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Encyclopedia results for notification


Encyclopedia results for notification

  1. WS-Notification

    WS Notification is a group of specifications related to the WS Resource framework that allows event driven programming between web services . WS Notification is based on the event notification pattern ref http computer science research 1996 tapos 1996 event.html Dirk Riehle The Event Notification Pattern Integrating Implicit Invocation with Object Orientation Bot generated title ref . This pattern allows, for example, a web service to spread information to other web services, without prior knowledge of those web services. compu network stub Components WS BaseNotification WS BrokeredNotification WS Topics Notes references See also http gf project smoa ntf SMOA Notification WS Eventing Globus Alliance http www.oasis committees tc home.php?wg abbrev wsn OASIS detail page Virtual synchrony http infocenter wasinfo v7r0 index.jsp?topic tasks tjwsn devapp.html IBM Using WS Notification in Java Category Web service specifications Notification Category Events computing de WS Notification ...   more details

  1. Casualty notification

    Casualty notification is the process of notifying relatives of people who have been Killed in action killed or seriously injured unexpectedly For example, in a car crash . The notification may be done over the phone or in person. In the case of the United States armed forces , the notification is done by a specialist known as a casualty notification officer or casualty assistance calls officer CACO . ref https portal page? pageid 278,1952478& dad portal& schema PORTAL ref The process emotionally affects relatives once they are notified, causing various reactions. See also Death notification References reflist External links http transcripts 2003 t03272003 t0326noc.html Briefing On Casualty Notification Category Military terminology Category War casualties ...   more details

  1. Notification Service

    Refimprove date October 2011 A notification service provides means to send a notice to many persons at once. For example, if a flood were likely, residents of a community could be warned it time to evacuate. If a school were suddenly closed for the day, students or parents could be told not come to school, or told to report to an alternate location. American Airlines can notify passengers by cellphone two hours before a flight s departure with information on the flight s status and gate number. ref name aa When notification services are used for emergency notification, they are often called Emergency Mass Notification Services EMNS . Notification services and emergency notification services can provide a wide range of options, including Notifications may be by e mail, telephone, fax, text messages, etc. Identical messages may be broadcast, or the messages may be personalized. The notification service equipment may be owned by the sender, or may owned by a service provider. A message may, or may not require a response. See also Apple Push Notification Service Amazon Simple Notification Service Android Cloud to Device Messaging Service Boomerang Software Framework Blackboard Inc. Blackboard Connect Blackboard Connect SQL Server Notification Services References references ref name aa http 2002 12 01 travel practical traveler flight delayed find out fast.html?pagewanted all&src pm New York Times ref references External links Example of Emergency Mass Notification System used by http accounts mass notification faq.html University of Missouri http Platforms Connect Overview.aspx An example of a web orented notification service provider http sns Amazon Simple Notification Service Category Customer experience management Category Public services compu prog stub ...   more details

  1. Notification Center

    Infobox software name Notification Center title Notification Center logo File NotificationCenterLogo.jpg screenshot File IPhone 4S Notification Center.PNG 200px caption collapsible author developer Apple Inc. Apple released Start date 2011 10 12 with the introduction of iOS iOS 5 discontinued latest release version iOS 5.1 Latest iOS version with changes to Cards latest release date Start date and age 2011 10 12 frequently updated DO NOT include this parameter unless you know what it does programming language operating system iOS version history iOS 5.x Fifth major OS release iOS 5 and later br OS X Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and later platform size language status Active genre license proprietary software Proprietary EULA website Notification Center is a feature in iOS in which the user can see ... and notification center title iOS 5 Notifications and Notification Center Apple News, Tips and Reviews ... with iOS 5 on October 12, 2011. A desktop version of Notification Center will be included in OS X Mountain ... Inspired by iPad. Made for the Mac. ref Features File Notification Center Lion.jpg thumb left 300px Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 1, showing a prominent text bug, which was fixed in later builds. Notification Center is a revamped notification system for iOS that was introduced in iOS 5. The notifications in Notification Center collate in a panel which can be dragged down from the menu bar. Tapping the notification takes the user to the application that the notification ... the top of the screen, and the older blue popup Alerts. Notification Center also has two widgets, Weather ... use Notification Center on iOS 5 and later. ref cite web url http mobile wireless 211811 use ios 5s notification center title Use iOS 5 s Notification Center publisher ITworld date ... screen. A user can respond to a notification on the lock screen by swiping the icon on the banner from left to right. See also Apple Push Notification Service References reflist iOS iPhone Mac OS X ...   more details

  1. Notification system

    Unreferenced date December 2009 A modern notification system is a combination of software and computer ..., notification systems can send an e mail when a new topic has been added to Wikipedia . The complexity of the notification system is often dependent on the types of messages that must be sent. An e ... , scheduling dn date November 2011 , rosters, and failover fail over scenarios. Notification system features Opt In A notification system is only as good as the contact data contained within ... wrong data , or invalid phone number has changed . Therefore, notification systems with opt in data ... of unwanted email E mail spam spam and unwanted calls do not call list , notification system providers are wary of violating existing laws and or blacklisting by 3rd parties who carry the notification ... recipient is giving the notification provider permission to contact him or her. Real time interaction In the event of a fire, or any emergency situation that requires human intervention, notification ... importance than others for example, a fire alert would be more important than a cafeteria menu notification . Such types of notification would need to override any existing notifications of a lower priority. An Emergency Communication System emergency communication system is a specific type of notification ..., a notification system might take into consideration the working time hours in which a recipient can ... 00pm and 7 00am. The system should make no attempt to notify this person outside of those hours. A notification ... forth, to prevent notifying people when they are not available. Rosters If a notification system ... a tree bound cat, the notification might not reach its target. Consequently the system must find ... of high availability HA , notification within these systems must be taken into consideration for the failure ... systems that may be able act independently albeit lacking redundancy. The role of notification ... has steadily increased. Advanced notification systems support at least one and sometimes all ...   more details

  1. Notification Trojan

    Please do not remove or change this AfD message until the issue is settled Article for deletion dated page Notification Trojan timestamp 20120429163122 year 2012 month April day 29 substed yes help off For administrator use only Old AfD multi page Notification Trojan date 29 April 2012 result keep End of AfD message, feel free to edit beyond this point A Notification Trojan is malware designed to merely report the victim s location and activities. Whenever the victim s computer connects to the internet, the attacker is notified. Once the victim computer is online the attacker can gain further access. ...   more details

  1. Death notification

    A death notification is a message delivered to the family of a soldier or public service member who has died. The Military of the United States withholds the name of a deceased member until 24 hours after the family has been notified. For military notifications, there are usually multiple persons involved the notifying officer, a chaplain who accompanies the notifying officer throughout the process and who may also assist in delivering the news, a medic in case the family member faints , and an officer that stays in the car in case the family members react violently. In the wake of being notified of a loved one s death, the heirs often must settle the deceased s affairs. This can entail locating financial assets owned by the deceased. See also Casualty Notification External links http management firefighting due respect Article on notifying deceased firefighters families an http media storage paper650 news 2005 03 21 News Death.Notification.A.Dreaded.Duty 898673.shtml in depth article on military death notifications death stub Category Acknowledgements of death ...   more details

  1. Partner notification

    Partner notification is the practice of notifying the sexual partners of a person, known as the index case , who has been newly diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection that they may have been exposed to the infection. It is a kind of contact tracing and is considered a Partner services partner service . Practice A 2002 survey in the United States showed that with regards to STIs, healthcare providers conduct screenings with less frequency than recommended by health department guidelines. Furthermore, when a person was found to have a sexually transmitted infection, it was much more common for the physician to ask the person to notify their partners rather than for the physician to arrange for this to be done on behalf of the patient. ref cite journal last1 St. Lawrence first1 Janet S. last2 Monta o first2 Daniel E. last3 Kasprzyk first3 Danuta last4 Phillips first4 William R. year 2002 title STD Screening, Testing, Case Reporting, and Clinical and Partner Notification Practices A National Survey of US Physicians journal American Journal of Public Health volume 92 issue 11 pages 1784 1788 publisher doi 10.2105 AJPH.92.11.1784 url http cgi content abstract 92 11 1784 accessdate 4 July 2011 ref A study in San Francisco conducted between 2004 6 showed that many new diagnoses of HIV infection were made as a result of one person getting HIV tested, and then contacting that person s partner if the test was positive. It was sometimes the case that a positive ... QAI.0b013e3181594c61 ref Involuntary Partner Notification In the past, the CDC has recommended that physicians ..., including partner notification, should be voluntary and non coercive for both the individual ..., several states in the US have laws that codify involuntary or coercive partner notification. ref name aclu hiv cite web title HIV Partner Notification Why Coercion Won t Work url http lgbt rights hiv aids hiv partner notification why coercion wont work accessdate 14 January 2012 date ...   more details

  1. Tender notification

    unreferenced date May 2011 A tender notification is normally an online delivery service in the form of an e mail, which displays tendering opportunities. These opportunities are more than often open tender s, which allow any potential supplier to register interest in a tender opportunity. This could almost be included in some tender processes as an additional step as many open tenders are now found and applied for via this method. Many procurement systems are now incorporating the tendering data into packages to make the information more accessible for suppliers interested in various tenders. Types of notifications Direct These are normally opportunities that are sent direct from the system they were created on. For example if a government institution used a certain brand of e tendering tendering software , then this brand would also offer a tender service to notify the user of tenders on that specific system. Repacks Normally where feeds from multiple sources are combined, collated and then sent out. The aim is obvious here, to give the supplier as many opportunities as possible on a daily basis. However due to the information often being second or third hand, some data can be lost in the process, or may become inaccurate as it is passed down the line. How it differs from an request for quote or request for tender A request for tender or request for quotation is a closed tender where people are invited by a buyer to quote for specific work. A tender notification alerts potential suppliers of open tenders that they then have to register interest in before entering the tendering process. Benefits of tender notifications Tender notifications sometimes called tender alerts can be sent straight to a company s chosen inbox via email. This means businesses can receive live tenders, to view and bid for, from a database for both private and public sectors. These alerts are most ... also be filtered by business sector such as construction or IT. The idea is that tender notification ...   more details

  1. Route reestablishment notification

    Multiple issues unreferenced December 2009 orphan February 2007 context October 2009 In communications protocol s which use Time domain multiplexing , Route reestablishment notification RRN , refers to Route reestablishment notification. DEFAULTSORT Route Reestablishment Notification Category Telecommunications terms Telecomm term stub ...   more details

  1. SQL Server Notification Services

    Multiple issues context October 2009 unreferenced January 2012 cleanup January 2012 SQL Server Notification Services is a platform developed by Microsoft for the development and deployment of Notification Service notification applications based on Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server Technology and the Microsoft .NET Framework . Notification Services offers a scalable server engine on which to run notification ... applications. http sqlserver 2005 en us notification services.aspx FAQ Notification Services was designed to ease the pain of developing and deploying notification applications that generate ... that make up a robust Notification Services Application such as notification scheduling, failure detection, retry logic, time zone management, notification grouping, and queue management, adding Notification Services to software applications can be a daunting task. Background Over the years the term Notification applications has been superseded with the term Complex event processing Complex ... operators are alerted should a sudden change occur. Release History SQL Notification Services was one ... Server 2000 Service Pack 2 2003 . An enhanced release shipped in SQL Server 2005. SQL Server Notification ... 2005 SP3 allows for the Notification Services components to be run against the SQL Server 2008 Database ... to quick prototyping and deployment of robust notification applications. An API for creating subscription ... do not meet the needs of an application, Notification Services is extendable by building custom ... Microsoft Visual C .NET and Visual Basic Microsoft Visual Basic .NET . Finally, Notification Services ... and delivery protocols, enabling Notification Services to communicate with existing systems in heterogeneous environments. See also Apple Push Notification Service Android Cloud to Device Messaging Service ... 97&SiteID 1 Forums http sql technologies notification default.mspx Microsoft Official ... Books Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Notification Services , Shyam Pather, Sams Publishing, ISBN 978 0672327797 ...   more details

  1. Additional notification thresholds

    following issuers have additional notification thresholds set in their articles of association ref citation url http bylaws.jsp title Examples of issuers having additional notification ... N.V. 3 and Total S.A. 1 and multiple. Lowest additional notification threshold in Belgium Issuers ... can stipulate additional notification thresholds, on the basis of article 18 of the law of 2 May ... threshold for the notification of major shareholdings in Belgium is 5 . Whereas the lowest possible additional notification threshold is 1 . The Belgium financial authority provides on unofficial list of issuers which set additional notification thresholds in their articles of association. It is also ... list of issuers whose articles of association stipulate additional notification thresholds ref Lowest additional notification threshold in France Shareholders are required to notify when their shareholding ... to equity investments ref Pursuant the same article allows that companies can require additional notification obligations in their articles of association. The lowest possible additional notification ...   more details

  1. Victim Notification System

    Orphan date December 2007 A Victim Notification System VNS , Crime Victim Notification CVN or State wide Automated Victim Notification Service SAVNS is a computer controlled system by which victims of federal crimes are informed about the release of or the escape of the offender s who perpetrated that crime. In the United States , the VNS is operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation , the U.S. Attorney s Office s, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons . It is an electronic system accessible by telephone or via the internet , and information is also sent by mail. The VNS provides information on scheduled court events and their outcomes, as well as changes in the offenders custody status. Access to VNS information requires a Victim Identification Number VIN and a Personal Identification Number PIN . In Canada , the VNS system consists of a computer operated telephone system, which automatically contacts the victims of crimes when the offender is released from custody or escapes. See also All Points Bulletin Electronic tagging External links https index.jsp The US Victim Notification System website http usao ian Victim Witness VNS.html A US VNS information website http Solutions Pages SAVIN360.aspx A SAVIN Victim Notification System website References http sourcebooks glossary v.htm 8 http usao ohn vw vw vns.html http victims cvn.shtml Law stub Category Law enforcement in the United States Category Public safety communications ...   more details

  1. Security breach notification laws

    Security breach notification laws have been enacted in most U.S. states since 2002. These laws were enacted in response to an escalating number of breaches of consumer databases containing personally identifiable information . ref name http programs lis cip priv breach.htm State Security Breach Notification Laws Bot generated title ref The first such law, the California data security breach notification law, Cal. Civ. Code 1798.82 and 1798.29, was enacted in 2002 and became effective on July 1, 2003. ref http pub 01 02 bill sen sb 1351 1400 sb 1386 bill 20020926 chaptered.html SB 1386 Senate Bill CHAPTERED Bot generated title ref As related in the bill statement, law requires a state agency, or a person or business that conducts business in California, that owns or licenses computerized data that includes personal information, as defined, to disclose in specified ways, any breach of the security of the data, as defined, to any resident of California whose unencrypted personal information was, or is reasonably believed to have been, acquired by an unauthorized person. In addition the law permits delayed notification if a law enforcement agency determines that it would impede a criminal investigation. The law also requires any entity that licenses ... article 221322 CSO Disclosure Series Data Breach Notification Laws State By State CSO Online Interactive map comparing breach notification laws ref California has since broadened its law to include ... of State Legislatures maintains a list of enacted and proposed security breach notification laws ... breach notification have been introduced in the U.S. Congress , but none passed in the 109th Congress ... security a 1173 Bot generated title ref The European Union implemented a breach notification law ... resources state data breach notification law.pdf Breach reporting requirements by state http security breach notification Interactive map comparing U.S. security breach ...   more details

  1. Apple Push Notification Service

    infobox brand logo File APNS Logo.png name Apple Push Notification Service image type Notifications currentowner Apple Inc. origin United States introduced 2009 discontinued related markets World previousowners trademarkregistrations website The Apple Push Notification Service is a service created by Apple Inc. that was launched together with iOS Apple iOS 3.0 on June 17, 2009. ref name appledev cite web url http technologies ios features.html title Apple Push Notification Service publisher Apple Inc. ref It uses push technology through a constantly open IP connection to forward Notification Service notifications from the servers of third party applications to the Apple devices such notifications may include badges, sounds or custom text alerts. APNS was also added as an API to Mac OS X v10.7 Mac OS X Lion Lion for developers to take advantage of. ref name appleosxdev cite web url http technologies mac whats new.html title What s new in Mac OS X Lion publisher Apple Inc. ref Apple first announced the service on 9 June 2008 with a stated release for that September however, as stated by Scott Forstall at the iOS 3.0 preview event on 17 March 2009, the rollout was delayed after a decision to restructure the APNS for scalability purposes due to the allegedly overwhelming response to the announcement of the APNS. At both events, Forstall stated ... ref http 2008 06 09 iphone push notification service for devs announced iPhone push notification service for devs announced , Engadget ref . With Mac OS X Lion, an app can take advantage ... and sounds are not available on OS X Lion. If the application is not open when the notification ... can receive a notification. Each notification has a maximum size of 256 bytes, which makes ... Cloud to Device Messaging Service SQL Server Notification Services References reflist External links ... Notification Service pt Apple Push Notification Service uk Push ...   more details

  1. Password Change Notification Service

    The Microsoft Password Change Notification Service PCNS ref cite web url http downloads details.aspx?FamilyID c0964f2e fa9f 4fc7 ac13 c43928efee9d&DisplayLang en title Microsoft Password Change Notification Service publisher Microsoft Corporation ref enables synchronization of password changes in Active Directory to Microsoft Identity Integration Server MIIS 2003 , Forefront Identity Manager ILM 2007 and Forefront Identity Manager FIM 2010 or the Microsoft Enterprise Single Sign On Service ENTSSO . These components simplify password management in organizations with multiple user Digital identity repositories. Implementation Requirements The Password Change Notification filter and service components must be installed on all Domain Controller s in an Windows Server domain Active Directory domain that is synchronizing with the configured targets. If the Password Change Notification Service is not installed and running on a domain controller, then any password changes that originate on that domain controller will not be synchronized Monitoring Microsoft Operations Manager MOM System Center Operations Manager Pack is available to establish monitoring of the events thrown by PCNS ref cite web url http downloads details.aspx?FamilyID 8df3ec4b 8b1a 45a1 b4ba 9c97f846d931&DisplayLang en title Microsoft Password Change Notification Service Management Pack for MOM publisher Microsoft Corporation ref See also Microsoft Identity Integration Server Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager Server Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager Microsoft BizTalk Server References reflist 2 External links http forefront identitymanager Forefront Identity Manager 2010 http ilm Microsoft Identity Lifecyle Manager Server 2007 http miis Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 http BizTalk Microsoft BizTalk Server Category Windows Server System ...   more details

  1. Password notification email

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Password notification email is a common password recovery technique used by website s. If a user forgets their password then a password notification email is sent containing enough information for the user to access their account computing account again. This method of password retrieval relies on the assumption that only the legitimate owner of the account has access to the inbox for that particular email address. The process is often initiated by the user clicking on a forgotten password link on the website where, after entering their username or email address, the password notification email would be automatically sent to the inbox of the account holder. Some websites, such as Dating Direct, allow the user to choose to include the password in every email sent from the website. This has the problem that all of the emails received must be treated with the same security as a password notification email. The email sent could contain a new, temporary password for the account or a Uniform Resource Locator URL that can be followed to enter a new password for that account. The new password or the URL often contain a randomly generated string computer science string of text that can only be obtained by reading that particular email. This is a very common technique used by websites such as Gmail . Another method used is to send all or part of the original password in the email. Sending only a few characters of the password, a method employed by Friends Reunited , can help the user to remember their original password, without having to reveal the whole password to them. Security problems The main issue is that the contents of the password notification email can be easily discovered by anyone with access to the inbox of the account owner. This could be as a result of Shoulder surfing computer security shoulder surfing or if the inbox ... eavesdrops on the email. DEFAULTSORT Password Notification E Mail Category Password authentication ...   more details

  1. Change detection and notification

    Internet change detection and notification CDN refers to automatic detection of changes made to World Wide Web pages and notification to interested users by email or other means. Whereas search engine s are designed to find web pages, CDN systems are designed to monitor changes to web pages. Before change detection and notification, it was necessary for users to manually check for web page changes, either by revisiting web sites or periodically searching again. Efficient and effective change detection and notification is hampered by the fact that most servers do not accurately track content changes through Last Modified or HTTP ETag ETag headers. History In 1996, NetMind developed the first change detection and notification tool, known as Mind it, which ran for six years. This spawned new services such as 1999 , ChangeDetect 2002 and Google Alerts 2004 . Historically, change polling has been done either by a server which sent email notifications or a desktop program which audibly alerted the user to a change. The prevalence of cloud computing and smartphones is changing the CDN market, namely how polling is done and how notifications are sent. Citation needed date August 2011 A mobile CDN device with a cloud back end does not suffer from limited bandwidth, storage or processing power, and notifications are delivered to wherever the device is. Citation needed date August 2011 One such service is dasPing 2011 . Three approaches A local application with a graphical user interface polls and tracks changes. A server polls, tracks changes and sends email notifications with a web browser user interface. A mobile device connects to a cloud server and can be notified in real time by the server when a change is detected. Considerations Some web pages change regularly, due to the inclusion of adverts or feeds in the presented page. This can trigger false positives ... dasPing Category Change detection and notification Category Internet ...   more details

  1. UK statutory notification system

    Unreferenced date January 2010 The UK statutory notification system for infectious diseases also called Notifications of Infectious Diseases or NOIDS is a system whereby doctors are required to notify a Proper Officer of the local authority such as a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control if they are presented with a case of a serious infectious disease such as diphtheria or measles . The Proper Officer then sends a report to the Centre for Infections of the Health Protection Agency HPA in Colindale , north London . The main purpose of the system is the detection and intervention in possible epidemic s. It also enables surveillance data to be collected that can help in planning ways to prevent future outbreaks. History of the statutory notification system The statutory requirement for the notification of certain infectious diseases first came into being in London in 1891. Cholera , diphtheria , smallpox and typhoid had to be reported by the head of the family or the landlord to the local authority. The system spread to the rest of England and Wales in 1899. Originally, disease statistics were collected from the local authorities by the Registrar General s Office, where national statistics were already collected on births, marriages and deaths. This office was later known as the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys and is now called the Office for National Statistics . In 1997, however, the responsibility for administering the system was transferred to the CDSC. Clarify date January 2010 The system today The main concern of the modern system is speed in detecting possible outbreaks, and accuracy of diagnosis is only secondary. Since 1968 clinical suspicion of a notifiable infection is all that is required to report a case of a disease. The attending doctor must notify ... See also List of notifiable diseases includes other countries Notification system describes general notification systems External links http Topics InfectiousDiseases InfectionsAZ NotificationsOfInfectiousDiseases ...   more details

  1. Registered State Change Notification

    unref date October 2009 Fibre Channel In Fibre Channel protocol, a registered state change notification RSCN is a Fibre Channel fabric s notification sent to all specified Node networking nodes in case of any major fabric changes. This allows nodes to immediately gain knowledge about the fabric and react accordingly. Overview Implementation of this function is obligatory for each Fibre Channel switch , but is optional for a node. This function belongs to a second level of the protocol, or FC2 . Some events that trigger notifications are Nodes joining or leaving the fabric most common usage Switches joining or leaving the fabric Changing the switch name The nodes wishing to be notified in such way need to register themselves first at the Fabric Controller , which is a standardized FC virtual address present at each switch. RSCN and zoning If a fabric has some Fibre Channel zoning zones configured for additional security, notifications do not cross zone boundaries if not needed. Simply, there is no need to notify a node about a change that it cannot see anyway because it happened in a separate zone . Example For example, let s assume there is a fabric with just one node, namely a server s FC compatible host adapter HBA . First it registers itself for notifications. Then a human administrator connects another node, like a disk array , to the fabric. This event is known at first only to a single switch, the one that detected one of its ports going online. The switch, however, has a list of registered nodes currently containing only the HBA node and notifies every one of them. As the HBA receives the notification, it chooses to query the nearest switch about current list of nodes. It detects a new disk array and starts to communicate with it on a SCSI level, asking for a list of Logical unit number SCSI LUNs . Then it notifies a server s operating system , that there is a new ... Registered State Change Notification RSCN MIB month August year 2007 url http html rfc4983 ...   more details

  1. Advanced Automatic Collision Notification

    Advanced Automatic Collision Notification AACN is also known as Advanced Automatic Crash Notification and is the successor to Automatic Collision Notification ACN . This system is found on a number of motor vehicle s and is used to alert emergency service s that a Traffic collision crash has occurred and to automatically summon assistance. When a crash has occurred as determined by various sensors, Airbag airbag deployment , or Seatbelt seatbelt pretensioners , the AACN will initiate an emergency wireless call to a Telematics Service Provider like Onstar to deliver the vehicle s GPS location, crash related data and open a voice communications channel to the emergency call center. The Advanced ACN improves the data sent from the ACN version, as it include crash severity data including speed, delta velocity, number of occupants and rollover data as collected by in vehicle sensors. This additional data could be used by emergency services providers to determine the quantity and type of Vehicle Rescue rescue equipment that should be dispatched. Vehicular Emergency Data Set VEDS The Vehicular Emergency Data Set ref http Glossary.html V VEDS definition ref is an XML based standard for reporting collision data elements and medical data elements related to a collision. The standard was developed by the ComCARE Alliance, and is aimed at relaying critical information to facilitate efficient emergency response. This data set can be transmitted automatically to a response center, which can then forward it to emergency services providers. In the U.S., the Next Generation 9 1 1 initiative will enable a Public Safety Answering Point to automatically receive and process this data, thereby allowing for a quicker and more efficient response to a vehicle emergency, even when all occupants of the reporting vehicle are incapacitated. See also eCall eCall a European Union project ... technologies nl Automatic Crash Notification ...   more details

  1. Fire alarm notification appliance

    or tones a notification appliance sounds in and is controlled either by the Fire alarm control panel panel or by setting jumpers or DIP switches on the notification appliances. The majority of audible notification appliances installed prior to 1996 produced a steady sound for evacuation. In general ... with an incandescent light. In 1971, Space Age Electronics introduced the first visual notification ..., in 1978, Cooper Wheelock Wheelock introduced the first horn strobe notification appliances ... notification appliances would now have to include strobe lights to alert the hearing impaired. Citation ... Fire Protection Research Foundation volume Optimizing Fire Alarm Notification for High Risk Groups ... Notification for High Risk Groups Research Project pages pp 7 9 date June 2007 ref More recent research ... category Fire alarm notification appliances Fire protection Active fire protection Passive fire protection ...   more details

  1. Network-centric emergency notification

    unreferenced date March 2011 Orphan date February 2009 Merge to Emergency Communication System date April 2012 Network centric emergency notification is a method for turning an internet protocol IP network and its connected devices into a highly effective alarm system in times of emergency. Emergency alerts are created in a web based console, and once triggered, are disseminated across the computer network to devices such as PCs and laptops in the form of intrusive audio visual messages. Users on other mobile devices such as pagers, BlackBerries and PDAs can also be reached via text message alerts. Since the IP network is pervasive and highly available, this method is both cost effective and non disruptive when compared to other forms of alerting such as public address PA systems, sirens and telephony alerting. There are many other significant advantages including the ability to Rapidly alert hundreds of thousands of people, regardless of location Provide rich content to targeted recipients Assure delivery to recipients and ensure accountability with receipt acknowledgement Provide feedback capabilities so emergency operators can track the status of personnel Provide links to more critical information such as evacuation maps and instructions Remove physical boundaries and alert personnel indoors, outdoors and in remote locations Unify all notification channels from one centralized system The most progressive providers of network centric emergency alerting have recently begun connecting the network alerting systems to traditional alerting channels. The network console can now be used to trigger all forms of emergency alerting from network connected devices to phones, public address systems and the Emergency Alert System EAS all through one console with the click of a mouse. Much of the integration between systems is made possible through the Common Alerting Protocol CAP . Category Emergency communication ...   more details

  1. Emergency Action Notification

    An Emergency Action Notification Specific Area Message Encoding SAME code EAN is the national activation of the Emergency Alert System EAS and can only be activated by the President of the United States President or their representative i.e. the Vice President of the United States Vice President . ref cite web title FCC Rules Part 11 Subpart D 11.53 url http cgi t text text idx?c ecfr&sid 043b8e5d0d80fd6dca6acf1f271b1cfc&rgn div8&view text&node 47 47 work Electronic Code of Federal Regulations accessdate 1 September 2011 ref The Emergency Broadcast System EBS also carried the Emergency Action Notification. It has never been used by any President since its creation. Unlike other messages, the EAN is not the alert itself, but rather a notice that the activation is beginning. ref cite web title FCC Rules Part 11 Subpart D 11.13 url http cgi t text text idx?c ecfr&sid 043b8e5d0d80fd6dca6acf1f271b1cfc&rgn div8&view text&node 47 47 work Electronic Code of Federal Regulations accessdate 1 September 2011 ref After the End of Message EOM tones are sent, normal programming does not resume. Instead, most stations will broadcast emergency information in a specific priority order. Messages from the President are always broadcast first. Next comes local messages, statewide and regional messages, and finally national messages not originating from the President some documents refer to these as messages from the National Information Center or NIC . While there is a SAME code for this type of message NIC , there exists no FCC definition of the National Information Center ref cite web title FCC Rules Part 11 Subpart D 11.44 url http cgi t text text idx?c ecfr&sid 043b8e5d0d80fd6dca6acf1f271b1cfc ... or aid National Information Centre Background The term Emergency Action Notification was created when ... the term for the national emergency notification enactment. FEMA soon took over after its creation ...   more details

  1. Satellite emergency notification device

    A Satellite Emergency Notification Device or SEND is a portable emergency notification and locating device which uses commercial satellite systems rather than the Cospas COSPAS SARSAT satellite system. An example of one such device is SPOT Satellite Messenger SPOT . The devices use an internal Global Positioning System GPS chip to gather location information. When the SEND is triggered, this information is sent via commercial satellite to a commercial monitoring agency whose role is to pass the information to an appropriate responding agency. The responding agency contacted depends, in part, on the location. Examples of responding agencies would be military Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, local police, voluntary Search and Rescue. Typical users purchasers of these devices are participants in activities such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, boating and flying. They are also useful for those who work alone in remote areas loggers, foresters, geologists, fisheries and wildlife staff . Additional features are increasingly being offered sending preprogrammed messages, breadcrumb tracking via Google Earth . Some newer devices offer two way communication via satellite, for example DeLorme s inReach Communicator and the Yellowbrick 3 Messenger Tracker ref http www.yellowbrick wp content uploads 2011 08 YB3 datasheet en.pdf Yellowbrick two way messenger datasheet ref . One of the considerations when buying one of these is ensuring that the International Emergency Response Coordination Centre IERCC which receives a distress call maintains an accurate and up to date database of response agencies to contact and can quickly determine which is appropriate to the situation location. One such commercial IERCC is GEOS, used by both SPOT and DeLorme SENDs. The USCG US Coast Guard s National Search and Rescue Committee NSARC set up a working group which includes representation ... a standard for Emergency Satellite Notification Systems,RTCM 12800, which was published in August 2011 ...   more details

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