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Encyclopedia results for naprawa BGA

naprawa BGA

Encyclopedia results for naprawa BGA

  1. BGA

    BGA can refer to Bach Gesellschaft Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe , the first complete edition of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach J.S. Bach Ball grid array Ball Grid Array , a type of surface mount packaging used for integrated circuits Battle Ground Academy , a private school in Franklin, Tennessee, USA Behavior Genetics Association BGA, a bank in Honduras acquired by HSBC in 2007 BGA, the IATA code for Palonegro International Airport in Bucaramanga, Colombia Fire alarm pull station Break glass alarm , a type of manually activated fire alarm British Gliding Association British Go Association British Geophysical Association Barney s Great Adventure Barney s first and was only movie from 1997 based of the TV Series. Cyanobacteria blue green algae Boldklubberne Glostrup Albertslund , a Danish football club dab de BGA fr BGA ko BGA it BGA ja BGA no BGA ...   more details

  1. Fiat BGA

    issn pages refend External links Fiat aircraft aviation lists Category Fiat aircraft BGA Category ...   more details

  1. Naprawa, Sucha County

    Infobox Settlement name Naprawa settlement type Village total type   image skyline image caption image flag image shield image map subdivision type Countries of the world Country subdivision name flag icon Poland Poland subdivision type1 Voivodeships of Poland Voivodeship subdivision name1 Lesser Poland Voivodeship Lesser Poland subdivision type2 Powiat County subdivision name2 Sucha County Sucha subdivision type3 Gmina subdivision name3 Gmina Jordan w elevation m population total 2100 population footnotes approx. website Naprawa IPAc pl n a p r a w a is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Jordan w , within Sucha County , Lesser Poland Voivodeship , in southern Poland. ref name TERYT cite web url http broker access prefile listPreFiles.jspa title Central Statistical Office GUS &ndash TERYT National Register of Territorial Land Apportionment Journal date 2008 06 01 language Polish ref The village has an approximate population of 2,100. References reflist br Gmina Jordan w coord 49 39 48 N 19 52 37 E type city source plwiki display title Category Villages in Sucha County Naprawa Sucha geo stub pl Naprawa powiat suski ...   more details

  1. British Go Association

    The British Go Association BGA promotes and supports the playing of Go game Go , the ancient China Chinese strategy game , in the United Kingdom . ref cite web url http bga.html title British Go Association publisher BGA accessdate 2009 03 01 ref The BGA was founded in 1953 and has a membership of about 500. ref cite web url http history bgamem.html title BGA Membership Totals Since 1972 publisher BGA accessdate 2009 03 01 ref It oversees tournaments, publishes the British Go Journal , and maintains a list of clubs. ref cite web url http clublist clublist.html title BGA Clubs List publisher BGA accessdate 2009 03 01 ref See also Portalbox Strategy games Wikipedia Books Go The Board Game International Go Federation European Go Federation Clear References reflist Category Go organizations Category Clubs and societies in the United Kingdom ...   more details

  1. British Gliding Association

    Infobox Sport governing body assocname British Gliding Association logo sport Gliding abbrev BGA founded ... Kingdom The British Gliding Association BGA is the National gliding associations governing body for gliding in the United Kingdom . ref name BGA cite web url http bgainfo aboutthebga.htm title About the BGA accessdate 8 November 2011 ref Gliding in the United Kingdom operates through 85 gliding clubs both civilian and service ref name BGA which have 2,310 gliders and 9,462 full .... Fifty six people attended and a committee was formed. Shortly after the BGA was founded ..., though some still remain today. Initially the BGA had individual members and funded some clubs, but it soon ... pay an annual subscription to the BGA on behalf of their members. The patron of the BGA is Prince Philip ... title BGA web site accessdate 8 November 2011 ref who was introduced to the sport by a former chairman, Peter Scott . Role When the BGA was formed, it assumed responsibility for British gliding and the British ... Murray, London year 1973 isbn 0 7195 2823 2 ref As a result the BGA still has the authority that it assumed ... accessdate 8 November 2011 ref Instructors and pupil pilots are trained to BGA standards annual inspections of gliders are done by engineers authorised by the BGA, whose qualifications are accepted by the CAA and minor accidents are investigated by the BGA alone. Since September 2008 all gliders have ... vintage and one off types which remain under BGA control. ref cite web url http bgainfo regulatory.htm title BGA web site Regulatory page accessdate 8 November 2011 ref An elected Executive Committee of twelve is responsible for running the BGA. There are nine sub committees covering the BGA s functions Airspace, Competitions and Awards, including the British Team Communications ... almost full time activities for some BGA volunteers. The BGA also publishes a bi monthly ... of the BGA have also formed the Scottish Gliding Association to liaise with the local and national ...   more details

  1. Danish Futsal Championship

    Infobox football league logo pixels 140 country Denmark confed UEFA rank founded 2007 teams relegation levels 1 domest cup confed cup UEFA Futsal Cup champions BGA season most successful club website current http memberassociations association den futsal standings index.html Current Season at The Danish Futsal Championship is the premier futsal championship in Denmark . Organized by Danish Football Association . Champions class wikitable sortable Season Winner 2007 2008 Albertslund IF 2008 2009 Albertslund IF 2009 2010 BGA 2010 2011 BGA External links http story story national 02.asp?paeseclub 60 UEFA Futsal leagues International futsal Category Futsal in Denmark Category Futsal competitions in Denmark Category National futsal leagues ...   more details

  1. Interposer

    Image BGA Package Sideview.svg thumb BGA with a interposer between the Die integrated circuit integrated circuit die to ball grid array Image Intel Pentium II die to BGA interposter.png thumb Pentium II example of an interposer, Die integrated circuit integrated circuit die to ball grid array chip carrier An interposer is an electrical interface routing between one socket or connection to another. The purpose of an interposer is to spread a connection to a wider pitch or to reroute a connection to a different connection. ref name sub http substrates.htm Package Substrates Interposers Bot generated title ref Interposer comes from the Latin, interp nere, meaning to put up between. ref name def http interposes interposes definition of interposes by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia Bot generated title ref A common example of an interposer is an Die integrated circuit integrated circuit die to Ball grid array BGA , such as in the Pentium II . This is done through various substrates, both rigid and flexible, most commonly FR 4 FR4 for rigid, and polyimide for flexible. ref name sub Another example of an interposer would be the adapter used to allow a SATA drive to work in a SAS environment. An interposer would allow a SATA drive to plug into a SAS backplane. See also Integrated circuit Semiconductor fabrication Die preparation References references Category Integrated circuits electronics stub ...   more details

  1. British Geophysical Association

    Infobox headerstyle background aaf labelstyle background ddf name BGA Infobox above British Geophysical Association header1 Officers label2 President data2 Prof. Mike Kendall, Bristol University label3 Secretary data3 Prof. Christine Peirce, Durham University label4 Treasurer data4 Prof. Peter Clarke, Newcastle University label5 Meetings Secretary data5 Prof. Andreas Rietbrock, Liverpool University header6 Representatives of Parent Societies label7 Geological Society data7 Dr George Tuckwell, RSK Geophysics label8 Royal Astronomical Society data8 Dr. Lyndsay Fletcher, Glasgow University The British Geophysical Association BGS is a joint association of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Geological Society of London , which advances the interests of geophysics and geophysicists within the UK. It aims to promote the subject of geophysics and strength the ties between the geological and geophysical communities within the UK by holding meetings and courses, by encouraging the publication geophysical research, and by such other means as are deemed appropriate to an Association by its parent societies. Membership of the society is open to fellows of either the Royal Astronomical Society of The Geological Society who inform their respective membership secretaries of their interest in geophysics. Following this, fellows will automatically be considered to be members of the BGA with no subscription required. ref http images stories BGA bga pdf bgaconstitution11 11 04.pdf BGA Constitution ref The BGA is managed by a committee of up to eighteen members with eight directly elected members including a President, Secretary and Treasurer. The committee also includes one member appointed by each of the parent societies, to ensure adequate communication between themselves and the BGA. A School and Industry representative may also be co opted onto the committee, neither ... Geophysical Association http images stories ras pdfs BGA educnrev educnrevrptjournalistcopy2176.pdf ...   more details

  1. Gmina Jordan�w

    Infobox settlement name Gmina Jordan w other name Jordan w Commune settlement type Gmina total type Total image flag image shield image map coordinates display inline,title coordinates region PL subdivision type Country subdivision name POL subdivision type1 Voivodeships of Poland Voivodeship subdivision name1 Lesser Poland Voivodeship Lesser Poland subdivision type2 Powiat County subdivision name2 Sucha County Sucha area total km2 92.65 population total 10508 population as of 2006 population density km2 auto coor pinpoint Jordan w latd 49 latm 40 lats latNS N longd 19 longm 50 longs longEW E seat Jordan w website http www.gmina NOTOC Gmina Jordan w is a rural gmina administrative district in Sucha County , Lesser Poland Voivodeship , in southern Poland . Its seat is the town of Jordan w , although the town is not part of the territory of the gmina. The gmina covers an area of convert 92.65 km2 sqmi 1 , and as of 2006 its total population is 10,508. Villages Gmina Jordan w contains the villages and settlements of townia, Lesser Poland Voivodeship townia , Naprawa, Sucha County Naprawa , Osielec , Toporzysko, Lesser Poland Voivodeship Toporzysko and Wysoka, Sucha County Wysoka . Neighbouring gminas Gmina Jordan w is bordered by the town of Jordan w and by the gminas of Gmina Bystra Sidzina Bystra Sidzina , Gmina Lubie Lubie , Gmina Mak w Podhala ski Mak w Podhala ski , Gmina Raba Wy na Raba Wy na , Gmina Spytkowice, Nowy Targ County Spytkowice and Gmina Tokarnia Tokarnia . References http gus 45 655 PLK HTML.htm Polish official population figures 2006 br Gmina Jordan w Sucha County Category Gminas in Lesser Poland Voivodeship Jordanow Category Sucha County Gmina Jordanow it Jordan w comune rurale nl Jordan w gemeente pl Gmina Jordan w pt Comuna de Jordan w ru sk Gmina Jordan w war Gmina Jordan w ...   more details

  1. Ball grid array

    Other uses BGA disambiguation Refimprove date September 2010 Image Kl Intel Pentium MMX embedded BGA Bottom.jpg right thumb 180px Intel Embedded Pentium MMX bottom view A ball grid array BGA is a type ... mount devices such as microprocessor s. A BGA can provide more interconnection pins than can ... than with a perimeter only type, leading to better performance at high speeds. Soldering of BGA devices requires precise control and is usually done by automated processes. A BGA device is never mounted in a socket in use. Description Image BGA RAM.jpg thumb BGA Integrated circuit ICs assembled on a Printed circuit board PCB The BGA is descended from the pin grid array PGA , which is a package ... signals from the integrated circuit to the printed circuit board PCB on which it is placed. In a BGA ..., while the solder cools and solidifies. Advantages High density The BGA is a solution to the problem ... applied to the package. Heat conduction A further advantage of BGA packages over packages with discrete ... section date October 2011 Image BGA joint xray.jpg thumb left 120px X ray of BGA Noncompliant ... in Thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion between PCB substrate and BGA thermal stress ... of the package. Typically, plastic BGA devices more closely match the PCB thermal characteristics ... to the PCB, effectively gluing the BGA device to the PCB. There are several types of under ... move in relation to the package. This technique has become standard for packaging DRAMs in BGA ... have been developed to overcome this problem. If a BGA is found to be badly soldered, it can ... and a vacuum device for lifting the package. The BGA can be replaced with a new one, or the BGA ... balls are sold for reballing BGA s. Due to cost of X ray BGA inspection, electrical testing is very ... small. Cost of equipment Expensive equipment is required to reliably solder BGA packages hand soldering BGA packages is very difficult and unreliable, usable only for the smallest packages in the smallest ...   more details

  1. Jalu Kurek

    Jalu Kurek born February 29, 1904 in Krak w , died November 10, 1983 in Rabka was a Polish poet and prose writer , one of the figures of the so called Krak w avant garde . He was a laureate of the Young Poland Literary Award for the novel Grypa szaleje w Naprawie Influenza ravages Naprawa . He graduated from the Bart omiej Nowodworski High School in Krak w and obtained a degree in Philosophy from Jagiellonian University . He continued his studies at University of Naples . He was a lifelong friend of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Kurek, Jalu ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH February 29, 1904 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH November 10, 1983 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Kurek, Jalu Category 1904 births Category 1983 deaths Category Alumni of Jagiellonian University Category Polish poets Poland writer stub de Jalu Kurek pl Jalu Kurek sr ...   more details

  1. List of Intel Pentium M microprocessors

    1.388 tdp 22 date March 12, 2003 price links 1 sspec1 SL6N8 step1 B2 sock1 Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA ..., 2003 price sspec1 SL6F5 step1 B2 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80535GC0171M sspec2 SL6F8 step2 ... sspec1 SL6F6 step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80535GC0211M sspec2 SL6F9 step2 B1 sock2 Socket ... FC BGA part1 RJ80535GC0211M sspec2 SL7M8 step2 B1 sock2 Socket 479 FC PGA part2 RH80535GC0211M cpulist ... March 12, 2003 price sspec1 SL6F7 step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80535GC0251M sspec2 SL8BH step2 B1 sock2 Socket 479 FC BGA part2 LE80535GC0251M sspec3 SL6FA step3 B1 sock3 Socket 479 FC ... 0.956 vmax 1.484 tdp 24.5 date June 2, 2003 price sspec1 SL6N9 step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 ... 479 BGA2 FC BGA part1 LE80535LC0051M sspec2 SL6NC step2 B2 part2 RJ80535LC0051M cpulist p6 banias ... price sspec1 SL6NB step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80535LC0091M cpulist p6 banias model ... sspec1 SL6NA step1 B2 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80535LC0131M cpulist p6 section ultra low voltage ... tdp 7 date March 12, 2003 price links 1 sspec1 SL6NJ step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA part1 RJ80535UC9001M ... 1.004 tdp 7 date June 2, 2003 price sspec1 SL6NH step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80535UC0011M ... tdp 7 date April 6, 2004 price sspec1 SL6P4 step1 B2 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80535UC0051M ... BGA cpu no3031.html Pentium M 710 BGA ref ref http www.x86 en cpu Intel Pentium M 710 PGA ... 23, 2004 price OEM links 1 sspec1 SL7V4 step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA part1 RJ80536GC0172MT ... SL7GK step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80536GC0212M sspec2 SL7GL step2 B0 sock2 Socket 479 ... cpu Intel Pentium M 715A BGA cpu no2918.html Pentium M 715A BGA ref ref http www.x86 en cpu ... vmax 1.34 tdp 21 date May 10, 2004 price OEM sspec1 SL89W step1 C0 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 ... price 241 sspec1 SL7F2 step1 B1 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 RJ80536GC0252M sspec2 SL7EG step2 B1 ... en cpu Intel Pentium M 725A BGA cpu no2919.html Pentium M 725A BGA ref ref http www.x86 ...   more details

  1. Boldklubberne Glostrup Albertslund

    Football club infobox clubname BGA image fullname Boldklubberne Glostrup Albertslund short name BGA founded 2009 ground Glostrup Idr tspark , Glostrup capacity 4,000 chairman Hans Henning Jacobsen manager Philip Frikke Schmidt league Danish 2nd Division East season 2010 11 Danish 2nd Divisions 2010 11 position 2nd Division East, 11th pattern la1 pattern b1 pattern ra1 leftarm1 FF0000 body1 FF0000 rightarm1 FF0000 shorts1 FF0000 socks1 FFFFFF pattern la2 pattern b2 pattern ra2 leftarm2 FFD700 body2 FFD700 rightarm2 FFD700 shorts2 000000 socks2 000000 Boldklubberne Glostrup Albertslund BGA is a Denmark Danish Football soccer football club currently playing in the Danish 2nd Division East . They play at Glostrup Idr tspark in Glostrup , Metropolitan Copenhagen , which has a capacity of 4,000. It is a merger of Glostrup FK and Albertslund IF . External links da icon http Official site Denmark footyclub stub Danish 2nd Division Danish football Category Football clubs in Denmark Category Association football clubs established in 2009 Category Glostrup Municipality Category 2009 establishments in Denmark da Boldklubberne Glostrup Albertslund hu Boldklubberne Glostrup Albertslund ...   more details

  1. Pad cratering

    Pad cratering is a mechanically induced fracture in the resin between copper foil and outermost layer of fiberglass of a printed circuit board . May be within the resin or at the resin to glass interface. The pad remains connected to the component usually a Ball Grid Array , BGA and leaves a crater on the surface of the printed circuit board PCB . IPC T 50, Revision H, Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits, 96.2176 Pad Cratering. A separation of the pad from the printed board resin weave composite or within the composite immediately adjacent to the pad as a result of mechanical and or thermal stress. gallery File Pad Cratering 04.jpg BGA pad and solder ball exhibiting Pad Cratering. File Pad Cratering 02.jpg Magnified view of cross section of BGA pad and solder ball. Dielectric has cracked and starting the pad to lift. Eventually creating pad cratering. File Pad Cratering 03.jpg Crater left on printed circuit board after copper pad from BGA connection has been pulled away. gallery External links Additional information on pad cratering in printed circuit boards can be found in the following links http Forums index.cfm?fuseaction view thread&Thread ID 13953 http pages zone.cgi?a 51651& pf 1 http k rocky hilburn pad cratering in printed circuit boards tsdgpflq7la1 1 http de ContentPage.aspx?pageid IPC ehrt Best Papers an der IPC APEX EXPO http integral Integral Technology http integral news 2010 11 next generation electronic materials Integral Technology pad cratering blog. Category Electronics manufacturing ...   more details

  1. Gwamhi-Wuri language

    Infobox language name Gwamhi Wuri nativename Lyase familycolor Niger Congo region Kebbi , Niger State states Nigeria speakers 16,000 date 2000 fam2 Atlantic Congo languages Atlantic Congo fam3 Benue Congo fam4 Kainji languages Kainji fam5 West Kainji fam6 Duka iso3 bga Gwamhi Wuri is a Kainji language of Nigeria . It is named after its two dialects, which have only slight differences. Category Kainji languages nc lang stub ...   more details

  1. List of Intel Core microprocessors

    BGA2 FC BGA part1 LE80538GF0282M sspec2 SL9LH step2 D0 sock2 Socket 479 FC BGA part2 LE80538GF0282M ... sspec1 SL92X step1 C0 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 LE80538GF0342M sspec2 SL9LJ step2 D0 sock2 Socket 479 FC BGA part2 LE80538GF0342M sspec3 SL92V step3 C0 sock3 Socket M part3 LF80538GF0342M sspec4 ... en cpu Intel Core Solo T1500 BGA cpu no2537.html Core Solo T1500 BGA ref ref http www.x86 ... 1.3 tdp 27 date August 2006 price sspec1 SL92W step1 C0 sock1 Socket 479 FC BGA part1 LE80538GF0412M ... SL8W7 step1 C0 sock1 Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA part1 LE80539UE0042M sspec2 SL9LA step2 D0 cpulist ... 2006 price 262 sspec1 SL8W6 step1 C0 sock Socket 479 FC BGA part1 LE80538UE0092M sspec2 SL9LB step2 ... date January 2007 price 262 sspec1 SL9LC step1 D0 sock Socket 479 FC BGA part1 LE80538UE0142MX end ... SL8VV step3 C0 sock3 Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA part3 LE80539GF0282M sspec4 SL9JY step4 D0 sock Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA part4 LE80539GF0282M cpulist p6 yonah model Core Duo T2300E ark 27234 l2 2 fsb ... LF80539GF0342M sspec3 SL8VU step3 C0 sock3 Socket 479 FC BGA tdp3 27 part3 LE80539GF0342M sspec4 SL9JZ step4 D0 sock Socket 479 FC BGA tdp4 27 part4 LE80539GF0342M cpulist p6 yonah model Core Duo ... FC BGA part3 LE80539GF0412M sspec4 SL9EH step4 D0 sock Socket 479 FC BGA part4 LE80539GF0412M cpulist ... D0 sock2 Socket M part2 LE80539GF0482M sspec3 SL8VS step3 C0 sock3 Socket 479 FC BGA part3 LE80539GF0482M sspec4 SL9K3 step4 D0 sock Socket 479 FC BGA part4 LE80539GF0482M cpulist p6 yonah model Core ... SL9JP step1 D0 sock1 Socket M part1 LF80539GF0532MX sspec2 SL9K4 step2 D0 sock2 Socket 479 FC BGA ... 27228 l2 2 fsb 667 mult 9 vmin 0.762 vmax 1.212 tdp 15 sock Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA date January 2006 ... FC BGA date January 2006 price 316 sspec1 SL8VW step1 C0 part1 LE80539LF0282M sspec2 SL9JT step2 ... 15 sock Socket 479 FC BGA date September 2006 price 316 sspec1 SL9JU step1 D0 part1 LE80539LF0342MX ... 533 mult 8 vmin 0.8 vmax 1.1 tdp 9 sock Socket 479 BGA2 FC BGA date June 2006 price 262 links 1 sspec1 ...   more details

  1. Battle Ground Academy

    Middle homepage http ceeb Battle Ground Academy BGA is an independent ... War . BGA has two campuses. The Harpeth Campus is located on Franklin Road and is home to grades K 4 ... burned and the school was relocated on a site on Columbia Avenue in Franklin. BGA was established ... in 1922, changing BGA to a boarding and day school. After the construction of the first dormitory ... ushered in a half century when BGA was a boys school. In the early 1970s, the boarding program was phased ... the BGA Lower School on Franklin Road. Currently, the school operates the two campuses and has three divisions, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School. Traditions BGA has long standing traditions ... from 1925 through 1944, formed two literary societies at BGA in 1925. One society was the Greers ... by which BGA students are supposed to adhere is as follows I pledge my word of honor as a gentleman ..., to faculty members, and to all in authority. Artist Guild The BGA Artist Guild was established ... year. The Artist Guild is a unique opportunity for BGA to encourage and recognize excellence in arts ... BGA website http maps?q franklin, tn&ie UTF8&hq &hnear Franklin, Williamson ...&t h&z 17 Google Map of BGA Upper & Middle School Campus http maps?q franklin ...&ll 35.928615, 86.864567&spn 0.003275,0.004823&t h&z 18 Google Map of BGA Lower School Campus Notes ...   more details

  1. Bogus?aw Zych

    Infobox sportsperson headercolor name Bogus aw Zych image imagesize caption birth name fullname nickname nationality residence birth date birth date 1951 12 10 df yes birth place Warsaw , Poland death date death date and age 1995 4 3 1951 12 10 df yes death place Naprawa , Poland height weight website country sport Fencing event collegeteam club team turnedpro coach retired coaching worlds regionals nationals olympics paralympics highestranking pb medaltemplates MedalSport Mens Fencing sport fencing MedalCountry POL MedalOlympic MedalBronze 1980 Summer Olympics 1980 Moscow Fencing at the 1980 Summer Olympics Men s team foil Foil, team show medals yes Bogus aw Zych 10 December 1951 &ndash 3 April 1995 was a Polish fencing fencer . He won a bronze medal in the team foil fencing foil event at the 1980 Summer Olympics . ref name databaseolympics cite web url http players playerpage.htm?ilkid ZYCHBOG01 title Olympics Statistics Bogus aw Zych accessdate 2011 04 25 work ref ref name sports reference cite web url http www.sports olympics athletes zy boguslaw zych 1.html title Bogus aw Zych Olympic Results accessdate 2011 04 25 work sports ref He died in a car accident in Poland. ref name cite web url http pl subpages displayfid 294 1316.html title Bogus aw Zych 1951 1995 accessdate 2011 04 25 work ref References reflist Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata Persondata NAME Zych, Bogus aw ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Polish fencer DATE OF BIRTH 1951 12 10 PLACE OF BIRTH Warsaw , Poland DATE OF DEATH 1995 4 3 PLACE OF DEATH Naprawa , Poland DEFAULTSORT Zych, Boguslaw Category 1951 births Category 1995 deaths Category Polish fencers Category Olympic fencers of Poland Category Fencers at the 1980 Summer Olympics Category Fencers at the 1988 Summer Olympics Category Olympic bronze medalists for Poland Category Olympic medalists in fencing Category People fro ...   more details

  1. Automated X-ray inspection

    for the on chip bus Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture Advanced eXtensible Interface AXI Image X Ray Circuit Board Zoom.jpg thumb right 80pxpx X ray zoom series on an old token ring network adapter card Automated nowrap X ray inspection AXI is a technology based on the same principles as automated optical inspection AOI . It uses nowrap X ray s as its source, instead of visible light , to automatically inspect features, which are typically hidden from view. The increasing usage of ICs integrated circuit with packages such as BGAs ball grid array where the connections are underneath the chip and not visible, means that ordinary optical inspection is impossible. Because the connections are underneath the chip package there is a greater need to ensure that the manufacturing process is able to accommodate these chips correctly. Additionally the chips that use BGA packages tend to be the larger ones with many connections. Therefore it is essential that all the connections are made correctly. ref http info t and m ate automated x ray inspection pcb bga.php X Ray Inspection for PCB and BGA ref AXI is often paired with the testing provided by boundary scan test, in circuit test , and functional test. Process As BGA connections are not visible the only alternative is to use a low level nowrap X ray inspection. AXI is able to find faults such as opens, shorts, insufficient solder, excessive solder, missing electrical parts, and mis aligned components. Defects are detected and repaired within short debug time. These inspection systems are more costly than ordinary optical systems, but they are able to check all the connections, even those underneath the chip package. Related technologies The following are related technologies and are also used in electronic production to test for the correct operation of electronics printed circuit boards. In circuit test ICT Joint Test Action Group JTAG Automated optical inspection AOI Functional testing see a ...   more details

  1. Rework (electronics)

    Image Xcsp 1.jpg thumb X ray picture of good solder joints. Image Bga 1.jpg thumb Good solder joints between BGA and PCBA The aforementioned value chain of rework can be supplemented by a few eminently ... Array BGA or Chip Scale Package CSP can be reused. The solder balls are removed and the sites dressed ... is called reballing . Reballing of a BGA can be done via several methods including 1. Using a set of mechanical fixtures for both the balls and the solder paste or flux 2. Using a BGA preform with embedded ... for professional Rework http www.jovy BGA Rework.htm Medium Small Scale Rework Machinery ... IZM Training http reballing 9designonline.htm BGA SMT Repair Options Brief insight into re work, re ball and BGA SMT replacement. Center for Bonding Technologies ...   more details

  1. Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.

    Infobox Company company name Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. br Law Offices company logo Deleted image removed Image Bgalogo.JPG company type Partnership Israel foundation Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel 1974 location Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel , Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel , Haifa Haifa, Israel , Tiberias Tiberias, Israel and Beer Sheva Beer Sheva, Israel key people Senior Partners Moshe Balter , Ehud Guth , Shaul Aloni and Dr. Meir Rosenne industry Law products Legal advice revenue Unknown num employees 144 homepage http Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. Aka initialism a.k.a. BGA , founded in 1974, is one of the largest law firms in Israel . It has offices in Tel Aviv , Jerusalem , Haifa , Tiberias and Beer Sheva . BGA is a member of Consulegis , an international network of law firms. It holds a cooperation agreement with the U.S law firm of Herzfeld & Rubin . External links http 600086201 index.html Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. Profile , Dun s 100 2005 http Profiles Eng 557290616.pdf Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. Profile , BDI Code 2005 PDF file Category Law firms established in 1974 Category Law firms of Israel Israel stub law firm stub ...   more details

  1. KBGA

    Infobox Radio Station image file KBGA.jpg 200px name KBGA airdate 1996 frequency 89.9 Megahertz MHz city Missoula, Montana area Missoula, Montana format Free form Student owner University of Montana erp 1,000 watt s haat 80 m branding KBGA College Radio class A slogan Your college radio station website http KBGA 89.9 FM , licensed to Missoula, Montana , is a college radio station on the campus of the University of Montana . It was formerly known as Revolution Radio. KBGA was established by an organization of students headed by Craig J. Altmaier and has been on the air, serving its community since August 23, 1996. KBGA was consulted by and briefly collaborated with Sirius Satellite Radio in 2000. In the same year, the station was introduced to the rest of the world in the print medium as it graced the pages of the June 8 issue of Rolling Stone magazine in an article covering webcasting. External links http KBGA official website Current KBGA http public index.php?station kbga playlist . KBGA http 2460 broadcast.m3u live webstream . FM station data KBGA University of Montana Big Sky Conference student radio navbox Missoula FM Montana college radio Missoula, Montana Category College radio stations in Montana BGA Category Radio stations in Missoula, Montana BGA ...   more details

  1. Flexi-bag

    Flexi bags also called flexi tanks offer an alternative to ISO Tank car Tanktainers tank containers for shipping oils, juices, wines, food grade liquids and nonhazardous chemicals across the globe. Flexi bags are usually loaded into 20 food grade, Freight container ISO containers for maritime transport. Sizes range from 16,000 to 26,000 litres. The materials used in the production of flexi bags have to meet the US Food and Drug Administration , EU food grade or German BGA standards. The idea is to isolate the liquid being transported from ambiant air to avoid oxidation . ref http resources COA Code of Practice for Flexitanks Hi Res.pdf COA Code of Practice ref Reflist Category Shipping containers ...   more details

  1. 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory

    Image 3XtrimLogo.jpg right The 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory , or Zak ady Lotnicze 3Xtrim Sp.z Polish, is an aircraft manufacturer located in the city of Bielsko Bia a, in southern Poland. The company was established by former PZL Bielsko PZL Bielsko SZD sailplane engineer Adam Kurbiel in 1996 in aviation 1996 under the name Wytw rnia i Naprawa Konstrukcji Lekkich A. Kurbiel . The company hired many of the out of work aerospace workers who formerly were employed at the sailplane manufacturer. The company name was changed to Zak ady Lotnicze 3Xtrim Sp.z o.o. in November 1999 in aviation 1999 . 3Xtrim has concentrated on the design and production of the 3X55 and 3X47 ultralight aircraft, which first flew in prototype form in 1996. The company name 3Xtrim is intended to be a double entendre, referring to the aircraft designs being triple trimmed or more exactly triple tested during the design, prototype and production stages and also that the aircraft are designed for extreme conditions . In English the company name is pronounced Three Extreme . References http Company website accessed 23 Sep 2006 http North American Distributor website accessed 23 Sep 2006 http U.S. Dealer of the 3Xtrim Navigator 600 SLSA Aviation lists aero company stub Category Aircraft manufacturers of Poland Category Science and technology in Poland de 3Xtrim Flugzeug Fabrik fr 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory nl 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory pt 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory fi 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory tr 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory ...   more details

  1. KGS Go Server

    The KGS Go Server , known until 2006 as the Kiseido Go Server ref name bga http gopcres play.html Internet Go from the British Go Association Accessed 2007 07 29 ref , is a game server first developed in 1999 and established in 2000 for people to play Go board game Go . The system was developed by William M. Shubert and its code is now written entirely in Java. A list of the top 100 players sorted by KGS calculated rank ref http help rmath.html Details of the KGS Rank System from KGS Accessed 2007 10 22 ref is regularly updated and maintained. ref http top100.jsp Top 100 KGS Players from KGS ref International tournament games and national championship games are relayed on this server. ref name bga Monthly Computer Go tournaments are held in the Computer Go room on KGS. ref http kgs index.html Computer Go Tournaments on KGS from Nick Wedd s tournament site Accessed 2007 07 29 ref The KGS Go Server is distinguished by a kibitz culture. Kibitzes are common and popular in high level games, and may include off topic discussions though this is discouraged by the administrators. There are three client programs provided to connect to KGS. CGoban 3 is for normal use, on any system that supports Java software platform . It supports 30 different languages, and can also be used as an Smart Game Format SGF file editor viewer. An Java applet applet version of CGoban3 is aviable, but lacks the ability to save files to the users computer and cannot be used as an SGF file editor viewer. kgsGtp is another java program, for use by Go playing programs. KGS Client for Android is for mobile phones that use the Android operating system Android system it currently supports several languages, but not as many as CGoban 3. References reflist See also IGS Go server External links http KGS Go Server http ?KiseidoGoServer Sensei s Library KGS go stub Category Go software de KGS Go Server fr KGS ja KGS zh KGS ...   more details

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