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Encyclopedia results for matrix glticher

matrix glticher

Encyclopedia results for matrix glticher

  1. Matrix

    wiktionary Matrix may refer to TOCright Math and science Matrix mathematics , a rectangular array of numbers, symbols or expressions Matrix biology , the material or tissue between cells in which more specialized structures are embedded Matrix chemical analysis , the non analyte components of a sample Matrix geology , the fine grained material in which larger objects are embedded Harris matrix , an archeological tool Metal matrix , material used in a metal matrix composite Matrix isolation , an experimental technique in chemistry and physics Film and television The Matrix franchise The Matrix franchise , a science fiction franchise The Matrix , the first film in the franchise The Matrix Music from the Motion Picture , a soundtrack album Matrix TV series Matrix TV series Matrix Doctor Who Matrix Doctor Who , a computer system Matrix, a ReBoot character John Matrix, a Commando film Commando character Music and audio Matrix music , an unchanging element of variations Matrix artist , a British DJ Matrix jazz group The Matrix production team M rix , an album by P.A.L. Clave matrix Keyboard matrix circuit Matrix decoder , a technology for converting audio channels Matrix or matrix master , a master disc used in the production of gramophone records Matrix , a song by Chick Corea on the album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Comics and literature Matrix comics , a DC Comics character Matrix Doctor Who novel Matrix Doctor Who novel , by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker Matrix of Leadership , a Transformers plot element Matrix, a Neuromancer plot element Business and law MATRIX Northern Ireland Science Industry Panel Matrix Business Technologies , a telecommunications firm Matrix Chambers , a barristers set Matrix Games , an American video game publisher founded 1999 Matrix management , an organizational management style Matrix Partners , a private equity investment firm Matrix Software , a Japanese video game developer founded 1994 Growth share matrix , a business analysis technique Transportation ...   more details

  1. The Matrix

    About the 1999 film the franchise it initiated The Matrix franchise other uses Matrix disambiguation Matrix Infobox film name The Matrix image The Matrix Poster.jpg caption Theatrical release poster director ... million gross 463,517,383 ref name boxoffice The Matrix is a 1999 American science fiction film science ... of two feature film sequels, and the The Matrix franchise Matrix franchise was further expanded ... Neo The Matrix Neo is drawn into a rebellion against the machines, involving other people who have ... The Matrix Thomas A. Anderson Keanu Reeves is secretly a Hacker computer security hacker known by the User ... to the Matrix appearing on his computer. An infamous female hacker named Trinity The Matrix Trinity Carrie Anne Moss confirms that a man named Morpheus The Matrix Morpheus Laurence Fishburne knows the answers he seeks however, three sinister Agent The Matrix Agents , led by Agent Smith Hugo Weaving ... him to continue his ordinary life, and a Redpill and bluepill red pill that will distort his Matrix ... the Matrix. Neo swallows the red pill, and he abruptly finds himself in a liquid filled pod, his ... heat. The world in which Neo grew up was actually the Matrix, a simulated reality of the world set ... belong to a group of free humans who unplug others from the Matrix and recruit them to their resistance against the machines. They are able to use their understanding of the Matrix s nature to bend ... control over the Matrix. Neo is trained as a member of the rebellion. A socket in Neo s skull, formerly used by the machines to connect him to the Matrix, allows knowledge to be uploaded directly into his .... Further training introduces Neo to the key dangers in the Matrix itself. He learns that fatal injuries ... the virtual body of anyone still directly connected to the Matrix, whose purpose is to seek out ... his own abilities as the One , the Agents will be no match for him. The group enters the Matrix and takes Neo to meet the Oracle The Matrix Oracle Gloria Foster , the woman who has predicted the eventual ...   more details

  1. Regular matrix

    Regular matrix may refer to regular stochastic matrix , a stochastic matrix such that all the entries of some power of the matrix are positive. e.g. Lewis, Matrix Theory, p. 169 invertible matrix this usage is rare . e.g. Plato et al., Concise Numerical Algebra, p. 60 the opposite of irregular matrix , a matrix with a different number of entries in each row. mathdab ...   more details

  1. Matrix code

    The Matrix code can refer to A two dimensional barcode as opposed to linear and stacked symbologies , such as e.g. Data Matrix . The logo of The Matrix franchise. See Matrix digital rain . disambig ...   more details

  1. Matrix algebra

    Matrix algebra may refer to Matrix theory , is the branch of mathematics that studies matrix mathematics matrices Matrix ring , thought of as an algebra over a field or a commutative ring disambig pl Algebra macierzy ...   more details

  1. Z-matrix

    Z matrix may mean Z matrix chemistry , a table of the locations of atoms comprising a molecule Z matrix mathematics , a matrix whose off diagonal entries are less than or equal to zero It may also refer to The matrix of Z parameters , a matrix characterizing an electrical network disambig ...   more details

  1. Matrix (biology)

    Merge from Matrix biology date May 2010 Unreferenced date December 2009 In biology , matrix plural matrices is the material or tissue between animal or plant cell biology cells , in which more specialized structures are embedded, and a specific part of the mitochondrion that is the site of oxidation of organic molecules. The internal structure of connective tissue s is an extracellular matrix . Finger nail s and toenail s grow from matrices. Tissue matrices Extracellular matrix Main Extracellular matrix The molecules forming the glue between cells in connective tissues are summarily referred to as the extracellular matrix. Bone matrix Main Osteon Bone is a form of connective tissue found in the body and has a storage area, or osteon region, also called matrix that allows mineral salts such as calcium to be stored. Subcellular matrices Mitochondrial matrix Main Mitochondrial matrix In the mitochondrion , the matrix contains soluble enzymes that catalysis catalyze the oxidation of pyruvic acid pyruvate and other small Organic chemistry organic molecule s. Nuclear matrix Main Nuclear matrix In the cell nucleus the matrix is the insoluble fraction that remains after extracting the solubled DNA . Golgi matrix The Golgi matrix is a protein scaffold made up of golgin s on the cytoplasm ic side of the Golgi apparatus involved in keeping its shape and membrane stacking. Matrix medium A matrix is also a Growth medium medium in which bacteria are grown cultured . For instance, a Petri dish of agar may be the matrix for culturing a sample swab bed from a patient s throat. See also Matrix biology Matricity Tissues and cells Germinal matrix Hair matrix cell Molecular biology Matrix attachment region Matrix metalloproteinase Matrix protein Bioinformatics and sequence evolution PAM matrix Position specific scoring matrix Similarity matrix Substitution matrix Botany and agriculture Matrix Planting Population biology and ecology Matrix population models DEFAULTSORT Matrix Biology Category ...   more details

  1. Data matrix

    Data matrix can refer to Matrix mathematics A rectangular array of elements Data matrix statistics A matrix, generally of numbers, representing data used in statistical analysis Data matrix computer An encoded barcode. Data set A collection of data in tabular form. Data matrix multivariate statistics A mathematical Matrix mathematics matrix of data whose rows represent different repetition of an experiment, and whose columns represent different kinds of datum taken for each repetition. dab ...   more details

  1. Carver matrix

    The Carver matrix can refer to CARVER matrix a military based target acquisition system Harris matrix Carver matrix Carver matrix seriation diagram named after Martin Carver which is designed to represent the time lapse in use of recognizable archaeological entities such as floors and pits. disambig ...   more details

  1. Matrix model

    The term matrix model may refer to one of several concepts In theoretical physics , a matrix model is a system usually a quantum mechanics quantum mechanical system with matrix math matrix valued physical quantity physical quantities . See, for example, Lax pair . The old matrix models are relevant for string theory in two spacetime dimensions. The new matrix model is a synonym for Matrix theory physics Matrix theory . Matrix population models are used to model wildlife and human population dynamics. The Matrix Model of substance abuse treatment was a model developed by the Matrix Institute in the 1980s to treat cocaine and methamphetamine addiction. A concept from Algebraic logic . The term Matrix model is used to describe Matrix management where each worker in an organisation has two managers, one functional managing their expertise, the other executive managing their work on an a project. disambiguation Category Mathematical disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Alexander matrix

    In mathematics , an Alexander matrix is a presentation matrix for the Alexander invariant of a knot mathematics knot . See also Alexander polynomial References Refimprove date June 2008 refbegin mathworld title Alexander matrix urlname AlexanderMatrix refend Category Knot theory knottheory stub ...   more details

  1. Jacobi matrix

    Jacobi matrix may refer to Jacobian matrix and determinant of a smooth map between Euclidean space s or smooth manifold s Jacobi operator Jacobi matrix , a tridiagonal symmetric matrix appearing in the theory of orthogonal polynomials mathdab Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Stieltjes matrix

    In mathematics , particularly matrix theory , a Stieltjes matrix , named after Thomas Joannes Stieltjes , is a real numbers real symmetric matrix symmetric positive definite matrix with nonpositive off diagonal entries. A Stieltjes matrix is necessarily an M matrix . Every n n Stieltjes matrix is invertible to a nonsingular symmetric nonnegative matrix nonnegative matrix, though the converse of this statement is not true in general for  n     2. From the above definition, a Stieltjes matrix is a symmetric invertible Z matrix mathematics Z matrix whose eigenvalues have positive real parts. As it is a Z matrix, its off diagonal entries are less than or equal to zero. See also Hurwitz matrix Metzler matrix References cite book title Iterative Solution of Large Linear Systems author David M. Young publisher Dover Publications date 2003 isbn 0486425487 page 42 cite book title Iterative Methods for Solving Linear Systems author Anne Greenbaum publisher Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIAM date 1987 isbn 089871396X page 162 Numerical linear algebra Category Matrices Category Numerical linear algebra Linear algebra stub sl Stieltjesova matrika ...   more details

  1. Moment matrix

    In mathematics , a moment matrix is a special symmetric square matrix mathematics matrix whose rows and columns are indexed by monomial s. The entries of the matrix depend on the product of the indexing monomials only cf. Hankel matrices . Moment matrices play an important role in polynomial optimization , since positive semidefinite matrix positive semidefinite moment matrices correspond to polynomials which are sums of squares . Definition Empty section date July 2010 See also Empty section date July 2010 External links Category Matrices Linear algebra stub ...   more details

  1. Pentadiagonal matrix

    In linear algebra , a pentadiagonal matrix is a matrix mathematics matrix that is nearly diagonal matrix diagonal to be exact, it is a matrix in which the only nonzero entries are on the main diagonal, and the first two diagonals above and below it. So it is of the form math begin pmatrix c 1 & d 1 & e 1 & 0 & cdots & cdots & 0 b 1 & c 2 & d 2 & e 2 & ddots & & vdots a 1 & b 2 & ddots & ddots & ddots & ddots & vdots 0 & a 2 & ddots & ddots & ddots & e n 3 & 0 vdots & ddots & ddots & ddots & ddots & d n 2 & e n 2 vdots & & ddots & a n 3 & b n 2 & c n 1 & d n 1 0 & cdots & cdots & 0 & a n 2 & b n 1 & c n end pmatrix . math It follows that a pentadiagonal matrix has at most math 5n 6 math nonzero entries, where n is the size of the matrix. Hence, pentadiagonal matrices are sparse matrix sparse . This makes them useful in numerical analysis . See also tridiagonal matrix planetmath id 3927 title Pentadiagonal matrix Category Sparse matrices sl Pentadiagonalna matrika ...   more details

  1. Irregular matrix

    An irregular matrix , or ragged matrix , can be described as a matrix mathematics matrix that has a different number of elements in each row. Ragged matrices are not used in linear algebra , since standard matrix transformations cannot be performed on them, but they are useful as array data structure array s in computing . Irregular matrices are typically stored using Iliffe vector s. For example, the following is an irregular matrix math begin bmatrix 1 & 31 & 12& 3 7 & 2 1 & 2 & 2 end bmatrix math See also Matrix mathematics Regular matrix Sparse matrix Array data structure References Paul E. Black, http dads HTML raggedmatrix.html Ragged matrix , from Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures , Paul E. Black, ed., National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST , 2004. Category Arrays Category Matrices sl Nepravilna matrika ...   more details

  1. IFE matrix

    Orphan date February 2009 IFE matrix means Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix is a popular strategic management tool for auditing or evaluating major internal strengths and internal weaknesses in functional areas of an organization or a business. IFE matrix also provides a basis for identifying or evaluating relationships among those areas. The IFE matrix is used in strategy formulation. ref http www.maxi IFE EFE matrix internal factor evaluation ref The IFE Matrix together with the EFE matrix is a strategy formulation tool that can be used to evaluate how an organization or a company is performing in regards to identified internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization or a company. The IFE matrix method conceptually relates to the Balanced Scorecard method in some aspects. ref http crn40013 strataud MSDW.htm ref The IFE matrix comprises factors strengths and weaknesses , weight 0.0 to 1.0 , rating 0.0 to 4.00 and finally the weighted score after multiplying weight with rating. ref http business strategic management 478 how to develop internal factor evaluation matrix ife matrix.html ref References references Category Strategic management ...   more details

  1. Spread of a matrix

    Context date October 2009 In matrix theory , the spread of a matrix describes how far apart the eigenvalues are in the complex plane . Suppose math A math is a square matrix with eigenvalues math lambda 1, ldots, lambda n math . Then the spread of math A math is the non negative number math s A max lambda i lambda j i,j 1, ldots n . math Examples For the zero matrix and the identity matrix , the spread is zero. Only math 0 math and math 1 math can be eigenvalues for a projection mathematics projection . A projection matrix therefore has spread math 0 math or math 1 math . All eigenvalues of an unitary matrix math A math lie on the unit circle . Hence math s A le 2 math . The spread of a matrix depends only on the spectral theory spectrum of the matrix, so if math B math is invertible matrix invertible , then math s A s BAB 1 . math See also Field of values References Marvin Marcus and Henryk Minc, A survey of matrix theory and matrix inequalities , Dover Publications , 1992, ISBN 0 486 67102 X. Chap.III.4. Category Linear algebra Category Matrix theory Linear algebra stub ...   more details

  1. Nonnegative matrix

    In mathematics , a nonnegative matrix is a matrix mathematics matrix in which all the elements are equal to or greater than zero math mathbf X geq 0, qquad forall i,j , x ij geq 0. math A positive matrix is a matrix in which all the elements are greater than zero. The set of positive matrices is a subset of all non negative matrices. A non negative matrix can represent a transition matrix for a Markov chain . A rectangular non negative matrix can be approximated by a decomposition with two other non negative matrices via non negative matrix factorization . A positive matrix is not the same as a positive definite matrix . A matrix that is both non negative and positive semidefinite is called a doubly non negative matrix . Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of square positive matrices are described by the Perron Frobenius theorem . Inversion The inverse of any Invertible matrix non singular M matrix is a non negative matrix. If the non singular M matrix is also symmetric then it is called a Stieltjes matrix . The inverse of a non negative matrix is usually not non negative. The exception is the non negative monomial matrices a non negative matrix has non negative inverse if and only if it is a non negative monomial matrix. Note that thus the inverse of a positive matrix is not positive or even non negative, as positive matrices are not monomial, for dimension math n 1. math Specializations There are a number of groups of matrices that form specializations of non negative matrices, e.g. stochastic matrix doubly stochastic matrix symmetric matrix symmetric non negative matrix. See Also Metzler matrix Bibliography Abraham Berman, Robert J. Plemmons, Nonnegative Matrices in the Mathematical Sciences , 1994, SIAM. ISBN 0 89871 321 8. A. Berman and R. J. Plemmons, Nonnegative Matrices ... Johnson, Matrix Analysis , Cambridge University Press, 1990 chapter 8 . cite book last Krasnosel ... 2002 Matrix Iterative Analysis , Second ed. of 1962 Prentice Hall edition , Springer Verlag. Category ...   more details

  1. Metzler matrix

    In mathematics , a Metzler matrix is a matrix mathematics matrix in which all the off diagonal components are nonnegative equal to or greater than zero math qquad forall i neq j , x ij geq 0. math It is named after the American economist Lloyd Metzler . Metzler matrices appear in stability analysis of time delayed differential equations and positive linear dynamical systems. Their properties can be derived by applying the properties of Nonnegative matrix nonnegative matrices to matrices of the form M     aI where M is a Metzler matrix. Definition and terminology In mathematics , especially linear algebra , a matrix mathematics matrix is called Metzler , quasipositive or quasi positive or essentially nonnegative if all of its elements are non negative except for those on the main diagonal, which are unconstrained. That is, a Metzler matrix is any matrix A which satisfies math A a ij quad a ij geq 0, quad i neq j. math Metzler matrices are also sometimes referred to as math Z math matrices, as a Z matrix mathematics Z matrix is equivalent to a negated quasipositive matrix. Nonnegative matrices Positive matrix Delay differential equation M matrix P matrix Z matrix mathematics Z matrix stochastic matrix Properties The Matrix exponential exponential of a Metzler or quasipositive matrix is a nonnegative matrix because of the corresponding property for the exponential of a Nonnegative matrix . A Metzler matrix has an eigenvector in the nonnegative orthant with a nonnegative eigenvalue because of the corresponding property for nonnegative matrices. Relevant theorems Perron Frobenius theorem See also Nonnegative matrices Delay differential equation M matrix P matrix Z matrix mathematics Z matrix Quasipositive matrix stochastic matrix Bibliography reflist cite book last1 Berman first1 Abraham authorlink1 Abraham Berman last2 Plemmons first2 Robert J. authorlink2 Robert J. Plemmons title Nonnegative Matrices in the Mathematical Sciences publisher SIAM ISBN 0 89871 321 8 ...   more details

  1. Persephone (The Matrix)

    Infobox character colour white colour text black name Persephone series The Matrix franchise The Matrix image File Persephone The Matrix.jpg 200px caption first The Matrix Reloaded last cause creator The Wachowskis ... gender Female age born death specialty occupation title callsign family spouse Merovingian The Matrix Merovingian children relatives residence religion nationality In the movies The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions , Persephone played by Monica Bellucci is the wife of Merovingian Matrix character The Merovingian . She seems bored with her existence in the Matrix fictional universe Matrix , and is disaffected by her husband possibly because of his adultery . Movies In The Matrix Reloaded , Persephone is attracted to Neo The Matrix Neo and offers to help him if he kisses her with the same passion with which he has kissed Trinity The Matrix Trinity . Reluctantly, he complies and she helps him free the Keymaker . Later, she kills one of her husband s employees. In The Matrix Revolutions ... solely by greed and lust . Enter the Matrix In the video game Enter The Matrix , Persephone encounters and takes a kiss from either Niobe The Matrix Niobe or Ghost Matrix character Ghost depending ... she kisses, noting Niobe s love for Morpheus Matrix character Morpheus , or Ghost s unrequited love for Trinity. She apparently takes deep pleasure in sampling the emotions of others. The Matrix Online In the Massively multiplayer online game MMO The Matrix Online , Persephone gave the location ... to be his queen. There are allusions throughout the movies that The Merovingian works in the Matrix ..., and his existence as one of the oldest beings in the Matrix universe, specifically as the one in charge of lost souls . Before shooting her husband s employee in The Matrix Reloaded , Persephone ... herself is described as a vampire that seeks after emotions . Trivia Persephone s gun in The Matrix ... . See also Simulated reality External links imdb character 0000740 Persephone Matrix Category Matrix ...   more details

  1. Matrix (numismatics)

    Proposed deletion dated concern Unsourced and bordering on incomprehensible. timestamp 20120307183825 Unreferenced auto yes date December 2009 In numismatics , a matrix is an intermediate used in the process of manufacturing coin s. A matrix has its design in the same sense as a Die manufacturing die . The design is engraved convex into the matrix, which is used to create punch numismatics punches . The matrix step was developed in the 17th century for two main reasons. The original design in the matrix could be better preserved, as a single matrix could be used to make several punches. Second, it made easier the addition of secondary details such as the legend, a difficult task DEFAULTSORT Matrix Numismatics Category Numismatics Coin stub it Matrice incisione ...   more details

  1. Adjugate matrix

    In linear algebra , the adjugate or classical adjoint of a square matrix is a matrix that plays a role similar to the invertible matrix inverse of a matrix it can however be defined for any square matrix ... is ambiguous. Today, adjoint of a matrix normally refers to its corresponding Hermitian ... ring and A is an n n matrix mathematics matrix with entries from R . The definition of the adjugate ... ij sub , as the determinant of the n     1 n     1 matrix that results from deleting ... ij 1 i j mathbf M ij . , math Define the Cofactor linear algebra Matrix of cofactors cofactor matrix of A , as the n n matrix C whose i , j entry is the i , j cofactor of A . The adjugate of A is the transpose of the cofactor matrix of A math mathrm adj mathbf A mathbf C T , math . That is, the adjugate of A is the n n matrix whose i , j entry is the j , i cofactor of A math mathrm adj mathbf A ij mathbf C ji , math . Examples 2 2 generic matrix The adjugate of the 2    2 matrix math mathbf ... & b c & a end pmatrix math . 3 3 generic matrix Consider the math 3 times 3 math matrix math mathbf ... matrix math mathbf C begin pmatrix left begin matrix A 22 & A 23 A 32 & A 33 end matrix right & left begin matrix A 21 & A 23 A 31 & A 33 end matrix right & left begin matrix A 21 & A 22 A 31 & A 32 end matrix right & & left begin matrix A 12 & A 13 A 32 & A 33 end matrix right & left begin matrix A 11 & A 13 A 31 & A 33 end matrix right & left begin matrix A 11 & A 12 A 31 & A 32 end matrix right & & left begin matrix A 12 & A 13 A 22 & A 23 end matrix right & left begin matrix A 11 & A 13 A 21 & A 23 end matrix right & left begin matrix A 11 & A 12 A 21 & A 22 end matrix right end pmatrix begin pmatrix left begin matrix 5 & 6 8 & 9 end matrix right & left begin matrix 4 & 6 7 & 9 end matrix right & left begin matrix 4 & 5 7 & 8 end matrix right & & left begin matrix 2 & 3 8 & 9 end matrix right & left begin matrix 1 & 3 7 & 9 end matrix right & left begin matrix 1 & 2 7 & 8 end matrix ...   more details

  1. Polynomial matrix

    distinguish matrix polynomial In mathematics , a polynomial matrix or sometimes matrix polynomial is a matrix mathematics matrix whose elements are univariate or multivariate polynomial s. A matrix is a matrix whose elements are polynomials in . A univariate polynomial matrix P of degree p is defined as math P sum n 0 p A n x n A 0 A 1 x A 2 x 2 cdots A p x p math where math A i math denotes a matrix of constant coefficients, and math A p math is non zero. Thus a polynomial matrix is the matrix equivalent of a polynomial, with each element of the matrix satisfying the definition of a polynomial of degree p . An example 3 3 polynomial matrix, degree 2 math P begin pmatrix 1 & x 2 & x 0 & 2x & 2 3x 2 & x 2 1 & 0 end pmatrix begin pmatrix 1 & 0 & 0 0 & 0 & 2 2 & 1 & 0 end pmatrix begin pmatrix 0 & 0 & 1 0 & 2 & 0 3 & 0 & 0 end pmatrix x begin pmatrix 0 & 1 & 0 0 & 0 & 0 0 & 1 & 0 end pmatrix x 2. math We can express this by saying that for a ring R , the rings math M n R X math and math M n R X math are Ring homomorphism isomorphic . Properties A polynomial matrix over a field mathematics field with determinant equal to a non zero element of that field is called unimodular matrix unimodular , and has an inverse that is also a polynomial matrix. Note that the only scalar unimodular ... of higher degree is a rational function. The roots of a polynomial matrix over the complex numbers are the points in the complex plane where the matrix loses rank linear algebra rank . Note that polynomial matrices are not to be confused with monomial matrix monomial matrices , which are simply ... mathematics field over which we constructed the matrix, by I the identity matrix, and we let A be a polynomial matrix, then the matrix I A is the characteristic matrix of the matrix A . Its determinant, I A is the characteristic polynomial of the matrix A . References E.V.Krishnamurthy, Error free Polynomial Matrix computations, Springer Verlag, New York, 1985 Category Matrices Category ...   more details

  1. Signature matrix

    Unreferenced date November 2006 In mathematics , a signature matrix is a diagonal matrix whose diagonal elements are plus or minus 1, that is, any matrix of the form math A begin pmatrix pm 1 & 0 & cdots & 0 & 0 0 & pm 1 & cdots & 0 & 0 vdots & vdots & ddots & vdots & vdots 0 & 0 & cdots & pm 1 & 0 0 & 0 & cdots & 0 & pm 1 end pmatrix math Any such matrix is its own inverse matrix inverse , hence is an involutary matrix . It is consequently a square root of a matrix square root of the identity matrix . Note however that not all square roots of the identity are signature matrices. Noting that signature matrices are both symmetric matrix symmetric and involutary, they are thus orthogonal matrix orthogonal . Consequently, any linear transformation corresponding to a signature matrix constitutes an isometry . Geometrically, signature matrices represent a reflection mathematics reflection in each of the axes corresponding to the negated rows or columns. See also Involution mathematics Metric signature DEFAULTSORT Signature Matrix Category Matrices Linear algebra stub sl Matrika oznak th ...   more details

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