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Encyclopedia results for invata java online

invata java online

Encyclopedia results for invata java online

  1. Java

    about the Indonesian island Infobox islands name Java image name Java Topography.png image caption Topography of Java locator map JavaLocatie 1 .png native name Jawa native name link Indonesian language ... Banten , br Jakarta Jakarta  Special  Capital  City  District , br West Java , br Central Java , br East Java , br Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Special Region country largest city Jakarta country ... , Sundanese people Sundanese inc. Baduy , Betawi people Betawi , Madurese people Madurese Java lang ... of Madura which is administered as part of the provinces of Java , Java is the world s most populous island, and one of the most densely populated places on the globe. Java is the home of 60 ... on western Java. Much of Indonesian history took place on Java. It was the center of powerful ... colonial Dutch East Indies . Java was also the center of the Indonesian National Revolution Indonesian struggle for independence during the 1930s and 40s. Java was also occupied by the Imperial ... end to all thoughts of independence . Java dominates the Indonesian social, political, and economic life. Formed mostly as the result of volcanic eruptions, Java is the List of islands by area 13th ... live on Java. Most ot its residents are multilingualism bilingual , with Indonesian language Indonesian as their first or second languages. While the majority of the people of Java are Muslim , Java has a diverse mixture of religious beliefs, ethnicities, and cultures. Java is divided into four provinces, West Java , Central Java , East Java , and Banten , and also two special districts, Jakarta and Yogyakarta special region Yogyakarta . Etymology The origins of the name Java are not clear ... names. ref Raffles, Thomas E. The History of Java . Oxford University Press, 1965. Page 2 ref There are other ..., Thomas E. 1965. Page 3 Raffles, Thomas E. The History of Java . Oxford University Press, 1965 ..., the chief of Rama s army dispatched his men to Yawadvipa, the island of Java, in search of Sita ...   more details


    Infobox magazine title ONLINE image file image size image alt image caption editor editor title previous editor staff writer frequency circulation category company publisher Information Today, Inc. firstdate 1977 country based language website http online ONLINE issn 0146 5422 ONLINE is a magazine for information systems first published in 1977. The publisher Online, Inc. was founded the year before. In May 2002, Information Today, Inc. acquired the assets of Online Inc. The website contains selected full text articles and news from each issue of ONLINE magazine. External links official http online http OnlineHistory.htm History Category Computer magazines sci mag stub ...   more details

  1. T-Online

    Infobox Company name T Online logo type Subsidiary genre foundation September 1995 founder location city Darmstadt location country Germany location locations area served Germany, Austria , Hungary , Switzerland key people industry products Internet services revenue operating income net income assets equity owner num employees parent divisions subsid slogan homepage footnotes intl Image T Online Zentrale.jpg thumb right Headquarters in Darmstadt T Online , a former subsidiary and now business unit of Deutsche Telekom , is the biggest internet service provider in Germany . It evolved out of the proprietary German Bildschirmtext BTX information service in 1995. The T Online brand is also used in Hungary , Austria and Switzerland . T Online France is the French subsidiary of T Online International AG, Deutsche Telecom s internet arm and has about 1 million registered customers and 2,000 points of sale in convenience stores and supermarkets. Its portal receives more than 30 million visits and 213 million pages are viewed per month. T Online had an estimated 13.4 million customers in Europe in the first quarter of 2004 and a sales volume of about 1.58 billion euro in 2002 the business unit, which is based in Darmstadt , has about 2600 employees, of which 2000 are located in Germany. History 1995 Deutsche Telekom renames the BTX service as T Online . Spring 2000 T Online becomes the first ... at the same price as for analog service. Spring 2001 T Online announced the demise of the flat rate dialup plan but offered a flat rate DSL plan in its place. Deutsche Telekom T Online was the monopoly ... Services T Online Messenger TOM Internet Telephony based upon an individual 032 telephone number E Mail References reflist External links http www.t T Online http www.t T Online ... Internet service providers of Germany ca T Online de T Online es T Online fr T Online hu T Online ru T Online zh T Online ...   more details

  1. Java (disambiguation)

    Wiktionary java Java Java is the most populous island in Indonesia. Java may also refer to TOC right Animals Java Pipistrelle , Pipistrellus javanicus , a species of pipistrelle bat Java shark, Carcharhinus amboinensis , also known as the pigeye shark Java Sparrow , Padda oryzivora , a popular cage bird Java chicken , a rare breed that is one of the oldest American chickens Literature Java, seine Gestalt, Pflanzendecke, und sein innerer Bau Images of Light and Shadow from Java s interior a four volume ... articulation of Pandeism Computer science Java programming language , an object oriented high level programming language Java software platform , a technology developed by Sun Microsystems for machine independent software Java Platform, Standard Edition , targets desktop environment Java Platform, Enterprise Edition , targets server environment Java Platform, Micro Edition , targets mobile devices and embedded systems Java DB , a relational database management system that can be embedded in Java programs and used for online transaction processing. JavaFX , software platform for creating and delivering rich Internet applications that can run across a wide variety of connected devices. Java Card , targets smart cards and other small memory footprint devices Java Class Library , a collection of reusable pieces of software that software developers can use in their software Java Development Kit JDK , a software bundle from Sun Microsystems aimed at Java developers Java Virtual Machine JVM , part of the Java Platform that is responsible for running software created with Java Java applet , allows ... relationship to the Java platform Consumables Java cigarette , a brand of Russian cigarettes Java coffee , a variety of coffee grown on the island of Java Java, American slang for coffee in general Java, a brand of cacha a , a type of alcohol Entertainment Java band , a French band Java dance , a Parisian Bal musette dance Java Martin Myst re Java Martin Myst re , a Neanderthal who assists ...   more details

  1. ONLine

    ONLine is a proposed Convert 235 mi adj on 500 kilovolt electrical power line that would connect Southern Nevada with Northern Nevada . ref cite news title author Jennifer Robison newspaper Las Vegas Review Journal date 2010 60 03 url http energy utilities utilities industry electric powerity 14568715 1.html ref The northern terminus would be located at Ely, Nevada with the southern terminus located outside the Las Vegas Valley north of Apex Nevada . This line would provide the first interconnection between the two areas of Nevada served by NV Energy subsidiaries. The 510 million line would also provide a way to connect renewable energy projects along the eastern edge of Nevada with the existing electrical grid . ref cite news title Consumer advocates seek to downsize NV Energy ONline author Jennifer Robison newspaper The Ely Times date 2010 06 09 url http articles 2010 06 09 news news03.txt ref The proposed project is a joint venture with LS Power . Notes reflist Category Western Interconnection Category Economy of Nevada nevada stub powerline stub ...   more details

  1. Java TV

    Java TV is a Java Sun Java based software framework designed for use on TV set top box es, based around components called Xlet s. It is currently used only on the Connected Device Configuration , specifically for Interactive television iTV applications development. The API includes the Xlet classes in the package Other packages of the public API include provides a simple rendering canvas provides a locator in the style of a URL for services and media, such as service SERV1 defines a mechanism for service information SI databases ... While the framework is general, Sun currently provides support only on Java ME . For some subjects ... it uses Abstract Window Toolkit AWT widgets such as http javase 6 docs api java awt Button.html ... Pawlan, February 2001 ref Sun s reference implementation for Java TV attempts to limit its exposure to support issues to the full Java Media Framework by having its own small version of JMF that is internally ..., the Java TV reference implementation provided by Sun has not been updated to make provisions for later ... in Java 1.5 meaning that classes which extend Thread and override stop will fail at runtime under JRE ... for taking Java ME beyond JRE 1.3. If such an upgrade were to take place, it would require significant work on the part of all vendors of Java ME enabled devices. ref http j2se 1.5.0 docs api java lang Thread.html stop JRE 1.5 Thread.stop javadoc ref ref http j2se 1.5.0 ... and Runtime.runFinalizersOnExit Deprecated? ref See also Portal Java Xlet External links http javame technology javatv Java ME Technology Java TV API includes Sun s Reference Implementation http javame reference apis jsr927 Java TV API 1.1 JSR 927 online Javadocs http www.mhp tutorials javatv The JavaTV tutorial References reflist Java Sun multimedia software stub tv tech stub Category Java programming language pt JavaTV ...   more details

  1. Thinking in Java

    Thinking in Java ISBN 978 0131872486 is a book about the Java programming language Java programming language, written by Bruce Eckel and first published in 1998. Prentice Hall published the 4th edition of the work in 2006. The book represents a print version of Eckel s Hands on Java seminar. ref name http 5100 10878 11 1049569.html ref Publishing history Expand section date November 2010 Eckel has made various versions of the book publicly available online. ref http Books Books & Book Support ref Reception Tech Republic says The particularly cool thing about Thinking in Java is that even though a large amount of information is covered at a rapid pace, it is somehow all easily absorbed and understood. This is a testament to both Eckel s obvious mastery of the subject and his skilled writing style. ref name Linux Weekly News praised the book in its review. ref http Reviews ThinkingInJava.php3 ref Awards Thinking in Java has won multiple awards from professional journals 1998 Java Developers Journal Editors Choice Award for Best Book ref name amazon http Thinking Java introduction object oriented programming dp 0131872486 Amazon Thinking In Java ref Jolt Productivity Award, 1999 ref http 184415703 9th Annual Jolt and Productivity Awards, Dr. Dobbs Journal, 1999 ref 2000 JavaWorld Readers Choice Award for Best Book ref name amazon ref name powells http biblio 0131872486 Powells Books Thinking in Java ref 2001 JavaWorld ... Jolt Award for Best Book ref name powells 2003 Java Developers Journal Readers Choice Award for Best Book ref name amazon ref name powells 2007 Java Developer s Journal Readers Choice Best Book ref http java.sys node 417254 SYS CON Media Announces the 2007 Java Developer s Journal Readers ... references DEFAULTSORT Thinking In Java Category Computer programming books Category Java programming ...   more details

  1. History of Java

    The History of Java can refer to The Java island History history of the island of Java The 1817 book on the history of the Java island island , by Stamford Raffles , founder of Singapore . The Java version history version history of the Java programming language . The Java software platform History history of the Java platform . Disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Java applet

    File Java applet.png thumb Java applet that was created as supplementary demonstration material for a scientific publication. ref http of Models tropisms java a.htm World of Fungi page ... thumb Java applet that uses 3D hardware acceleration , downloading from the server ... ref File Mandelbrot java applet.png thumb Using Java applet for computation intensive visualization ... to the server console at the hardware level with the help of a Java applet File FFT2DApplet.png thumb ... java classes FFT2DApplet.html 2D FFT Java applet ref A Java applet is an applet delivered to users in the form of Java bytecode . Java applets can run in a Web browser using a Java Virtual Machine JVM , or in Sun Microsystems Sun s AppletViewer , a stand alone tool for testing applets. Java applets were introduced in the first version of the Java language in 1995, and are written in programming language s that compile to Java bytecode, usually in Java programming language Java , but also in other ... page ref JRuby , ref http ruby in browser jruby inside an applet About Java applets ... A tool to produce Java applets with SmartEiffel ref Java applets run at speeds comparable to, but generally ... from Java. This makes applets well suited for non trivial, computation intensive visualizations. When ... difference has become less noticeable. Since Java s bytecode is cross platform or platform independent, Java applets can be executed by browsers for many platforms, including Microsoft Windows , Unix , Mac OS and Linux . It is also trivial to run a Java applet as an application with very little extra code. This has the advantage of running a Java applet in offline mode without the need for any ... content. This makes applets well suitable for demonstration, visualization and teaching. There are online ... Paul Falstad online applet portal ref to heart physiology. ref name hear Applets are also used to create online Kurnik game collections that allow players to compete against live opponents ...   more details

  1. Java performance

    Dablink This article is a general presentation of the Java Platform performance. For criticisms about Java performance, and more generally about the Java programming language Java language , see Criticism of Java . Cleanup date August 2010 POV Article non neutrality date March 2010 The performance of a Java bytecode compiled Java program will depend on how smartly its particular tasks are going to be managed ... in doing so. Thus, any Java performance test or comparison has to always report the version, vendor ... Compiler optimization optimization directives . Historically, Java programs execution speed improved significantly due to the introduction of JIT compiler Just In Time compilation in 1997 1998 for Java version history Java 1.1 , ref name Cite web url http about news release article.jsp?prid 19970407 03 title Symantec s Just In Time Java Compiler To Be Integrated Into Sun ... Apple Licenses Symantec s Just In Time JIT Compiler To Accelerate Mac OS Runtime For Java Dead link ... cgi bin title Java gets four times faster with new Symantec just ... in the Java Virtual Machine itself such as HotSpot becoming the default for Sun s JVM in 2000 . Hardware execution of Java bytecode, such as that offered by ARM s Jazelle , can also offer significant ... the performance of the Java Virtual Machine over time. However, although Java was often the first ... as well. Just In Time compilation See Just in time compilation HotSpot Early Java Virtual Machine s always interpreted Java bytecode bytecodes . This had a huge performance penalty between a factor 10 and 20 for Java versus C in average applications . ref http jit perf ref To combat this, a just in time JIT compiler was introduced into Java 1.1. Due to the high cost of compilation, an additional system called HotSpot was introduced into Java 1.2 and was made the default in Java 1.3. Using this framework, the Java Virtual Machine Virtual Machine continually analyzes the program ...   more details

  1. Java OpenGL

    examplefarm date August 2010 Infobox software name JOGL Java Bindings for OpenGL JSR 231 logo screenshot ... software library API license BSD license website URL http Java OpenGL JOGL is a wrapper library computer science library that allows OpenGL to be used in the Java programming language Java ... jogl.html title Open source Java projects Java Binding for OpenGL JOGL publisher JavaWorld date ... license . It is the reference implementation for Java Bindings for OpenGL JSR 231 . JOGL allows access to most OpenGL features available to C programming language C language programs through the use of Java ... calls, as Java has its own windowing systems Abstract Window Toolkit AWT , Swing Java Swing , and some ... date 2010 07 27 accessdate 2011 02 06 ref , are accessed in JOGL via Java Native Interface JNI ... other Java OpenGL wrapper libraries in that it merely exposes the procedural OpenGL API via methods ... of OpenGL is inconsistent with the typical method of programming under Java, which is bothersome to many programmers. However, the straightforward mapping of the OpenGL C API to Java methods makes conversion ... for Java Bindings for OpenGL JSR 231 Java Bindings for OpenGL ref cite web url http aboutJava communityprocess final jsr231 index.html title JSR 000231 Java Bindings for the OpenGL API publisher Java Community Process quote In order to facilitate maximum community participation for the Java ... make it the Reference Implementation for each formal Java Binding for the OpenGL API release. accessdate ... Since the Java SE 6 version of the Java programming language Java language, Java2D the API for drawing two dimensional graphics in Java and JOGL have become interoperable, allowing it to Overlay Swing Java Swing components lightweight menus, tooltips, and other Widget computing widget s on top ... 3D graphics anywhere where ordinarily a Swing Java Swing Widget computing widget would be used. Inside ... 2.0 to render a polygon. source lang java import java.awt.Component import java.awt.Frame import ...   more details

  1. Central Java

    eb article 9043428 Java man Java man Britannica Online Encyclopedia Bot generated title ... 9043428 Homo erectus Java man Britannica Online Encyclopedia Bot generated title ref Then about formatnum ... Britannica Online Encyclopedia Bot generated title ref Education Central Java is home to such notable ...Infobox province name Central Java native name Jawa Tengah If different from name native name lang id ... caption image seal Central Java COA.svg seal alt nickname motto Prasetya Ulah Sakti Bhakti Praja ... map alt map caption Location of Central Java in Indonesia latd 7 latm 30 lats latNS S longd ... Arab ref name Ethnic Java cite book publisher Institute of Southeast Asian Studies title Indonesia ... footnotes Coordinates 6 S to 7 30 S, and 108 30 E to 112 00 E Central Java lang id Provinsi ... . It is one of six provinces on the island of Java . The province of Central Java is 32,800.69  km sup 2 sup in area approximately a quarter of the total land area of Java. Its population was formatnum ... West Java and East Java , and constituting a bit less than one quarter of the crowded island s population. Central Java is also a cultural concept that includes the Special Area and city of Yogyakarta ... thumb left Mount Merbabu near Salatiga much of Central Java s countryside is dominated by rice fields and volcanic peaks Located in the middle of the island of Java , the Central Java province is bordered by West Java and East Java provinces. A small portion of its south region is the Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Special Region province, fully enclosed by the Central Java province. Yogyakarta is historically and culturally part of the Central Java region, although it is currently a separate political entity. To the north and the south, the Central Java province faces the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean . Central Java also includes offshore islands such as Karimun Jawa Karimun Jawa Islands in the north, and Nusakambangan in the southwest. The average temperature in Central Java is between ...   more details

  1. USS Java

    USS Java may refer to USS Java 1815 , a 44 gun frigate in service from 1815 until 1842 Java , the name assigned to a screw sloop of war begun by the New York Navy Yard in 1863 but never completed hulk was broken up in 1884 shipindex DEFAULTSORT Java, USS Category United States Navy ship names ...   more details

  1. Java Card

    No footnotes date October 2008 java platforms Java Card refers to a technology that allows Java platform Java dd applications applet s to be run securely on smart card s and similar small memory footprint devices. Java Card is the tiniest of Java targeted for embedded devices. Java Card gives the user ... needed date April 2010 The first Java Card was introduced in 1996 by Schlumberger Limited Schlumberger s card division which later merged with Gemplus to form http Gemalto . Java Card products are based on the Java Card Platform specifications developed by Sun Microsystems later a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation . Many Java card products also rely on the GlobalPlatform specifications ... . The main design goals of the Java Card technology are portability and security. ref cite ... of a Zero Knowledge Authentication Framework for Java Card booktitle International ... article international journal information security privacy 58979 ref Portability Java Card aims at defining a standard smart card computing environment allowing the same Java Card applet to run on different smart cards, much like a Java applet runs on different computers. As in Java, this is accomplished using the combination of a virtual machine the Java Card Virtual Machine , and a well ... protocols or cryptographic algorithms ... Security Java Card technology was originally ..., and Java Card applications are executed in an isolated environment the Java Card VM , separate from the underlying operating system and hardware . Applet Firewall. Unlike other Java VMs, a Java ... words back to the interface device. Java Card vs Java Language At the language level, Java Card is a precise subset of Java all language constructs of Java Card exist in Java and behave identically. This goes to the point that as part of a standard build cycle, a Java Card card program is compiled into a Java class file by a Java compiler, without any special option the class file is post processed ...   more details

  1. Java Loach

    Taxobox name Java Loach image P oblonga.jpg regnum Animal ia phylum Chordate Chordata classis Actinopterygii ordo Cypriniformes familia Cobitidae genus Pangio species P. oblonga binomial Pangio oblonga binomial authority Achille Valenciennes Valenciennes in Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1846 synonyms Acanthopthalmus javanicus br Pangio javanicus Java Loach Pangio oblonga is a species of unbanded kuhli loach native to the sandy streams of Southeast Asia . Its common names include the java loach, black kuhli, and chocolate kuhli. It is a tropical freshwater fish common to the aquarium trade. Description and behavior The java loach, like its fellow Pangio species, has a long eel like body with small eyes set high in the skull . Its rayed dorsal fin is set far back on the Dorsum biology dorsal side, halfway between the tail and middle of the fish. The tail ends with a flat edge and may be slightly forked in the middle. Due to the large range of the java loach, coloration varies between populations. Individuals carry a solid color of red brown to chocolate brown to near black on their dorsal side, while the ventral side is pale by contrast. Java loaches grow to 3  inches 8  cm and readily scavenge bits of food from soft substrate. They will accept flake food in aquaria but prefer a meaty diet of Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp , Chironomidae Behavior and description bloodworms , etc. They are a social species best kept in large groups. Sexual dimorphism is not readily apparent, although females carrying eggs will appear fatter. Distribution The Mekong River basin of Laos , Cambodia , Thailand and Vietnam Chao Phraya River Basin and Nan River, Thailand Seroke Stream and Darjiling River, India Dangtong River, Cambodia Sungai Pinoh River, Borneo and Thailand Brang and Tersat Rivers, Malaysia Mandalay and Tenasserim Divisions, Myanmar Burma Habitat P. oblonga , like most loaches, lives ... index pangio oblonga Pangio oblonga Loaches Online. External Links http Black ...   more details

  1. Java compiler

    A Java compiler is a compiler for the Java programming language Java programming language . The most common form of output from a Java compiler is Class file format Java class files containing platform neutral Java bytecode . There exist also compilers emitting optimized Machine code native machine code for a particular hardware operating system combination. Most Java to bytecode compilers, Jikes being ... 2007 . The Java Virtual Machine JVM loads the class files and either interpreter computing interprets ... optimizes it using dynamic compilation . The very first Java compiler developed by Sun Microsystems was written in C using some libraries from C . Citation needed date February 2007 Major Java compilers As of 2010, the following are major Java compiler s citation needed date February 2012 javac , included in Java Development Kit JDK from Sun Microsystems , open sourced since 13 November 2006. GNU Compiler for Java , a part of the GNU Compiler Collection , which compiles C programming language C , Fortran , Pascal programming language Pascal and other programming language s besides Java. It can also generate native code using the back end of GCC. ECJ, the Eclipse Compiler for Java, is an open source incremental compiler used by the Eclipse software Eclipse project. Java decompilers A Java decompiler tries to reverse the process of compiling, that is it tries to decompile Java bytecode files .class back to Java source files .java . DJ Java Decompiler http Uses JAD 10 use trial version JAD JAva Decompiler JAD , written in C , free for non commercial use. JD Java Decompiler ... decompilers for Java. External links http groups compiler Sun s OpenJDK javac page http en jsr detail?id 199 JSR 199 Java Compiler API Java Specification Request for invoking the Java compiler from a Java program http hatcliff 605 XC java comp.pdf.gz A Formal Introduction to the Compilation of Java , Stephan Diehl, Software Practice and Experience ...   more details

  1. Generic Java

    Infobox programming language name Generic Java logo paradigm Object oriented programming object oriented generation 3GL year designer Martin Odersky , Philip Wadler , Gilad Bracha , William Maddox computer scientist William Maddox , and David Stoutamire developer latest release version latest release date typing strong typing strong implementations dialects influenced by Java programming language Java , Pizza programming language Pizza influenced Java programming language Java 5.0 Generic Java Generic Java or GJ is a programming language that is a superset of Java programming language Java which adds support for generic programming . It was designed by Gilad Bracha, Martin Odersky, David Stoutamire, and Philip Wadler to offer developers a smoother transition and better Java compatibility than the Pizza programming language , previously created by Odersky and Wadler. Generic Java was incorporated, with the addition of Java generics Wildcards wildcards , into the official Java language version Java Platform, Standard Edition J2SE 5.0. See also Generic programming Pizza programming language Pizza Scala programming language Scala External links official website http wadler pizza gj Category Java programming language family compu lang stub ...   more details

  1. Java (cigarette)

    other uses Java disambiguation orphan date March 2010 Java lang ru is a brand of Russia n cigarette s. The Java brand was established in 1966 and was the first in the Soviet Union to produce filtered cigarettes. The brand is currently owned by BAT Russia, the Russian division of British American Tobacco . Java comes in four varieties regular Java, Java Novaya Java New , Java Zolotaya Java Gold and Java Export. In 2009, the Java brand entered the Forbes 50 top largest brands of Russia, and has finally taken the 9th place, and the first place among cigarette brands. ref http rating 50 brendov E2 80 94 liderov po oborotu 2009 50 in Russian . Forbes Russia . 2009. Retrieved 2009 12 26. ref References reflist External links http oneweb sites BAT 5G2MJE.nsf vwPagesWebLive DO7AWKDR?opendocument&SID &DTC &TMP 1 BAT Russia ru icon Category 1966 introductions Category Cigarette brands Category Soviet brands product stub ru ...   more details

  1. Java BluePrints

    Java BluePrints is Sun Microsystems best practices for Enterprise Java Platform Java development. This is Sun s official programming model for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Java EE Software Development Kit SDK . It began with Java Pet Store, the original reference application for the Java EE platform. This became the de facto source code for using Enterprise Java Beans and all the latest components of the Java EE platform. History Java BluePrints began as J2EE BluePrints and was started by Connie ... Kassem is the author of the original book. The idea of Java Pet Store came from Connie Weiss and Greg ... Singh became lead architect. Throughout its existence, Java BluePrints has offered all of its content for free and has been focused on promoting developer success. Java Pet Store became the symbol ... service s became a standard part of the Java EE specification. Java BluePrints came out with a second application the Java Adventure Builder reference application. This application never became as popular as Java Pet Store but then again, it never became as controversial. Books There have been three Java BluePrints books, and the Core Java EE design patterns which are hosted on the Java BluePrints site have become the standard lingua for Java EE application development. ref http blueprints patterns Java BluePrints Patterns Bot generated title ref Java BluePrints was the first source to promote Model View Controller MVC and Data Access Object DAO for Java EE application development. Before this, the MVC design pattern was widely promoted as part of Smalltalk . The latest Java BluePrints offering is the Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog. ref https nonav solutions.html ref It covers topics as diverse as Java Server Faces, Web Services, and Asynchronous ... External links http technetwork java index jsp 136701.html Java BluePrints Web site Category Java enterprise platform BluePrints es Java BluePrints ...   more details

  1. Chrysler Java

    The Chrysler Java was a concept car created by Chrysler DaimlerChrysler . The Chrysler Java was first introduced at the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show . Its design was based upon the Chrysler Minivans Chrysler minivans . The Java was powered by a 1.4  L 4 cylinder engine. The Java had a top speed of about convert 105 mph km h 0 abbr on and could accelerate from 0 to convert 60 mph km h 0 abbr on in approximately 12.9 seconds. It used a five speed manual transmission . The Java s design was more likely architectural than automotive. The Java had an egg like shape, and also had tall taillights. The Java was originally painted in black, and was later repainted to a light green silver metallic. External links http news1809 java.htm The Chrysler Java description at The Car Enthusiast http news1809 javaspec.htm The Java s technical specifications Chrysler Category Chrysler concept vehicles Java ...   more details

  1. Java processor

    A Java processor is the implementation of the Java Virtual Machine JVM in hardware. In other words the Java bytecode bytecodes that make up the instruction set of the abstract machine become the instruction set of a concrete machine. Implementations Up to now only a few Java processors are available picoJava was the first attempt by Sun Microsystems to build a Java processor http index.php?option com content&view article&id 2&Itemid 6 aJ102 and http index.php?option com content&view article&id 3&Itemid 7 aJ200 from http aJile Systems, Inc. . Available on boards from http Systronix http Cjip from Imsys Technologies. Available on boards and with wireless radios from http site AVIDdirector.htm AVIDwireless ref Imsys hedges bets on Java microcode Writable control stores rewritable microcode chip has instruction sets for Java, Forth, C C by Tom R. Halfhill http press room press archive press micro p report.pdf ref http komodo komodoEng.html Komodo is a multithreaded Java microcontroller for research on real time scheduling http en FemtoJava is a research project to build an application specific Java processor ARM9E ARM926EJ S is an ARM processor able to run Java bytecode, this technology being named Jazelle Java Optimized Processor ref cite doi 10.1016 j.sysarc.2007.06.001 ref for FPGA s. A PhD thesis is http thesis ... hardware support for object oriented functions http ObjectCore is a multicore Java processor designed by http Vivaja Technologies . http Java Offload Engine JOE is a high performance Java co processor from http Temple Computing Labs LLP . References Reflist Category Java virtual machine de Java Prozessor es Procesador Java ko ...   more details

  1. Java XML

    unreferenced article date April 2008 The Java programming language Java programming language XML Application programming interface APIs from Sun Microsystems consist of the following separate programming APIs Java API for XML Processing , or JAXP . Java API for XML Messaging , or JAXM . Java API for XML based RPC , or JAX RPC . Java API for XML Registries , or JAXR . Java API for XML Web Services , or JAX WS . Java API for RESTful Web Services , or JAX RS . XQJ Java API for XQuery , or XQJ . Java Architecture for XML Binding , or JAXB . &ndash this is its official Sun name, even though it is an API, see http developer technicalArticles WebServices jaxb StAX STreaming XML processing , or StAX compatible with JDK 1.4 and above, included in JDK 1.6 . Only the Java API for XML Processing is a required API in Enterprise Java Beans Specification 1.3. A number of different Open Source software packages implement these APIs Xerces &ndash One of the original and most popular Simple API for XML SAX and Document Object Model DOM parser. Xalan &ndash XSLT XPath implementation, included in JDK 1.4 and above as the default transformer XSLT 1.0 . Saxon XSLT Saxon , alternative highly specification compliant XSLT XPath XQuery processor supports both XSLT 1.0 and 2.0 Woodstox &ndash An open source StAX and SAX as of version 3.2 implementation. External links http xml Java technology for XML Sun s page. http www.csv StelsXML JDBC driver JDBC driver for XML files. http Woodstox Woodstox home page. http how to schema check xml via jaxb How To Schema Check Xml Via JAXB Rob Austin Category Java platform XML hu Java XML ru Java XML ...   more details

  1. Java plum

    Java plum can refer to Syzgium cumini Spondias mombin disamb Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Java-gnome

    lowercase Infobox software name java gnome logo screenshot caption collapsible yes developer status Active latest release version 4.1.1 ref http pub gnome sources java gnome ref latest release date release date 2011 07 11 operating system UNIX like size programming language C programming language C and Java programming language Java genre GUI language binding s for java license GNU General Public License with exception. website http java java gnome is a set of language binding s for the Java programming language for use in the GNOME desktop environment . It is part of the official GNOME language bindings suite and provides a set of Library computing libraries allowing developers to write computer programs for GNOME using the Java programming language and the GTK cross platform widget toolkit . Up until version 2.0, java gnome was written by a project team ...? . ref For the current list of developers see http java 4.0 AUTHORS.html AUTHORS . Accessed 2009 08 31. ref Work on java gnome 2.0 ceased in October 2006. The current version 4.0 .... ref java gnome 4.0 http java 4.0 About . Accessed 2009 08 31. ref This new version is a complete re write of java gnome and was originally written for creating business tools to the company s clients, but eventually grew into a full replacement Java language binding for GNOME. Unlike most other GTK bindings, there is no version available for Microsoft Windows . Java gnome is free ... bzr java gnome mainline COPYING COPYING file at the source repository ref version ... code base. ref http bzr java gnome mainline LICENCE Licensing information for java gnome ref See also Portal Free software GTK References Reflist External links http java The java gnome language bindings project DEFAULTSORT Java Gnome Category GNOME Category GTK Category Java libraries Category Widget toolkits GNOME stub ms Java gnome ...   more details

  1. Embedded Java

    2011 FONT color darkred This section needs to be updated, as Embedded Java covers much more than Java ME and Sun SPOT alone it also covers embedded use of Java on top of Java platforms such as JavaCard and Java SE FONT In discussions of Java Platform, Micro Edition Java ME specifications, such as the Connected ... sets and the MIDP profile definition, attention needs to be given to Embedded Java, which additionally requires very specialized, optimized Java virtual machine JVM s, and the means to update the installed ... Embedded Java and the several Java ME configurations is that the former is envisioned for use only in closed systems. That is, Embedded Java is for use in products that cannot be upgraded in the field. All of the Java code in these embedded systems is contained in flash memory . Thus the only class libraries that need to be present are the very methods and fields actually used by the Java application code all the rest can be prestripped from the statically linked executable. Java SE embedded Java SE embedded is based on desktop Java Platform, Standard Edition . ref cite web url http technetwork java embedded overview javase index.html publisher Oracle Corporation title JAVA SE FOR EMBEDDED accessdate 2011 09 04 ref It is designed to be used on systems with at least 32 .... Java ME embedded Java ME embedded is based on the Connected Device Configuration subset of Java Platform, Micro Edition . ref cite web url http technetwork java embedded overview getstarted index.html publisher Oracle Corporation title JAVA ME FOR EMBEDDED accessdate 2011 09 04 ref ... Java license restrictions for some embedded application areas. ref http technetwork java embedded overview embedded faq 159987.html faq10 ref This has caused legal disputes over the Java ... news 2011 07 21 google rejected java license offer lawyer says in oracle case.html ref See also GNU Compiler for Java Excelsior JET , Embedded Edition Sun SPOT Sun SPOT Project IS2T EDU Program Real ...   more details

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