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Wahooly is a crowd funding company that introduces social networkers to startup websites, giving them a investment stake in return for promoting the new business. It launched in late 2011 through a partnership with Klout.[1] Described as "a group of socially-connected individuals that together, help launch startups."[2] They launched with 27,000 initial beta members and are looking to help accelerate the growth of 200 businesses in 2012.[3]


The term "Wahooligans" originated from a movement of Wahooly's initial user base who had chosen to come together to collaborate and network. The facebook group was created by Claire Downey and administered by Claire Downey, Reuben Pressman, and Jason Liebman who are all part of the Wahooly Inaugural class. The word stems from hooligans, which is analogous in the sense that Wahooligans define themselves as disruptors of the social status quo.



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