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Vosao CMS

Vosao (vo-za) is an open source content management system (CMS) that enables you to build web sites and web applications on the Google App Engine platform for Java.

The Vosao CMS[1] feature list includes visual (WYSIWYG) editing, friendly URLs, internationalization, parent/child page system, nested and programmable templates, commenting (with moderation), site import/export, content versioning, security and group management, resource management, Recaptcha, Google Analytics, plugins, input forms, and SEO URLs.

According to the Vosao CMS website[2], the project was started by Alexander Oleynik in August 2009 in order to develop an open source tool for free site hosting on Google App Engine.

Vosao CMS is one of several open source content management systems and was listed as one of the best Google App Engine applications available.[3] Licensed under GNU General Public License v2.



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