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Encyclopedia results for fremont ca

fremont ca

Encyclopedia results for fremont ca

  1. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA MSA

    more footnotes date January 2012 File San Jose San Francisco Oakland CSA.svg thumb right 240px The component Metropolitan Statistical Area s and their geographical location within the Table of United States Combined Statistical Areas San Jose San Francisco Oakland, CSA , San Francisco Oakland Fremont, CA MSA in red San Francisco Oakland Fremont, CA MSA is a Metropolitan Statistical Area within the San Francisco Bay Area , which includes a number of its core cities and counties. It is defined by the US Census Bureau to include core areas economically influenced by San Francisco rather than outlying cities such as San Jose, California San Jose which has its own Metropolitan Statistical Area MSA . The definition ref http population metro files lists 2009 List1.txt ref states that it consists of 5 counties, grouped into two divisions. Those 5 counties are San Francisco , Alameda County Alameda , Marin County Marin , Contra Costa County Contra Costa , and San Mateo County . It is a subset of the 9 county San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the 11 county Combined Statistical Area , the San Francisco Bay Area Combined Statistical Area . Geography This region had a population of 4,335,391 during the 2010 census, a land area of 2,470.5 square miles, giving an average population density of 1,754.8 people per square mile. The Inland Empire California Inland Empire s recent growth has given it a similar population, and the San Francisco Oakland Fremont, CA MSA is forecast to rank third in the state by the next census, from its long held 2nd position. Much of the region includes uninhabited mountains. Economy The GDP of the region was 325.9 billion in 2010, slightly up from 2007 of 321.4 billion, showing the effects of the Financial Crisis , but nearly triple the Inland Empire. The GDP per capita was 75,171 in 2010, still among the highest in the United States, though considerably lower than adjacent San Jose Sunnyvale Santa Clara, CA MSA . Transportation BART Bay ...   more details

  1. Fremont

    Fremont may refer to Places valign top Fremont, California Largest city with the name Fremont, Yolo County, California Fremont Landing, California Fremont County, Colorado Fremont County, Idaho Fremont Township, Lake County, Illinois Fremont, Indiana Fremont, Iowa Fremont County, Iowa Fremont, Michigan Fremont Township, Isabella County, Michigan Fremont Township, Saginaw County, Michigan Fremont Township, Sanilac County, Michigan Fremont Township, Tuscola County, Michigan Fremont, Missouri Fremont Hills, Missouri Fremont, Nebraska Fremont, New Hampshire Fremont, Steuben County, New York Fremont, Sullivan County, New York Fremont, North Carolina Fremont, Ohio Fremont, Utah Fremont, Seattle, Washington Fremont, Wisconsin Fremont, Clark County, Wisconsin Fremont, Waupaca County, Wisconsin Fremont County, Wyoming People Ludovico Fremont 1982 , Italian actor Other uses The Fremont Bridge Portland , in Portland, Oregon The Fremont Bridge Seattle , in Seattle, Washington Fremont River Utah , a tributary of the Colorado River Mount Fremont , Washington, convert 7155 ft m in maximum elevation Fremont High School disambiguation Fremont Hotel and Casino , a hotel casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada Fremont Pass disambiguation , several mountain passes in the United States Fremont, codename for a Microsoft project in classified advertising Fremont culture , an archaeological Native American culture Fremont Unified School District , Fremont, California See also Fr mont disambiguation disambig ca Fremont de Fremont es Fremont eo Fremont fr Fremont it Fremont mr nl Fremont pl Fremont pt Fremont fi Fremont sv Fremont vo Fremont zh ...   more details

  1. CA

    information WP MOSDAB Wiktionary CA Ca ca a TOCright The term CA commonly means California , a U.S. state Canada , a nation on the North American continent Chartered Accountant Compressed Air , such as CA ..., by category. The term ca commonly means more below circa , as meaning approximately ca. .ca , Internet country code for Canada The term Ca commonly means Calcium , as a symbol for the chemical element Ca The term cA commonly means Centiampere , an SI unit of electric current cA Please do not add entries unless subject is commonly referred to as CA , or it is likely that someone searching for the article would use CA as a search argument. It is not enough that the initials are CA . People Caesar ... China , IATA airline designator CA CA Technologies , formerly known as Computer Associates C&A stores ... , capital of the island of Sardinia, Italy CA California United States postal abbreviations Canada ISO 3166 1 alpha 2 , FIPS Pub 10 4 and obsolete NATO digram CA .ca is the country code top level ... Ca Lift coefficient math c mathrm a , , math math c mathrm l , math or math c mathrm z math Cancer ... Artery Technology CA submarine A World war two Italian midget submarine design Armored cruiser , U.S. Navy hull classification symbol, pre 1930 CA Cellulose acetate , a type of plastic. Centiampere , an SI unit of electric current cA Certificate authority or Certification Authority CA Chromatic aberration , a distortion in optical lenses Compressed Air , such as CA Piping or CA System etc. Computer Animation CA Conditional access , Conditional Access Broadcast Conservation Agriculture Controlled ... battery Cultural algorithm CA Cyanoacrylate , superglue Heavy cruiser , U.S. Navy hull classification symbol CA Other The law of Comparative Advantage Catalan language , ISO 639 alpha 2 language code ca Central Administration Certified archivist, a type of Archivist United States archivist in the United States Chartered accountant CA Chief of Army Australia Christian anarchism , or an adherent ...   more details

  1. .ca

    Infobox Top level domain name .ca background CCF image Image Dotca.png 240px CIRA Canadian Internet Registration ... flag Canada actualuse Fairly popular in Canada, where .ca is advantageous when selling to a Canadian ... http CIRA .ca is the Internet country code top level domain ccTLD for Canada . The domain ... of .ca domains must meet the Canadian Presence Requirements ref Cite web url http assets ... were discontinued on October 12, 2010, ref name faq20101012 Cite web url http ca faq 10 12 title .CA FAQ October 12, 2010 publisher Canadian Internet Registration Authority date 12 October ... Authority IANA , to John Demco of the University of British Columbia UBC in 1988. The first .ca ... procedures and substantially improve turnaround times, decided to undertake reform of the .ca Registry ... for operating the .ca Internet country code Top Level Domain ccTLD today. It assumed operation of the .ca ccTLD on December 1, 2000 from UBC. On April 15, 2008, CIRA registered its one millionth .ca Internet domain name. ref Cite web url http canada hits one million dot ca ca internet addresses title Canada Hits One Million Dot Ca .ca Internet Addresses location Ottawa publisher Canadian Internet Registration Authority date 15 April 2008 accessdate 2010 10 20 ref Any .ca ... within one province. Federally incorporated companies could have a .ca domain, while provincially ... in two or more provinces was typically registered directly under .ca this complex structure and the long delays in getting .ca registration caused many Canadian entities to favour the .com , .org ... can register a domain with a name of their choosing followed directly by .ca . CIRA stopped accepting ... domain like all other .ca domain names. CIRA does not register domain names under directly ... country code .ca, are reserved and therefore not available for new registrations. Certain expletives ... s http are able to retain them. There are a handful of existing .ca registered ...   more details

  1. Fremont Peak

    Fremont Peak can refer to one of several peaks. In the United States , there are seven peaks with the same name Mountain index row Name Fremont Peak Dab Arizona State AZ County Coconino Coord coord 35 19 23 N 111 39 40 W region US Elevation ft 11929 Topo Humphreys Peak First 1 Mountain index row Name Fremont Peak Dab California State CA County Monterey Coord coord 36 45 26 N 121 30 19 W region US Elevation ft 3097 Topo San Juan Bautista Mountain index row Name Fremont Peak Dab Mariposa County, California State CA County Mariposa Coord coord 37 33 34 N 120 04 35 W region US Elevation ft 4170 Topo Bear Valley Mountain index row Name Fremont Peak Dab San Bernardino County, California State CA County San Bernardino Coord coord 35 11 41 N 117 27 19 W region US Elevation ft 4452 Topo Fremont Peak Mountain index row Name Fremont Peak Dab Colorado State CO County Fremont Coord coord 38 26 55 N 105 16 59 W region US Elevation ft 7146 Topo Royal Gorge Mountain index row Name Fremont Peak Dab Maine State ME County Hancock Coord coord 44 40 29 N 068 01 31 W region US Elevation ft 151 Topo Tunk Mountain Mountain index row Name Fremont Peak Dab Wyoming State WY County Fremont Coord coord 43 07 29 N 109 37 05 W region US Elevation ft 13602 Topo Fremont Peak South Last 1 Mountainindex ...   more details

  1. Fremont College

    year 2007&submit GO Assistance to FREMONT PRIVATE INVESTMENTS in CA FY 2007 , OMB Watch. Retrieved January ...For the college in Fremont, Nebraska, see Midland University Infobox university logo name Fremont College motto An Innovator of Professional Education established 1986 type for profit school career education key people Sabrina Kay city Cerritos, California Cerritos state California CA country United States U.S. website http Fremont College is a for profit, degree granting college based in Cerritos, California . It offers professional academic degree degree programs in the fields of business , legal studies , and Wellness alternative medicine wellness . The College s intensive baccalaureate degree programs span approximately 2.5 years and its associate programs in 15 months. It is owned by Fremont Private Investments . Accreditation Fremont College is accredited ... http DirectorySearchResults.aspx?SearchRequest fremont 20college&Locations &Programs &Credentials &Categorys title Fremont College s Accreditation ref ref http DirectorySearch.aspx .... Retrieved January 30, 2010. ref Academic philosophy Fremont College s teaching philosophy is based ... course at a time in order to focus on the subject matter before moving on to the next topic. Fremont s curriculum is regularly reviewed by its advisory board. ref name Fremont College s Advisory Board Member. cite news url http ceo overview title Fremont College s Advisory Board Member ref include Programs Fremont College offers the following programs Bachelor of Arts in Business ... & Rehabilitation Therapy Diploma in Massage Therapy Funding A total of 63 students at Fremont College ... school profiles fremont college The Southern California branch campus was established in 1986. http school profiles fremont college External links http Fremont College http B Schools in India References reflist coord missing ...   more details

  1. Fremont County

    Fremont County may refer to Fremont County, Colorado Fremont County, Idaho Fremont County, Iowa Fremont County, Wyoming Fremont County, Kansas Territory Templates geodis uscounty Interwiki de Fremont County es Condado de Fremont fr Comt de Fremont it Contea di Fremont nl Fremont County ja no Fremont County nds Fremont County pl Hrabstwo Fremont pt Condado de Fremont ro Comitatul Fremont ru sv Fremont County uk zh ...   more details

  1. Fremont Township

    Fremont Township may refer to the following places in the United States TOCright Illinois Fremont Township, Lake County, Illinois Indiana Fremont Township, Steuben County, Indiana Iowa Fremont Township, Benton County, Iowa Fremont Township, Bremer County, Iowa Fremont Township, Buchanan County, Iowa Fremont Township, Butler County, Iowa Fremont Township, Cedar County, Iowa Fremont Township, Clarke County, Iowa Fremont Township, Fayette County, Iowa Fremont Township, Hamilton County, Iowa Fremont Township, Johnson County, Iowa Fremont Township, Page County, Iowa Fremont Township, Winneshiek County, Iowa Kansas Fremont Township, Lyon County, Kansas Michigan Fremont Township, Isabella County, Michigan Fremont Township, Saginaw County, Michigan Fremont Township, Sanilac County, Michigan Fremont Township, Tuscola County, Michigan Minnesota Fremont Township, Winona County, Minnesota South Dakota Fremont Township, Cavalier County, South Dakota See also lookfrom Fremont Township Geodis Category Township name disambiguation pages de Fremont Township ...   more details

  1. Fremont, Indiana

    in Indiana ca Fremont Indiana es Fremont Indiana ht Fremont, Indiana nl Fremont Indiana pt Fremont ...Infobox settlement official name Fremont, Indiana settlement type Town nickname mapsize 250x200px image ... areas Fremont Highlighted.svg map caption Location in the state of Indiana image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 ... List of townships in Indiana Township subdivision name3 Fremont Township, Steuben County, Indiana Fremont government type leader title leader name established date area magnitude 1 E6 population as of 2010 ... http Fremont is a town in Fremont Township, Steuben County, Indiana Fremont ... hospital in Steuben County was opened in Fremont by Dr. Wade. Citation needed date January 2012 Geography Fremont is located at Coord 41 43 52 N 84 55 57 W , four miles east of the interchange ... traveling due east from Fremont crosses into Michigan not into Ohio. This is due to the early 19th ... of any race were 1.95 of the population. Image Fremont, Indiana 1876.PNG thumb 300px left Fremont, Indiana ... age 65 or over. clear Image Erastus Farnham House, Fremont IN.jpg riht 300px thumb The Erastus Farnham House, just south of Fremont, on State Road 827 Indiana State Road 827 . Built c. 1849, it is reported ... of interest The following are National Register of Historic Places sites in or near Fremont The Enos ... c. 1848. Pokagon State Park , 4 miles west of Fremont, is known for recreational activities such as swimming ... is also on the Register. Fremont and the surrounding area enjoys several facilities and activities throughout the year Fremont hosts their annual Music Fest each July, which features a parade, live music .... Vistula Park is home to Fremont s little league baseball and softball diamonds. It also ... setting. The Fremont Public Library, with over 51,000 titles, opened in 2003 and is one of the premier libraries in the region. Schools Fremont Community Schools oversees three schools in its district Fremont High School, Fremont Middle School and Fremont Elementary School. Enrollment in each ...   more details

  1. Fremont Bridge

    Fremont Bridge can refer to Fremont Bridge Portland Fremont Bridge Seattle geodis Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Fremont, Iowa

    Infobox settlement official name Fremont, Iowa settlement type City nickname motto Images image skyline Fremont iowa.jpg imagesize image caption image flag image seal Maps image map Mahaska County Iowa Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Fremont Highlighted.svg mapsize 250px map caption Location of Fremont, Iowa image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 Location subdivision type List of countries Country subdivision name USA subdivision type1 Political divisions of the United States State subdivision name1 flag Iowa subdivision type2 List of counties in Iowa County subdivision name2 Mahaska County, Iowa Mahaska government footnotes government type leader title leader name leader title1 leader name1 established title established date Area unit pref Imperial area footnotes area magnitude area total km2 2.7 area land km2 2.7 area water km2 0.0 area total sq mi 1.0 area land sq mi 1.0 area water sq mi 0.0 Population population as of United States Census, 2000 2000 population footnotes population total 704 population density km2 263.6 population density sq mi 682.7 General information timezone North American Central Time Zone Central CST utc offset 6 timezone DST CDT utc offset DST 5 elevation footnotes elevation m 255 elevation ft 837 coordinates display inline,title coordinates type region ... System GNIS feature ID blank1 info 0456761 website footnotes Fremont is a city in Mahaska County, Iowa Mahaska County , Iowa , United States . The population was 704 at the 2000 census. Geography Fremont ... Health Care industry References reflist External links http Fremont Community School ... district state IA district name Fremont Comm Fremont School District Information http Fremont Village Vine Mahaska County, Iowa Category Cities in Iowa Category Populated places in Mahaska County, Iowa ca Fremont Iowa es Fremont Iowa io Fremont, Iowa kk ht Fremont, Iowa nl Fremont Iowa pl Fremont Iowa pt Fremont Iowa simple Fremont, Iowa vo Fremont Iowa ...   more details

  1. Fremont Troll

    Infobox artwork image file FremontTroll.jpg image size 220px title Fremont Troll alt The Troll artist Steve Badanes br Will Martin br Donna Walter br Ross Whitehead year start date 1990 type Sculpture height imperial 18 width imperial length imperial diameter metric diameter imperial dimensions metric unit m imperial unit ft city Seattle museum coordinates coord 47.650955 122.34728 display title region US type landmark name Fremont Troll owner Seattle City of Seattle The Fremont Troll also known as The Troll , or the Troll Under the Bridge is a piece of public art in the Fremont, Seattle, Washington Fremont neighbourhood neighborhood of Seattle, Washington in the United States . Description The Troll ... sponsored by the Fremont Arts Council in 1990, in part with the goal of rehabilitating the area .... ref name fremont com See also Waiting for the Interurban References Reflist refs ref name roadside america cite web url http story 2236 title The Fremont Troll, Seattle, Washington ... deadurl no ref ref name fremont com cite web url http fremonttroll.html title Fremont Troll work publisher Fremont Chamber of Commerce accessdate 2011 02 18 archiveurl http ...?id z8wiAAAAIBAJ&sjid BvIDAAAAIBAJ&pg 6781,4067639&dq fremont troll&hl en newspaper The Spokesman ... ref name seattle times cite news title Street may be rechristened for Fremont Troll first Susan last ..., the Fremont Troll on wheels A different kind of soapbox derby first Amy last Rolph url http ... Terry Horne location Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana , California issn 0886 4934 oclc 12199155 date ... 2011 04 12 deadurl no ref External links http Fremont Arts Council http troll Artists Republic of Fremont http fremonttroll.html Fremont Chamber of Commerce The Fremont Troll http siris ipac20 ipac.jsp?&profile all&source ... Monuments and memorials in Washington state Category Concrete sculptures ru sv Fremont ...   more details

  1. Fremont, Ohio

    Fremont, Ohio Category Populated places in Sandusky County, Ohio ca Fremont Ohio de Fremont ...Infobox settlement official name Fremont, Ohio settlement type City nickname Cutlery Capitol of the World ... default.htm title Fremont Native Charles Stilwell Inventor of the Self Opening Sack accessdate 2010 09 05 ref motto Images image skyline Fremont Ohio.JPG imagesize 250px image caption Downtown Fremont ... 250px map caption Location of Fremont, Ohio image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 Location subdivision ... info 1040674 GR 3 website http footnotes Fremont is a city in and the county ... remains one of the focal points of Fremont, OH. The National Arbor Day Foundation designated Fremont as a Tree City USA . Citation needed date August 2010 Geography Fremont is located at Coord 41 20 ... of Fremont, Ohio according to the 2010 Census is 16,734. This does not include surrounding Ballville and Sandusky Townships. More than 80 of Fremont s population identifies as white, while just ... by ethnicity is recorded only by Latino or non Latino. About 16 of Fremont s population identifies ... County Courthouse in Fremont. Mayor Jim Ellis Democrat City Safety Service Director Marc Glotzbecker ... Huntley N A ref http City 20Council default.asp Fremont City Council ref Economy ... made in Fremont, Ohio by the Douglas Quikut Division of Scott Fetzer. Originally called Eversharp ... . Historic Downtown Fremont Downtown Fremont is located next to the Sandusky River on Front Street ... other attractions fully listed below. Downtown Fremont, although it has been through many economic ups and downs has been the center point of Fremont, OH for many years. In the past few years ... focus point of Fremont. Downtown businesses and organizations http Downtown Fremont Association http Birchard Public Library http ... Health Services Croghan Colonial Bank DaVinci s Gallery and Coffee House Fremont Athletic Supply Fremont ...   more details

  1. Fremont, Wisconsin

    other uses Infobox settlement name Fremont official name settlement type Village nickname motto Images image skyline imagesize image caption image flag image seal Maps pushpin map Wisconsin pushpin label ... feature ID blank1 info website footnotes File FremontWisconsin1.jpg thumb right Fremont, east of the Wolf River File FremontWisconsin2.jpg thumb right Looking north at Fremont from U.S. Route 10 File FremontWisconsinSign.jpg thumb Right Welcome sign Fremont is a village in Waupaca County, Wisconsin Waupaca County , Wisconsin , United States , within the town of Fremont, Waupaca County, Wisconsin Fremont . The population was 666 at the United States Census, 2000 2000 census . Fremont is often ... The Undamming of America, Counterpoint, 2002 p 86, I pass a sign for Fremont ... the White Bass ... may ... fish white bass at night from a lit boathouse near Fremont, the White Bass Capital of the World. and ref Geography Fremont is located at coord 44 15 43 N 88 52 12 W region US type city 44.261991 ... The Fremont Elementary School serves grades PK 5, on convert 4.1 acre m2 immediately east of the current U.S. Post Office, is part of the Weyauwega, Wisconsin Weyauwega Fremont School District with an enrollment of 963. ref http Weyauwega Fremont School District ref History The Town of Fremont was first settled in the spring of 1849 by D. Gordon. The first paper published was the Fremont Pioneer in 1857. The first church Presbyterian was built in 1873. The Village of Fremont ... late September early October . Lake Sturgeon from Lake Winnebago travel upriver to the Fremont area in spring to spawn. Fremont is the white bass capital of the world. References references External links ... Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce Waupaca County, Wisconsin Category Villages in Wisconsin Category Populated places in Waupaca County, Wisconsin ca Fremont Wisconsin es Fremont Wisconsin ht Fremont, Wisconsin nl Fremont Wisconsin pt Fremont Wisconsin vo Fremont Wisconsin ...   more details

  1. Fremont, Nebraska

    in 1871 ca Fremont Nebraska de Fremont Nebraska es Fremont Nebraska fr Fremont Nebraska it Fremont ...Infobox settlement official name Fremont, Nebraska settlement type City motto image skyline Fremont, Nebraska ... Fremont s historic downtown is listed in the National Register of Historic Places . image flag image seal image map Dodge County Nebraska Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Fremont Highlighted.svg ... System GNIS feature ID blank1 info 0829408 GR 3 footnotes Fremont is a city in and the county ... of the Elkhorn River near Fremont. It was a major overland route for emigrant settlers going to the West, the military and hunters. Fremont was founded in 1856, and was named after the American explorer ... history of Fremont can be found in http usa ne county dodge fremonthist.htm this article ... or very near Fremont. Original brick portions of the Lincoln Highway Old Lincoln Highway located east of Fremont, on the way to Omaha, Nebraska Omaha . On January 10, 1976, in downtown Fremont, the Pathfinder .... Image Fremont c1908 LOC 6a07459u.jpg thumb left 600px Photo from 1908 Fremont gained national ... line of storms entered the Fremont area and dropped an EF1 tornado east of downtown causing a damage ... cite web last Smith first Brian title June 20, 2011 Fremont Tornado url http news ... accessdate June 22, 2011 ref Recreation Fremont has 21 city owned parks, with a combined area of over convert 400 acre km2 . Located in the northwest corner of Fremont near the Washington Heights neighborhood is the Fremont Golf Club FGC . The FGC was completed in 1930 and features convert 6390 yd ... and climate Fremont is located in the northeastern portion of Nebraska, at Coord 41 26 23 N 96 29 24 W GR 1 , along the Platte River , Fremont is approximately convert 35 mi km northwest of the largest ... area of 9.0 p  square miles 20.5   km . Fremont is quite flat, lying in the river plain between ... sea level. Fremont has its own hospital, the Fremont Area Medical Center. As the county seat, it is the location ...   more details

  1. Fremont, California

    Main Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area Climate Weather box location Fremont, CA single line yes ... wxclimatology monthly USCA0403 title Monthly Averages for Fremont, CA publisher year 2010 ...For the unincorporated community in Yolo County, California Fremont, Yolo County, California Infobox settlement official name City of Fremont settlement type City image skyline Mission Peak 2006.jpg imagesize 250px image caption A view of Mission Peak from Fremont Central Park image map Alameda County California Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Fremont Highlighted.svg mapsize 250x200px map caption Location of Fremont within Alameda County, California . image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 coordinates region US CA subdivision type List of countries Country subdivision name USA subdivision type1 ... Names Information System GNIS feature ID blank1 info 0277521 footnotes Fremont IPAc en icon ... Bay Area East Bay region primarily, Fremont is now the fourth most populous city in the San Francisco ... Valley , and is thus sometimes associated with it. The area consisting of Fremont, Newark, California Newark an enclave of Fremont , and Union City, California Union City was formerly known as Alameda County Former townships Washington Township , and is now known as the Tri City Area. Fremont ... url http index.aspx?NID 152 title Sister Cities last City of Fremont work About Fremont ... ref reported that Fremont had a population of 214,089. The population density was 2,443.7 people per square mile 943.5 km . The racial makeup of Fremont was 70,320 32.8 White U.S. Census White , 7,103 ... title Fremont city , California work State & County QuickFacts publisher U.S. Census Bureau ... housing units. 2000 Fremont is the home to the largest concentration of Afghanistan Afghans ... Kite Runner . In addition, Fremont has a notable concentration of South Asians , predominantly employed in Silicon Valley s technology sector. Among the Asian community of Fremont, the largest ethnic ...   more details

  1. Fremont Pass

    Fremont Pass is the name of several mountain pass es in the United States . Fremont Pass Colorado , near Climax, Colorado Fremont Pass Nevada , in the Lake Range , 8 mi. NE of Pyramid Lake Nevada Pyramid Lake Fremont Pass Utah Newhall Pass , separating the San Gabriel Mountains from the Santa Susana Mountains , once mistakenly known as Fremont Pass geodis ...   more details

  1. Fremont Cut

    Image Fremont bridge.jpg right 250px thumb The Fremont Bridge Seattle Fremont Bridge at the opening of the Lake Washington Ship Canal , July 4, 1917 Image Fremont Bridge 4.jpg thumb The Fremont Cut and the Fremont Bridge, looking west from the George Washington Memorial Bridge , 2004 The Fremont Cut is a part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal which passes through the United States U.S. city of Seattle , Washington U.S. state Washington , linking Lake Washington to Puget Sound that connects Lake Union to the east with Salmon Bay to the west. It is convert 5800 ft m long and convert 270 ft m wide. The center channel is convert 100 ft m wide and convert 30 ft m deep. It is spanned by the Fremont Bridge Seattle Fremont Bridge , a bascule drawbridge which connects the neighborhoods of Fremont, Seattle, Washington Fremont and Queen Anne, Seattle Queen Anne via Fremont Avenue North. A campus of Adobe Systems is located at the north eastern quadrant of this intersection of bridge and canal , and an office of Google is located on the north western quadrant. KingWA geo stub coord 47.65088 N 122.35697 W source placeopedia display title Category Buildings and structures in Seattle, Washington Category Transportation in Seattle, Washington ...   more details

  1. Fremont, Seattle

    Image Seattle Map Fremont.png right thumb Fremont Fremont is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington . Originally a separate city, it was annexed to Seattle in 1891. Named after Fremont, Nebraska , the hometown of two of its founders, L. H. Griffith and E. Blewett, ref Helen Divjak, Seattle s Fremont , Arcadia ... the Fremont Cut of the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the north of Queen Anne, Seattle, Washington ... s main thoroughfares are Fremont and Aurora Avenues N. north and southbound and N. 46th ... of Queen Anne Hill, and the Fremont Bridge Seattle Fremont Bridge carries Fremont Avenue over the canal to the hill s base. A major shopping district is centered on Fremont Avenue N. just north of the bridge. Sometimes referred to as The People s Republic of Fremont ref http neighborhood.php?id 6 Fremont Real Estate , Accessed online 2009 08 01. ref or The Artists Republic of Fremont, ref Dylan Lee Lehrke http 2003 9 18 interactive fremont Interactive Fremont , University of Washington Daily, September 18, 2003. Accessed ... of the Statue of Lenin , Fremont Chamber of Commerce. Accessed online 2009 08 01. ref and at one time a center of the counterculture , Fremont has become somewhat gentrification gentrified in recent ... Funky Fremont grapples with growth, gentrification , Puget Sound Business Journal , December 10, 1999 ... in the area at the time. After the 1989 fall of the Communist government, he brought the statue to Fremont with money raised through a mortgage on his house. ref name Lenin In addition to Lenin is the Fremont ... http story 2236 The Fremont Troll, Seattle, Washington , ... output.cfm&file id 7785 Seattle City Council names street for Fremont Troll on August 1, 2005 , HistoryLink, May 30, 2006. Accessed online 2009 08 01. ref In addition, signs throughout Fremont give ... 2009 Other landmarks include the Fremont Rocket, a Fairchild C 119 Flying Boxcar Fairchild C 119 ...   more details

  1. Fremont Street

    Image Fremont Street 1952.JPG thumb right Fremont Street 1952 Fremont Street is a street in Las Vegas ... casino corridor, Fremont Street is or was the address for many famous casinos such as Binion s Horseshoe , Eldorado Club , Fremont Hotel and Casino , Golden Gate Hotel and Casino , Golden Nugget ... . Prior to the construction of the Fremont Street Experience , the western end of Fremont Street ... the street the nickname of Glitter Gulch . History Image Fremont Street 09.JPG thumb right Fremont Street s illuminated Space Frame Fremont Street dates back to 1905, when History of Las Vegas Las Vegas itself was founded. Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas in 1925 ref cite web url http fremont street.htm title Fremont Street History accessdate 9 December ... url http attractions fremont street experience.html title Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas author date work publisher accessdate 2010 04 24 ref Fremont ... one for Fremont Street. It s interesting to note that Nevada reluctantly was the last western state ... Gulch was closed to vehicle traffic in September, 1994 to begin construction on the Fremont Street Experience . Film and media history Image Fremont Street Binions Golden Nugget.jpg thumb left ... Elvis Presley film Viva Las Vegas featured nighttime footage of Fremont Street during the opening ... an alley exiting onto Fremont Street. The 1987 music video for the song I Still Haven t Found What I m Looking For by U2 was filmed on Fremont Street and featured the band members wandering around ... featured Fremont Street in its opening credits, and nearly all the action took place there, as opposed to the Strip. 1998 s Very Bad Things featured Fremont Street in the movie. 1992 s Honey, I Blew Up the Kid prominently featured Fremont Street in the movie. 1992 s Cool World showed all the animation coming out of the Plaza hotel and going down Fremont Street. In 1994, Glitter Gulch was featured ...   more details

  1. The Argus (Fremont)

    Infobox Newspaper name The Argus Fremont image type format foundation owners MediaNews Group price headquarters Fremont, California editor publisher circulation website http argus The Argus The Argus was a newspaper in the town of Fremont, California . Floyd L. Sparks was the longtime owner of The Argus , along with the Daily Review and the Tri Valley Herald . ref http nl search we Archives?p product SJ&s site mercurynews&p multi SJ&p theme realcities&p action search&p maxdocs 200&p topdoc 1&p text direct 0 0EB72442B17F3EF0&p field direct 0 document id&p perpage 10&p sort YMD date D&s trackval GooglePM San Jose Mercury News CA June 21, 1985 2B Local SPARKS STOCKHOLDERS OK SALE OF NEWSPAPER GROUP ref ref http details regionspressanat00riverich A region s press anatomy of newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area 1971 ref It was last owned by Bay Area News Group East Bay BANG EB , a subsidiary of MediaNews Group , who purchased the papers from Sparks in 1985 ref http Article.asp?id 3293 The State of The American Newspaper The Battle Of the Bay, American Journalism Review , January February 1999 ref . The newspaper was scheduled to be closed down, with the last issue of the paper published on November 1, 2011. The The Oakland Tribune, Alameda Times Star, Hayward Daily Review, Fremont Argus and West County Times all published their last editions the same day. On November 2, subscribers will get copies of the new East Bay Tribune , a localized edition of the Mercury News . ref cite web url http news ci 18744287 title Bay Area News Group makes changes to East Bay papers publisher Oakland Tribune author George Avalos accessdate 24 August, 2011 ref References references External links http argus Official site MediaNews Group DEFAULTSORT Argus Category Media in Alameda County, California Category MediaNews Group publications Category Newspapers published in the San Francisco ...   more details

  1. Fremont Group

    Fremont Group is a private investment group based in San Francisco, California , USA. It was formerly known as Bechtel Investments, reflecting its ownership by the Bechtel family. The firm consists of three business areas http FPR Partners a private investment partnership http Fremont Realty Capital a real estate investment firm http Fremont Ventures a venture capital investment firm Other Organizations In 2007, Calera Capital , a San Francisco based private equity firm that spun out of the Fremont Group its first institutional investor , changed its name from Fremont Partners as part of a rebranding effort in advance of raising its fourth private equity fund . ref http pdf 20070222.pdf pdf 20070222.pdf Reprint from, February 2007 ref The Fremont Group also makes a note of distinguishing itself from http Fremont General Corp , a financial services company and http Fremont Investment & Loan , a retail bank . See also Calera Capital External links http Fremont Group official website References Reflist Category Bechtel Category Companies based in San Francisco, California Category Investment management companies of the United States Category Private equity firms of the United States finance company stub ...   more details

  1. Fremont Bank

    Orphan date February 2009 Infobox Company company name Fremont Bank company logo Deleted image removed Image Progressive Insurance.png company type Private company slogan It s about you. And it s about time. foundation 1964 location Fremont, California key people Bradford L. Anderson , CEO num employees 304 industry Banking revenue 17,600,000 homepage http Fremont Bank is a commercial bank that serves the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Founded in 1964, it is one of the oldest, largest and independently owned banks that surrounds the Bay area. As of May, 2010 Fremont Bank owns and operates 20 locations as far North as Brentwood and as far South as Carmel. History Fremont Bank was founded by a World War II veteran, Morris Hyman who came to the Bay Area with his family in 1945. While attending Stanford University , he and a colleague became the founders of Fremont Bank and in the three decades that followed, Fremont Bank became one of the most successful independent banks in the Bay Area. In 2008, Fremont Bank was honored as a top corporate Philantropist by the San Francisco Business Times . External links http http companies fremont bank Category Banks based in California Bank stub ...   more details

  1. Fremont Valley

    For the former town, see Fremont Valley, California . The Fremont Valley is a valley located in the western Mojave Desert of California . It stretches from the town of Mojave, California Mojave approximately 70  km northeast to the foothill s of the Lava Mountains and Summit Range . The valley is home to Koehn Lake Koehn Dry Lake and the Desert Tortoise Natural Area , as well as the communities of California City and Cantil, California . The Rand Mountains are at the eastern edge of the Fremont Valley coord 35.1083014 N 118.0470166 W ref gnis 242496 Fremont Valley ref See also Category Valleys of the Mojave Desert Category Valleys of the Mojave Desert References reflist California Road and Recreation Atlas, 2005, pp.  94 & 95 Category Valleys of the Mojave Desert Category Landforms of Kern County, California Category Valleys of California KernCountyCA geo stub ...   more details

  1. Fremont culture

    of the cliff File Crnp moki closeup 041031.jpg thumb none A Fremont Granary called Moki Huts locally File Petroglyph jqjacobs.jpg thumb none Fremont petroglyph, Dinosaur National Monument File PillingFigurines01.jpg thumb none Pilling Figurines , unfired clay Fremont figurines, on display in the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum . div The Fremont culture or Fremont people is a pre Columbian archaeological culture which received its name from the Fremont River Utah Fremont River in the U.S. state of Utah where the first Fremont sites were discovered. The Fremont River itself is named ... with, but distinctly different from the Anasazi culture . Location Fremont Indian State Park in the Clear Creek Utah Clear Creek Canyon area in south central Utah contains the biggest Fremont ... has long been known for its large collection of Fremont rock art . Other sites are found in Dinosaur ... consensus as to the Fremont comprising a single, cohesive group with a common language, ancestry ..., it is well known by researchers that those referred to as the Fremont lived a lifestyle that revolved .... Most of the Fremont lived in small single and extended family units comprising villages ranging from ... at any one time. Still, exceptions to this rule exist partly why the Fremont have earned a reputation ... mentioned Fremont Indian State Park, and others, all appearing to be anomalous in that they were ..., 60 or more at any given moment, or both. Fremont people generally wore moccasins like their Great ... complex is unambiguously identified with the Fremont culture, and because of its astonishingly pristine ... culture. Recent studies have shown that Fremont people are among the ancestors of several modern tribes ... largely a matter of speculation. Some of the Fremont People could have relocated to south central Idaho ... Numic speaking bands of hunter gatherers moving into the region from the southwest. ref name Fremont ... Hall isbn 013615686X pages 269 271 ref The Fremont traditions and culture were halted beginning ...   more details

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