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Encyclopedia results for notification


Encyclopedia results for notification

  1. Explicit Congestion Notification

    Explicit Congestion Notification ECN is an extension to the Internet Protocol and to the Transmission Control Protocol and is defined in RFC 3168 2001 . ECN allows end to end notification of network congestion without dropping packets. ECN is an optional feature that is only used when both endpoints support it and are willing to use it. It is only effective when supported by the underlying network. Conventionally, TCP IP networks signal congestion by dropping packets. When ECN is successfully negotiated, an ECN aware router may set a mark in the IP header instead of dropping a packet in order to signal impending congestion. The receiver of the packet echoes the congestion indication to the sender, which reduces its transmission rate as though it detected a dropped packet. Rather than responding properly or ignoring the bits, some outdated or buggy network equipment drop packets which have ECN bits set. ref Measuring Interactions Between Transport Protocols and Middleboxes. Alberto Medina, Mark Allman, and Sally Floyd. Internet Measurement Conference 2004, August 2004. ref note these tests were performed in 2002 ref http tbit ecn tbit.html ref IPstack Operation ECN requires specific support at the Internet and Transport layers for the following reasons In TCP IP routers ... Congestion Notification Capability to TCP s SYN ACK Packets. A. Kuzmanovic, A. Mondal, S. Floyd, K ... name kuzmanovic Aleksandar Kuzmanovic. The power of explicit congestion notification. In Proceedings ... segment, ref Jamal Hadi Salim and Uvaiz Ahmed. Performance Evaluation of Explicit Congestion Notification ... url http floyd ecn.html implementations title ECN Explicit Congestion Notification in TCP ... links RFC 4774 Specifying Alternate Semantics for the Explicit Congestion Notification ECN Field ... Congestion Notification fr Explicit Congestion Notification ru Explicit Congestion Notification yo Explicit Congestion Notification ...   more details

  1. Microsoft Notification Protocol

    es Microsoft Notification Protocol fr Microsoft Notification Protocol it Microsoft Notification Protocol nl Microsoft Notification Protocol ru Microsoft Notification Protocol sv MSNP ...   more details

  1. Instant payment notification

    Instant payment notification IPN is a way to allow online retailers to handle real time purchase confirmation and server to server communication. This allows the retailer to store transaction or order information in its own database to track its own sales data internally. PayPal notifies a specified URL by an HTTP POST HTTP POST method, the URL should point to an IPN script that should process payment notifications. The first thing that must be done in the script is to validate the notification with PayPal. The following Image should Illustrate how IPN works Image Paypal IPN.gif Distributing goods Whereas the majority of server side languages such as PHP and ASP are user driven, IPN gives the developer more power over their script by making any events associated with IPN event driven this is not an allusion to a different sort of programming architecture, but merely due to the simple HTTP POST HTTP POST interaction that occurs whenever the seller receives a payment. Intangible goods IPN is typically used for automating processes such as eBook delivery where as soon as the seller receives an order through PayPal the eBook download link is emailed to the customer . This means that intangible goods such as digital books or files can be sold at little extra effort to the seller once it has been hosted on a site such as EBay or the seller s own website. Since 2008 it has been against Ebay s terms of service to list eBooks on Ebay, so many of the sellers on Ebay have moved to distribute eBooks on CDs or other tangible media. Third party services such as http eBuckz http EasyIPN , SWPal, PayLoadz, http Intralogic , Scrobbld, http Cerizmo and http www.e E Junkie can be used for such situations. Tangible goods Ironically, PayPal and eBay has little support for multiple label printing, and so it is difficult for sellers distributing large volumes of goods to be able to cope with the demand. In fact, many ...   more details

  1. Interagency Volcanic Event Notification Plan

    The Interagency Volcanic Event Notification Plan IVENP is a program in Canada established to outline the notification procedure of some of the main agencies that would be involved in response to a volcano volcanic eruption in Canada, an eruption close to Canada s borders, or significant enough that a volcanic eruption will have an effect on Canada and its people. ref http volcanoes pdf ivenp e.pdf Interagency Volcanic Event Notification Plan ref Agencies and associations Agencies and associations associated with the Interagency Volcanic Event Notification Plan include Air Canada Pilots Association Air Line Pilots Association, International Provincial Emergency Program British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program Environment Canada Natural Resources Canada Nav Canada Public Safety Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Police Transport Canada Yukon Emergency Measures Organization See also Portal Volcanism of Canada Volcanism in Canada References reflist Canadian volcanism Category Volcanology Category Volcanism of Canada Category Emergency population warning systems Category Disaster preparedness in Canada Volcanology stub Canada stub ...   more details

  1. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

    The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988 WARN Act is a United States labor law which protects employees, their families, and communities by requiring most employers with 100 or more employees to provide sixty 60 calendar day advance notification of plant closings and mass layoff s of employees. In 2001, there were about 2,000 mass layoffs and plant closures which were subject to WARN advance notice requirements and which affected about 660,000 employees. ref name GAO 03 1003 http products GAO 03 1003 The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act Revising the Act and Educational Materials Could Clarify Employer Responsibilities and Employee Rights Report to Congressional Requesters , U.S. Government Accountability Office. GAO 03 1003. Washington, D.C. 2003. 45 pages. ref Employees entitled to notice under the WARN Act include managers and supervisors, hourly wage, and salaried workers. The WARN Act requires that notice also be given to employees representatives i.e. a trade union labor union , the local chief elected official i.e. the mayor , and the state dislocated worker unit. The advance notice gives workers and their families transition time to adjust to the prospective loss of employment, to seek and obtain other employment, and, if necessary, to enter skill training or retraining programs that will allow these workers to successfully compete in the job market. ref name elaws01 cite web title Other Workplace Standards Notices for Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs url http compliance guide layoffs.htm work elaws Employment ... HRD 93 18 http products 148916 Dislocated Workers Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification ... 148692 Dislocated Workers Implementation of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification ... Notification Act Revising the Act and Educational Materials Could Clarify Employer Responsibilities ... Notification Act WARN , Linda Levine, Congressional Research Service, Report for Congress ...   more details

  1. National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme

    self published date June 2011 wikify date June 2011 The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme NICNAS is the Australian government s regulatory body for industrial chemicals . ref name About us cite web title About us NICNAS url http About NICNAS About NICNAS Brochure PDF.pdf publisher NICNAS accessdate 1 May 2011 ref NICNAS is designed to help protect workers, the public and the environment from the harmful effects of industrial chemicals. It does so by making risk assessment and safety information on chemicals widely available and providing recommendations for their safe use. NICNAS also informs importers and manufacturers of their legal responsibilities. History Despite an extensive history of chemical manufacture, use, import and export, it was not until the advancement in manufacturing technologies and processes in the mid 20th century that the value of chemical assessment and regulation was fully realised. Industrial chemical assessment and regulation is still a relatively new phenomenon for many governments including Australia because, prior to the establishment of industrial chemical legislation, these substances were not subject to the governmental review that other types of chemicals were such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals . In 1989, the Australian government enacted the Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Act 1989 ICNA Act , ref name ICNA cite web title Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Act 1989 url http Details C2011C00204 accessdate 1 May 2011 ref which led to the establishment NICNAS in 1990. Since then, the Australian government has continued to improve the assessment ..., as well as international obligations. The scientific branch is responsible for notification and assessment ... the ICNA Act, as well as the Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Regulations 1990 and the Cosmetics ... The objectives of the NICNAS are to provide a national assessment and notification scheme for the following ...   more details

  1. Notification RD 42 LRD 87 Part III

    Merge from Notification RD 42 LRD 87 Part III discuss Talk Notification RD 42 LRD 87 Part III Merge discussion for Notification RD 42 LRD 87 Part III date November 2011 Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Notification RD 42 LRD 87 Part III was part of a notification issued by the Government of Karnataka on August 2, 1997 in Bangalore that resulted in the creation of seven new Districts of Karnataka districts in the India n state of Karnataka . The new districts created were Chamrajnagar district from Mysore district Davanagere district from Chitradurga district , Bellary district and Shimoga district Bagalkot district from Bijapur district, Karnataka Bijapur district Gadag district and Haveri district from Dharwad district Udupi district from Dakshina Kannada Koppal district from Raichur district The notification resulted in Karnataka being politically subdivided into 27 official districts with various taluk s existing within each district. coord missing Karnataka DEFAULTSORT Notification Rd 42 Lrd 87 Part Iii Category History of Karnataka Category Districts of Karnataka Category 1997 in India Category Geographic history of India Kar stub kn ...   more details

  1. Essence (Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics)

    Essence is the United States Department of Defense s Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community based Epidemics. Essence s goal is to monitor health data as it becomes available and discover epidemics and similar health concerns before they move out of control. ref http science discoveries magazine 16 07 pb hotzones Spotting the Hot Zones Now We Can Monitor Epidemics Hour by Hour by Sharon Weinberger, accessed July 16, 2008 ref References Reflist Category Epidemiology US gov stub ...   more details

  1. PCNS

    Wiktionarypar PCNS PCNS may refer to Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia Microsoft Password Change Notification Service Disambig ...   more details

  1. SANM

    SANM may refer to Storage area network management CA Spectrum Alarm Notification Manager disambiguation ...   more details

  1. SEND

    SEND may refer to Computer Networking Secure Neighbor Discovery Protocol , a security extension of the Neighbor Discovery Protocol Emergency Devices Satellite Emergency Notification Device , a portable emergency notification and locating device. See also Send disambiguation disambig ...   more details

  1. RRN

    RRN can refer to Route reestablishment notification Relative record number Resident registration number Disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages it RRN ...   more details

  1. AACN

    AACN may refer to Advanced Automatic Collision Notification American Association of Colleges of Nursing American Association of Critical Care Nurses disambig ...   more details

  1. Snarl (disambiguation)

    A snarl is a type of facial expression. Snarl may also refer to Snarl Transformers , a character from the fictional Transformers Universe Snarl software , a notification system for the Windows operating system disambig ...   more details

  1. WS-BaseNotification

    WS BaseNotification is a web services specification which defines the interface WS Notification clients consumers and servers producers should expose. Subscription The subscribe method exposed through the NotificationProducer interface allows consumers to register their interest in WS Topics topics using the method, it is also possible to set a subscription expiry time and a custom Boolean logic boolean filter. A subscription to a topic implies a subscription to all children of that topic in the topic space . A useful feature of WS BaseNotification is that the client calling subscribe can subscribe on behalf of the consumer this is very useful in areas such as grid computing , where often subscriptions require specific privileges , but the service with that privilege wishes to defer processing to another service. Subscription filters An XPath filter can be provided at subscribe time that narrows down the notifications a consumer will receive. Before any notification is dispatched, the producer will run the XPath expression if the expression does not match the notification being processed then that consumer will not receive a notification Pausing resuming subscriptions The PauseSubscription and ResumeSubscription methods exposed through the SubscriptionManager interface allow consumers to temporarily suspend their subscriptions and allows the resumption of notifications. Subscriptions can be resumed with one of the following policies regarding missed notifications Send notification on next new change a similar effect to unsubscribing and then resubscribing. Send the last notification ... in 1.3 Notification The consumer s notify method exposed through the NotificationConsumer interface is invoked every time a notification is available on a topic to which they have subscribed, and that notification has passed. See also http docs.oasis wsn wsn ws base notification 1.3 spec ... and service oriented architecture The OASIS Web Services Notification specifications Globus Toolkit ...   more details

  1. NMO

    NMO is a three letter abbreviation that may refer to Neuromyelitis optica , also known as Devic s disease or Devic s syndrome New Motorola, a standard for mobile Antenna radio antenna mounts N Methylmorpholine N oxide , an organic compound Normal Move Out , a term used in reflection seismology Notification Management Object , A MicroSoft object for the Notification Services The National Measurement Office , an executive agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills within the government of the United Kingdom Nederlandse Moslim Omroep disambig de NMO it NMO nl NMO ...   more details

  1. Linkback

    and where to send the notification None LINK tag in the header of the linked page or Trackback RDF Documents Special HTTP header or LINK tag on the linked page Action required when notification is received ... Advantages Requires no special code on linking server the link itself becomes the notification ... title, excerpt is present in the notification itself Notification mechanism has a complete technical specification Less susceptible to spamming Disadvantages No notification unless someone actually ... must retrieve and parse linking site s page to extract the information it wants Notification requires positive action by linking server Notification mechanism has only a partial technical specification Autodiscovery information may prevent XHTML validation Notification requires positive action by linking ...   more details

  1. PENS (software)

    PENS Package Exchange Notification Services is a content update notification protocol standard created by the AICC CBT AICC Aviation Industry Computer Based Training Committee . Using PENS, a content system notifies the server that a package is available for collection. The content system can be an authoring tool or a content management system . A PENS compatible server then collects and processes the package, which can use existing content packaging formats, such as AICC course interchange files, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. The PENS server could be a learning management LMS or content management server CMS system. Finally, as the content is processed, the server can automatically inform the developer or other systems of workflow progress or report any problems via messages which can be sent by HTTP or email. External links http Official website http docs tech cmi010v1a.pdf CMI010 Package Exchange Notification Services http docs AGRs agr011v1.pdf AGR011 CBT Package Exchange Notification http pages supporters.htm Organizations Supporting PENS http products captivate productinfo features static tour integrate Captivate Category Content management systems Category Authoring systems cms software stub de Aviation Industry CBT Committee fr Package Exchange Notification Services ...   more details

  1. GENA

    GENA stands for General Event Notification Architecture . GENA Base defines an HTTP notification architecture that transmits notifications between HTTP resources. An HTTP resource could be any object which might need to send or receive a notification, for example a distribution list, buddy list, print job, etc. It was defined in Internet Draft draft cohen gena p base 01.txt now expired . GENA Base Client to Arbiter provides for the ability to send and receive notifications using HTTP over TCP IP and administratively scoped unreliable multicast User Datagram Protocol UDP . Provisions are made for the use of intermediary arbiters, called subscription arbiters, which handle routing notifications to their intended destination. It was defined in http html draft cohen gena client now expired . History During July 13 14 1998 the University of California Irvine convened WISEN the Workshop on Internet Scale Event Notification. This event brought together a number of experts of various fields and included a presentation on GENA by Josh Cohen of Microsoft. Delegates showcased their event notification architectures and haggled over requirements of the same. Josh s final slide includes the bullet points GENA is being implemented by Microsoft Products and Our wish is to collaborate to agree on a standard. GENA or other, we will comply. Interest in event notification appears to have waned after 1998 as participants were unable to come to common definitions of what is required for the definition of notification services and protocols. GENA was briefly considered for use in the Internet Printing Protocol but found a niche as part of the Universal Plug and Play UPnP architecture ... draft cohen gena client 01.txt September 6, 2000 See also Notification system for details on generic message relaying systems Virtual synchrony to learn about how event notification systems can offer ... wisen98 WISEN References Category Internet protocols web software stub fr General Event Notification ...   more details

  1. EAN

    EAN may refer to European Article Number EAN International Ethylammonium nitrate , a salt and ionic liquid Enriched Air Nitrox Emergency Action Notification , a nationwide activation of the Emergency Alert System Effective atomic number . disambiguation de EAN fr EAN ko EAN it EAN sv EAN ...   more details

  1. AEN

    AEN is a three letter acronym that may refer to Acute esophageal necrosis , a rare esophageal disorder Alliance for Europe of the Nations , a pan European political party Alfred E. Neuman , a fictional character in MAD magazine Asynchronous Event Notification , a message reported by a SCSI target outside the normal command response disambig fr AEN it AEN ...   more details

  1. Federal Minister for Health, Pakistan

    Multiple issues wikify March 2012 orphan February 2009 Politics of Pakistan The Ministry of Health Pakistan Ministry of Health was a federal government subject until June 30, 2011. Now after constitutional amendment No. 18, this subject has been passed on to the provinces through notification No. 4 9 2011 Min.I. http References reflist Category Politics of Pakistan ...   more details

  1. All-call

    Notability date April 2009 An All Call is sometimes an automated Telephone phone notification system that will quickly call individuals with a recorded message in the event of a Weather related cancellation weather related school closing http allcallsysteminformation.htm or emergency situation, for example. DEFAULTSORT All Call Category Public safety comm stub ...   more details

  1. State List of Other Backward Classes for the State of West Bengal

    bgcolor CCCCCC SI. Caste Particulars of Connected Orders 1 Kapali Notification No.346 TW EC dated 13.07.94, read with Notification No.92 TW EC dated 11 02 1997 and read with Notification No. 267 ... do 14 Satchasi do 15 Malakar Notification No.705 TW EC dated 13.12.94 16 Momin Ansari Jolah Ansari ... Koiri do 22 Raju do 23 Nagar do 24 Karani do 25 Sarak do 26 Tamboli Tamali do 27 Kosta Koshta Notification ... do 30 Lakhera Laahera Notification No. 183 TW EC dt. 8th March, 1996 31 Faqir caste Fakir ... BCC dt.27 10 1999 33 Betkar Bentkar do 34 Chitrakar do 35 Bhujel do 36 Newar Notification No. 1179 ... Jogi castes Jogi do 43 Dhimal do 44 Muslim Dhobi Hawari sup 1 sup Notification No. 93 TW EC dt. 01.02.1997 ... Patidar sup 1 sup do 51 Qassab Kasai sup 1 sup do 52 Hele Halia Chasi Kaibartta, Das Kaibartta Notification No. 1054 BCW EC dt. 06.11.97 53 Banshi Barman Notification No. 84 BCW RC dt. 01.03.1999 54 Nashya ... do 59 Bharbhunja Hindu Bharbhuja do 60 Dewan Notification No. 2927 BCW MR 436 99 dated the 10th July, 2001 61 Rai people Rai including Chamling do 62 Kunjra Rayeen Kunjra sup 1 sup Notification No. 5001 BCW Dt.7 10 02 63 Shershahabadia Shershabadia sup 1 sup do 64 Devanga Notification No. 861 BCW MR 169 04 65 Hajjam sup 1 sup Notification No.3230 BCW dt 04 12 08 read with No. 264 BCW dt. 28 01 09 66 Chowduli sup 1 sup Notification No. 485 BCW dt. 20 02 2009 67 Chasatti Chasa Notification No. 771 ... Kahar Sardar sup 1 sup do 71 Nekari Nikari sup 1 sup Notification No. 1403 BCW MR 436 99 I dt. 26 ... Abdal sup 1 sup do 76 Kan tribe Kan sup 1 sup do 77 Tuntia Tutia sup 1 sup Notification No. 1639 BCW ... 1 sup Notification No. 1929 BCW MR 436 99 I dt. 02 06 2010 81 Mallick sup 1 sup do 82 Qalandar tribe ... Patni Muslim sup 1 sup do 90 Muchi Chamar Muslim sup 1 sup do 91 Nehariya sup 1 sup Notification ... sup Notification No. 5045 BCW MR 436 99 I Dated 31st August, 2010 100 Rajmistri sup 1 sup do 101 Bhatiara ... Muslim sup 1 sup Notification No. 6305 BCW MR 436 99 I Dated 24th September, 2010 108 Penchi sup ...   more details

  1. Send

    Wiktionarypar send Send or SEND may refer to Send, Surrey , a village in England Send HM Prison , a women s prison in Send, Surrey Satellite Emergency Notification Device , a portable emergency notification and locating device Secure Neighbor Discovery Protocol , a security extension of the Neighbor Discovery Protocol Send album , a 2003 album by the rock band Wire Aux send , an output from an audio mixer which is usually designed to carry a given channel to an effects or monitor device Send Magazine , a Christian missionary magazine by Gospel for Asia disambig ...   more details

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