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Modern history 16th and 17th centuries
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Encyclopedia results for Modern history 16th and 17th centuries

Modern history 16th and 17th centuries

Encyclopedia results for Modern history 16th and 17th centuries

  1. History of Modern

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name History of Modern Type studio Artist Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Cover OMD History of Modern album cover.jpg Released 20 September 2010 ref name ... Hits Messages OMD Greatest Hits br 2008 This album History of Modern br 2010 Next album Misc Singles Name History of Modern Type studio Single 1 If You Want It Single 1 date Start date 2010 09 06 df yes Single 2 Sister Marie Says Single 2 date Start date 2010 11 19 df yes Single 3 History of Modern Part I Single 3 date Start date 2011 02 28 df yes History of Modern is the eleventh studio album ... JANUARY 2010 History Of Modern update accessdate Start date 2010 1 12 df yes ref and designed by Four23 ... confirmed the album would have two songs named History of Modern on it and plans to change the name ... on 6 September 2010. On March 2nd, 2011 an EP, History of Modern Part I History of Modern part I was released containing remixes and B Sides from History of Modern . ref http product info.php?manufacturers id 14&products id 110 10 Release of History of Modern part ... play EP which was later shelved. Humphreys also co wrote Green and History Of Modern Part II . Sampling ... on 19 November 2010. The third single, History of Modern Part I has been remixed in radio and extended ... Rating 4 5 ref name Q cite journal last Aizlewood first John title Review History of Modern ... Rating 3 5 ref name Mojo cite journal last Wilkinson first Roy title Review History of Modern journal ... Manoeuvres in the Dark History of Modern publisher BBC first John last Doran date Start date 2010 ... web url Allmusic class album id r1951698 review pure url yes title History of Modern Review publisher ... by Andy Kellman awards the album with 2.5 stars. He ends the review with At its best, History of Modern ... one ref http story history of modern official announcement OMD Tracklisting Announcement ... Babies New Toys length1 3 52 title2 If You Want It writer2 OMD Carmen length2 4 45 title3 History of Modern ...   more details

  1. List of philosophers born in the 15th and 16th centuries

    Philosopher s born in the 15th and 16th centuries and others important in the history of philosophy , listed alphabetically Note This list has a minimal criteria for inclusion and the relevance to philosophy of some individuals on the list is disputed. See also List of philosophers born in the centuries BC List of philosophers born in the 1st through 10th centuries List of philosophers born in the 11th through 14th centuries List of philosophers born in the 15th and 16th centuries List of philosophers born in the 17th century List of philosophers born in the 18th century List of philosophers born in the 19th century List of philosophers born in the 20th century A B Isaac Abrabanel Isaac ben Judah Abravanel , 1437 1508 R refC R refR R refS Judah Leon Abravanel Judah ben Isaac Abravanel , 1460? 1535? R refC R refR Alessandro Achillini , 1463 1512 Uriel Acosta , 1585 1640 Rodolphus Agricola , 1443 1485 R refR Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa , 1436 1535 R refR R refS Leone Battista Alberti , 1404 1472 Yohanan ben Isaac Alemanno , 1433 1504 R refR Isaac ben Moses Arama , 1420 1494 R refR Jacobus Arminius , 1560 1609 R refC Francis Bacon philosopher Francis Bacon , 1561 1626 R refC R refO 12 R refR R refS Domingo B ez , 1528 1604 R refC R refR Sebastiano Basso , 16th century Gabriel Biel , 1425 1495 R refR Jean Bodin , 1530 1596 R refC R refO 12 R refR R refS Jakob B hme , 1575 1624 R refC R refR Giovanni Botero , c1544 1617 Giordano Bruno , 1548 1600 R refC R refO 12 R refR R refS C E Thomas Cajetan , 1469 1534 R refC R refO 12 R refR John Calvin , 1509 1564 R refC R refO 2 R refR Tommaso Campanella , 1568 1639 R refC R refO 12 R refR R refS Gerolamo Cardano , 1501 1576 R refR Andrea Cesalpino , 1519 1603 Pierre Charron , 1541 1603 R refC R refR Ch en Hsien chang , 1428 1500 R refC Chiao Hung , 1540 1620 R refC Comenius John Comenius , 1592 1670 R refO 12 R refR Nicolaus Copernicus ... Centuries Category Lists of philosophers by time period 15 ...   more details

  1. Timeline of early modern history

    for earlier events Timeline of the Middle Ages Early modern history comprises the time between the end of the Middle Ages and the contemporary era. For a timeline of events from 1500 to 1599, see 16th century Events 16th century For a timeline of events from 1600 to 1699, see 17th century Events 17th century For a timeline of events from 1700 to 1799, see 18th century Events 18th century For a timeline of events from 1800 to 1899, see 19th century Events 19th century For events from 1900 to the present Timeline of modern history See also 2nd millennium Category Modern history timelines Early modern history ...   more details

  1. Early Modern history of Germany

    , and in turn led to further warfare between Early Modern France France in the 17th and 18th centuries ... movement that spread among Germany German thinkers in the 15th and 16th centuries, which originated ... as the predecessor state of modern Germany. Science and philosophy See 17th century philosophy Prussian ... in early modern German history, Historical Research, Feb 2004, Vol. 77 Issue 195, p79 97 Wilson, Peter H. Historiographical Reviews Still a Monstrosity? Some Reflections on Early Modern German ... Empire Germany topics DEFAULTSORT Early Modern History Of Germany Category Early Modern history by country Germany Category 16th century in Germany Category 17th century in Germany Category Holy Roman ...History of Germany Image Holy Roman Empire 1648.svg thumb right 300px The Empire after the Peace of Westphalia ... Modern period . The Habsburg Monarchy refers to the territories ruled by the Austria n branch ... 1918. The capital was Vienna from 1583 to 1611 Prague . The 16th century German Renaissance Main ... ce6 history A0848495.html title Thirty Years War publisher ... The 18th century history of Germany sees the ascendancy of the Kingdom of Prussia and the outbreak of the Napoleonic ... Wars, Journal of Military History, Apr 2005, Vol. 69 2 pp 521 534 ref ref Christopher Clark, The Rise ... dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire See 19th century history of Germany From 1792 onwards, French Revolutionary ... of Emperors Early Modern Holy Roman Emperors Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I , 1508 1519 ..., and Gerald Strauss. Protestantism and literacy in early modern Germany, Past & Present, 1984 104 ... Exploring His Life and Times, 1483 1546. book plus CD ROM 1998 Ranke, Leopold von. History of the Reformation ... KPdBAAAAIAAJ&dq intitle history intitle reformation&lr lang en# 30&as brr 1&ei GsaVR5S0OIXy6gK5z9CeBw complete text online free Robisheaux, Thomas. Rural Society and the Search for Order in Early Modern ... Early Modern High German Baroque period German literature 18th century German literature Brandenburg ...   more details

  1. Regius Professor of Modern History

    For the Regius Professors of Modern History see Regius Professor of Modern History Cambridge Regius Professor of Modern History Oxford disambig ...   more details

  1. History of modern Serbia

    History of modern Serbia can refer to History of Serbia 1804 1918 History of Serbia after 1918 disambiguation ...   more details

  1. History of modern Christianity

    Angeles, California , considered to be the birthplace of Pentecostalism . The history of modern Christianity ... Orthodox Church , and the Protestant churches. Early modern history The Reformation 1520 1641 Main Protestant Reformation Counter Reformation See also Christianity in the 16th century Catholic Church ... had suffered some generations before. The early Puritan movement late 16th century 17th century was Reformed ... Revolution . ref name Edward Edward, The Cambridge Modern History 1908 , p. 25 ref Direct attacks ... Anti Jewish Violence in Modern Russian History Cambridge University Press ref In the case of anti ..., they remain Eastern Orthodox in their faith and practice. Late modern history 1848 present See ... Late modern, or contemporary Christian history covers the period from the revolutions of 1848 ... collapsed DEFAULTSORT History Of Modern Christianity Category History of Christianity Modern history of Christianity Category Modern history of Christianity ...Main History of Christianity See also History of medieval Christianity Protestant Reformation Image AFM ... date. For the early modern period up about 1640, see the articles the Protestant Reformation , the Counter ... its history, it has weathered schisms and theological disputes that have resulted in many distinct ... Christianity in the 17th century Christianity in the 18th century The Age of Enlightenment Enlightenment ... A History New York Penguin Books, 2004 p. 540 ref Russian Orthodoxy In 1721 Tsar Peter ... Evangelical Revival , and Methodism in England . ref Sydney E. Ahlstrom, A Religious History .... ref name Bokenkotter285 Bokenkotter, A Concise History of the Catholic Church 2004 , pp. 283&ndash ... Miller, Seventh Day Adventism p. 381 Sydney E. Ahlstrom, A Religious History of the American People ... the U.S. Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections Division ref Main History of the Latter ... Christ of Latter Day Saints . ref name MHC Manuscript History of the Church , LDS Church Archives ...   more details

  1. History of Poland in the Modern era

    Disambig Poland in the Modern era is covered in History of Poland 1795 1918 Poland during World War I History of Poland 1918 1939 History of Poland 1939 1945 History of Poland 1945 1989 ...   more details

  1. Modern history of Italy

    Modern history of Italy Italian unification 1815 1861 History of the Kingdom of Italy 1861 1946 Italian Fascism Italian Colonial Empire History of the Italian Republic 1945 to present Years of lead Italy 1969 1988 Berlusconi era 2001 to present See also Early Modern Italy disambig ...   more details

  1. Professor of Modern History, Glasgow

    Unreferenced date December 2009 The Chair of Modern History at the University of Glasgow was founded in 1893 as the Chair of History . In 1956 the title was changed to Modern History. It is the second oldest chair of history in the United Kingdom outside of Oxbridge. Professors of History Professors of Modern History Sir Roger Lodge historian Roger Lodge MA 1894 Dudley Julius Medley MA LLD 1899 Andrew Browning MA DLitt FBA 1931 Esmond Wright MA 1957 William Ranulf Brock MA PhD 1967 80 Keith Gilbert Robbins MA DPhil DLitt 1981 90 Hew Strachan MA PhD FRSE 1991 2002 Colin Kidd MA DPhil FRSE FBA 2003 10 S nke Neitzel BA MA PhD 2011 See also List of Professorships at the University of Glasgow Edwards Professor of Medieval History, Glasgow Professor of Scottish History and Literature, Glasgow DEFAULTSORT Professor Of Modern History, Glasgow Category Glasgow Professorships Modern History Category Professorships in History Category 1893 establishments in the United Kingdom ...   more details

  1. A History of Modern Britain

    orphan date August 2010 A History of Modern Britain is a book written by Andrew Marr which coincides with his television documentary series of the Andrew Marr s History of Modern Britain same name . It was first published by Macmillan Publishers in 2007 ISBN 978 0 330 51147 6 . DEFAULTSORT History of Modern Britain, A Category History books about the United Kingdom Category Books about politics of the United Kingdom Category 2007 books hist book stub UK hist stub ...   more details

  1. History of Modern (Part I)

    italic title Infobox Album Name History of Modern part I Type ep Artist Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Cover History of Modern part I Cover.jpg Released March 2nd, 2011 Recorded The Motor Museum Studio, Liverpool, UK Genre Synthpop Length 49 55 CD Version br 15 36 10 Version Language English language English Label Blue Noise br 100 Records 100 UK br Bright Antenna US Producer Self Produced Compiler Chronology Last album The OMD Singles The OMD Remixes The OMD Remixes This album History of Modern Part I Next album History of Modern part I is a 2011 Extended play EP by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark , released March 2nd, 2011 by 100 Records 100 in the UK and Bright Antenna in the US. ref http product info.php?manufacturers id 14&products id 110 Link to Album at Bright Antenna Store w Release Date ref The EP was released as a Online Distribution Digital Download , CD and Gramophone Record 10 Record . Released after the 2011 LP record LP History of Modern , it contains remixes as well as B Sides ref http us album history of modern pt. i id425071888?uo 4 Link to Album on iTunes with Tracklisting ref . CD Track listing SIDE ONE br History Of Modern part I 4 39 History Of Modern part II 4 11 History Of Modern part III & IV 2 03 History Of Modern part I Krystal Klear Remix 4 55 History Of Modern part I Roger Erickson Remix 4 38 History Of Modern part I Selebrities Remix 4 21 br SIDE TWO br History Of Modern part I OMD s Extended Remix 5 32 History Of Modern part I Radio Edit 3 12 VCR 3 26 The Grand Deception 3 26 Idea 1 4 41 Alone 4 22 10 Track listing SIDE A History of Modern part I Radio Edit 3 12 History of Modern part I OMD s Extended Remix 5 32 SIDE B The Grand Deception 3 26 VCR 3 26 Note The tracks VCR and The Grand Deception appear in reverse order on SIDE B due to either a printing or pressing error. References Reflist Category 2011 EPs ...   more details

  1. The Journal of Modern History

    Infobox journal title The Journal of Modern History cover File The Journal of Modern History.gif discipline History abbreviation J. Mod. Hist. editor John W. Boyer , Jan E. Goldstein publisher University of Chicago Press country United States frequency Quarterly history 1929 present impact 0.576 impact year 2009 website http JMH home.html ISSN 0022 2801 LCCN 31005078 OCLC 263589299 JSTOR 00222801 The Journal of Modern History is a quarterly Peer review peer reviewed academic journal covering European intellectual, political, and cultural history , published by the University of Chicago Press in cooperation with the Modern European History Section of the American Historical Association . ref cite news url http journals 00222801.html title The Journal of Modern History publisher JSTOR date 2008 first last accessdate 2008 05 17 ref The journal covers events from approximately 1500 to the present, with a geographical scope extending from the United Kingdom through the European continent, including Russia and the Balkans. Editors and editorial board The Journal of Modern History is Editor in chief coedited by John W. Boyer and Jan E. Goldstein University of Chicago . Previous editors include Sheila Fitzpatrick , Hanna Gray , William H. McNeill , and Bernadotte Schmitt . Citation needed date June 2011 Format and contents The journal publishes articles ... Penn Higby Prize Chester Penn Higby served on the history faculty at the University of Wisconsin Madison from 1927 to 1956, and was one of the founders of the Journal of Modern History in 1927 ... DEFAULTSORT Journal of Modern History Category University of Chicago Press academic journals Category History journals Category Publications established in 1927 Category English language journals Category Quarterly journals ca The Journal of Modern History fr The Journal of Modern History he Journal of Modern History ...   more details

  1. Modern history of Libya

    Articles on the modern history of Libya Tripolitania Vilayet 1864 1911 History of Libya as Italian colony 1911 1943 World War II and Allied occupation, see Libya during World War II Kingdom of Libya 1951 1969 Libya under Gaddafi 1969 present disambig ar ...   more details

  1. Chichele Professor of Modern History

    Unreferenced date January 2007 The Chichele Professorship of Modern History is one of the several Chichele Professor ships established from the mid 19th century onwards at All Souls College, Oxford University. The position of Chichele Professor of Modern History was established in 1862. The name of this chair was changed in 1984 its holder is now the Chichele Professor of Medieval History . List of Professors The Professorship has been held by the following distinguished academics Montagu Burrows , 1862 1905 Charles Oman , 1905 1946 Keith Feiling , 1946 1950 E. F. Jacob , 1950 1961 R. W. Southern , 1961 1969 Geoffrey Barraclough , 1970 1973 J. M. Wallace Hadrill , 1974 1983 DEFAULTSORT Chichele Professor Of Modern History Category Oxford Professorships Category Professorships in History Category All Souls College, Oxford Category 1862 establishments in England ...   more details

  1. History of modern Macedonia (Greece)

    Refimprove date June 2007 This article is about the modern history of the Greece Greek region of Macedonia Greece Macedonia for the history of the larger geographical region, see Macedonia region History . Image Macedonia greece overview.png 300px thumb Macedonia s location in Greece In the 19th century, the national revival in the Balkans began national and religious antagonism flared, and conflict was heightened by the Ottoman policy of playing one group against the other. Meanwhile the Ottoman Empire lost control over the major sections of Greece , Serbia , and Bulgaria , each of which claimed Macedonia on historical or ethnical grounds. In the Treaty of San Stefano 1878 , which terminated the Russo Turkish War, 1877 1878 Russo Turkish War of 1877 78 , Bulgaria was awarded the lion s share of Macedonia region Macedonia . However, the settlement was nullified by the European powers in the same year see Congress of Berlin , and Macedonia was left under direct Ottoman control. After the Greco Turkish War 1897 Greco Turkish war of 1897 , which proved a disaster for Greece , Bulgarian nationalism ... affairs, history and culture http 4 42 421 42103 42103a e42103a1.html Macedonian Struggle Museum http chronos en Official Site For Greek History Use dmy dates date November 2010 DEFAULTSORT History Of Modern Macedonia Greece Category Modern history of Greek Macedonia Category History of modern Greece ... to five centuries of Ottoman Empire Ottoman domination in Macedonia. First Balkan War Main First ... their attention to the country s domestic affairs and to the building of the modern Greek state. The population ... of children from Macedonia with them. ref Simpson, Neil 1994 . Macedonia Its Disputed History. Victoria ... Athos . See also Image LocationMacedonia REG 1 z.png thumb 200px The Macedonia region imposed on modern borders. Demographic History of Macedonia History of the Republic of Macedonia Macedonia region ...   more details

  1. The Cambridge Modern History

    Italic title Infobox book series name The Cambridge Modern History image File Cambridge Modern History ... Modern History br 14 New Cambridge Modern History list books preceded by followed by The Cambridge Modern History is a comprehensive modern history of the world , beginning with the 15th century ... an extensive bibliography. A second series, The New Cambridge Modern History , now covering the years .... The Cambridge Modern History, 1902 1912 File Habsburg Map 1547.jpg thumb 240px right center A map ... Cambridge Modern History was planned by John Dalberg Acton, 1st Baron Acton Lord Acton , who during ... History Cambridge Regius professor of modern history at University of Cambridge Cambridge , and a fellow ... http stable 549876?seq 1 title The Cambridge Modern History. Planned by the late LORD ... name hayes Cite book title A political and social history of modern Europe url http books?hl en&lr &id kM5M422oa YC&oi fnd&pg PA2&dq 22cambridge modern history 22 22to 1910 22&ots ... modern history 1902 1912 ... ref A second edition of the atlas volume XIV was published ... of the places named. The New Cambridge Modern History, 1957 1979 A new version of the history appeared ... George Norman Clark . ref Sir George Norman Clark, Preface , in New Cambridge Modern History vol. I The Renaissance, 1493 1520 1957 ref The New Cambridge Modern History has been described as a comprehensive ... to 1945 . ref Peter Burke, The new Cambridge modern history Companion volume 1979 , http ... I. The Renaissance, 1493 1520 1957 ref The New Cambridge Modern History , vol. 1, http ... of the Cambridge Modern History , in Cambridge Historical Journal , VIII, 2 1945 , pp. 57 64 External links http www.uni mateo camenaref cmh cmh.html Cambridge Modern History at uni http collection?id set new cambridge modern history New Cambridge Modern History at DEFAULTSORT Cambridge Modern History, The Category History books about ...   more details

  1. Oral History in Modern Mali

    of Mali DEFAULTSORT Oral History In Modern Mali ... founded by Sunjata Keita , the history of Mali is extremely based on oral history. The story of the founder of Mali, Sunjata Keita, is largely based on oral history. Oral history may be defined as the preservation .... A large amount of Mali s history is transferred via oral historians. Such oral historians in Mali are known as griots, Jali s, and Jeli s . The origins of oral history in Mali may be traced back to the story of Sunjata Keita. Modern day oral history in Mali has transformed from the history based griots to a more contemporary musical and negotiator based griots. The current state of oral history ... Jeliya The Art of Jeli Griot . Jeli s are similar to griot s because they also recount history but the jeli ... often use instruments and music to recite history which ultimately renders the history a performance and not just a story. Image GriotsSambala.jpg thumb A drawing of Griots. Oral History in Mali Empire In the Mali Empire , an evident example of oral history is the Sunjata Keita or Sundiata Keita story. The Sunjata Keita story remains a strong representation of oral history. Because there are a plethora of versions of the Sunjata story, this exemplifies how oral history can change slightly depending on the griot reciting the history. Also, oral history can be traced back to Sunjata because in the story ... in order to spread family history. Sunjata states, I want no part of it father s property except the griots ... needed oral historians to accompany them in order to tell the history of their life. Emperors and great warriors often had griots and with such griots, oral history in Mali spreads. The oral historians ... were used to recite history of births and deaths, battles and marriages in the village. Not only were griots used to recite history of births and deaths, battles and marriages in the villages .... Because oral history, is exactly as the name describes, a means of passing history verbally, language ...   more details

  1. History of modern Sarajevo

    History Of Modern Sarajevo Category History of Sarajevo bs Historija modernog Sarajeva sh Historija ...History of Sarajevo Image Sarajevo downtown.png thumb 300px left Sarajevo today File Sarajevo Twist Tower.jpg thumb right 130px The Avaz Twist Tower is the headquarters of the Sarajevo newspaper Dnevni avaz File Bosmal City Center Sarajevo.jpg thumb right 130px Bosmal City Center The history of modern Sarajevo begins with the declaration of independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia . The city then became the capital of the new state, as the local division of the Yugoslav People s Army established itself on the surrounding mountains. That day, massive peace protests took place. In the midst of the largest one, a protestor named Suada Dilberovi was shot by unidentified gunmen from a nearby skyscraper. The following three years found Sarajevo being the center of the longest siege in the history of modern warfare See Siege of Sarajevo . The city was held without electricity, heating, water, and medical supplies. During this whole time, the surrounding Serb forces shelled the city. An average of 329 shell impacts occurred per day, with a high of 3,777 shell impacts on July 22, 1993. Asides from the economic and political structures that were destroyed, the besieger targeted numerous cultural sites. Thus places such as the Gazi Husrev beg s Mosque , Cathedral of Jesus Heart , and the Jewish cemetery were damaged, while places like the old City Hall and the Olympic museum were completely destroyed. For foreigners an event that defined the cultural objectives of the besiegers occurred during the night of August 25, 1992, the intentional ... modern buildings has been built, significantly the Bosmal City Center and the Avaz twist tower which ... construction of impressive modern buildings and population growth. The Sarajevo City Center will be one of the biggest and most modern Shopping and Business centers is South East Europe when its ...   more details

  1. History of Modern Standard Chinese

    sonat. ref In the 17th century, the Empire had set up Orthoepy Academies , Zh ngy n Sh yu n ... , but Mandarin is becoming increasingly influential. Modern Mandarin vs. historical Mandarin Historically ... to modern day Mandarin , but there exist some differences. The Mandarin language used many polite and humble words which have almost entirely disappeared in daily conversation in modern day ... language was almost identical to the grammar of modern day Mandarin, with sometimes very ... of the Mandarin language was also largely the same as the vocabulary of modern day Mandarin ... dialogues in the Mandarin language with their equivalent below in modern day Mandarin. These are authentic ... inside town? br B Yes, I live inside town Modern Mandarin version br A ... the same. Modern Mandarin version br A br B ... And they also gnaw objects to pieces. How can we be happy with that? Modern Mandarin version ... wild boar. Modern Mandarin version br A young person,you came out of your home? br ... Chinese Category Language histories Mandarin Category Early Modern languages Chinese, Mandarin fr ...   more details

  1. History of modern literature

    literature The history of literature in the Modern period in Europe begins with the Age of Enlightenment and the conclusion of the Baroque period in the 18th century, succeeding the Renaissance literature Renaissance and Early Modern literature Early Modern periods. In the classical literary cultures outside of Europe, the Modern period begins later, in Ottoman Turkey with the Tanzimat reforms 1820s , in Qajar dynasty Qajar Persia under Nasser al Din Shah 1830s , the century is also synonymous with end of the Mughal era and the establishment of the British Raj 1850s in India, in Japan with the Meiji restoration 1860s , in China with the New Culture Movement 1910s . 18th century Main 18th century literature See Augustan literature French literature of the 18th century Early Modern literature The early 18th century sees the conclusion of the Baroque period and the incipient Age of Enlightenment with authors such as Immanuel Kant , Voltaire , Jean Jacques Rousseau or Gotthold Ephraim Lessing . European cultural influence begins to spread to other continents, notably Edo period Japan, with notable authors of the period including Ueda Akinari and Sant Ky den . Early American literature ... External links http The Literary Encyclopedia DEFAULTSORT History Of Modern Literature Category History of literature Category Modern literature cs Liter rn v da de Literaturwissenschaft ... the most literary of all centuries, because not only were the forms of novel , short story ... Coleridge died. The first modern Arabic language Arabic compilation of The Book of One Thousand and One Nights was published in Cairo . History of literature4 The middle of the century In the mid 19th ... Modern European Literature See also List of years in literature List of years in literature 1800s ... literature Asian literature African literature See also Portal Literature History of theater History of science fiction History of ideas Intellectual history Category Literature by nationality Literature ...   more details

  1. Demographic history of modern Greece

    Population censuses in Greece take place the first year of every decade. There have been 28 censuses in the history of modern Greece, ref http flash Rid7 635.asp Greek censuses in Greek ref conducted in various times, starting from an unofficial census in the eve of the Greek War of Independence . div class references small class wikitable Year Population Area Notes 1821 938,765 47,516 Unofficial 1828 753,400 First national census of Greece 1834 693,592 First official census 1834 1835 1838 752,077 1840 850,246 1841 861,019 1842 853,005 1843 915,059 1844 930,925 1845 960,236 1848 986,731 1853 1,035,527 1856 1,062,627 1861 1,096,810 1870 1,457,894 50.211 Donation of the Ionian Islands by Great Britain 1879 1,679,470 1889 2,187,208 63,606 Thessaly became part of Greece in 1881 1896 2,433,806 1907 2,631,952 63,211 1913 4,734,990 121,794 After the Balkan wars , incorporation of Macedonia Greece Macedonia , Epirus region Epirus , Crete , the Aegean Islands apart from the Dodecanese , Western Thrace ref Population exchange in Greek Macedonia, Elisabeth Kontogiorgi, page 50, 2006 ref 1920 5,531,474 149,150 Incorporation of Eastern Thrace apart from Constantinople and area of Smyrna 1928 6,204,684 129,880 After the Treaty of Lausanne and the Population exchange between Greece and Turkey Population exchange 1940 7,344,860 1951 7,632,801 131,957 The Dodecanese Islands were incorporated in 1947 1961 8,388,553 1971 8,768,641 1981 9,740,417 1991 10,258,364 2001 10,964,020 2005 11,244,118 Estimate ref http Statistics of Greece ref 2007 11,338,624 Estimate ref http wg.php?x &men gpro&lng en&dat 32&geo 92&srt pnan&col aohdq World Gazetteer, Greece ref 2011 11,425,346 Estimate ref http a 141584705 ref div References Reflist Category History of modern Greece Category Greek society Category Greek people ...   more details

  1. Modern history of Yemen

    no footnotes date January 2011 History of Yemen The modern history of Yemen began in 1918 when North Yemen gained independence from the Ottoman Empire . North Yemen became a republic in 1962, but it was not until 1967 that the British Empire, who had set up a protective area around the southern port of Aden in the 19th century, withdrew from what became South Yemen . In 1970, the southern government adopted a communist governmental system. The two countries were formally political union united as the Yemen Republic of Yemen on May 22, 1990. Former North Yemen main Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen Yemen Arab Republic Ottoman suzerainty was re established in northern Yemen in the late 19th century but its control was largely confined to cities, and the Zaiddiyah Zaidi imam s rule over Upper Yemen was formally recognized. Turkish forces withdrew in 1918, and Imam Yahya Muhammad Hamid ed Din Yahya Muhammad strengthened his control over northern Yemen creating the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen . Yemen became a member of the Arab League in 1945 and the United Nations in 1947. Imam Yahya died during an unsuccessful coup attempt in 1948 and was succeeded by his son Ahmad. Ahmad bin Yahya s reign was marked by growing repression, renewed friction with the United Kingdom over the British presence in the south, and growing pressures to support the Arab nationalist objectives of Egyptian President ... in 1990 DEFAULTSORT Modern History Of Yemen Category History of Yemen ar ..., 1990, the Yemen Republic of Yemen s independence was declared. See History of Yemen Republic of Yemen ... President. For the first time in centuries, much of Greater Yemen was politically united. A 30 month ... 5302.htm history U.S. State Dept. Country Study 1 DAUM, W. ed. Yemen. 3000 years of art and civilisation ... yemen hist hist.htm History of Yemen http web 20040902081629 http ... yemen birthofmodernyemen default.htm The Birth of Modern Yemen , Brian Whitaker , 2009, An e ...   more details

  1. History of modern Greece

    on 15 August 1909 marked a watershed in modern Greek history as the military conspirators were inexperienced ... to reconquer territory lost to the Ottoman military during the civil wars introduced the first modern ... phoenix , the first modern Greek currency organised local administration and, in an effort to raise ... Brigandage and Irredentism in Modern Greece 1821 1912 , Clarendon Press Oxford 1987 , p. 67. ref However ... Finlay s 1861 History of Greek Revolution records that by 1831 Kapodistrias s government had become ... modern Greece as an independent state free of the Ottoman Empire. Reign of King Otto, 1833 1863 main Otto of Greece Image Otto of Greece.jpg thumb left 180px Otto of Greece Otto , first King of modern ... Greece was uniquely Greek the language question. The Greek people spoke a form of Greek called Modern ... neutral. World War II main Military history of Greece during World War II Axis Occupation of Greece ... Polytechnic uprising on the 17th, the hardliner Brigadier Dimitrios Ioannides overthrew Papadopoulos ..., Richard. A Concise history of Greece. ref His newly organized party, New Democracy Greece New Democracy ...   more details

  1. Modern history of Switzerland

    History of Switzerland This article deals with the history of Switzerland since 1848. See Early Modern Switzerland for the Early Modern period, Switzerland in the Napoleonic era for the period of 1798 1814, and Restoration and Regeneration Switzerland for the period of 1815 1848. Formation of the Federal State 1848 main Sonderbundskrieg Switzerland as a federal state Following a 27 day civil war in Switzerland, the Sonderbund war Sonderbundskrieg , the Swiss Federal Constitution was passed on 12 September 1848. The constitution was heavily influenced by the US Constitution and the ideas of the French Revolution . The constitution establishes the Swiss Confederation , governed by a comparatively strong Swiss Federal Council federal government , instead the model of a confederation of independent Cantons of Switzerland cantons bound by treaties. Industrialisation and economic growth 1848 1914 The 1847 to 1914 period saw the development of the Swiss railway network. The Schweizerische Nordbahn SNB society opened the Z rich Olten railway line first railway line on Swiss soil in 1847, connecting Z rich and Baden, Switzerland Baden . The Gotthard Rail Tunnel was completed in 1881. The Swiss watch Swiss watchmaking industry has its origins in the 18th century, but boomed during the 19th century, turning the village of La Chaux de Fonds into an industrial center. Rapid urban growth also enlarged Z rich , which incorporated its industrial suburb Aussersihl into the municipality in 1891. Banking in Switzerland Banking emerged as a significant factor in Swiss economy with the foundation of the Union Bank of Switzerland in 1862, the Swiss Bank Corporation in 1872. The Golden age of alpinism in the 1850s to 1860s lay the foundation to the Tourism in Switzerland tourism industry . World Wars 1914 1945 main Switzerland during the World Wars During both World War I and World War II , Switzerland ... Category Modern history by country Switzerland Category History of Switzerland by period Modern history ...   more details

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