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Encyclopedia results for Lolicon


Encyclopedia results for Lolicon

  1. Loli

    wiktionarypar loli no such wiktionary entry yet Loli may refer to LOLI Database l ist o f li sts , an international chemical regulatory database Lolita fashion Loli Goth , or Gothic Lolita Lolita , a novel by Vladimir Nabokov Lolicon , a type of adult manga, anime, or computer graphics. Can refer to the art, or the subjects, or be slang for a girl who is perceived as fitting the look or mannerisms. See also Lolli disambiguation Lolly disambiguation Lolita term Lolipop disambig de Loli pt Loli ...   more details

  1. Rori

    Rori may refer to Rori, a List of Star Wars planets R S Rori fictional moon from the Star Wars saga that orbits Naboo Rorikon , or Lolicon, Japanese slang for Lolita complex Rori, an abbreviation for the given name Aurora name Aurora Rori, an abbreviation for Al Rejme village, located in the Mount Lebanon Mouhafazat, near Bhamddoun, in Lebanon. Al Rejme is located 35 km from the Lebanese costal and considered as one of the best summer escape for rich Lebanese expats. dab ...   more details

  1. Weekly Dearest My Brother

    Notability date May 2011 Infobox animanga Header name Weekly Dearest My Brother image caption ja kanji ja romaji Sh kan Watashi no Onii chan genre Moe slang Moe , lolicon Infobox animanga Print type manga author Various publisher MediaWorks publisher MediaWorks demographic Seinen manga Seinen magazine first 2003 last 2004 volumes 6 volume list Infobox animanga Footer nihongo Weekly Dearest My Brother Sh kan Watashi no Onii chan is a series of six bish jo centered manga booklets that were released weekly for a short time in Japan . The manga would come packaged with a limited edition plastic figure assembly kit, designed by Ohshima Yuki , of the featured character of the week. These figures of small breasted prepubescent girls helped to expand the niche market of lolicon and also placed Ohshima in high esteem among figure collectors in Japan due to the high level of detail and clever portrayals. Some of Ohshima s figurines are reproduced by Takashi Murakami Murakami, 2005 . References div class references small Murakami, Takashi editor . Little Boy The Arts of Japan s Exploding Subculture . New York Japan Society, 2005. pp.54 55 ISBN 0 300 10285 2 div External links http reviews figures weekly.htm Review of volume 1 with pictures Dead link date May 2011 http asahi nob co tamaki topb30b.htm Use of Weekly Dearest My Brother figures in digital art jp icon http otaku talk Otaku Talk Category 2003 manga Category MediaWorks publisher Category Seinen manga anime stub ja ...   more details

  1. Azuma

    Azuma is a name of several places and people Locations Azuma, historical name for eastern Japan, now called Kant region Kant and T hoku region Azuma, Gunma Agatsuma , former village in Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture, Japan Azuma, Gunma Sawa , former village in Sawa District, Gunma Prefecture, Japan Azuma, Gunma Seta , former village in Seta District, Gunma Prefecture, Japan Azuma, Ibaraki , former town in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan Azuma, Kagoshima , former town in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan Mount Azuma , volcano in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan Japanese surname Kiyohiko Azuma born 1968 , Japanese manga artist Hideo Azuma born 1950 , Japanese manga artist and father of lolicon manga Hiroki Azuma , Japanese cultural critic Ryutaro Azuma , Japanese physician and bureaucrat who served as Governor of Tokyo Kazuoki Azuma , Japanese mathematician Japanese surname of a fictional character Jo Azuma, a character in Genma Taisen Kazuma Azuma, a character in Yakitate Japan Soma Azuma, a character in Onmyou Taisenki Tetsuya Azuma, also known as Casshan or Casshern, a character in Casshan Azuma Ghost in the Shell , a character in Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG Azuma, a member of the Grimoire Heart, and one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory in Fairy Tail Other Azuma s inequality , result in probability theory Japanese cruiser Azuma , armored cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy disambig Category Surnames de Azuma es Azuma ko ru sk Azuma ...   more details

  1. Allan?Robinson reaction

    The Allan Robinson reaction is the chemical reaction of o hydroxyaryl ketone s with aromatic anhydride s to form flavone s or isoflavone s . ref Allan, J. Robinson, R. J. Chem. Soc. 1924 , 125 , 2192. ref ref Dyke, S. F. Ollis, W. D. Sainsbury, M. J. Org. Chem. 1961 , 26 , 2453. DOI 10.1021 jo01351a072 ref ref cite journal author Wheller, T. S. year 1952 title Flavone journal Organic Syntheses volume 32 pages 72 url http orgsyn prep.asp?prep cv4p0478 ref ref cite book author Jie Jack Li title Name Reactions. A Collection of Detailed Reaction Mechanisms 4th Edition publisher Springer location Berlin, De year 2009 isbn 978 3 642 01052 1 ref Image Allan Robinson Reaction Scheme.png center 450px The Allan Robinson reaction Note that if aliphatic anhydrides are used, coumarin s can also be formed. See Kostanecki acylation Mechanism Image Allan Robinson reaction Lolicon Sample.png center 450px The Allan Robinson reaction mechanism References Reflist See also Baker Venkataraman rearrangement Kostanecki acylation Robert Robinson organic chemist reaction stub Category Carbon carbon bond forming reactions Category Heterocycle forming reactions Category Name reactions es Reacci n de Allan Robinson fr R action d Allan Robinson id Reaksi Allan Robinson nl Allan Robinson reactie ja zh Allan Robinson ...   more details

  1. Ayato Sasakura

    Nihongo Ayato Sasakura Sasakura Ayato born on January 19 is a Japanese female Mangaka manga artist . She is best known for her work as the artist for the Shakugan no Shana manga series. Ayato Sasakura has been active on the d jin scene for several years under the d jinshi kojin circle name Imitation Genome , and was part of several other circles before that. ref cite web url http wiki BA FB C1 D2 B0 BD BF CD.html title About Ayato Sasakura accessdate 2008 01 31 work MoeDic ref Since 2002, she has contributed a number of short manga to the lolicon themed adult magazines Hina Kan and Hina Kan Hi , which were collected in tank bon form under the title Sh jo ry k fuku kakushu ron On the seizure of happiness, girly style . ref cite book title Sh jo ry k fuku kakushu ron first Ayato last Sasakura publisher Akane Shinsha year 2004 page 6 ref Those magazines were supplanted by Comic RIN , where Sasakura continues to publish, albeit on an irregular basis. ref cite web url http omutsu works.htm title Ayato Sasakura s works accessdate 2008 01 31 ref A full page illustration of hers was featured in Dengeki Moeoh 5 May 2003 , and caught the attention of the editor in charge of the Shakugan no Shana manga adaptation project. Her style seemed to fit Noizi Ito s and that s how she was appointed as the artist for the Shana manga, starting from February 2005. ref cite book title Shakugan no Shana no subete author Dengeki Bunko editorial dept. publisher MediaWorks publisher Media Works year 2005 isbn 4840232873 ref Works Shakugan no Shana Manga Shakugan no Shana , 2005&ndash , MediaWorks publisher Media Works , manga currently serialized in Dengeki Daioh . Sh jo ry k fuku kakushu ron , 2004, Akane Shinsha , ISBN 4871826783 . Flyable Heart 2009 Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete 2009 Notes Reflist External links http omutsu index.htm Ayato Sasakura s Website jp icon http index.php?P ...   more details

  1. Animexx

    Real person slash is not permitted, and there is a complete ban on shotacon and lolicon . de Schwarzer ...   more details

  1. Miki Hayasaka

    nihongo Miki Hayasaka Hayasaka Miki is an illustrator and mangaka manga artist born on 1955 09 05 in Toyama Prefecture , Japan . ref name azi about ja icon cite web url http miki.htm title publisher accessdate 2007 07 10 archiveurl http web 20070525194436 http miki.htm Bot retrieved archive archivedate 2007 05 25 ref After graduating from high school in 1973, he moved to Tokyo and began attending classes at Chiyoda Designer Academy , though he left before completing his degree. ref name azi about During the mid 1970s, he worked as a background artist for Shinji Wada , helping with works such as Sukeban Deka . ref name azi about He joined the d jinshi d jinshi circle nihongo Trouble Maker Toraburu M k in 1975, and worked as an assistant to Motoka Murakami during the mid to late 1970s. ref name azi about In August 1980, Hayasaka released his d jinshi Fritha . ref name fritha ja icon cite web url http 1980S.htm title 1980 publisher accessdate 2007 07 10 archiveurl http web 20070626213821 http 1980S.htm Bot retrieved archive archivedate 2007 06 26 ref In April of the following year, he was put in charge of the My Anime Jockey section of the first issue of My Anime , and in January 1982, he made his professional manga debut with Hara Hara Fairy in the magazine Ry , not Monthly Comic Ry . ref name azi about Hayasaka is most well known for being a major artist in the lolicon manga boom in the late 1970s and 1980s. ref name rouhei ja icon cite web url http rouhei.cocolog niece 2006 03 post b325.html title date 2006 03 26 accessdate 2007 07 10 author ref He has had stories published in lolicon magazines such as Manga Burikko , Alice Club , and Fusion Product , as well as the long running Petit Apple Pie manga anthology. ref name burikko ja icon cite web url http ...   more details

  1. Shinji Wada

    nihongo Shinji Wada Wada Shinji April 19, 1950 July 5, 2011 was a Japanese people Japanese mangaka manga artist in Kure, Hiroshima Kure , Hiroshima Prefecture , Japan , and best known for the creation of the Sukeban Deka franchise. He has been the cover artist for and had stories published in the bish jo lolicon manga anthology series Petit Apple Pie . History When Hakusensha published Sukeban Deka in 1979, Wada s work became so popular that he was commissioned to create the OAV series and a TV series that spawned three seasons, including two live action movies. As of 2007, he had been involved in creating his latest manga Crown manga Crown . He was previously involved in creating Sukeban Deka Codename Asamiya Saki . Wada died in July 2011 due to ischaemic heart disease . ref cite news title Influential Manga Creator Shinji Wada Passes Away url http anime news 2011 07 05 influential manga creator shinji wada passes away accessdate July 5 2011 newspaper Crunchyroll date 5 July 2011 ref Works Manga Author and artist unless otherwise noted. Ai to Shi no Sunadokei 1971 1973, Bessatsu Margaret , Shueisha Waga Tomo Frankenstein 1972 1975, Bessatsu Margaret , Shueisha Gin iro no Kami no Arisa 1973, Bessatsu Margaret , Shueisha Dait b 1974, Bessatsu Margaret , Shueisha Hidari no Me no Akury 1975, Hana to Yume , Hakusensha Midori Iro no Sunadokei 1975, Monthly Comics Mimi , Kodansha Vanilla Essence no Gogo 1975, Hana to Yume , Hakusensha Ch sh jo Asuka 1975 2000, Margaret magazine Margaret Shueisha , Hana to Yume Hakusensha , and Comic Flapper Media Factory Arabian Ky s kyoku 1976, Princess magazine Princess , Akita Shoten Kuma san no Shiki 1976, Bessatsu Margaret , Shueisha Sukeban Deka 1976 1982, Hana to Yume , Hakusensha Asagi Iro no Densetsu 1976 1990, LaLa and Hana to Yume , Hakusensha Ramu chan no Sens 1978, Princess , Akita Shoten Pygmalion manga Pygmalion 1978 1990, Hana to Yume , Hakusensha Ky fu no Fukkatsu 1980, Princess , Akita Shoten ...   more details

  1. Nubile

    25em Hajnal line Lolicon Pedophilia Hebephilia Ephebophilia Adolescent sexuality Female body shape Physical ...   more details

  1. Mr. (artist)

    Mr. b. 1969, Cupa ref name kaikai Official Profile at Kaikai Kiki Official Website. http artists profile mr http artists profile mr . Accessed 9 March 2009. ref is a Japanese people Japanese contemporary artist, based in Saitama Prefecture , Japan. ref name lehmann http artists mr Mr. Biography . Lehmann Maupin Gallery. Accessed 9 March 2009. ref A former prot g of Takashi Murakami , Mr. s work debuted in both solo and group exhibitions in 1996, ref name kaikai and has since been seen in museum and gallery exhibitions in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Paris, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, and London. ref name krazy Grenville, Bruce et al. KRAZY The Delirious World of Anime Comics Video Games Art . Exhibition Catalog. Vancouver Vancouver Art Gallery , 2008. pp273 4. ref He works in a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, and video, though his works are all closely related in aesthetics, style, and theme. A self proclaimed otaku with a Lolita complex , which he says he does not act upon, ref name hint Chen, Aric. http artcrawl artcrawl.php Candy Man . Hint Fashion Magazine . May 2007. Accessed 9 March 2009. ref his pieces depict young boys and girls in an anime manga style, drawing upon the aesthetics and attitudes of otaku culture, and lolicon themes. While quite Cuteness in Japanese culture cute and innocent on the surface, many of his works are also quite sexualized, tying into the anime phenomenon of fanservice , and leaving it an open question as to how innocent his works are in the end. ref name kaikai Critics have also questioned whether Mr. s work reflects a commentary on otaku culture, or glimpses into a private fantasy world, ref name lehmann though Mr. has said his art is about expressing his personal fantasies, and not about cultural commentary. ref name hint Biography Born in Cupa, Mr. takes his pseudonym from that of former Yomiur ...   more details

  1. Hideo Azuma

    Relation to the lolicon boom ... Shoten Hyper Doll 1982, Play Comic Series, Akita Shoten Jinginaki Kuroi Taiy Lolicon hen Lolicon ...   more details

  1. Otaku no Musume-san

    with Kouta Morisaki since highschool. He is a dedicated lolicon with no interest in older ... he was a lolicon. nihongo Kimiko Asou Asou Kimiko Kimiko Asou is Taeko Morita s mother ...   more details

  1. Sh?jo

    , sh jo hobbies, and sh jo fashions, among others. See also Wiktionary sh jo Bish jo Josei Lolicon ...   more details

  1. Pastel Yumi, the Magic Idol

    Infobox animanga Header name Pastel Yumi, the Magic Idol image File Magical Idol Pastel Yumi Freesia no Sh nen cover.jpg 230px caption Magical Idol Pastel Yumi Freesia no Sh nen single cover ja kanji ja romaji Mah no Aidoru Pasuteru Y mi genre Drama , Magical girl , Lolicon Infobox animanga Video type tv series director Akira Sugino producer writer music studio Studio Pierrot network Nippon Television NTV network other flagicon Italy Italia 1 first 1986 03 07 last 1986 08 29 episodes 25 episode list Infobox animanga Print type manga author Kiyoko Arai publisher Shogakukan demographic Sh jo manga Sh jo magazine first 1986 last 1987 volumes 2 volume list Infobox animanga Footer nihongo Pastel Yumi, the Magic Idol ref http english title yumi.html Pastel Yumi, the Magic Idol . Studio Pierrot . Retrieved on February 10, 2009. ref Mah no Aidoru Pasuteru Y mi is a magical girl anime series by Studio Pierrot . It was simultaneously released as a manga by Kiyoko Arai . The fourth magical girl series created by Studio Pierrot, Pastel Yumi also appears in a feature length OVA as well as the Majokko Club Yoningumi A k kan kara no Alien X Majokko Club Yoningumi A k kan kara no Alien X OVA. Story Yumi Hanazono loves flowers. She does not perform well in school, but loves to draw, and wants to be a Mangaka manga artist . Her family runs a flower shop so she has grown up with a floral appreciation. Yumi is a very good artist, but does not always use the best judgement when she chooses her subjects. On the day of the Flower Festival, she entertains the other children by drawing portraits of the Lady Fukurokouji on the walls of her mansion. An angry Fukurokouji makes her clean the entire wall, but as she is doing so, she sees Fukurokouji about to destroy a dandelion. After saving it, she replants it in a poppy field. To her surprise, it starts speaking to her. The voices belong to Kakimaru and Keshimaru, two flower elves who have come to the ...   more details

  1. Yagami-kun no Katei no Jij?

    Infobox animanga Header name Yagami kun s Family Affairs image File Yagami kun no Katei no Jij volumes 1 7.jpg 230px caption Volumes 1 7 of the manga. ja kanji ja romaji Yagami kun no Katei no Jij genre Romantic comedy Infobox animanga Print type manga author Kei Kusunoki publisher Shogakukan demographic Seinen manga Seinen magazine Weekly Young Sunday first March 1986 last May 1990 volumes 7 volume list Infobox animanga Video type ova director Shin ya Sadamitsu producer writer Akinori End music studio Production I.G I.G Tatsunoko br Kitty Film Kitty Film Mitaka Studio released May 25, 1990 vol.1 3 runtime 90 minutes br 30 minutes each episodes 3 episode list Infobox animanga Video type drama director Makoto Tsuji , Toshio i , Yoshio G da producer writer Akira Momoi , Sh ji Imai , Masahiro Kobayashi music studio MIT Stonehills ABC network TV Asahi first October 11, 1994 last February 7, 1995 episodes 11 episode list Infobox animanga Footer nihongo Yagami kun s Family Affairs Yagami kun no Katei no Jij is a manga series by Kei Kusunoki which was originally serialized in Japan in Young Sunday from March 1986 to May 1990. ref name sonata cite web url http manga 201 250 223 yagamikun yagamikun.html title language Japanese publisher Sonata Moromoro accessdate April 17, 2008 ref The manga was later adapted into a three episode OVA series in 1990, and an eleven episode dorama television drama . Plot Yagami kun s Family Affairs follows Y ji Yagami, a high school student with a problem his mother, Nomi, looks very young and Y ji has a Puppy love crush on her. To complicate matters, his high school homeroom teacher is also infatuated with her due to how Lolicon young she looks . Nomi is oblivious to all of this and is Romance love head over heels in love with her husband, Y ji, and frequently displays this affection very publicly, which causes more embarrassment for Y ji. Y ji s high school friends constantly tease him ...   more details

  1. Kowarekake no Orgel

    character with light lolicon lolita undertones. Flower is a Parents service android who was left by her ...   more details

  1. The Ha-Ha Brothers

    finds them attractive and charming. It is hinted he is a lolicon. However, this event may have ...   more details

  1. Gadget Trial

    , and her personality fits her Lolicon loli image well, although sometimes she makes the most ironical ...   more details

  1. Welcome to the N.H.K.

    for example otaku , lolicon , and internet suicide . Despite the show s name, Welcome to the N.H.K. ... openly absorbed with lolicon and introduced Sato to illicit drugs as well as other schemes. Nihongo ...   more details

  1. Ro-Kyu-Bu!

    were suspended for a year after the team captain was suspected of being a lolicon . Subaru s aunt ...   more details

  1. Rie Kugimiya

    BLP sources date September 2007 Infobox person image name Rie Kugimiya birthname birth date Birth date and age 1979 5 30 mf y birth place Kumamoto, Kumamoto Kumamoto , Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto , Japan death date death place occupation Seiy Voice actress , Singer yearsactive 1998 present alias gender Female family spouse children credits Fullmetal Alchemist br as Alphonse Elric br Shakugan no Shana br as List of Shakugan no Shana characters Shana Shana br Gin Tama br as List of Gintama characters Kagura Kagura website http data.php?id 12&sid 3893d4dc7d0c1da109fcb4e2d8f221a8 agent nihongo Rie Kugimiya Kugimiya Rie born May 30, 1979 in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Kumamoto , Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto is a Japanese Seiy voice actress affiliated with I m Enterprise . ref name Doi1 Doi, Hitoshi. http doi seiyuu kugimiya rie Kugimiya Rie . Seiyuu Database . January 3, 2011. Retrieved January 12, 2011. WebCite url http 5vghkXK6q date January 12, 2011 ref Citation needed reason Incomplete verification date January 2011 Kugimiya s most famous roles include Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist , Happy in Fairy Tail , Kagura in Gintama , Nagi Sanzenin in Hayate the Combat Butler Hayate no Gotoku , Shana in Shakugan no Shana , Louise in The Familiar of Zero Zero no Tsukaima , Taiga Aisaka in Toradora , and more recently Lotte in Astarotte no Omocha and Aria H. Kanzaki in Aria the Scarlet Ammo . She is Typecasting acting typecasted to tsundere lolicon loli roles due to her voicing of tsundere characters Nagi Hayate the Combat Butler Hayate no Gotoku , Shana Shakugan no Shana , and Louise The Familiar of Zero Zero no Tsukaima all of those anime aired around the same time. Due to her popularity and skill portraying such roles, some of her fans have named her as the Queen of Tsundere or even TsundeRie . ref cite web url http enta mantan archive news 2009 03 07 20090307mog00m200025000c.html title ...   more details

  1. Hand Maid May

    Kuwahara A lolicon and cosplay fanatic who lives in room 201 of Kasumi House. Episodes class wikitable ...   more details

  1. Like Life

    Himeko living in Kazuma s house, she hinted at the fact that he may be a lolicon . Her sickness is not stated ...   more details

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