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Encyclopedia results for gosha


Encyclopedia results for gosha

  1. Four Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu

    about the four samurai known as Hitokiri the 1969 film Hitokiri film Unreferenced date July 2009 nihongo The Four Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu Bakumatsu Shidai Hitokiri was a term given to four samurai during the Late Tokugawa shogunate Bakumatsu era in history of Japan Japanese history . The four men were Kawakami Gensai , Kirino Toshiaki also known as Nakamura Hanjir , Tanaka Shinbei , and Okada Iz . They opposed the Tokugawa shogunate and later, supported the Meiji Emperor . These four samurai were warrior elite and widely considered undefeatable by normal people. The word hitokiri literally means manslayer. References in fiction Hitokiri film Hitokiri is a 1969 film directed by Hideo Gosha and starring Shintaro Katsu as Okada Izo and Yukio Mishima as Tanaka Shinbei . The manga and anime series Rurouni Kenshin is about a former hitokiri based loosely on Kawakami Gensai. Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider Man 54 features a minor character named Hitokiri. DEFAULTSORT Four Hitokiri Of The Bakumatsu Category Japanese historical terms Category Samurai Japan hist stub samurai stub ar de Hitokiri es Cuatro hitokiri del Bakumatsu fr Quatre Hitokiri du Bakumatsu ka lt Bakumatsu Hitokiri pt Hitokiri ru vi T i Hitokiri th i M c m t zh ...   more details

  1. Anglo Marri wars

    Defence of Kahan by Charles Reynolds Williams The Gazetteer of Baluchistan Sibi , Gosha e Adab publication ... Century Publications London, 1985 The Forward Policy by Richard Isaac Bruce, Gosha e Adab publication ... Ahmed Marri, Gosha e Adab publication, Quetta, 1989 Popular Poetry of the Baluches by M. Longworth ... Race & Baluchistan by Mohammad Sardar Khan Gishkori, Gosha e Adab publication, Quetta, 1979 First 1958 Search Lights on Baluches & Baluchistan by Justice Mir Khuda Bakhsh Marri, Gosha e Adab publication ...   more details

  1. Mama Don't Cry

    Advert date September 2011 Infobox film name Mama Don t Cry image MamaDontCry.jpg image size caption DVD cover director Maksim Pezhemsky producer Sergei Selyanov writer Konstantin Murzenko br Maksim Pezhemsky narrator starring Yuriy Kutsenko actor Yuriy Kutsenko br Yevgeni Sidikhin br Nikolai Chindyajkin music Valeriy Alakhov br Oskar Strok cinematography Andrei Zhegalov editing Marina Lipartiya distributor released Film date 1998 runtime 83 minutes country Film Russia language Russian budget Mama Don t Cry lang ru Mama Ne Goryuj is a 1998 gangster film. The stars of the film include famous Russian actors such as Gosha Kutsenko , Andrey Panin , Yevgeni Sidikhin , Nikolay Chindyajkin , Valeriy Priyomykhov , and Ivan Bortnik . Directed by Maksim Pezhemsky . Synopsis Once upon a time there was a wedding. The Sailor was on the spree. The Tourist has appeared and began to stick to the bride. The Sailor has struck him strongly. Unfortunately, the Tourist turned out to be the Godfather of local Mafia. Now there is a contract on the Sailor, and everyone is looking for him police, witnesses, and gangsters... External links IMDb title 0285695 http ?movietrailer&mid 274 Trailer and http ?moviepictures&mid 274 Screenshots Category 1997 films Category Russian films Category Russian language films Category Russian crime films Category Films directed by Maksim Pezhemsky Russia film stub ru , ...   more details

  1. Welcome to the Freakshow

    distinguish Welcome to the Freak Show Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Welcome To The Freakshow Type Album Artist Red Elvises Cover Cover09FreakshowLG.jpg Released March 13, 2001 Recorded Genre Rock music Rock Length Label Shoobah Doobah Records Producer Red Elvises Last album Bedroom Boogie br 2001 This album Welcome To The Freakshow br 2001 Next album Rokenrol br 2002 Welcome To The Freakshow is a 2001 album by the Red Elvises . Track listing Space Cowboy Welcome to the Freakshow A Kegga Beer and Potato Chips Sex in Paradise Million Miles Cha Cha Cha Running Away Groovie Show Is Over All songs written by Igor Gosha Yuzov Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1Score Rating 3 5 ref Allmusic class album id r520462 pure url yes ref Credits Igor Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion. br Andrei Baranov drums br Mamoxa trumpet br Jey Works sax br Galiana Shlimovich violin br Rouslan Valonen keyboards br Back up vocals Vladimir Goncharov, Nanduh Yuzov de Medeiros br Rouslan Valonen & Oleg Bernov recorded the tracks then Rouslan mixed br Recorded at Shoobah Doobah Records in Venice, California, in December 2000 br Photography by Theo Fridlizius br Package design by Christy A. Moeller Masel Reflist Red Elvises Category Red Elvises albums Category 2001 albums 2000s rock album stub ru Welcome to the Freakshow ...   more details

  1. 977 (film)

    Infobox film name 977 image 977.2006Poster.jpg image size caption Russian film poster director Nikolay Khomeriki producer Arsen Gottlieb br Vladimir Luzanov writer Nikolay Khomeriki br Yuni Davydov br Aleksandr Rodionov starring Fyodor Lavrov music cinematography Alisher Khamidkhodjaev editing Igor Kireyev distributor released film date 2006 05 27 df yes runtime 86 minutes country Film Russia language Russian budget 977 lang ru is a 2006 cinema of Russia Russian drama film directed by Nikolay Khomeriki . It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival . ref name festival cite web url http www.festival en archives ficheFilm id 4359774 year 2006.html title Festival de Cannes 977 accessdate 2009 12 14 work festival ref Cast Fyodor Lavrov Ivan Klavdiya Korshunova Rita Yekaterina Golubeva Tamara Pavel Lyubimtsev Sergei Sergeyevich Alisa Khazanova Sonya Andrei Kazakov Gosha Olga Demidova Sergei Tsepov Valera Igor Ovchinnikov Sergei Petrov actor Sergei Petrov Stanislav Mikhin Anna Ardova Tatyana Mitienko Lyubov Irina Barskaya Twin Ira Darya Barskaya Twin Masha Leos Carax Technic References reflist External links Official website http imdb title id 0808139 title 977 Category 2006 films Category Russian films Category Russian language films Category 2000s drama films Category Films directed by Nikolay Khomeriki Russia film stub ru 977 ...   more details

  1. Shintetsu Sanda Line

    The Nihongo Sanda Line K be Dentetsu Sanda sen is a commuter railway line in Hy go Prefecture , Japan operated by Kobe Electric Railway . It connects Kobe with its northern suburb, Sanda, Hyogo Sanda . The line is convert 12.0 km long, stretching from Arimaguchi Station Arimaguchi in Kita ku, Kobe Kita ku to Sanda Station Sanda , where the line connects with the JR West JR Takarazuka Line Fukuchiyama Line , although most trains continue past Arimaguchi to Shinkaichi Station Shinkaichi via the Shintetsu Arima Line Arima Line and Kobe Rapid Railway Namboku Line Kobe Namboku Line . Stations border 1 cellspacing 0 cellpadding 2 class wikitable colspan 2 Station align right width 40px Distance km align center width 80px Local br align center width 80px Semi Express br align center width 80px Express br align center width 80px Special Rapid Express br Connections Location colspan 9 align center All trains continue via the Shintetsu Arima Line Arima Line to Shinkaichi Station Shinkaichi Arimaguchi Station Arimaguchi align right 0.0 align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px Shintetsu Arima Line Arima Line through train service rowspan 7 Kita ku, Kobe Kita ku , Kobe Gosha Station Gosha align right 1.4 align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px   Okaba Station Okaba align right 3.3 align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S   Taoji Station Taoji align right 4.9 align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S   Nir Station Nir align right 6.4 align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S   D j minamiguchi Station D j minamiguchi align right 7.3 align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align center width 80px S align ...   more details

  1. George Shkinin

    NAMES Gosha Shkinin, Goga Shkiniki, Georgi Shkinin, Giorgi Shkinin SHORT DESCRIPTION Georgian rugby ...   more details

  1. Asif Nagar

    , Secunderabad , Secreteriate , Gosha Mahal , Afzal Gunj , Lakdi Ka Pul , Himyat Nagar , Narayanguda ... Ghat Dhool Pet Gosha Mahal Gudi Malkapur Humayun Nagar Jhirra Jiya Guda Karwan Mallepally Manghalat ...   more details

  1. Baibakov Art Projects

    , Gosha Rubchinskiy and Carsten Holler on Konstatin Grcic tables, set up on a Missoni carpet. Following ...   more details

  1. Samurai cinema

    , and their violence is a flawed reaction to this. ref name Silver2 Hideo Gosha , and many of his films helped create the archetype of the samurai outlaw . Gosha s films are as important as Kurosawa .... Gosha s films often portrayed the struggle between traditional and modernist thought and were decidedly ... is seen Gosha s first film, the Three Outlaw Samurai , based on a television series. Three farmers ... 03 Three Outlaw Samurai Hideo Gosha 1964 Sword of the Beast Hideo Gosha 1965 Samurai Assassin or Samurai ... Hideo Gosha 1969 Hitokiri Tenchu Hideo Gosha 1969 Watch Out Crimson Bat Hirokazu Ichimura 1969 Mission ... Wakayama Ken Watanabe Directors Kinji Fukasaku Hideo Gosha Daisuke Ito Kon Ichikawa Hiroshi Inagaki ...   more details

  1. List of Japanese film directors

    This article is a list of Japanese people Japanese film director s. A Abe Yutaka Hideaki Anno Anno Hideaki Tar Araki Araki Tar D Masanobu Deme Deme Masanobu F Kinji Fukasaku Fukasaku Kinji Jun Fukuda Fukuda Jun Furuhata Yasuo Furumaya Tomoyuki G Hideo Gosha Gosha Hideo Heinosuke Gosho Gosho Heinosuke H Sachi Hamano Hamano Sachi Hani Susumu Susumu Hani Harada Masato Masato Harada Hasebe Yasuharu Yasuharu Hasebe Ry suke Hashiguchi Shinji Higuchi Higuchi Shinji Hirayama Hideyuki Hideyuki Hirayama Ishir Honda Honda Ishir I Kon Ichikawa Ichikawa Kon Takahiko Iimura Iimura Takahiko Yutaka Ikejima Ikejima Yutaka Sh hei Imamura Imamura Sh hei Shinji Imaoka Imaoka Shinji Haruo Inoue Inoue Haruo Katsuhito Ishii Ishii Katsuhito S go Ishii Ishii Sogo Teruo Ishii Ishii Teruo Juzo Itami Itami J z Daisuke It film director It Daisuke Shunya It It Shunya Shunji Iwai Iwai Shunji K Shusuke Kaneko Mithaq Kazimi Norimasa Kaeriyama Kaeriyama Norimasa Kasugi Nozumi Yoshikazu Kat Kat Yoshikazu Kawase Naomi Teinosuke Kinugasa Kinugasa Teinosuke Kitamura Ryuhei Kitano Takeshi Masaki Kobayashi Kobayashi Masaki Satoru Kobayashi director Kobayashi Satoru Koizumi Takashi Kon Satoshi Masaru Konuma Konuma Masaru Koreeda Hirokazu Seijir K yama K yama Seijir Kumashiro Tatsumi Minoru Kunizawa Kunizawa Minoru Kazuo Kuroki Kuroki Kazuo Akira Kurosawa Kurosawa Akira Kiyoshi Kurosawa Kurosawa Kiyoshi M Yasuzo Masumura Masumura Yasuzo Mitsuru Meike Meike Mitsuru Mitsuhiro Mihara Mihara Mitsuhiro Takashi Miike Miike Takashi Koki Mitani Mitani Koki Hayao Miyazaki Miyazaki Hayao Kenji Mizoguchi Mizoguchi Kenji Kan Mukai Mukai Kan Ry Murakami Murakami Ry Minoru Murata Murata Minoru N Nagasawa Masahiko Sadao Nakajima Nakajima Sadao Nakano Hiroyuki Hideo Nakata Nakata Hideo Mikio Naruse Naruse Mikio Nishihara Giichi Katsumi Nishikawa Nishikawa Katsumi Nishikawa Miwa Emiko Nozomi Nomura Yoshitaro O K y Ohara Ohara K y Okamoto Kihachi Mamoru Oshii Oshii Mamoru Nagisa Oshima shima Nagisa Otomo Ka ...   more details

  1. Aleksey Batalov

    was due to Gosha s mechanical genius . After that, he effectively retired from acting and devoted ...   more details

  1. Khanqah

    See also Unsourced image removed Image Rumi tomb mqi.jpg 250px thumb right Rumi Style Minaret at Gosha e Durood a modern style khanqah to be completed by 2009 Sufism Dervishes Gosha e Durood Islamic ...   more details

  1. Izo

    Infobox Film name IZO image Izoposter.jpg caption director Takashi Miike writer Shigenori Takechi starring Kazuya Nakayama br Takeshi Kitano br Bob Sapp producer Taiz Fukumaki br Fujio Matsushima distributor released 2004 runtime 128 min. language Japanese budget preceded by followed by IZO is a 2004 Japan Japanese film, directed by Takashi Miike . The main character of the film is Izo Okada 1832 1865 , the historical samurai and assassin in 19th century Japan who was tortured and executed by beheading in Tosa Domain Tosa . Izo appeared previously in Hideo Gosha s Hitokiri 1969 , then played by Shintaro Katsu . However, Miike s portrayal of the character or rather his spirit transcends reality and time and space and is more of a surrealist expos of Izo s exceedingly bloody yet philosophical encounters in an afterlife heavy on symbolism, occasionally interrupted by stock footage of World War II accompanied by acid folk singer Kazuki Tomokawa on guitar. Kazuya Nakayama plays Izo, and the countless characters he encounters on his journey include for instance Takeshi Kitano and Bob Sapp . Cast and roles Kazuya Nakayama Okada Izo Kaori Momoi Ryuhei Matsuda Ry suke Miki Yuya Uchida Masumi Okada Hiroki Matsukata Hiroshi Katsuno Masato kickboxer Masato Bob Sapp Takeshi Kitano Daijiro Harada Renji Ishibashi Mickey Curtis Awards Izo was awarded the best Special Effects prize at the Catalonian International Film Festival . ref name Izo cite web work title Izo url http horror izo.html accessdate 2008 09 16 ref External links imdb title id 0377079 title Izo cite web url http 2004 eb003080.htm title accessdate 2007 07 21 language Japanese publisher Japanese Movie Database Reviews http miikerecensioni izoenglish.htm dinaMiike review and interpretation http horror izo.html Cultflicks review http www.d reviews review.php?id 218 d kaz http reviews izo.shtml Midnigh ...   more details

  1. Okada Iz?

    Refimprove date August 2009 Japanese name Okada nihongo Okada Iz February 14, 1832 &ndash June 3, 1865 was a Japanese samurai of the late Edo period , feared as one of the four most notable Four Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu assassins of the Bakumatsu period . He was born in Tosa to the g shi Okada Gihei , who had been a peasant but had bought the g shi rank. Iz and Tanaka Shinbei were active in Kyoto as assassins under the leadership of Takechi Hanpeita . Iz in Fiction Several films feature him as protagonist, most notably Hideo Gosha s Hitokiri 1969 portrayed by Shintaro Katsu and Takashi Miike s Izo 2004 . Most recently, the NHK Taiga drama Ry maden 2009 features Izo several times as one of Sakamoto Ry ma s friends and Takechi Hanpeita s assassins. He was portrayed by Japanese idol Takeru Sato . In manga and anime , Nobuhiro Watsuki based the character Kurogasa List of villains in Rurouni Kenshin Ud.C5.8D Jin e Ud Jin e of his manga series Rurouni Kenshin on Iz the author admits that the character bears little resemblance to Iz . ref Watsuki, Nobuhiro. The Secret Life of Characters 7 Ud Jin e, Rurouni Kenshin Volume 2. VIZ Media . 168. ref Hideaki Sorachi also based List of characters in Gintama Nizo Okada Nizo Okada , a character in his work Gintama , on Iz . It is also possible that a character from One Piece , Iz , commander of the 16th division of the Whitebeard Pirates, is based on Okada Iz . This however remains uncorfirmed by the series creator, Eiichiro Oda. Masami Kurumada , author of the popular Saint Seiya manga series, recently added a character to his work, called Capricorn Iz , who is inspired by Okada. Okada supposedly appeared as well in Kengo , a video game based on 9 legendary swordsmen. References No footnotes date August 2009 references External links http tosa izou izou.htm Short bio in Japanese Note He can t be an ashigaru because the last ashigaru lost their status over 200 years before he was born. In Edo Japan, onl ...   more details

  1. Asano-gumi

    File Asano gumi.png thumb upright Mon emblem Daimon of Asano gumi The nihongo Asano gumi is a yakuza group based in Okayama Prefecture Okayama , Japan . ref http english kokusai 20.pdf Police of Japan 2011, Criminal Investigation 2. Fight Against Organized Crime , December 2009, National Police Agency Japan National Police Agency ref The Asano gumi is a Yakuza Designated boryokudan designated yakuza group with an estimated 130 active members. ref name PWP2010 http hakusyo h22 honbun pdf 22p02000.pdf 2010 Police White Paper Chapter 2 Furtherance of Organized Crime Countermeasures , 2010, National Police Agency Japan National Police Agency Ja icon ref History The Asano gumi was formed in 1945 as a bakuto organization named the nihongo Oyama ikka yama ikka by Kunio Oyama. The group restarted as the Asano gumi with the head of Shin ichi Asano in April 1952 following Oyama s retirement. Yoshiaki Kushida succeeded as president in September 1983. ref name npa h05 http hakusyo h05 h050101.html 1993 Police White Paper Chapter 1 The Actual Condition of the Boryokudan , 1993, National Police Agency Japan National Police Agency Ja icon ref Condition The Asano gumi has been based in Kasaoka, Okayama ref name PWP2010 ever since its formation. ref name npa h05 The Asano gumi caused conflicts with the Yamaguchi gumi and the Kyodo kai in the late 20th century. In one notable case, Asano member s shot and murdered two Yamaguchi members in Kurashiki in 1987, as a retaliation for an earlier attack by Yamaguchi member s involving Carving knife carving knives against two Asano members. ref name npa h05 Since 1996, the Asano gumi has been a member of an anti Yamaguchi gumi Yamaguchi federation named the Gosha kai, along with three other Chugoku based organizations, the Kyosei kai , the Kyodo kai , the Goda ikka , and the Shikoku based Shinwa kai . ref http www.web gov boutsui mini36.htm The Fourth Kyosei kai , 20 February 2008, ...   more details

  1. Kyosei-kai

    File .png thumb upright Mon emblem Daimon of Kyosei kai The nihongo Kyosei kai Ky sei kai is a yakuza group based in Hiroshima , Japan , ref http english kokusai 20.pdf Police of Japan 2011, Criminal Investigation 2. Fight Against Organized Crime , December 2009, National Police Agency Japan National Police Agency ref with an estimated 280 active members and 470 semi active members. ref name sanin http www.web gov boutsui mini36.htm The Fourth Kyosei kai , 20 February 2008, Matsue Joho Center Ja icon ref The Kyosei kai is the largest yakuza organization in the Chugoku region. ref name sanin History The Kyosei kai was formed in May 1964 from seven yakuza clans united by bakuto Tatsuo Yamamura. ref http hakusyo h05 h050101.html 1993 Police White Paper Chapter 1 The Actual Condition of the Boryokudan , 1993, National Police Agency Japan National Police Agency Ja icon ref Condition The Kyosei kai is known for its history of fierce conflicts with various other yakuza groups, and therefore, the Kyosei kai is thought to be most responsible for creating Hiroshima s town of violence image. ref name yomiuri http e japan hiroshima kikaku 003 4.htm Chitizens standing up against boryokudan conflicts , Yomiuri Shimbun Ja icon ref Notably the Kyosei kai has been in conflict with the Yamaguchi gumi , the largest yakuza syndicate, since early 1960s. ref name sanin The Kyosei kai was a leading member of two anti Yamaguchi federations, the Kansai Hatsuka kai formed in 1970 and the Nishinippon Hatsuka kai formed in 1989 , and has formed a new anti Yamaguchi federation named the Gosha kai since 1996 with three other Chugoku based organizations, the Kyodo kai , the Asano gumi , the Goda ikka , and the Shikoku based Shinwa kai . ref name sanin In popular culture The Battles Without Honor and Humanity yakuza film series is based on the 20th century actural yakuza conflicts done by Hiroshima yakuza syndicates, particularly the Ky ...   more details

  1. Shinwa-kai

    1996, the Shinwa kai has been a member of an anti Yamaguchi gumi Yamaguchi federation named the Gosha ...   more details

  1. Hideo

    Infobox given name name Hideo image image size caption pronunciation gender meaning Apologizing man region language Japanese origin Japan alternative spelling nickname variant forms related names name day derived popularity footnotes wikt wiktionary Hideo Hideo is a Japanese given name . Its meaning is excellent man . People Hideo Den 1923 2009 , Japanese politician Hideo Fujimoto 1918 1997 , Japanese baseball player Hideo Fukui born 1977 , Japanese athlete Hideo Fukuyama born 1955 , former NASCAR driver Hideo Gosha 1929 1992 , Japanese film director Hideo Hagiwara 1913 2007 , Japanese artist Hideo Hashimoto born 1979 , Japanese soccer player Hideo Higashikokubaru born 1957 , Japanese comedian, best known for his role in Takeshi s Castle and the current governor of Miyazaki Prefecture Hideo Hiraoka born 1954 , Japanese politician Hideo Ishikawa born 1969 , Japanese voice actor Hideo Itokawa 1912 1999 , Japanese aerospace engineer Hideo Iwakuro 1897 1970 , World War II Imperial Japanese Army general Hideo Jinpu born 1961 , Japanese politician Hideo Kanaya born 1945 , former Grand Prix motorcyclist Hideo Kanze 1927 2007 , Japanese actor Hideo Kobayashi 1902 1983 , Japanese author Hideo Kojima born 1963 , Video game director, most notably of the Metal Gear series Hideo Levy born 1950 , American author Hideo Mizumori , singer Hideo Murai 1958 1995 , Japanese scientist Hideo Murata 1929 2002 , Japanese singer Hideo Murota 1937 2002 , Japanese actor Hideo Nagata 1885 1949 , Japanese poet Hideo Nakata born 1961 , Japanese film director, most notably of the Ringu series Hideo Nomo born 1968 , baseball player Hideo Ogata 1934 2007 , Japanese anime film producer Hideo Oguma 1901 1940 , Japanese author Hideo Ohba 1910 1986 , Japanese martial artist Hideo shima born 1980 , Japanese football player Hideo Otake born 1942 , Japanese Go player Hideo Sakaki born 1970 , Japanese actor Hideo Sakamaki , president of Nomura Securities between 1991 1997 Hideo Sasaki 1919 2000 , landscap ...   more details

  1. Five-Company Agreement

    Multiple issues disputed March 2008 POV March 2008 The nihongo Five Company Agreement Gosha Ky tei was an agreement signed 1953 September 10 between five major Japanese entertainment companies Shochiku , Toho , Kadokawa Pictures Daiei , Shin Toho , and Toei Company Toei . Although nominally it prohibited hiring away a cosignatory company s actors and directors, in reality intention of the agreement was to prevent actors being hired away by Nikkatsu , which had recently begun making films. It was Execution disambiguation executed mainly under the leadership of Masaichi Nagata , then president of Daiei. After the Second World War , Nikkatsu which had been primarily active in the hotel business and such began taking steps to return to movie production under president Hori Kyuusaku, constructing Tamagawa Film Studio in reality, Nikkatsu Film Studio and trying to hire directors and actors away from the five companies. To oppose this, those companies bound under Nagata s leadership agreed to the following Hiring away actors and directors from each other would be forbidden. The occasional lending of actors and directors was also done away with. In September 1958, Nikkatsu who had resumed film production in 1954 also participating, it became the Six Company Agreement in 1961, it once again became the Five Company Agreement with the dissolution of Shin Toho due to bankruptcy . On November 1 of that same year, the five companies ceased to offer films for television, and restricted television performances of films with company exclusive actors. Because of this, the five companies, as well as the TV stations, began to promote many actors in the new medium. Deprived of shows with which to fill their schedule, television channels began to broadcast American films instead of Japanese films. As a distribution system had not yet been established, and there being little foreign money in public circulation at the time, the brokers known as transporters came onto the scene. The president ...   more details

  1. Sazanda

    Image Azeri 7.jpg right thumb 225px Trio of sazandas A sazanda or sazandar Azerbaijani language Azeri saz nd lang fa alternative spellings in English sazende , sazande , sazandeh is one of the three musicians in the traditional ensemble of instrumentalists performing mugham an Culture of Azerbaijan Azeri folk music genre along with a singer khananda . The word means builder in Persian. The trio consists of a tar lute tarist , a kamancheh kamanchist and a daf player. History and development Historically the word sazanda also applied to any musician from Anatolia , the Caucasus or Iran , who played a folk instrument. ref ru icon http fulltext 1 001 008 098 849.htm The Great Soviet Encyclop dia Sazandari ref The tradition of a musical trio of sazandas playing the aforementioned instruments did not originate until the beginning of the 20th century. According to Jabbar Garyagdioglu , the mugham ensembles of the early 19th century consisted of three musicians playing the tar, the kamancheh and the balaban instrument balaban . In the late 19th century, the latter was replaced by naqareh gosha naghara . ref name axtar ru icon http ru index.php?option com content&task blogcategory&id 187&Itemid 177 Khananda . ref Nowadays the traditional variety of tambourine called daf is used and is often played by the singers themselves. Similar to the ensembles, the instruments have gone through changes in structure as well. Kamancheh has gone from having 2 String instrument string s to having 3, 4 or even 5. Prominent Azerbaijani people Azeri sazanda Sadigjan developed a new version of tar nowadays known as the Azeri tar or the Caucasus tar by adding one more string to this once 6 string instrument and improving it with a number of new features. ref http middle east.htm Atlas of Plucked Instruments Middle East ref After Sadigjan, the tar has been played nestled to the chest rather than held vertically ...   more details

  1. Japanese films of 1969

    Expand list type Film date August 2008 Japan film list A list of films released in Japan in 1969 see 1969 in film . 1969 class wikitable Title Director Cast Genre Notes Year header 1969 in film 1969 Aido Slave of Love Susumu Hani Entered into the 19th Berlin International Film Festival All Monsters Attack Ishir Honda Tomonori Yazaki br Eisei Amamoto Kaiju Blue Film Woman Hiroshi Mukai Mitsugu Fujii Pink film Pink Boy 1969 film Boy Nagisa Oshima Drama film Drama Double Suicide Masahiro Shinoda Drama film Drama Eros Plus Massacre Yoshishige Yoshida Mariko Okada , br Toshiyuki Hosokawa , br Y ko Kusunoki , br Kazuko Ineno Drama film Drama , br Japanese New Wave New Wave Funeral Parade of Roses Toshio Matsumoto Drama film Drama Gamera vs. Guiron Noriaki Yuasa Nobuhiro Kajima Science fiction film Sci fi Go, Go Second Time Virgin Koji Wakamatsu Pink film Pink Goyokin Hideo Gosha Tatsuya Nakadai Samurai Horrors of Malformed Men Teruo Ishii Teruo Yoshida Ero guro It s Tough Being a Man Yoji Yamada Kiyoshi Atsumi Comedy film Comedy 1st in the Otoko wa Tsurai yo series Latitude Zero film Latitude Zero Ishir Honda Joseph Cotten br Cesar Romero br Akira Takarada Science fiction film Sci fi Puss in Boots 1969 film Puss n Boots Kimio Yabuki Tora San s Cherished Mother Yoji Yamada Kiyoshi Atsumi Comedy film Comedy 2nd in the Otoko wa Tsurai yo series Ultraman, Ultraseven Great Violent Monster Fight Kaiju Hide empty lines and sections until needed class wikitable width 100 width 21 Title width 16 Director width 22 Cast width 13 Genre width 28 Notes External links http List?year 1969&&countries Japan&&tv on&&heading 8 1969 Japan&&related 8 1969 1969 Japan Japan&&nav Sections Years 1969 include bycountry Japanese films of 1969 at the Internet Movie Database 1969 films Cinema of Japan Films by country DEFAULTSORT Japanese Films Of 1969 Category Lists of Japanese films by year Category 1969 in film Category Lists of 1969 films by country or language Category 1969 in Japa ...   more details

  1. Varnajalam

    singer Karthik Pinju Mazhai Charal Karthik singer Karthik Oh Baby Nuproon Gosha, Reshmi Sottu Sottai ...   more details

  1. Garikapati Narasimha Rao

    Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao Maha Sahasraavadhani is a Telugu people Telugu Avadhani literary performer ref cite news title Rich entertainer url http thehindu fr 2005 11 11 stories 2005111101800200.htm work The Hindu date 11 November 2005 accessdate 19 April 2010 ref ref cite news title Wordsmiths hold court url http thehindu fr 2005 12 23 stories 2005122301890300.htm work The Hindu date 23 December 2005 accessdate 19 April 2010 ref in Andhra Pradesh , India . Career He has conducted more than 150 avadhanam s, including Dvigunita Avadhanam at Dallas for the American Telugu Association in 2002. Garikipati is known for his Dh ra control of the mind and the breath , which is a key requirement for performing Avadhanams. Literary Works Sagara Gosha Padya Kavyam Mana Bharatham padya kavyam Bashpa guccham padya kavitha sanputi pallavi songs Mahasahasravadhanam Dwi shathavadhanam Dharadharana Kavithakandika shathavadhanam Moukika sahityam parishodhana Pillala bommala telugu nigantuvu Ma Amma padyalu Avadhana shathakam Awards Dr. Garikipati has been awarded titles such as Satavadhhana Geeshpati , Avadhana Sarada , and Dharanaa Brahma Raakshasa . He was awarded a Gold Medal by the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. T. Rama Rao , for standing first in Masters of Philosophy, and received Pratibhaa Puraskaaram , both from Telugu University . Kopparapu Puraskaram Noted scholar Mahasahasravadhani Garikapati Narasimha Rao was presented the ninth Kopparapu Kavula Pratibha Puraskaram in the presence of Courtalam Peethadhipati Sri Siddheswarananda Bharati Mahaswami and Sadguru K. Sivananda Murthy. The award is presented every year by Kopparapu Kavula Kalapeetham in memory of brothers Kopparapu Venkata Subbaraya Kavi and Venkata Ramana Kavi. Former Chairman of A P Press Academy Potturi Venkateswara Rao who presided said Kopparapu kavulu and Tirupati Venkata kavulu brought fame to avadhanam, a unique Telugu literary feat in 20 t h century ...   more details

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