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install wordpress multisite
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Encyclopedia results for install wordpress multisite

install wordpress multisite

Encyclopedia results for install wordpress multisite

  1. WordPress

    its abilities beyond the features that are part of the base install WordPress has a database of over ...about the blogging software the blog host pp move indef Infobox software name WordPress logo File WordPress logo.svg 250px screenshot File WordPress Dashboard.png 250px caption WordPress Dashboard collapsible yes developer WordPress Foundation status Active released start date 2003 05 27 ... name 3.2.2 cite web url http news 2012 04 wordpress 3 3 2 title WordPress 3.3.2 and WordPress ... GPLv2 or later ref cite web url http about gpl title WordPress About GPL publisher accessdate 15 June 2010 ref website URL WordPress is a free and open source ... including a plug in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 14.7 of Alexa ... url http 2011 08 19 wordpress now powers 22 percent of new active websites in the us title WordPress Now Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In The U.S. last Rao first Leena date 19 August 2011 publisher TechCrunch accessdate 28 September 2011 ref WordPress is currently the most ... web url http news 2003 05 wordpress now available title WordPress Now Available publisher WordPress last Mullenweg first Matt accessdate 2010 07 22 ref as a fork of b2 cafelog. As of December ... download counter title WordPress Download Counter publisher date accessdate 2011 02 10 ref Features File Wordpress Template Hierarchy.png 250px thumb WordPress template hierarchy WordPress has a web template system using a template processor . Themes WordPress users may install and switch between Theme computing themes . Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress ... by using the Wordpress Dashboard administration tool, or by uploading theme folders via FTP. ref ... can also be edited for more advanced customizations. Plugins One very popular feature of WordPress .... Widgets offer WordPress developers to add functionality to their site. These small widgets can be used ...   more details

  1. Zero Install

    primarysources date December 2009 Infobox Software name Zero Install logo screenshot Image Zero Install.png 275px caption Zero Install ready to run a downloaded program developer Thomas Leonard latest release version 1.6 ref http gmane.comp.file install.devel 5174 ref latest release date release date 2012 02 12 latest preview version latest preview date operating system Linux , Unix , OS X , Windows programming language Python programming language Python genre Software package installation Software package license GNU Lesser General Public License website http Zero Install is a means of distributing and Software package installation packaging software for multiple operating systems Linux and Unix Unix like , OS X , and Windows . Many distributions ... using Zero Install need only be run. The first time software is accessed, it is downloaded from ... to be used alongside a distribution s native package manager. The main advantage of Zero Install over more popular packaging systems is that no root password is needed to install software packages ... users to be able to install and run new software. See also Application virtualization Portable application ... References reflist External links http The Zero Install webpage http story.php ... http gallery pkgsrc interviews.html zero install pkgsrc and the concepts of package management 1997 2007 part 2 The Zero Install system http 07 02 15 0724206 Zero Install An executable critique of native package systems review and interview http news 2005 8310.html Neue Zero Install Implementation article on pro http 04 04 03 174249&mode nested&tid 106&tid 185 Zero Install The Future of Linux ... Category Package management systems de Zero Install es Zero Install fr Zero Install it Zero Install pl Zero Install pt Zero Install simple Zero Install ...   more details

  1. Install (Unix)

    lowercase Unreferenced date March 2007 The tt install tt command is a standard Unix program used to copy Computer file files and set file permissions . Category Standard Unix programs Unix stub ...   more details

  1. Windows Post-Install Wizard

    Infobox Software name Windows Post Install Wizard logo Image WPIsig.png WPI sample icon developer Kelsenellenelvian, mritter latest release version 8.2.0 latest release date May 18th, 2011 latest preview version latest preview date operating system Windows 7 , Windows 2000 , Windows XP XP , Windows 2003 2003 , Windows Vista Vista platform genre Utility software license Free for non commercial use website http The Dark Side home.html http Windows Post Install Wizard WPI or WPIW is a software application for choosing and installing multiple Windows programs. It is commonly used just after a Windows installation on a computer, to choose and add the required applications that will be used, such as word processor, browser, CD burning, anti virus, utilities etc. The user must have all the programs available, and runs WPI to enable it to compile the selectable program list. Each program in the list will then have a check box next to it. If the box is checked, then WPI will install that program when it runs. WPI can be added to an operating system disk so that the OS and required applications are all on one disk. WPI can then be configured so that when the Windows OS installation completes, then the WPI will then proceed to automatically install the selected applications in a slipstreamed or unattended way. The makers of WPI pride themselves on the flexibility of the program. WPI is freeware however, the makers of WPI accept donations via Paypal. External links http WPI website Category Windows only software Category Windows only freeware Category Windows software Category Installation software Category Utility software Category Portable software Category Application launchers ...   more details

  1. Install Party des Savoie

    Orphan date December 2011 cleanup date April 2011 Image IPdS2011.svg thumb 200px Poster 2011 Install Party des Savoie Install Party des Savoie is a kind of installfest , a social event that aims to popularize Linux operating system and Free software Libre software . During a day, people from Pays de Savoie , which is both Savoie and Haute Savoie departements , is welcomed to get familiar with a new desktop environment, GNU Linux , renowned for its ability to be reliable and virus free. ref http post 2010 Install party des Savoie ref ref France Bleu Pays de Savoie Radio, program l assaut des Associations , 2011 05 13 ref Thus, local public has many ways to discover the concept of free software ref Le Dauphin Lib r Newspaper, 2011 05 21. ref via an exhibition as an introduction to free software ref France Bleu Pays de Savoie Radio, program Bleu Midi, vu d Ici , 2011 05 16 ref via documentation books, magazines, leaflets, etc. ref http opacwebaloes index.aspx?IdPage 716 Libre Softwares Zoom Actu in Chamb ry Public Librairies Web site ref and for utmost curious people, via GNU Linux a free and open source operating system that can be installed on their PC on that day, provided that they bring their own PC. Traditionally, Install Party des Savoie takes place in May in various cities among Pays de Savoie, as for instance Annecy and Chambery in the 2010 edition. ref Le Dauphin Lib r Newspaper, 2010 05 21. ref Image Alpinux logo.svg thumb 200px 2011 http Alpinux logo Local non profit societies such as AGU3L , Alpinux or Marmottux take an active part in the organisation of this specific installfest. ref TV8 Mont Blanc 2010 05 24, also available on Alpinux website http post 2010 Apr C3 A8s l install party ref ref Linux Pratique Magazine 65, May June 2011. ref 2011 Install Party des Savoie took place on May 21 in Chambery s Jean Jacques Rousseau Media Librairy, where LUGs from Savoie gathered all together. ref CM24 ...   more details

  1. Remote Install Mac OS X

    Infobox Software name Remote Install Mac OS X logo Image Remote Install Mac OS X.png 128px Remote Install Mac OS X icon screenshot Image Remote Install Mac OS X Screenshot.png 300px caption Remote Install Mac OS X collapsible author Apple Inc. developer Apple Inc. released February 12, 2008 latest release version 1.1.1 latest release date August 28, 2009 latest preview version latest preview date frequently updated programming language operating system Mac OS X platform Macintosh Mac language status genre Remote installer license website http Apple Web Site Remote Install Mac OS X is a remote installer for use with MacBook Air laptops over the network. It works by having it run on a Macintosh or a Microsoft Windows Windows based Personal computer PC with an optical drive and then connecting over the network to a client MacBook Air lacking an optical drive to perform system software installs. Remote Install Mac OS X was released as part of Mac OS X v10.5 Mac OS X 10.5.2 on February 12, 2008. Starting with the March 2009 version, the Mac mini also supports Remote Install, allowing the DVD drive to be replaced with a second hard drive. A support page is available on Apple s website describing Remote Install http kb HT2129. With the launch of OS X Lion , Apple has omitted Remote Install. ref cite web url http kb HT2129 title Reinstalling software using Remote Install Mac OS X v10.5 and v10.6 publisher Apple Inc. accessdate 3 August 2011 ref ref cite web url https thread 3206492?start 0&tstart 0 title Where is the Remote Install Mac OS X utility? publisher Apple Support Community accessdate 3 August 2011 ref A workaround is to enable Target Disk Mode . References reflist External links http macbookair MacBook Air http Guide Repair Mac mini A1283 Terabyte Drive 660 1 iFixit guide ... software mac stub Install software stub ...   more details

  1. CUNY Academic Commons

    is built entirely with open source software WordPress with Multisite, BuddyPress and MediaWiki . It uses MYSQL as a database and runs under Linux . BuddyPress , a powerful WordPress plug in which transforms a multi user WordPress site into a social network , serves as the site s hub. As one of its spokes ... to the WordPress and BuddyPress community.  Writing for, http 15 go to places for wordpress and buddypress news tips and tutorials Siobhan Ambrose 2011 notes that the site has released ... profhacker wordpress a better lms 23050 David Parry 2010 finds that Blackboard and the other bloated ... wiki index.php EPortfolios at CUNY e Portfolios at CUNY See also WordPress BuddyPress MediaWiki Sources ... cuny social network mixes scholarship with facebook style friendship 27266 Parry. 2010 . WordPress ... wordpress a better lms 23050 Degl innocenti, J. 2010, December 20 . The 20 Most Outstanding BuddyPress ... 22 . 15 Go To Places for WordPress and BuddyPress News, Tips and Tutorials. WordPress News at Retrieved June 8, 2011, from http 15 go to places for wordpress and buddypress news tips ..., P. 2012 . Learning from Libraries Using WordPress Content Management System Best Practices ... taxonomy term 106 using wordpress as a library content management system References Reflist External ...   more details

  1. Web Translate It

    Infobox software name Web Translate It caption Web Translate It author douard Bri re developer Atelier Convivialit operating system Cross platform genre Computer assisted translation license Software as a service SaaS website https released start date 2009 10 14 ref name launch cite web title Web Translate It Blog Web Translate It has launched url http post 213095511 ref frequently updated yes programming language Ruby programming language Ruby ref cite web title System Update Web Translate It Blog url http post 2446493458 accessdate Dec 21, 2011 ref language English, br French status Active website https Web Translate It is a web application web based translation project management tool developed by Atelier Convivialit and launched in 2009. ref name launch Features Web Translate It encompasses translation project management, user management and project file management. It includes a web based translation interface that allows translators to work on translations online. Supported File Formats Web Translate It supports the following files ref cite web url http file formats title Supported File Formats in Web Translate It s documentation website ref Software Localization Android operating system Android .xml Apple Inc. Apple .strings Apple Macintosh , iPhone and iPad apps BlackBerry .rrc GNU Gettext .po, .pot HTML , XHTML .properties Java .properties Java programming language Java .xml JSON Resource Windows Microsoft Windows .rc .NET Framework Microsoft .net .resx, .resw, .resjson, .aspx Nullsoft Scriptable Install System .nsh PHP .php array, .php define PHP .ini PHP .conf Qt framework Qt .ts Wordpress blogs, using WTIpress ref name wordpress cite web title WTIpress, a wordpress plugin for making Wordpress multilingual url http ref YAML Ruby programming language Ruby , Ruby on Rails , Merb Do ...   more details

  1. Bitnami

    software Subversion SugarCRM Trac WordPress See also List of installation software References Reflist ...   more details

  1. UberSVN

    subscription products for Subversion Multisite, Clustering along with consultancy and training services ...   more details

  1. WANdisco

    customers.php title WANdisco Subversion, SVN, CVS, JIRA, Replication, Subversion MultiSite, Subversion ... Clustering, Atlassian JIRA MultiSite , Distributed Software Development, SCM, Software Configuration ... extensible platform for application lifecycle management ALM that s easy to install, easy to use ...   more details

  1. Open Web Analytics

    Infobox software logo name Open Web Analytics developer latest release version 1.5.2 latest release date release date and age 2012 02 9 df yes operating system Cross platform genre Web analytics license GNU General Public License GPL version 3 language PHP website URL http Open Web Analytics OWA is an open source web analytics software created by Peter Adams. OWA is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database, which makes it compatible to run with an List of AMP packages AMP solution stack on various web server web servers . ref cite web title Open Web Analytics url http accessdate 16 February 2012 ref OWA is comparable to Google Analytics , though OWA is a server software one can install and run, while Google Analytics is a Software as a service software service offered by Google . ref cite web title Comparison url http ?page id 158 work Open Web Analytics accessdate 16 February 2012 ref OWA supports tracking with WordPress and MediaWiki , two popular web site frameworks. ref cite web title About url http ?page id 2 work Open Web Analytics accessdate 16 February 2012 ref See Also AWStats Piwik List of web analytics software References Reflist External Links Portal Free software http Official Website Category Web software Category Web analytics Category Free web analytics software Category Free software programmed in PHP web software stub ...   more details

  1. Microsoft Web Platform Installer

    Compact and several popular open source web applications like DotNetNuke , Umbraco, WordPress and Joomla ... to WebPI and WebPI Command Line Utility http resources 3345 How download install configure IIS.aspx Install and configure web development tools using Web PI 3 http ...   more details

  1. EasyPHP

    Manager for EasyPHP 1.1 Function Reference for EasyPHP 1.1 WordPress 3.2.1 3.1 3.0.4 3.0.3 Drupal ...   more details

  1. Blog software

    refimprove date February 2011 internet hosting right Blog software , also known as weblog software , blogging software , or blogware , is software designed to simplify creating and maintaining blog weblogs . As specialized content management system s, weblog applications support the authoring, editing, and publishing of blog posts and comments, with special functions for image management, web syndication , and post and comment moderation. Software used for top 20 blogs The top blogs as ranked by Technorati use a mixture between third party software such as WordPress and that developed and maintained mostly by internal engineers, such as the system used by Gizmodo . class wikitable border 1 Rank Blog Software 1 The Huffington Post Movable Type 2 Gizmodo Gawker bespoke software http gawker 3 TechCrunch WordPress 4 WordPress 5 Engadget Blogsmith 6 Mashable WordPress 7 The Corner Drupal same CMS as National Review 8 Boing Boing WordPress 9 Hot Air WordPress 10 Gawker Gawker bespoke software http gawker 11 Think Progress WordPress 12 The Daily Dish TypePad 13 The Daily Beast ? 14 Newsbusters Drupal 15 CNN Political Ticker WordPress 16 Ezra Klein at Washington Post ? 17 Andrew Breitbart WordPress 18 Andrew Breitbart Websites Big Government WordPress 19 ReadWriteWeb Movable Type 20 Matthew Yglesias WordPress See also Comparison of content management systems reflist WebManTools Blog topics DEFAULTSORT Blog Software Category Blog hosting services Category Blogs Category Blog software Category Social software Blog web software stub de Weblog Software eu Blogak argitaratzeko sistema fr Moteur de blog ru ...   more details

  1. Premake

    Category Free software programmed in C Category Lua scriptable software Install software stub fr ...   more details

  1. Lyceum (software)

    Blog software Category WordPress Category Free content management systems cms software stub web ...   more details

  1. Blosxom

    title Install Disqus Feedback System Plugin ref , Intense Debate and similar services. Further reading ... Official Blosxom website http etc convert WordPress to Blosxom.html How to convert a WordPress Blog to Blosxom http Original Blosxom website ...   more details

  1. Envy (software)

    Category Linux package management related software Install software stub de Envy Software ...   more details

  1. YMP File

    The YMP file file extension .ymp is a file used in the openSUSE operating system based on the Linux kernel . It is used in a feature called one click install . This allows a user to click a One Click Install button on certain websites to automatically install software, without having to download and install the software separately. The YMP file will open the one click install manager which is managed by YaST . The system will automatically add the Software repository repository containing the application, and then download and install the program. The file contains XML content of where to find the package and other such details. Category SUSE Linux Category Installation software linux stub ...   more details

  1. Monostatic radar

    Monostatic radar is the term given to a radar in which the transmitter and receiver are collocated. ref Name Chernyak cite book title Fundamentals of multisite radar systems multistatic radars and multiradar systems last Chernyak first Victor S. authorlink Victor S. Chernyak coauthors year 1998 publisher CRC Press isbn 9056991655 page pages url http books?id 0bEU2oBzMJEC&pg PA149&dq 22Monostatic radar 22&hl en&ei 3BMdTYOMMYGC8gbHjaXmAQ&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 4&ved 0CDIQ6AEwAw v onepage&q 22Monostatic 20radar 22&f false ref This is the conventional configuration for a radar, but the term is used to distinguish it from a bistatic radar or multistatic radar . References reflist DEFAULTSORT Monostatic Radar Category Radar fi Tutka Monostaattinen tutka ...   more details

  1. Annotum

    convert wordpress into a scholarly publishing platform with annotum ref Simple migration from Knol ref https learn tutorials 526730 weekend project convert wordpress into a scholarly ... ref Development Because it changes core components, Annotum is implemented as a WordPress theme ... wordpress into a scholarly publishing platform with annotum ref ref Winn, J. http 2011 11 24 annotum at last scholarly publishing with wordpress Annotum At last, scholarly publishing with WordPress . University of Lincoln Expedient Means , Lincolnshire, England, 24 November ... Annotum Annotum Source Code http 2011 11 22 google knol wordpress annotum Google Knols Move to WordPress The Annotum Platform References reflist web software stub Category Open access journals Category WordPress Category Free content management systems Category Content management ...   more details

  1. Drupal

    URLs Multi level menu system Multi site support ref name multisite cite web url http ... web drupal title Install Drupal for Windows work accessdate 2011 02 14 ref Embracing ... to manually seek out and install third party contrib modules or adjust configuration settings ... Plone but before WordPress and Joomla . ref cite web url http 2011 03 gov 2 0 guide to plone title Comparison of Severe Security Vulnerabilities for Drupal, Plone, WordPress, and Joomla ... is likely to be slower than a special purpose application for a given task. For example, WordPress ...   more details

  1. Check MK

    Infobox software name Check MK logo screenshot File Multisite screenshot again.png 250px caption Multisite Python programming language Python GUI displaying a overview of monitored systems developer Mathias Kettner GmbH released start date 2008 latest release version 1.1.12p7 ref http git.mathias git ?p check mk.git a tags ref latest release date start date and age 2012 02 23 operating system Linux as monitoring host, and other Unix , Microsoft Windows , VMS as monitored systems. type Network Monitoring license GNU General Public License GNU GPL v2 website URL mathias check mk.html Check MK is an extension to the Nagios monitoring system that allows creating rule based configuration using Python programming language Python and offloading work from the Nagios core to make it scale better, allowing more systems to be monitored from a single Nagios server. It comes with a set of system checks, a mod python js based web UI and a module that allows fast access to the Nagios core. On top of Nagios it also adds additional features. ref cite web url http www.admin News Nagios Erweiterung Check mk in Version 1.1.10 title Nagios Erweiterung Check mk in Version 1.1.10 author Huber, Mathias publisher Admin Magazine date October 3, 2011 de icon ref Version history The first public versions were available in 2008. In April 2009 it was released under the GNU general public license GPL . ref cite web url http 2009 08 17 meet the community installment 3 mathias kettner check mk title Mathias Kettner check mk author publisher date August 17, 2009 ref Since 2009, the releases have been tracked in git software git . ref http git.mathias ... to access Nagios data Thruk , NagstaMon , NagVis and Multisite . Multisite is a GUI component that can ... Nagios servers directly and can build reports from the available data. There also are plugins for Multisite ... a user can use the newer Web interfaces like Multisite or Thruk. Differences from standard Nagios ...   more details

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