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Hipster (contemporary subculture)
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Encyclopedia results for Hipster (contemporary subculture)

Hipster (contemporary subculture)

Encyclopedia results for Hipster (contemporary subculture)

  1. Hipster

    wiktionary Hipster may refer to Hipster 1940s subculture Hipster contemporary subculture Hipster PDA , a paper based personal organizer Low rise fashion Hipsters film Hipsters film disambig de Hipster Begriffskl rung es Hipster fr Hipster homonymie ru sv Hipster ...   more details

  1. The Hipster Handbook

    infobox Book See Wikipedia WikiProject Novels or Wikipedia WikiProject Books name The Hipster Handbook title orig translator image image caption Cover of first Anchor Books edition paperback author Robert Lanham cover artist country United States language English language English series genre Humor publisher Anchor Books a division of Random House release date 2003 in literature 2003 media type paperback first edition pages 169 pp first edition paperback isbn ISBN 1 4000 3201 6 first edition paperback dewey 818 .602 21 congress PN6165 .L36 2003 oclc 50554281 preceded by followed by The Hipster Handbook 2003 is a satirical guide to Hipster contemporary subculture hipster culture by Williamsburg, Brooklyn author Robert Lanham . It includes a lexicon of words such as deck which means cool and fin which means not so cool , as well as chapters that describe and explain all that which makes up a Hipster contemporary subculture hipster . A quiz in the back of the book rates readers on their level of hipsterdom, rewarding high scores to those who answer the questions in the manner of art school students and well cultured, well dressed, self proclaimed hyper intellectuals. Esquire magazine Esquire called the book The Official Preppy Handbook for people who wear Atari T shirts. ref cite web url http Hipster Handbook Robert Lanham dp product description 1400032016 title The Hipster Handbook Paperback accessdate 2008 08 23 ref Critical reception Reviews were mixed. Rick Marin, of the New York Times, gave it a favorable review, though he pointed out much of the hipsterism ... Book Review The Hipster Handbook . by Rae Licari. From Gateway. Accessed 7 June 2010. ref ref ... . by Hank Stuever. Washington Post. Accessed 7 June 2010. ref ref http www.enjoy your hipster handbook.html Hipster Handbook Review . from Enjoy Your Style. Accessed 7 June 2010. ref It was popular ... Author site DEFAULTSORT Hipster Handbook Category 2003 books Category Popular culture books Category ...   more details

  1. The Hipster Orchestra

    and pop contemporary hits as well as established classics for a string based chamber group. The Hipster ...Infobox musical artist name The Hipster Orchestra image jpho wiki.jpg alt caption image size landscape ... br Matt Chambless br Jeff Peters br Shota Ike br Sarah Whitney br Angela Pickett past members The Hipster ... label. The group is comprised primarily of Jingle Punks employees and in house musicians. The Hipster Orchestra has released two albums Hipster Dinner Party Vol. 1 and The Nirvana Sessions. Style The Hipster Orchestra applies a classic chamber group sound to contemporary indie rock hits. Acoustic guitars and sometimes a banjo augment the sound. History The Hipster Orchestra was formed in 2011 by employees ... was to arrange both indie and pop contemporary hits as well as established classics for a string ... orches.html Hear A Self Proclaimed Hipster Orchestra Cover The Strokes , 7 April 2011. Retrieved ... Up followed, also premiered via online video. On September 27, 2011, the Hipster Orchestra released two albums Hipster Dinner Party Vol. 1 and The Nirvana Sessions. The Hipster Dinner Party Vol. 1 album ... after Primary Wave, Nirvana s publishing company, asked the Hipster Orchestra to cover songs originally ... to say the least, ref MTV Soundtrack. http post the hipster orchestra reconstruct nirvana The Hipster Orchestra Reconstruct Nirvana , 27 September 2011. Retrieved on 27 September ... s celebration of Nevermind s twentieth anniversary. In January 2012 the Hipster Orchestra released ... make up of the Hipster Orchestra as well as the 808 drum machine, a mainstay of hip hop sonics ..., as well as a quote from Bruce Hornsby s pop hit The Way It Is. On January 20, 2012, the Hipster Orchestra ... s then newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Appearances The Hipster Orchestra s touring history ... Angeles at the Soho House. Additionally, the Hipster Orchestra has drawn attention from media ... and Kennedy New York , DDB Chicago , Leo Burnett Chicago , and Grip Toronto . On television, the Hipster ...   more details

  1. Down By The Hipster

    nofootnotes date October 2008 Down By The Hipster is a New York City nightlife blog . Down By The Hipster is regularly cited by other New York City blogs such as and New York magazine s food and restaurant blog Grub Street, as well as print publications such as the New York Post and BlackBook Magazine Blackbook magazine . Down By The Hipster has been credited with breaking news stories such as Heath Ledger s involvement in opening the bar and cafe Five Leaves in Brooklyn, New York. Sources http daily food 2008 07 blog feud erupts between down.html New York magazine http seven 07242008 gossip pagesix a bar heath will long haunt 121225.htm New York Post Page Six July 24, 2008 http 2008 07 24 anne h fed up with ex s alleged fraud July 24, 2008 http article heath ledgers posthumous celebrity restaurant 3548 Blackbook Magazine Online July 23, 2008 External links http Official website Category Blogs Category American blogs ...   more details

  1. Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Hipster Daddy O and the Handgrenades image caption image size Only for images narrower than 220 pixels background group or band alias origin Tucson, Arizona Tucson , Arizona , United States genre Swing genre Swing br Rock music Rock br Ska music Ska br Swing revival Swing Revival years active 1997 present label BMG Records , Slimstyle Records associated acts website http current members Eric Allen, Mike Edward, Ty Lebsack, Daryl Seymour, Grant Lange, Kris Wiedeman, and Jeff Tidypaws Grubic past members Andrew Sternberg, Andrew Boozeman Skaggs Hipster Daddy O and the Handgrenades HDH is a band that was formed in 1997 in Tucson, Arizona Tucson , Arizona . Combining various influences from swing music , ska , rockabilly music and Rock music rock Hipster Daddy O and the Handgrenades attracted a local following throughout the Southwest of The United States . Best associated with the ongoing Swing Revival movement. ref name movement cite book last Vale first V. coauthors Marian Wallace title Swing The New Retro Renaissance publisher V Search Publications year 1998 isbn 1 889307 02 5 ref of the late 1990s, the band s musical style, however, transcends any single genere. After earning critical praise and local awards from The Tucson Weekly including Best Swing Band 1998 , Best Dressed Band 1998 and Best Live Performance 1998 http tw tammies list.htm Hipster Daddy O emabarked on several national tours throughout 1998, 1999, and 2000, touring and playing shows with the bands Real Big Fish, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and The Aquabats. Their debut album Armed and Swingin was released in 1998 on Slimstyle Records and included the original song The Perpetrator which was later featured in the Farrelly Brothers blockbuster movie Me, Myself & Irene starring Jim Carrey in the year 2000 ... s second album Diesel was released in October 2000 on the Slimstyle and BMG Music labels. Hipster ...   more details

  1. Maker subculture

    The maker subculture is a contemporary subculture, representing a technology based extension of DIY culture . Typical interests enjoyed by the maker subculture include engineering oriented pursuits such as electronics , robotics , 3D printing 3 D printing , and the use of CNC tools, as well as more traditional activities such as metalworking , woodworking , and traditional Art and craft arts and crafts . The rise of the maker subculture is closely associated with the rise of hackerspaces , of which there are now over 100 in the United States ref Tinkering Makes Comeback Amidst Crisis, http article SB125798004542744219.html ref . Some notable hackerspaces which have been linked with the maker subculture include NYC Resistor , A2 Mech Shop , and the for profit TechShop . In addition, those who identify with the subculture can be found at more traditional universities with a technical orientation, such as MIT specifically around Industrial arts shop areas like the MIT Hobby Shop . Some media outlets associated with the subculture include Make magazine MAKE a magazine published since 2005 by O Reilly Media and the popular weblog Boing Boing . Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow has written a novel, Makers Cory Doctorow novel Makers , which he describes as being a book about people who hack hardware, business models, and living arrangements to discover ways of staying alive and happy even when the economy is falling down the toilet ref Makers, my new novel free downloads, donate to libraries and colleges, signings and tours, http 2009 10 28 makers my new novel.html ref . Since 2006, the subculture has held a yearly event, Maker Faire , which has drawn crowds of up to 65,000 attendees. References Reflist See also Maker Faire Maker Faire Africa External links commonscat Maker subculture http node 21540392 The Economist article on the Maker movement Category DIY culture Category Subcultures it Maker ...   more details

  1. Internet subculture

    Internet subculture may refer to a subculture disseminated mainly over the Internet, or Cyberculture , the sub culture emerging from the Internet. disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Subculture (disambiguation)

    Subculture may refer to Subculture sociology a group of people with a culture which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong. Subculture biology a new cell or microbiological culture made by transferring some or all cells from a previous culture to fresh growth medium. Sub culture song Sub culture , a 1985 New Order single. Sub Culture , a computer game. disambig ...   more details

  1. Casual (subculture)

    about the hooligan subculture the style of clothing Casual the football club Casuals F.C. the band The Casuals The casual subculture is a subsection of association football culture that is typified by football hooliganism and the wearing of expensive European designer clothing . ref cite news title Casuals The Lost Tribe of Britain They dressed, andf still dress, cool and fought work The Sunday Herald date 2005 05 08 author Barry Didcock url http p articles mi qn4156 is 20050508 ai n14624276 ref ref cite journal title Hit and Tell a Review Essay on the Soccer Hooligan Memoir author ... pages 100 106 chapter Assemblage and subculture the Casuals and their clothing url http ?id 03w9AAAAIAAJ&pg PA100&lpg PA100&dq casuals subculture ref ref cite news title Pundit says learn ... url http ?id USl1G 903EwC&pg PA91&vq casuals subculture skinheads mods hippies page ... 2005 accessdate 2008 08 15 chapter url Subcultural conflict isbn 9780415344166 ref The subculture originated ... pub s. History 1950s to 1980s British football support has had a strong fashion led subculture element since the rise of the Teddy Boys in the mid 1950s. This continued with the Mod subculture mods ... 1970s. The casual subculture began in the late 1970s after Liverpool F.C.and Everton F.C. fans introduced ... trends frequently changed, and the casual subculture reached its peak in the late 1980s. With the arrival of the acid house , rave and Madchester scenes, the violence of the casual subculture faded. 1990s and 2000s In the mid 1990s, the casual subculture experienced a revival, but emphasis ... the Political Discourse in Relation to Muslims and Islam in the British Contemporary Setting journal ... year 1988 isbn 0415006473 pages 100 106 chapter Assemblage and subculture the Casuals and their clothing url http ?id 03w9AAAAIAAJ&pg PA100&lpg PA100&dq casuals subculture cite journal ... date October 2010 DEFAULTSORT Casual Subculture Category Association football hooliganism Category ...   more details

  1. Subculture (biology)

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 In Biology a subculture is a new cell culture cell or microbiological culture made by transferring some or all cell biology cell s from a previous culture to fresh growth medium . This action is called subculturing or passaging the cells. Subculture is used to prolong the life and or expand the number of cells or microorganisms in the culture. Role Cell lines and microorganisms cannot be held in culture indefinitely due to the gradual rise in toxic metabolites , use of nutrients and increase in cell number due to growth. Subculture is therefore used to produce a new culture with a lower density of cells than the originating culture, fresh nutrients and no toxic metabolites allowing continued growth of the cells without risk of cell death. Subculture is important for both proliferating e.g. a microorganism like E. coli and non proliferating e.g. terminally differentiated white blood cells cells. Typically subculture is from a culture of a certain volume into fresh growth medium of equal volume, this allows long term maintenance of the cell line. Subculture into a larger volume of growth medium is used when wanting to increase the number of cells for, for example, use in an industrial process or scientific experiment. Passage number It is often important to record the approximate number of divisions cells have had in culture by recording the number of passages or subcultures. In the case of plant tissue cells somaclonal variation may arise over long periods in culture. Similarly in mammal ian cell lines chromosomal aberrations have ... for optimal growth and subculture will normally try to keep the cells in this range. Adherent ... confluencies over 10 but under 100 , and subculture will normally try to keep the cells in this range. For subculture cells may be detached by one of several methods including trypsin treatment to break ... onto their growth surface. DEFAULTSORT Subculture Biology Category Microbiology terms Microbiology ...   more details

  1. Redskin (subculture)

    unreferenced date May 2009 otheruses Redskin disambiguation In the context of the skinhead subculture , a redskin is a left wing politics left wing Socialism socialist or Communism communist skinhead. The term combines the word red , a slang term for socialist or communist with the word skin , which is short for skinhead. Redskins take a militant Anti fascism anti fascist and pro working class stance. The most well known organization associated with redskins is Red and Anarchist Skinheads RASH . Other groups that have had redskin members include Anti Fascist Action , Red Action and Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice although SHARP does not have an official leftist ideology . Bands associated with redskins include The Redskins , Angelic Upstarts , Blaggers I.T.A. , Skin Deep, Kortatu , Skalariak , Banda Bassotti , The Burial , Negu Gorriak , Opci k 95 , Los Fastidios , Direttiva 16 and The Press band The Press . One record label associated with the subculture is Insurgence Records . Skinhead DEFAULTSORT Redskin Subculture Category Anti neo Nazi activism Category Skinhead Category Social class subcultures Category Anti fascists es Redskin fr Redskin it Redskin nl Redskin pl Redskins pt Redskin ...   more details

  1. Feral (subculture)

    about the Australian subculture other uses Feral The feral subculture is a counter cultural social movement originating in the latter part of the twentieth century, mainly centered in Australia . The movement reached its heyday in the mid 1990s, in parallel with crusties other similar movements in Europe and elsewhere. In common with those movements, the feral phenomenon can be seen as part of the wider counterculture . ref Cohen, Green Fire , Angus and Robertson, 1996 ref In Australia, the ferals are often seen as an amalgam of the Punk subculture punk and hippie subcultures, with a radical environmental philosophy. ref http , retrieved Tuesday, 19, 2010. ref The movement, during the 1990s, was the subject of national attention, ref name Murray Murray ibid and W Gibbs, Feral Aussie families they live in trees and eat wattle seeds , Woman s Day , 13 February 1995, pp 12 13. ref and as a phenomenon has been the subject of anthropological attention as a characteristically Australian alternative lifestyle . ref name Murray ref St John, G. 1997. Going feral authentica on the edge of Australian culture . The Australian Journal of Anthropology 8 2 167 189 ref Going Tribal , ref http titles documentaries going tribal ref a documentary by Light Source Films, examined the subculture in 1995. The feral movement is strongly associated with radical environmentalism and a communal lifestyle, with many members residing on Intentional Community multiple occupancy properties. In common with the hippies before them, many members of the feral movement rely on a system of punk house crash pads , squatting squats , and extended networks of friends of friends throughout Australia to travel with a minimum of financial outlay. ref http thesis fiveroots.html ref Although the itinerant lifestyle and environmental beliefs ... in Australia DEFAULTSORT Feral Subculture Category Pejorative terms for people Category Social class ...   more details

  1. Clubbing (subculture)

    and raves . The subculture took shape in the late 1980s and early 1990s at underground rave parties ... this subculture into a mainstream movement, youth oriented lifestyle and global activity ... soc tammya EDM Project ref From the beginning, clubbing, while it was more rave subculture, has involved mostly younger people between 15 and 25 years of age. A subculture emerged around raves, featuring ...   more details

  1. Suedehead (subculture)

    for the Morrissey single Suedehead The Suedehead subculture was an early 1970s offshoot of skinhead subculture in the United Kingdom . Although sharing similarities to 1960s skinheads, suedeheads grew their hair longer and dressed more formally. ref cite news url http time magazine article 0,9171,909318,00.html?promoid googlep work Time title Britain The Skinheads date 1970 06 08 accessdate 2010 05 24 ref ref name Suedeheads cite book last de Konigh first Michael title Suedehead Reggae Box Set liner notes publisher Trojan Records year 2004 location London id TJETD003 ref Although often working class like skinheads, some had White collar worker white collar jobs. A female suedehead was a sort . Suedeheads wore brogues , loafers or basketweave Norwegians instead of heavy boots. Suedeheads wore Suit clothing suits especially in check patterns such as Prince of Wales and dogtooth and other dressy outfits as everyday wear instead of just at dancehalls. Crombie clothing Crombie style overcoats and sheepskin coats became common. Shirts often had large button down collars. The most common style was a large windowpane check worn under a Tank top sweater tank top known as a sweater vest in North America . Sta Prest trousers became worn more than jeans, which had been common with skinheads. Another characteristic was coloured socks such as solid red or blue instead of plain black or white. ref name Suedeheads Suedeheads shared the skinheads interest in reggae , soul music and ska , but slower and more soulful. ref name Suedeheads ref name Morrissey Gets It Off His Chest http interviews 1988 chest.htm Morrissey Gets It Off His Chest Bot generated title ref Some suedeheads also listened to Great Britain British glam rock bands, such as Sweet band The Sweet , Slade and Mott the Hoople . ref name Suedeheads ref http interviews ... Suedehead in 1988, although the lyrics have nothing to do with suedehead subculture. External links ...   more details

  1. Exi (subculture)

    rocker subculture rocker s and motorcycling biker s, the vast majority of whom had not been anywhere ... and Blues . References Notes reflist Bibliography External links DEFAULTSORT Exi Subculture ...   more details

  1. Sharpies (Australian subculture)

    other sharpies by creating the best patterns, colours, and detail. Mod subculture Mods were an enemy ... to inter gang rivalries. ref name ndit sharpies The sharpies subculture faded out partly due ... , a photographic exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney ... the sharpie subculture Levi released Levi s Black Sharps , a denim range inspired by sharpies ...   more details

  1. Internet Relay Chat subculture

    Unreferenced date October 2007 IRC subculture refers to the particular set of social features common to interaction on the various Internet Relay Chat IRC systems across the world, and the Organizational culture culture associated with them. Overview Internet Relay Chat is an Internet based chat system that has existed in one form or another since 1988. Networks are connected groups of IRC servers which share a common userbase. Channels are the chat rooms on said networks. IRC channel operator s commonly referred to as chops ops are IRC operators, generally something a lot more powerful or chanops are the individuals who run any given channel. While there are many different IRC networks, and across those networks there are usually large numbers of IRC channels, there are some unifying features common to the social structures of them all. Many of the features of the IRC subculture mesh with other Internet subculture s, such as various forum subcultures. This is especially prevalent in IRC channels or networks that are directly related to other Internet phenomena, such as an IRC channel created by and for the users of a particular Internet forum . Communication on IRC IRC has much in common with a regular in person conversation. It is real time many on many communication that is not logged by the server for posterity many IRC clients do offer a logging feature, but the logs are generally then not publicly available . Some bots may also feature logging facilities. Users on IRC usually refer to a channel as a room only if the user migrates from another chat network where they re called rooms. Otherwise people refer to channels as channels like they should be users say something ... from a channel is considered punishment. Variations While many aspects of IRC subculture are common ... DEFAULTSORT Internet Relay Chat Subculture Category Internet culture Category Internet Relay Chat Subculture, Internet Relay Chat ...   more details

  1. Hacker (programmer subculture)

    File ref The programmer subculture of hackers, in contrast to the cracker community, generally sees ... needed date April 2011 Over time, the academic hacker subculture has tended to become more conscious ... . The concentration of academic hacker subculture has paralleled and partly been driven by the commoditization ... by Eric S. Raymond . The academic hacker subculture is defined by shared work and play focused around ... needed date April 2011 works of which the subculture considers itself primary custodian. Citation needed date April 2011 The academic hacker subculture has developed a rich Citation needed date ... hacker emblem the Hacker Emblem page on Eric S. Raymond s site ref The academic hacker subculture ... shaped the academic hacker subculture Citation needed date April 2011 influential Citation needed ..., 2010. DEFAULTSORT Hacker Programmer Subculture Category Hacking programmer subculture fr Hacker ...   more details

  1. History of the punk subculture

    to the formation of the punk subculture. Poet Arthur Rimbaud provided the basis for Richard Hell s attitude ... Previous youth subcultures influenced various aspects of the punk subculture. The punk movement ... bikers , Rocker subculture rockers and Greaser subculture greasers of earlier decades. The all black ... the punk subculture, in terms of fashion, music attitude or other factors include Teddy Boy s, Mod subculture Mod s, skinhead s and glam rock ers. Origins The earliest form of punk, retroactively ... of the wider glam rock movement. The drug subculture of Manhattan, especially heroin users, formed ... to develop one of the earliest punk scenes. The original punk subculture was made up of a loose ... in various ways to form the original mainline punk subculture, which varied greatly from region ... from mainstream society that enabled them to come together and form a punk subculture. ref Drogas .... In the UK, punk interacted with the Jamaican reggae and ska subculture s. The reggae influence is evident ... punk subculture emerged. This subculture proved fertile in much the same way as the original punk subculture, producing several new groups. These subcultures stand alongside the older subcultures .... Footnotes Reflist DEFAULTSORT History Of The Punk Subculture Category Punk Category Historical eras ...   more details

  1. Queen bee (subculture)

    0,,ppdebate j733,00.html Article on girls cliques DEFAULTSORT Queen Bee Subculture Category ...   more details

  1. Underground (British subculture)

    Refimprove date May 2009 This is about the 1960s cultural movement. For the tube train system, see London Underground . Image Oz 31 cover.jpg thumb 300px Oz magazine Oz number 31 cover. The text in the lower right corner says He drives a Maserati She s a professional model The boy is the son of the art editor of Time magazine Some revolution The Underground was a counterculture countercultural movement in the United Kingdom linked to the subculture underground culture in the United States and associated with the hippie phenomenon. Its primary focus was around Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill in London . It generated its own magazines and newspapers, bands, clubs and alternative lifestyle, associated with cannabis and LSD use and a strong socio political revolutionary agenda to create an alternative society. Beatnik influence Many in the blossoming underground movement were influenced by 1950s Beatnik Beat generation writers such as William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg , who paved the way for the hippie s of the 1960s. During the 1960s, the Beatnik writers engaged in symbiotic evolution with freethinking academics including experimental psychologist Timothy Leary . An example of the cross over of beatnik poetry and music can be seen when Burroughs appeared at the Phun City festival, organised in 24 26 July 1970 by Mick Farren with underground community bands including the Pretty Things , the Pink Fairies , The Edgar Broughton Band and, from United States America , The MC5 . History Note I have simply cut and pasted this here from a merge candidate article. This WILL need to be severely trimmed, and probably anything relevant should be moved into existing sections The UK s underground movement was focused on the Ladbroke Grove Notting Hill area of London, which Mick Farren said was an enclave of freak scene freaks , immigrants and bohemian s long before the hippie s got there 1 . It had been depicted in Colin MacInnes novel Absolute Beginners novel Absolute Beginners w ...   more details

  1. Military brat (U.S. subculture)

    War Germany Hardcover ref Subculture Military brats especially current and former children of career ... year old American subculture , with millions of members. ref name Wertsch p350 ref name bojh The age ... nomad ic subculture . ref name morton Primary features of military brat lifestyle and culture Image ... of social psychology and as a distinct and unique American subculture, although less so in terms ...   more details

  1. Contemporary Museum

    Contemporary Museum may refer to Contemporary Museum Baltimore The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu disambiguation ...   more details

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