed down enough to switch from the main Chicago & Northwestern track to the Sioux Falls spur line. Org s Heyday For many years ... the two existing roads, and this third roadway became Org s main business district, at one time ... 1&ved 0CCMQ6AEwAA v onepage&q&f false History of Nobles County, By A. P. Rose ref Org s Decline ..., the line was all but abandoned. Org s decline soon followed. The grain elevator and railroad ... of just a few family homes, an abandoned grain elevator, and several dilapidated buildings. Org Today Org s original roadway is now a minimum maintenance roadway , and the remaining homes have ...   more details

  1. Org 26576

    allosteric modulator Org 26576. Psychopharmacology Berlin . 2011 Dec 218 4 713 24. PMID 21647578 ref ... F, Luoni A, Shahid M, Racagni G, Riva MA. The AMPA receptor potentiator Org 26576 modulates stress ...   more details

  1. Sea Org

    Infobox Organization image Sea Org logo.svg size 90px caption The Sea Org laurel wreath logo name Sea Org formation 1968 type disputed status purpose headquarters Gold Base ref cite news last Associated ... remarks The Sea Organization or Sea Org is an association of Church of Scientology ... order. Sea Org members do not actually work for the Sea Org, but for the specific Church of Scientology ... Org acts as goodwill representatives and administrators of Scientology with the stated purpose to get ... is To safeguard the advanced levels of Scientology . According to the church, Sea Org is a fraternal ... for extensive asbestos contamination, but Sea Org still maintains its navy naval uniforms and character ... Library Shelf atack Link to online version ref Only Sea Org members are staff members in Scientology s Advanced Organizations. ref name scntechdict Headquarters Many Sea Org members are located at http ... date 2011 02 08 ref Space Opera and the Sea Org main Space opera in Scientology scripture According ... of the Galactic Confederacy. The Sea Org s insignia has a laurel wreath said by Hubbard to be based ... to the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary , the Sea Org symbol, adopted and used ... power and authority from that association. ref Hubbard, Ron s Talk to Pubs Org World Wide , tape of April 1968 ref Billion year contract Members of the Sea Org sign an employment contract with the organization ... of Sea Org agreement form , LA Times . ref Sea Org members, in accordance with Scientology beliefs and practices Scientology beliefs , are expected to return to the Sea Org when they are reborn. The motto of the Sea Org is, Revenimus or We Come Back in Latin. ref name apieceofbluesky Official statements ..., however, been alleged by former Sea Org personnel that members are restricted from leaving. ref name ... they pay off this bill and perform an amends project. Salary and benefits to members Most Sea Org members ... Security Checks Security checks or have violated certain policies. Many ex Sea Org members ...   more details

  1. Org 21465

    Drugbox verifiedrevid 428823857 IUPAC name 2 2S,3S,5S,8S,9S,10S,13S,14S,17S 2 2,2 dimethylmorpholin 4 yl 3 hydroxy 10,13 dimethyl 11 oxo 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12,14,15,16,17 tetradecahydrocyclopenta a phenanthren 17 yl 2 oxoethyl methanesulfonate image Org21465 structure.png width 180 Clinical data tradename legal status Pharmacokinetic data bioavailability metabolism elimination half life excretion Identifiers PubChem 10697702 Chemical data C 27 H 43 N 1 O 7 S 1 molecular weight 525.696 smiles CC5 C CN CCO5 C2CC4 C C CC2O CCC1C4C O CC3 C C1CCC3C O CS O O O Org 21465 is a synthetic neuroactive steroid , with sedative effects resulting from its action as a GABAA receptor GABA sub A sub receptor positive modulator. It is similar to related drugs such as Org 20599 , and was similarly developed as an improved alternative to other sedative steroids such as althesin and allopregnanolone , which despite its superior properties in some respects has not proved to offer enough advantages to be accepted into clinical use. ref Sear JW. ORG 21465, a new water soluble steroid hypnotic more of the same or something different? British Journal of Anaesthsia . 1997 Oct 79 4 417 9. PMID 9389254 ref ref Vanlersberghe C, Camu F. Etomidate and other non barbiturates. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology . 2008 182 267 82. PMID 18175096 ref See also Org 25435 References reflist Hypnotics and sedatives Category Neurosteroids Category Anticonvulsants Category Hypnotics Category Morpholines nervous system drug stub ...   more details

  1. Org 37,684

    Drugbox verifiedrevid 413650153 IUPAC name 3S 3 2,3 dihydro 5 methoxy 1H inden 4 yl oxy pyrrolidine image Org37684 structure.png width 240 Clinical data tradename pregnancy category legal status Uncontrolled routes of administration Pharmacokinetic data bioavailability protein bound metabolism elimination half life excretion Identifiers CAS number ATC prefix ATC suffix PubChem 9794656 IUPHAR ligand 171 Chemical data C 14 H 19 N 1 O 2 molecular weight 233.305 g mol smiles COc1ccc2CCCc2c1OC3CNCC3 Org 37,684 is a drug developed by Organon International Organon , which acts as a potency pharmacology potent and functional selectivity selective agonist for the 5 HT2 receptor 5 HT sub 2 sub receptor biochemistry receptor family, with highest affinity pharmacology affinity at 5 HT2C receptor 5 HT sub 2C sub and lowest at 5 HT2B receptor 5 HT sub 2B sub subtypes. ref cite doi 10.1081 SCC 100104420 ref ref Knight AR, Misra A, Quirk K, Benwell K, Revell D, Kennett G, Bickerdike M. Pharmacological characterisation of the agonist radioligand binding site of 5 HT 2A , 5 HT 2B and 5 HT 2C receptors. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Archives of Pharmacology . 2004 370 114 123. DOI 10.1007 s00210 004 0951 4 PMID 15322733 ref It has anorectic effects in animal studies and has been researched as a potential weight loss drug for use in humans. ref Schreiber R, De Vry J. Role of 5 hT2C receptors in the hypophagic effect of m CPP, ORG 37684 and CP 94,253 in the rat. Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry . 2002 Apr 26 3 441 9. PMID 11999893 ref See also Org 12,962 References Reflist 2 Anorectics Serotonergics Category Serotonin receptor agonists Category Indanes Category Phenol ethers Category Pyrrolidines gastrointestinal drug stub ...   more details

  1. Org 28611

    Dose of ORG 28611, Morphine, and Placebo After Dental Impaction Surgery ref See also Org 28312 ...   more details

  1. Org 25435

    Drugbox verifiedrevid IUPAC name 2,6 dimethoxy 4 methylphenyl 2R 2 bis 2 methoxyethyl amino butanoate image Org25435 structure.png width 200 Clinical data tradename legal status Pharmacokinetic data bioavailability metabolism elimination half life excretion Identifiers PubChem 9885653 Chemical data C 19 H 31 N 1 O 6 molecular weight 369.451 g mol smiles COc1cc C cc OC c1OC O C CC N CCOC CCOC Org 25435 is a synthetic drug developed by Organon International , which acts as a GABAA receptor GABA sub A sub receptor positive modulator, and produces sedative effects. It has been researched for use as an intravenous anesthetic agent, with positive results in initial trials, although negative side effects like hypotension and tachycardia , as well as unpredictable pharmacokinetics at higher doses, have meant it has ultimately not been adopted for medical use. ref Anderson A, Belelli D, Bennett DJ, Buchanan KI, Casula A, Cooke A, Feilden H, Gemmell DK, Hamilton NM, Hutchinson EJ, Lambert JJ, Maidment MS, McGuire R, McPhail P, Miller S, Muntoni A, Peters JA, Sansbury FH, Stevenson D, Sundaram H. Alpha amino acid phenolic ester derivatives novel water soluble general anesthetic agents which allosterically modulate GABA A receptors. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry . 2001 Oct 25 44 22 3582 91. PMID 11606122 ref ref Rigby Jones AE, Sneyd JR, Vijn P, Boen P, Cross M. First administration to man of Org 25435, an intravenous anaesthetic A Phase 1 Clinical Trial. BMC Anesthesiology . 2010 Jun 29 10 10. PMID 20587019 ref References Reflist Hypnotics and sedatives Anesthetics GABAAergics Category Hypnotics nervous system drug stub ...   more details

  1. Org 28312

    ref See also Org 28611 References references Cannabinoids Category Cannabinoids cannabinoid stub ...   more details

  1. Org 25935

    Drugbox verifiedrevid IUPAC name 2 1R,2S 6 methoxy 1 phenyl 1,2,3,4 tetrahydronaphthalen 2 yl methyl methylamino acetic acid image Org25935 structure.png width 230 Clinical data tradename legal status Pharmacokinetic data bioavailability metabolism elimination half life excretion Identifiers PubChem 11717074 CAS number 949588 40 3 Chemical data C 21 H 25 N 1 O 3 molecular weight 339.427 g mol smiles c3ccccc3C1c2ccc OC cc2CCC1CN C CC O O Org 25935 is a synthetic drug developed by Organon International , which acts as a selective inhibitor of the glycine transporter Glycine transporter 1 GlyT 1 . In animal tests it reduces alcoholic beverage alcohol consumption and has analgesic and anticonvulsant effects, but it has mainly been studied for its antipsychotic properties, and in human trials it was shown to effectively counteract the effects of the dissociative drug ketamine . ref Molander A, Lid HH, L f E, Ericson M, S derpalm B. The glycine reuptake inhibitor Org 25935 decreases ethanol intake and preference in male wistar rats. Alcohol and Alcoholism . 2007 Jan Feb 42 1 11 8. PMID 17098748 ref ref Morita K, Motoyama N, Kitayama T, Morioka N, Dohi T. Antinociceptive effects of glycine transporter inhibitors in neuropathic pain models in mice. Nihon Yakurigaku Zasshi . 2007 Dec 130 6 458 63. PMID 18079595 ref ref Lid HH, Stomberg R, Fagerberg A, Ericson M, S derpalm B. The glycine reuptake inhibitor org 25935 interacts with basal and ethanol induced dopamine release in rat nucleus accumbens. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research . 2009 Jul 33 7 1151 7. PMID 19389199 ref ref Kalinichev M, Starr KR, Teague S, Bradford AM, Porter RA, Herdon HJ. Glycine transporter 1 GlyT1 inhibitors exhibit anticonvulsant properties in the rat maximal electroshock threshold MEST test. Brain Research . 2010 May 17 1331 105 13. PMID 20303337 ref ref Vengeliene V, Leonardi Essmann F, Sommer WH, Marston HM, Spanagel R. Glycine transporter 1 blockade leads to persistently reduced re ...   more details

  1. Cyber Org

    jp archive cyberorg Cyber Org at Square Enix Category 1999 video games Category Japan exclusive ...   more details

  1. Org 20599

    chembox verifiedrevid 376120453 ImageFile ORG20599 structure.png ImageSize 200px IUPACName 2 ,3 ,5 21 chloro 3 hydroxy 2 morpholin 4 ylpregnan 20 one OtherNames 2 chloro 1 2 S ,3 S ,5 S ,10 S ,13 S 3 hydroxy 10,13 dimethyl 2 morpholin 4 yl 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,16,17 tetradecahydro 1 H cyclopenta a phenanthren 17 yl ethanone Section1 Chembox Identifiers CASNo 156685 94 8 PubChem 656747 SMILES CC12CCC3C C1CCC2C O CCl CCC4C3 CC C C4 O N5CCOCC5 C Section2 Chembox Properties Formula C sub 25 sub H sub 40 sub ClNO sub 3 sub MolarMass 438.04 g mol Appearance Density MeltingPt BoilingPt Solubility Section3 Chembox Hazards MainHazards FlashPt Autoignition Org 20599 is a synthetic neuroactive steroid , with sedative effects resulting from its action as a GABAA receptor GABA sub A sub receptor positive modulator. ref Hill Venning C, Peters JA, Callachan H, Lambert JJ, Gemmell DK, Anderson A, Byford A, Hamilton N, Hill DR, Marshall RJ, Campbell AC. The anaesthetic action and modulation of GABAA receptor activity by the novel water soluble aminosteroid Org 20599. Neuropharmacology . 1996 35 9 10 1209 22. PMID 9014136 ref ref Anderson A, Boyd AC, Byford A, Campbell AC, Gemmell DK, Hamilton NM, Hill DR, Hill Venning C, Lambert JJ, Maidment MS, May V, Marshall RJ, Peters JA, Rees DC, Stevenson D, Sundaram H. Anesthetic activity of novel water soluble 2 beta morpholinyl steroids and their modulatory effects at GABAA receptors. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry . 1997 May 23 40 11 1668 81. PMID 9171876 ref It was developed for use as an anaesthetic agent but was never marketed for this purpose, although it is still used in scientific research. ref Visser SA, Gladdines WW, van der Graaf PH, Peletier LA, Danhof M. Neuroactive steroids differ in potency but not in intrinsic efficacy at the GABA A receptor in vivo. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics . 2002 Nov 303 2 616 26. PMID 12388643 ref ref Weir CJ, Ling AT, Belelli D, Wildsmith JA, Peters JA, Lambert JJ. The ...   more details

  1. Org 27569

    Drugbox verifiedrevid 426277049 IUPAC name 5 chloro 3 ethyl 1H indole 2 carboxylic acid 2 4 piperidin 1 yl phenyl ethyl amide image Org27569 structure.png width 250 Clinical data tradename legal status routes of administration Pharmacokinetic data metabolism elimination half life excretion Identifiers CAS number 868273 06 7 PubChem 44828492 ChemSpiderID Ref chemspidercite correct chemspider ChemSpiderID 22369629 Chemical data C 24 H 28 Cl 1 N 3 O 1 molecular weight 409.951 g mol smiles CCc1c2cc Cl ccc2nc1C O NCCc3ccc cc3 N4CCCCC4 StdInChI Ref stdinchicite correct chemspider StdInChI 1S C24H28ClN3O c1 2 20 21 16 18 25 8 11 22 21 27 23 20 24 29 26 13 12 17 6 9 19 10 7 17 28 14 4 3 5 15 28 h6 11,16,27H,2 5,12 15H2,1H3, H,26,29 StdInChIKey Ref stdinchicite correct chemspider StdInChIKey AHFZDNYNXFMRFQ UHFFFAOYSA N Org 27569 is a drug which acts as a potent and selective allosteric modulator of the cannabinoid Cannabinoid receptor 1 CB sub 1 sub Receptor biochemistry receptor . Studies in vitro suggest that it binds to a regulatory site on the CB sub 1 sub receptor target, causing a conformational change that increases the Dissociation constant Protein ligand binding binding affinity of CB sub 1 sub agonists such as CP 55,940 , while decreasing the binding affinity of CB sub 1 sub antagonists or inverse agonists such as rimonabant . However while Org 27569 increases the ability of CB sub 1 sub agonists to bind to the receptor, it decreases their efficacy at stimulating second messenger signalling once bound, and so in practice behaves as an insurmountable Receptor antagonist antagonist of CB sub 1 sub receptor function. ref name pmid16113085 cite journal author Price MR, Baillie GL, Thomas A, Stevenson LA, Easson M, Goodwin R, McLean A, McIntosh L, Goodwin G, Walker G, Westwood P, Marrs J, Thomson F, Cowley P, Christopoulos A, Pertwee RG, Ross RA title Allosteric modulation of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor journal Molecular Pharmacology volume 68 issue 5 pages 1484 95 yea ...   more details

  1. Org 12,962

    mCPP TFMPP ORG 37,684 Quipazine References Reflist 2 Serotonergics Category Serotonin ...   more details

  1. Org (Power Rangers)

    Rangers Wild Force were pollution oriented creatures called Orgs as were the Ogre Tribe Org villains in the corresponding Super Sentai Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger series . An Org s life force is connected ... was one of the telltale signs that Zen Aku wasn t a true Org . Master Org class infobox style width ... is the Org Nexus Weapon s Master s Staff Nexus Blade Zord s Himself Powers Thunder Claw of Destruction Grow into a Giant Portrayed by Ilia Volok colspan 2 style font size larger footnotes Master Org is a name ... Master Org, who led the battle against the Animarium 3,000 years ago and destroyed Animus. However, that Master Org was then destroyed by Merrick Baliton , the guardian of Princess Shayla , who ... companions Richard and Elizabeth Evans discovered the seeds that remained of Master Org while on an expedition ... them and gained the powers of an Org, killing his companions, but never finding Cole. So it was that Dr. Viktor Adler became the second Master Org and he wore a helmet with a fake horn. He was aided ... Rangers , Master Org fought them himself. In the process, he lost his Org powers, and was then killed by General Org Mandilok Mandilok . However, from Dr. Adler s dead husk was born the true Master Org, with real Org horn on his forehead. He sent Duke Org Onikage Onikage to arrange for his return ... to create an Org Heart who included Princess Shayla s necklace, summoning Retinax Retinax , Nayzor .... Unfortunately, Master Org used the Org Heart to create a full Org body, which resembled a composite ... and was seemingly destroyed by the Kongazord, but the Org Heart quickly restored him. He then proceeded ... others combined powers with them. Master Org was hit with an Ultra Roar, and disappeared into nothingness. The Org Heart itself was then destroyed by the Red Lion Ranger and the Lunar Wolf Ranger with the Jungle Sword. With the destruction of Master Org, Dr. Viktor Adler could finally rest in peace. Master Org holds the record for the most Zords destroyed by a single villain, 23. Ironically, he ...   more details

  1. Ogre Tribe Org

    Multiple issues in universe December 2008 cleanup October 2007 The nihongo Ogre Tribe Org Onizoku .... Within the Matrix is the nihongo Org Master Orugu Masut 1 49 , a stone face worshipped by the Orgs due to its power to create new Orgs. It was soon revealed in the finale that the Org Master was a figurehead, only a symbol of the true power of its creators who are the true Org leaders, the Highness Duke Orgs. In the end, Futaro managed to seal the Org Master so no more Orgs can be created and that the Highness Dukes power is decreased as a result. The powerless Org Master was later destroyed ... Orugu or General Orgs are the real rulers of the Orgs, using the Org Master which gives life as a figurehead ... Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru Ky kyoku Orugu Hyakkimaru 23, 33, 37 Seen in flashbacks, Hyakkimaru is the Org that was responsible for destroying Gao God one thousand years earlier before he himself ... Rakushaasa. Senki nihongo Ultimate Org Senki Ky kyoku Orugu Senki, Thousand Demon 49 51 The King of all Orgs Also known as Master Org , the source of the Orgs power after the Org Master was sealed. Senki was created when the Org Heart merges the remnants of the three Highness Dukes, fulfilling the prophecy of the Last Org Advent . Stronger than Hyakkimaru was, Senki overpowers the Gaorangers ... G ri G ri Daisuke . Shuten nihongo Highness Duke Org Shuten d ji Shuten Hainesu ... he had one main eye multi eye d Org wants to take over the world. Short tempered, he wields the nihongo ... eye, only to anger the Org Master with his repeated failure. Seeking to redeem himself, Shuten ... the Matrix. Though he was killed, TsueTsue uses the Org Heart to fuse him with the others to create ... Org Momotaro Ura Hainesu D ku Orugu Ura 14 24, 26 30, 47 49 is the second Highness Duke ..., Ura gains the four Power Animal orbs that Rouki had stolen and uses them to create Chimera Org. However, the Org is beaten by the newly transformed Gao Silver, who also kills Ura. But Ura s crown ...   more details

  1. Karnataka Missions Network

    Karnataka Missions Network is a Christian organization in India. India org stub Category Organisations based in Karnataka ...   more details

  1. Catholic Association of South Kanara

    Catholic Association of South Kanara is a Christian organization in India. Category Organisations based in India India org stub ...   more details

  1. Israel Association of Actuaries

    The Israel Association of Actuaries is the association for actuary actuaries in Israel . External links http default.asp Official site Category Actuarial associations Category Organizations based in Israel Israel org stub business org stub ...   more details

  1. Communes of the Nord department, L-Z

    in France Postal code Commune Coordinates class vcard 59327 59167 span class fn org Lallaing span ... span class fn org Lambersart span small sup CUDL sup small class vcard 59329 59552 span class fn org Lambres lez Douai span small sup CAD sup small class vcard 59330 59310 span class fn org Landas span class vcard 59331 59550 span class fn org Landrecies span class vcard 59332 59390 span class fn org Lannoy, Nord Lannoy span small sup CUDL sup small class vcard 59333 59219 span class fn org Larouillies span class vcard 59334 59553 span class fn org Lauwin Planque span small sup CAD sup small class vcard 59335 59226 span class fn org Lecelles span class vcard 59336 59259 span class fn org L cluse span small sup CAD sup small class vcard 59337 59143 span class fn org Lederzeele span class vcard 59338 59470 span class fn org Ledringhem span class vcard 59339 59115 span class fn org Leers span small sup CUDL sup small class vcard 59340 59495 span class fn org Leffrinckoucke span small sup CUD sup small class vcard 59341 59258 span class fn org Lesdain span class vcard 59343 59810 span class fn org Lesquin span small sup CUDL sup small class vcard 59344 59620 span class fn org Leval, Nord Leval span small sup CAM sup small class vcard 59345 59287 span class fn org Lewarde span class vcard 59346 59260 span class fn org Lezennes span small sup CUDL sup small class vcard 59342 59740 span class fn org Lez Fontaine span class vcard 59347 59740 span class fn org Liessies span class vcard 59348 59111 span class fn org Lieu Saint Amand span small sup CAS sup small class vcard 59349 59191 span class fn org Ligny en Cambr sis span class vcard 59350 59000 span class fn org Lille span small sup CUDL sup small class vcard 59351 59330 span class fn org Limont Fontaine span class vcard 59352 59126 span class fn org Linselles span small sup CUDL sup small class vcard 59353 59530 span class fn org Locquignol span class vcard 59354 59182 span class fn org Loffre span class vcard 59356 59840 ...   more details

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