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WebMaker CMS is a UK-based company which markets an online website builder package called WebMaker CMS, a website builder that makes website creation straightforward for people who do not have the technical knowledge required to develop a website using technical code and want to focus on their core business competency and not programming a website. The product provides free hosting for the first year, which is renewed by annual fee. WebMaker has a number of add-ons or plug-ins/widgets, enabling customers to add extra features as and when they are needed by selecting them from within the WebMaker product. WebMaker is sold by the UK marketing agency, Insight Group,[1] based in Bracknell, Berkshire, UK.



Insight Group launched WebMaker CMS in 2011, having already been a designer and builder of websites using higher-level website building solutions such as the Kameleon content management system. WebMaker CMS was launched to make it easier for start-up or smaller businesses and private individuals to build their own website instead of paying a web development agency to do it for them. Websites have been built using Webmaker s technology for a wide array of markets and applications including crafts, technology, beauty, seminar, event management, product lunch, corporate micro-site, photography.[2]

Standard Features

Standard Features WebMaker CMS WebMaker PRO WebMaker SHOP
250MB web storage
10GB web storage
Email accounts 30 50 100
Web email access or .com Domain Name
Contact form
SEO ready pages
Site map
Search facility
Advanced image uploading
Administration panel
Tool-Tip help
Site design changer
Social networking
Easily control navigation
See who is online
Advanced home page
Fav icon upload
Quick easy style editor
Advanced form options
Over 100 website designs

Expansion Plug-Ins

(some plug-ins included as standard refer to WebMaker website for details)

  • Ad marketing
  • Blogs
  • Breadcrumb
  • Downloads manager
  • Ecommerce
  • FAQs
  • Google analytics
  • Image capture/bulk upload
  • Image gallery
  • Links manager
  • Members area
  • Missing images
  • Missing pages
  • Multi admin
  • Newsletter
  • Portfolio
  • Random home content
  • Search stats
  • Send emails
  • SEO report
  • Site polls
  • Smartplayer
  • Testimonials
  • Video gallery
  • What's new


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"WebMaker Shop gives me everything I need from information and sales to search engine pick up and twitter" - 5 Star Review on Rate-It-All (*****)[14]

"WebMaker is the easiest, most powerful website builder I've used" - 5 Star Review on ciao! (*****)[15]

"Great website builder which let me create a website quickly, easily and without any technical knowledge at a price I could easily afford" - 5 Star Review on WEBSITE BUILDER REVIEWS (*****)[16]


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