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Zakir Mammadov

Zakir Jabbar Bey oglu Mammadov (Azerbaijani: M mm dov Zakir Cabbar b y o lu) - Correspondent member (associate member) of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, doctor in philosophy.

Correspondent member (associate member) of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, doctor in philosophy, Professor Zakir Jabbar bey oglu Mammadov profoundly and thoroughly dealt with issues history of Eastern philosophy, especially history of Azerbaijani philosophy and wrote priceless works in this field during his scientific activities for approximately forty years. The scholar refuted the erroneous thesis no professional philosopher lived in Azerbaijan in Middle Ages except for Bahmanyar and analyzed by exposing the richness of our national legacy. Herewith he became the indispensable researcher of our national legacy.[1]



Zakir Mammadov was born in village Seyidli of Agdam on August 16, 1936.[2] His mother was Husnu Murtuza bey qizi Mammadbeyova, and his father Jabbar bey Ismayil bey oglu Valibeyov. Jabbar bey was descendant of Baharli tribe and prominent intellectual of his age. Jabbar owned vast lands, engaged in teaching by establishing school at his home and founded new kind of school.

Jabbar bey underwent repression, was exiled into Siberia like hundreds of intellectuals. When he was arrested, all documents and books at Jabbar bey s home were seized. Therefore Zakir Mammadov s birth certificate was lost. Afterwards he was given birth certificate by village council that he had been born in 1939.

Zakir Mammadov grew up under political persecution and that s why he shifted to his mother s surname. It is known that after establishment of soviet authority majority of people descending from Bey ancestry were issued passport by cutting Bey ending in their surnames. Therefore his last name was Mammadov, not Mammadbeyov.

Zakir Mammadov won sympathy with his innate talent since his early ages. Since his secondary school years he engaged in arts, wrote verses and drew paintings. His verses were published in dist rict newspaper, his paintings and his portray Young Michurinists painted by watercolour were displayed in school exhibition and in republican exhibition in 1955 respectively.

His poetic play titled Friendly help was staged by amateur team of Agdam Pioneer House in 1955 and by amateur team of Barda Pioneer House in 1956.

Zakir Mammadov graduated from secondary school 1 of Agdam earning medal and entered Arabic philology section, recently established within Faculty of Oriental Studies of Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University). While Zakir Mammadov was first year student, i.e. on 29 November 1957 his father Jabbar bey was exonerated by the decision of Supreme Court of Azerbaijan SSR. While studying at university he was awarded certificate of merit by Az.LKGI for excellence in education and public work. He published verses and translations from Arabic on university newspaper with large editions. Having learnt Arabic perfectly from Alasgar Mam madov, great personality, polyglot scholar, and founder of Arabic studies in Azerbaijan, Zakir Mammadov graduated from university in 1962.

In August of that year Zakir Mammadov embarked on working as junior research fellow in Institute of Oriental Studies of ANAS. From September 1962 to September 1963 he was the first Azer baijani interpreter who worked in construction of Aswan dam in Egypt (UAR). Having learnt local dialect in a year he also collected rich scientific literature in Arabic. Upon return to his motherland he started teaching Egyptian dialect first time in Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University) and due to his scientific interest toward books obtained about Eastern philosophy began working in Philosophy section of Azerbaijan AS (now Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of ANAS).[3]

Hence, Zakir Mammadov attained philosophical specialty science of the sciences in Azerbaijani language and Arabic philology through working present-day Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law since January 1, 1964.

Hereby Zakir Mammadov revealed the richness of our national philosophical legacy thank to his perfect knowledge of Eastern languages and philosophy, because till his researches it was supposed that no professional philosopher lived in the East, Bahmanyar who left few materials among his works in our hand is exception. Through approximately forty years Zakir Mammadov carried out explorations, revealed Azerbaijani philosophers and thinkers (who wrote in Eastern languages) rich legacy published in various countries of the world, as well as preserved as manuscript, worked out their philosophy (theory of existence and knowledge theory), logic, socio-political and ethical views.

Philosophy turned out to be bondmaid of theology in Christian world in Middle Ages which is considered the age of ignorance and unawareness, there was not scientific philosophy, only scholas ticism and mysticism were poorly spread. Zakir Mammadov proved that alongside with religious philosophy scientific philosophy existed in East and also Azerbaijan at that time. He found out that one of three essential scientific philosophical doctrines Eastern Peripateticism was founded by Turkic philosopher Abu Na r Farabi (873-950), the other two ones, Pantheism and Illu mi na tionism were founded by Ayn al-Quzat Miyanedji (1099 1131) and Shihab al-Din Yahya Suhrawardi (1154 1191) respectively.[4]

Doctrines of skilful Azerbaijani philosophers became pattern for talented philosophers throughout ages in Moslem countries of the East by growing into philosophical schools. Their ideas didn t confine to Islamic world and later spread across European countries as well.

In a word, history of world philosophy didn t lack scientific philosophical vision owing to the East, particularly Azerbaijani philosophers in Middle Ages (for the duration of thousand years). All these were expressed by Zakir Mammadov in more than thirty books (published and not published) and 250 articles.

In 1969 Zakir Mammadov succeeded the defence of his postg raduate dissertation Sirajeddin Urmavi s logical views which he had completed in 1967. Although his doctoral thesis 11-13th Centuries Philosophical Thinking in Azerbaijan , which had been completed in 1974 was published as a book in 1978, he accomplished the defence 16 years later.

Having founded the section for history of Eastern philosophy in 1997 Zakir Mammadov chaired the section till the end of his life. He was elected corresponding member (associate member) of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 2001.

Zakir Mammadov worked in the post of academic editor (part-time) for Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopaedia from 1969 to 1970, made efforts so that materials concerning our national philosophy were widely incorporated into encyclopaedia. Azerbaijan s professional philosophers were included in this ten volume work only attributable to him.

Moreover, Zakir Mammadov engaged in pedagogical activities, taught philosophy, history of Azerbaijani philosophy and history of Eastern philosophy in higher education institutions. Zakir Mammadov was a member of expert council on History, theology, philosophy, psychology and pedagogical sciences of High Attestation Commission under President of the Republic since 1997.

Because Zakir Mammadov s whole researches were based on primary sources, he did his utmost for bringing those works to Azer baijan. Till his researches Bahmanyar s two small size treatises The Subject of Metaphysics and Degrees of Beings had been known. The researcher revealed his large size work Education (Kitab at-tahsil). Due to his numerous requests from related organizations the treatise was brought into Azerbaijan. Thus the scholar incorporated the entire Education into research first time.

Along with treatises The Subject of Metaphysics and Degrees of Beings Bahmanyar s Education (Kitab at-tahsil) was fully translated into Azerbaijani. Small part of Education (Kitab at-tahsil) and two other treatises were completely published in his book titled Eastern philosophy (9-12th centuries) (BDU publishing, 1999).[5]

Zakir Mammadov was acquiring the Eastern, especially Azerbaijani philosophers works, microfilms of unique manuscripts, printed copies mostly at the expense of his own and sometimes his friends allowances to order. In Azerbaijan he was the only scholar that researched the doctrines of Eastern philosophers comp re hen sively and extendedly on the basis of those sources. Besides re searc hing the legacy of our world famous philosophers he also soug-ht for their public recognition.

On Zakir Mammadov s initiative the Presidium of Azerbaijan Aca demy of Sciences adopted decision on commemoration of 800th an niversary of Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi, the founder of Illumi nationism on April 2, 1991. In accordance with this decision the jubilee of illuminationist philosopher was marked in Institute of Philosophy and Law (now Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law) on 25 December 1991.

While Zakir Mammadov, the only researcher of Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi s philosophical legacy translated his numerous treatises into Azerbaijani, merely two of them were issued. The researcher translated Shihab al-Din Suhrawardi s Philosophers creed into Azerbaijani and Russian in cooperation with Tariyel Hasanov and this translation was published initially in 1986 and second time in 1999. By translating philosopher s treatise The Temples of Light (Hayakal al-Nur) Zakir Mammadov published it initially in 1989 and second time in 1999 with his own fund.

Upon Z.Mammadov s initiative the Presidium of Azerbaijan AS and Cabinet of Ministers adopted decision on the commemoration of the thousandth anniversary of Abulhasan Bahmanyar s birth in 1993. On this occasion three scientific sessions were held in In s titute of Philosophy and Law and conferences in a number of higher education institutions.

Upon Zakir Mammadov s initiative the Presidium of Azerbaijan AS adopted decision on the 800th anniversary of Sirajeddin Urmavi s birth in 1998. He made up articles with regard to the 800th anni ver sary of Afzaladdin Xunaji and Sirajeddin Urmavi s birth and to the 900th anniversary of Ayn al-Quzat Miyanedji and published them in journal and newspapers.

Zakir Mammadov attended a variety of scientific sessions, con fe ren ces in Baku, Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana and Dushanbe. He gave a talk in 5th (1968) and 12th (1975) scientific sessions of Azer baijan AS s Coordination Council, academic conference dedi cated to methodological issues and development history of Trans caucasian peoples medieval philosophy and session devoted to the 700 th anniversary of Ottoman Empire (1999). He delivered spe eches regarding the anniversaries of scientific and cultural coryphaeus Farabi, Avicenna, Nizami, Nasimi, A.Bakikhanov, M.F.Akhundov, Imam Bukhari and Ahmad Fargani. He was elected member of State Jubilee Commission organizing the Nasir al-Din al-Tusi s 800th anniversary.

History of Azerbaijan Philosophy , Zakir Mammadov s mas ter pi ece of great importance among his writings is an outline of his researches concerning Azerbaijani philosophers and thinkers rich philosophical legacy revealed by him for more than thirty years. The book traces the development path of Azerbaijani philosophy s history. Ideological trends, doctrines, vision of their Azerbaijani proponents are analysed in the context of Eastern philosophical thinking. It is shown that though merely religious philosophy (mysti cism and scholasticism) was spread in Christian world during feudalism, there existed non-religious philosophical doctrines such as pantheism and Illuminationism founded by Azerbaijani philosophers, as well as East Peripateticism in Moslem countries and these enriched philosophical history of the mankind.

Za kir Mammadov is the author of more than forty articles in ten-volume Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopaedia, of second volume of History of Azerbaijan in seven volumes (the chapter titled philosophy), of second volume of History of Azerbaijani literature in six volumes, and of some articles in Philosophical Encyc lopaedic Dictionary . He is the author of textbook called Philo sop hy and syllabus History of Philosophy taught at schools. Wors hipper

Eastern philosophy (11-12th centuries) . (Baku, BSU publishing, 1999). Zakir Mammadov engaged in translation as well, translating first time into Azerbaijani language the pearls of the world phi lo sophy - Yakub Kindi s treatise The first philosophy , excerpts from Abulhasan Askeri s work Muslims views and the diversity in worshippers opinions , Farabi s book Meanings of the Intellect , the physics part of Ibn Sina s The Book of Knowledge (Danishnama-i alai) , The Book of Politics. Treatise on Ethics (Ilm-al-akhlaq) , the logic excerpt of Bahmanyar s Education Book , treatises Subject of Metaphysics and the Degrees of Beings , the excerpts from Gazzali s Rescuer from Error (al-Munqidh min al-dalal) treatise, the extracts from Ayn al-Quzat Miyanedji s treatise The essence of the truth , selected excepts from Abu Hafs Suhrawardi s book Contribution of the Knowledge and the other works and incorporated them to the collection Eastern philosophy (11-12th centuries) (Baku, BSU publishing, 1999).

Zakir Mammadov s books were used by the scientists who wrote works not only in the field of philosophy, but also law, literature and history. His translations from medieval philosophers and thinkers works are within the sources for researchers studies.

Zakir Mammadov died on March 2, 2003. Zakir Mam madov s life and writings were broadly depicted in Orkhan Mam madov s book titled Agdam s renowned pedagogues and scholars . At the same time more than thirty articles about Zakir Mammadov s scientific activities were published in periodical press. Khatira Guliyeva published a monograph called Great Azer baijani philosopher Zakir Mammadov (Baharli) with reference to his life and writings.


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