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  1. ;login:

    login is a long running bi monthly technical journal published by the USENIX Association, focusing on the UNIX operating system . It was founded by Mel Ferentz in 1975 as UNIX News , changing its name to login in 1978. ref name salus 2001 cite journal last Salus first Peter H. title The Importance of the Users in UNIX Linux History journal AUUG 2001 Conference Proceedings year 2001 month September url http books?id xPe8dPxcU98C&lpg PA7&ots Ttk7RNMnmX&dq mel 20ferentz 20login&pg PA5 v onepage&f false accessdate 6 January 2011 editor1 first Frank editor1 last Crawford page p. 7 at Sydney publisher AUUG Inc. ref The leading semicolon is a reference to the appearance of the login prompt of early versions of UNIX, where an escape code specific to the Teletype model 37 computer terminal would appear as a semicolon on other models of terminal. ref http publications login whysemi.html Why is there a in login ? ref References references External links http publications login login The USENIX Magazine DEFAULTSORT Login Category Publications established in 1975 Category American computer magazines Unix stub Compu mag stub ...   more details

  1. Login

    to activate after some period of inactivity, requiring the user to re enter his or her login credentials ... confusion The verbs are two words log in and log out, whereas the nouns are login and logout often used like adjectives in compound nouns . Etymology The noun login comes from the verb to log in , which .... References reflist See also Wiktionary login Wiktionary log in Access code User computing Account Computer security Login session Login spoofing OpenID Password Password policy utmp var log ... Login de Login Informationstechnik es Login fa fr Identifiant ko id Log masuk it Login lv Ie urn le ln Ekitoli nl Login ja mhr pl Login pt Login sk Login sv Login ta ...   more details

  1. Login (disambiguation)

    selfref For Wikipedia login, see Wikipedia Login . wiktionary login login Login is the method whereby a user obtains access to a computer system. Login may also refer to Magazines LOGiN , published by Enterbrain login , published by USENIX Login DOMCA , a national technical software symposium in India Login, Carmarthenshire , an hamlet in Carmarthenshire Whitland and Carmarthen Branch Line Login railway station Login Geiden 1772 1850 , Dutch admiral who commanded a squadron of the Imperial Russian Navy in the Battle of Navarino 1827 disambig de Login ru ...   more details

  1. Login session

    In computing, a login session is the period of activity between a user Logging computer security logging in and logout logging out of a multi user system. On Unix and Unix like operating systems, a login session takes one of two main forms When a text terminal textual user interface is used, a login session is represented as a kernel computer science kernel session a collection of process group s with the logout action managed by a session leader. Where an X display manager program type X display manager is employed, a login session is considered to be the lifetime of a designated user process that the display manager invokes. On Windows NT based systems, login sessions are maintained by the kernel and control of them is within the purview of the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service LSA . code winlogon code responds to the secure attention key , requests the LSA to create login sessions on login, and terminates all of the processes belonging to a login session on logout. See also Windows NT Startup Process Architecture of the Windows NT operating system line Booting Master boot record Power on self test Windows Vista Startup Process BootVis Further reading cite web url http WindowsServer en Library 779885d9 e5e9 4f27 9c14 5bbe77b056ba1033.mspx title How Interactive Logon Works work Windows Server 2003 Technical Library author Microsoft Category Operating system technology operating system stub pt Sess o de login ...   more details

  1. Social login

    Social login , also known as social sign in , is a form of single sign on using existing login information ... in lieu of creating a new login account specifically for that website. It is designed to simplify .... ref http blogs email marketing social login data capture.html Social Login A Data Capture Game Changer accessed 21 December 2011 ref Social login is often considered a gateway ... . How social login works Social login links logins to one or more social networking services ... the desired social networking service, the user simply uses his or her login for that services to sign on to the web site. This in turn negates the need for the end user to remember login information ... information as provided by the social networking service. Many sites which offer social login also offer more traditional online registration for those who desire it. Application Social login ... SAML . For consumer websites that offer social functionality to users, social login often implemented ... allowing them to make API calls to providers on the user s behalf. Sites using social login in this manner ... . While social login can be extended to corporate websites ref http www.web blog ... the identity spectrum self asserted identities . For this reason, social login ... of social login Studies have shown that web site registration forms are inefficient as many people provide false data, forget their login information for the site or simply decline to register ... found that 66 percent of consumers favored social login as a means of authentication over more ..., email, hometown, interests, activities and friends. Multiple Identities Users can login ... ref . Registration Data Many websites use the profile data returned from social login instead of having ... address during the registration process. Account linking Because social login can be used for authentication ... login account without forcing re registration. Aggregating social login Social login applications compatible ...   more details

  1. Login spoofing

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Login spoofings are techniques used to steal a user s password . The user is presented with an ordinary looking Logging computer security login prompt for username and password, which is actually a malicious program, usually called a Trojan horse computing Trojan horse under the control of the security cracking attacker . When the username and password are entered, this information is logged or in some way passed along to the attacker, breaching security. To prevent this, some operating system s require a special key combination called a Secure attention key to be entered before a login screen is presented, for example Control Alt Delete . Users should be instructed to report login prompts that appear without having pressed this secure attention key . Only the kernel computing kernel , which is the part of the operating system that interacts directly with the hardware, can detect whether the secure attention key has been pressed, so it cannot be intercepted by third party programs unless the kernel itself has been compromised. Login spoofing can be considered a form of social engineering computer security social engineering . Similarity to phishing Whereas the concept of phishing usually involves a scam in which victims respond to unsolicited e mails that are either identical or similar in appearance to a familiar site which they may have prior affiliation with, login spoofing usually is indicative of a much more heinous form of vandalism or attack in that the attacker has already gained access to the victim computer to at least some degree. DEFAULTSORT Login Spoofing Category Computer security exploits ...   more details

  1. Login Geiden

    , Login ALTERNATIVE NAMES Lodewijk van Heiden SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 6 September 1772 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 5 October 1850 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Geiden, Login Category 1772 births ... 5 de Login Petrowitsch Heiden et Lodewijk van Heyden el eo Lodewijk van Heiden fr Login Geiden it Lodewijk van Heiden nl Lodewijk van Heiden pl Ludwig Hayden ru , ...   more details

  1. Call Login Systems

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Call Login Systems are telephone systems that allow Voice based Call Center Executives to login to their phone equipment in order to make or receive calls. This system helps in calculating login hours, documentation hours, and break timings. Examples include Avaya AVAYA and Nortel NORTEL . Category Telephony Telecomm stub ...   more details

  1. Tennessee login law

    orphan date July 2011 Tennessee Login Law On June 1, 2011 Tennessee lawmaker s passed a new bill that makes sharing login information for sites that provide music and movies, such as Netflix and Napster , illegal. ref cite web url http od interactivetelevision a Sharing Netflix Or Other Streaming Media Login Info Illegal In Tennessee.htm title Tennessee Passes Law That Makes it a Crime to Share Login for Neflix or Other Streaming Sites publisher date 2011 07 01 accessdate 2011 07 15 ref The law, pushed for by recording industry professionals, is the first of its kind in that it is actually an update for a bill originally existing to punish cable theft now targeting the Internet . While the law punishes people for sharing password s, it is really aimed at those sharing and selling their passwords in large quantities up to 500 in theft resulting in a misdemeanor, and anything else after that a felony. ref cite web last Voorhees first Josh url http posts 2011 06 02 nnessee netflix law new measure makes it illegal to share login .html title Tennessee Netflix law New measure makes it illegal to share login for online entertainment services like Netflix, Rhapsody publisher date 2011 06 02 accessdate 2011 07 15 ref Reaction to the Law Initial reaction to the law was negative from social network users. Many see the issue in the same light as with music piracy , the main idea being I bought it, so I can do whatever I want with it. References See http wiki Wikipedia Footnotes on how to create references using ref ref tags which will then appear here automatically Reflist External links http Tennessee General Assembly Mainpage Categories Category Articles created via the Article Wizard Category Tennessee law Category 2011 in law Category 2011 in Tennessee ...   more details

  1. Schmidt's LOGIN GmbH

    File LOGIN.png right LOGINventory logo Schmidt s LOGIN is a German software company founded in 1987 by Joerg W. Schmidt and Roland Loetzerich, who is still the managing director. The company is privately held and headquartered in Munich , Germany . Even though Schmidt left the company in 1992, his name is still part of the company name because of registered trademarks. The company s flagship product is the network inventory tool Loginventory LOGINventory . software company stub Category Software companies of Germany ...   more details

  1. Logon

    Wiktionary Logon may refer to The Logone River in Chad, Africa in computing, the process of login disambig ...   more details

  1. Fibre Channel Logins

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Fibre Channel logins takes place after a link is operational. There are three different types of logins in Fibre Channel technology Fabric Login FLOGI Port Login PLOGI Process Login PRLI In the Login process different operational parameters are exchanged FC PH version support Classes of service supported Frame size Type of ACK supported single frame, multiple frame Number of buffer credits Addressing Time out values Fibre Channel time out values E D TOV and Fibre Channel time out values R A TOV Error recovery policies Number of sequences Category Fibre Channel Compu network stub ...   more details

  1. Loginovsky

    Loginovsky is a family . This family haven t source country variants Russia , Poland because it is ordinary form for that countries. Polish form Login ski. surname ru ...   more details

  1. Wireless supplicant

    A Wireless Supplicant is a program that runs on a computer and is responsible for making login requests to a wireless network. ref citeweb title Wireless Authentication Implementation url http en us library ms894753.aspx publisher accessdate 2008 03 18 ref It handles passing the login and encryption credentials to the authentication server . It also handles roaming from one wireless Wireless access point access point to another, in order to maintain connectivity. See also wpa supplicant References reflist Category Wireless networking wireless stub network software stub ...   more details

  1. SSHD

    SSHD can refer to Solid state drive Solid state hard disk Secure Shell sshd software that responds to incoming requests to login by Encryption encrypted means. Super Stardust HD , a PlayStation 3 game. Secretary of State for the Home Department disambig ...   more details

  1. Pubcookie

    Pubcookie is a protocol and a software package for providing single sign on within web application s and website s of an organization. An untrusted web application authenticates the end user against a trusted authentication server via a trusted login server. The Pubcookie software is open source and licensed under the Apache License . Pubcookie was initially developed at the University of Washington in 1998. Authentication process The web application is installed on a web server equipped with a Pubcookie module. When an unauthenticated end user attempts to access the web application, the module sets two HTTP cookie cookie s pre session cookie and granting request and redirects the user to a Pubcookie login server. The granting request cookie is scoped so that it reaches the login server. It contains information about the application, requested resource and desired authentication service. The login server now presents a login page, allowing the user to present a username and a password or some other kind of credentials . The login server forwards the information presented by the user to an authentication server. If the login server receives a response indication success, it sets two cookies login cookie and granting cookie and redirects the user back to the web application. The granting cookie is scoped to reach the web application server, whose Pubcookie module uses the contents of the pre session cookie and the granting cookie to generate the final session cookie . If the user needs to access another web application, the login server receives the login cookie and provides the granting cookie without presenting a login page. Notice that the web applications never receive the password or some other secret the user uses to authenticate. The cookies the login server and the web applications exchange are encrypted using symmetric encryption to prevent eavesdropping. The granting cookie is digital signature digitally signed to prevent tampering. The cookies carry a times ...   more details

  1. Cilymaenllwyd

    Image Login SN1623 701.jpg right thumb The hamlet of Login. Note the narrowness of the valley Cilymaenllwyd is a civil parish community on the extreme northwest of Carmarthenshire in West Wales . It lies about 40  km west of Carmarthen , 20  km southeast of Fishguard and 30  km northwest of Haverfordwest . History & Amenities Cilymaenllwyd has an area of 2628 hectare s and a population of 725. ref http eng index.asp?locID 3904&docID 1 Carmarthenshire County Council website ref The western edge of the community borders Pembrokeshire . ref Following the transfer of Llandissilio West to Pembrokeshire on 1 April 2003 http legislation wales wsi2002 20023270e.htm . ref The River T f Pembrokeshire River T f forms the eastern boundary. The area is a plateau being part of the foothills of the Preseli Mountains rising to an altitude of 248 metres. But it is dissected by deep valleys of the T f and tributaries. The principal commerce of the parish is agriculture . On 13 May 1839, the tollgate at Efailwen, within Cilymaenllwyd, was the first turnpike to be attacked in what would later become the Rebecca Riots , an uprising by poor farmers to abolish what they believed were unfair taxations. ref cite book last Davies first John coauthors Jenkins ... SN143266 Glandy Cross gbmappingsmall SN166234 Login gbmappingsmall SN149262 Pant y Caws Worship ..., Login gbmappingsmall SN139257 1836 Nebo Congregational church Independent Chapel, Efailwen Eglwyswen gbmappingsmall SN162223 1858 Cwm miles Independent Chapel, Cwm miles Login The hamlet place hamlet of Login lies in the valley and sits on both sides of the River T f. The name Login may have come ... carms llangunnor.htm Login Origin of Login name ref The Whitland & Cardigan Railway came up the valley and there was a station in Login. ref http sb sites stations l login index.shtml Login Station at Subrerranea Britannica ref References reflist Communities of Carmarthenshire ...   more details

  1. Radius Values

    Multiple issues context August 2009 unreferenced April 2009 Remote Authentication Dial In User Service RADIUS is a networking Communications protocol protocol that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting AAA protocol AAA management for computers to connect and use a network service. The Attributes for RADIUS use is defined in RFC 2865 .5. Values Table class wikitable border 1 Radius Value Attributes Attribute Name Code Data Type User Name 1 UTF8String User Password 2 OctetString CHAP Password 3 NAS IP Address 4 OctetString NAS Port 5 Unsigned32 Service Type 6 Enumerated Framed Protocol 7 Enumerated Framed IP Address 8 OctetString Framed IP Netmask 9 OctetString Framed Routing 10 Enumerated Filter Id 11 UTF8String Framed MTU 12 Unsigned32 Framed Compression 13 Enumerated Login IP Host 14 OctetString Login Service 15 Enumerated Login TCP Port 16 Unsigned32 unassigned 17 NOT ASSIGNED Reply Message 18 UTF8String Callback Number 19 UTF8String Callback Id 20 UTF8String unassigned 21 NOT ASSIGNED Framed Route 22 UTF8String Framed IPX Network 23 UTF8String State 24 OctetString Class 25 Vendor Specific 26 Session Timeout 27 Unsigned32 Idle Timeout 28 Unsigned32 Termination Action 29 Enumerated Called Station Id 30 UTF8String Calling Station Id 31 UTF8String NAS Identifier 32 OctetString Proxy State 33 OctetString Login LAT Service 34 OctetString Login LAT Node 35 OctetString Login LAT Group 36 OctetString Framed AppleTalk Link 37 Unsigned32 Framed AppleTalk Network 38 Unsigned32 Framed AppleTalk Zone 39 OctetString reserved for accounting 40 59 CHAP Challenge 60 OctetString NAS Port Type 61 Enumerated Port Limit 62 Unsigned32 Login LAT Port 63 OctetString Category Internet protocols ...   more details

  1. Secure attention key

    A secure attention key SAK is a special key or key combination to be pressed on a computer keyboard before a logging computer security login screen must be trusted by a user. The operating system kernel computer science kernel , which interacts directly with the hardware, is able to detect whether the secure attention key has been pressed. When this event is detected, the kernel starts the trusted login processing. The secure attention key is designed to make login spoofing impossible, as the kernel will suspend any program, including those masquerading as the computer s login process, before starting a trustable login operation. Users must always be suspicious of login prompts that are displayed, without having pressed this key combination. In Microsoft Windows this is handled by the Winlogon component. Examples Some examples are Control Alt Delete key press Ctrl Alt Del for Microsoft Windows NT Windows NT based systems called Secure Attention Sequence ref cite web url http kb 555476 title Using CTRL ALT DELETE KEYS for logging on publisher Microsoft author Soumitra Sengupta date 2005 10 12 accessdate 2011 05 30 ref key press Ctrl Alt Pause or the Magic SysRq key key press SysRq K sequence for Linux ref cite web url http doc Documentation SAK.txt title Linux 2.4.2 Secure Attention Key SAK handling author Andrew Morton computer programmer date 2001 03 18 publisher Linux Kernel Organization accessdate 2011 05 30 ref key press Ctrl X key press Ctrl R for AIX operating system AIX Break key key press Break for OpenVMS key press Shift Stop for PLATO computer system NSF involvement PLATO IV in the 1970s. Use by BIOS A similar combination, such as key press Ctrl Alt Del , is often used by a Personal computer PC system BIOS to force a reboot during a boot sequence . References refs desktop environment stub DEFAULTSORT Secure Attention Key Category Computer security procedures Category Computer access control ...   more details

  1. Motd (Unix)

    lowercase The etc motd is a file on Unix like systems that contains a message of the day , used to send a common message to all users, in a more efficient manner than sending them all an e mail message. Usage The contents of the file tt Unix directory structure etc motd tt are displayed by the Unix login command after a successful login, and just before it executes the login Shell computing shell . ref The complete FreeBSD documentation from the source, By Greg Lehey, p.572 ref The MOTD has also become a common feature of the online component of Windows Personal Computer PC games, such as Half Life , Call of Duty , and Battlefield series Battlefield . A similar feature called MOTD is displayed when logging on to some IRC servers. Format It is a simple text file. Some interpreters have a limit of 255 or 1024 characters. Citation needed date July 2010 See also System console References Reflist External links Category Unix unix stub de Message of the Day fr Message of the Day it Motd pl MOTD ...   more details

  1. Common Authentication Service Adapter

    Orphan date February 2009 CASA is an open source component infrastructure for securely storing credential and other confidential data that can be used for authentication, single sign on SSO and other purposes by users, services and applications on a desktop or server operating system. Features Open Source and part of the SUSE distribution Also available on Windows . Credential service for Enabling applications to single sign On. Leverages the Desktop identity and login for access control. Scalable and fault tolerant. Cross platform support Linux, and Windows . Supports managing multiple identity repositories GKring, KWallet, FireFox Password Manager . Provides a storage vault for credentials and secrets. Supports multiple authentication schemes. Forward compatible. Network Authentication component is token based. Provides the ability for a single point of management for multiple credential stores. Supports session based or presistant storage for credentials. Supports sharing of credentials. Supports linking of credentials among different stores. CASA is Not A Network or desktop login infrastructure. Mechanisms APIs for changing and setting passwords in applications. Application login policy enforcer Novell ships the Common Authentication Service Adapter CASA Pluggable Authentication Modules PAM module with its Linux desktop and server products. In a default installation, the CASA PAM Module Linux module is configured for use with the XDM, GDM, login, and SSH services. Bandit Project CASA http www.bandit index.php Common Authentication Services Adapter CASA Category System administration linux stub ...   more details

  1. Panel (computer software)

    About the user interface widget the GNOME taskbar gnome panel Unreferenced date September 2009 In graphical computer software a panel is A GUI widget widget commonly packaged as part of a Widget toolkit for a graphical user interface . See toolbar and dialog box A folder in some graphical operating system User interface interface s that provide tools for configuring the system and the software driver driver s. See control panel . Panels in widget toolkits Panels in widget toolkit s often have no specific graphic characteristics, but are mainly used to group children Widget computing widgets together. They allow to have a better control on the layout of the widgets. For example, in this XUL definition, two horizontal hbox panels are enclosed in a vertical vbox panel, alongside with two buttons. This allows to be sure that the label and the textboxes for the Login and the Password fields are correctly aligned. pre vbox hbox label control login value Login textbox id login hbox hbox label control pass value Password textbox id pass hbox button id ok label OK button id cancel label Cancel vbox pre Image Boxes ex2.jpg XUL Example See also Layout manager GUI widgets Category GUI widgets GUI stub ...   more details

  1. Monoxenous development

    Orphan date October 2008 Monoxenous Development In many Parasite parasitic groups the whole development is restricted to the tissues of one Host biology host individual. The species may be strictly host specific using only a single host species or not e.g. Eimeria , Coccidia . References http parasitology.informatik.uni login n h 0891.html Category Parasitism parasite stub ...   more details

  1. Unix shell

    program is automatically executed. The login shell may be customized for each user, typically in the code ... center sh ksh csh tcsh bash zsh style background CFCFCF style text align left code etc .login code login login style background F2F2F2 style text align left code etc csh.cshrc code yes yes style background CFCFCF style text align left code etc csh.login code login login style background F2F2F2 style ... text align left code .login code login login style background CFCFCF style text align left code .logout code login login style background F2F2F2 style text align left code etc profile code login login login login style background CFCFCF style text align left code .profile code login login login small ref name bash profiles in fact, the first readable of code .bash profile code , code .bash login code and code .profile code and only code .profile code if invoked as code sh code ref small login style background F2F2F2 style text align left code .bash profile code login small ref name bash profiles small style background CFCFCF style text align left code .bash login code login small ref name bash profiles small style background F2F2F2 style text align left code .bash logout code login style background CFCFCF style text align left code .bashrc code int. n login style background F2F2F2 style ... code login style background F2F2F2 style text align left code etc zshrc code int. style background CFCFCF style text align left code etc zlogin code login style background F2F2F2 style text align left code etc zlogout code login style background CFCFCF style text align left code .zshenv code yes style background F2F2F2 style text align left code .zprofile code login style background CFCFCF style ... code login style background CFCFCF style text align left code .zlogout code login Explanation blank .... login means a file is read if the shell is a login shell. n login means a file is read if the shell is not a login shell. int. means a file is read if the shell is interactive. See also Comparison of command ...   more details

  1. Trusted path

    , such as Java. blockquote Examples of Problems of Untrusted Paths As mentioned above, if the login ... a trusted communication path between itself and user for initial login and authentication. Communications ...   more details

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