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Observation deck

The 10 m observation deck of Ronda, Spain, overlooks the Depression of Ronda plain over 100 m below. A multi-level tree house in Cape Town, South Africa, with an observation deck on top

An observation deck, observation platform or viewing platform is an elevated sightseeing platform usually situated upon a tall architectural structure such as a skyscraper or observation tower. Fitted with railings or fencing for safety, observation decks are sometimes enclosed from weather, as many skyscraper decks, and may include coin operated telescopes for viewing distant features.


List of public observation decks

Notable public observation decks include the following:

List of public observation decks
Name Built Type Location (sorts by nation) Deck ht (m) Total ht(m) Notes
1 Canton Tower 2011 Steel Tower Guangzhou The outdoor rooftop observation deck opened in December 2011. The highest indoor deck is at 448.8 m or 1472 ft.
2 Shanghai World Financial Center 2008 Skyscraper Shanghai [1] 100th floor, decks also on levels 94 & 97
3 Burj Khalifa 2010 Skyscraper Dubai [2] 124th floor, outdoor
4 Tokyo Skytree 2012 Steel Tower Tokyo Three additional observation decks at 340 m, 345 m, and 350 m
5 CN Tower 1976 Concrete tower Toronto Two additional observation decks at 342 m (outdoor) & 346 m (indoor).
6 Sears Tower (since renamed Willis Tower) 1974 Skyscraper Chicago 103rd floor
7 Sky100, International Commerce Centre 2011 Skyscraper Hong Kong 100th floor 360 degree indoor observatory, it's the highest observation deck in Hong Kong.
8 Taipei 101 2004 Skyscraper Taipei 91st floor's outdoor observatory, it's the previous record of highest outdoor observatory in the world. The 89th floor indoor observatory is .
9 Petronas Towers 1998 Skyscraper Kuala Lumpur Observatory on 86th floor of tower 2, in addition there is the skybridge between the two towers on 41st and 42nd floors at 170 meters.
10 Empire State Building 1931 Skyscraper New York City [3] 102nd floor, additional 86th floor deck (320 m)
11 Oriental Pearl Tower 1994 Concrete tower Shanghai 14th floor
12 Jin Mao Tower 1998 Skyscraper Shanghai
13 Ostankino Tower 1967 Concrete tower Moscow
14 John Hancock Center 1969 Skyscraper Chicago
15 Eureka Tower 2007 Skyscraper Melbourne Skydeck 88 is at a height of 285 m
16 Royal Gorge Bridge 1929 Bridge Colorado spans Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River
17 1-Altitude Gallery, OUB Centre 2010 Skyscraper Singapore Rooftop gallery opened in 2010 as a part of 1-Altitude establishment
18 Eiffel Tower 1889 Steel truss tower Paris 3rd floor
19 Menara Kuala Lumpur 1996 Concrete tower Kuala Lumpur
20 Columbia Center 1985 Skyscraper Seattle 73rd floor
21 Yokohama Landmark 1993 Skyscraper Yokohama 69th floor
22 Millau Viaduct 2004 Bridge Millau 270 m clearance
23 JPMorgan Chase Tower 1982 Skyscraper Houston 60th floor
24 Stratosphere Tower 1996 Concrete tower Las Vegas 9th floor
25 Vajont Dam 1961 Dam Erto e Casso "disused"
26 GE Building 1933 Skyscraper New York City 70th floor ("Top of the Rock")
27 Tianjin Tower 1991 Concrete tower Tianjin "observation pod"
28 Sydney Tower 1981 Tower Sydney
29 Mauvoisin Dam 1957 Dam Bagnes raised 13.5 m in 1991
30 Tokyo Tower 1958 Steel truss tower Tokyo 6th floor
31 CCTV Tower 1992 Concrete tower Beijing
32 Q1 2005 Skyscraper Gold Coast 77th floor (SkyPoint), with the function hall on the 78th
34 Rialto Towers 1986 Office Melbourne
35 Sky Tower 1997 Concrete tower Auckland
36 Verzasca Dam 1965 Dam Ticino
37 Mratinje Dam 1975 Dam Mratinje in Plu ine municipality
38 Westin Peachtree 1973 Skyscraper Atlanta 73rd floor
39 Prudential Tower 1964 Skyscraper Boston [4] 50th floor ("Prudential Skywalk")
40 Detroit Marriott 1977 Skyscraper Detroit 70th floor
41 Tour Montparnasse 1972 Skyscraper Paris
42 Fernsehturm Berlin 1969 Concrete tower Berlin
43 Almendra Dam 1970 Dam Almendra
44 K lnbrein Dam 1979 Dam Malta
45 Main Tower 1999 Skyscraper Frankfurt
46 Olympiaturm 1968 Concrete tower Munich
47 Gateway Arch 1965 steel/concrete St Louis ~
48 Bitexco Financial Tower 2010 Skyscraper Ho Chi Minh City 47th floor
49 Tower of the Americas 1968 Concrete tower San Antonio
50 Olympic Stadium 1987 Concrete tower Montreal
51 Rheinturm 1982 Concrete tower D sseldorf
52 Carew Tower 1931 Skyscraper Cincinnati roof observation deck
53 Reunion Tower 1978 Concrete tower Dallas Closed for renovations.
54 Space Needle 1962 Steel tower Seattle
55 Calgary Tower 1968 Concrete tower Calgary
56 Las Vegas Eiffel Tower 1999 Steel tower Paradise scale (originally to be full-sized)
57 Foshay Tower 1929 Skyscraper Minneapolis 30th floor
58 Custom House Tower 1915 Skyscraper Boston 26th floor
59 Avala Tower 2009 Concrete tower Belgrade
60 Kansas City City Hall 1937 Skyscraper Kansas City 30th floor
61 Penobscot Observatory 2007 bridge tower Penobscot R [5] 3rd level (1st & 2nd levels @ 122 & 128 m)
62 Edifice Marie-Guyart 1972 Skyscraper Quebec City 31st floor
63 Smith Tower 1914 Skyscraper Seattle 35th floor
64 Kuwait viewing sphere 1979 Concrete tower Kuwait City (1990 Liberation Tower of ~300 m is not open to public)
65 National Monument (Indonesia) 1975 Obelisk Monument Jakarta
66 K lnTriangle 2006 Skyscraper Cologne 29th floor[6]
67 Faro de Moncloa 1992 Concrete Tower Madrid
68 Statue of Liberty 1886 Statue Liberty Island [7] crown level (~90 m torch level closed to public in 1916)
69 Liberty Memorial 1926 Concrete tower Kansas City
70 Coit Tower 1933 Concrete tower San Francisco
71 Mt Washington towers 2000 Steel Structure Pittsburgh towers overlook Downtown Pittsburgh
72 John Hancock Tower 1976 Skyscraper Boston Closed to the public since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.[8]

List of highest observation decks by type

Type Name and Location Constructed Height Notes
Enclosed Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China 2008
Outdoor Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China 2011
On skyscraper Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China 2008
On tower Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China 2011
Bridge Royal Gorge Bridge 1929 Above water level.
Dam Vajont Dam 1959 Dependant on weather and whether open to the public.
Demolished One & Two World Trade Center (article), New York City, USA 1972 & 1973 Destroyed during the September 11 attacks.

Timeline of world's highest observation decks

This is a timeline of the development of world's highest observation decks since inauguration of the Eiffel Tower in 1889.

Held record Name and Location Constructed Height of highest observation deck Notes
From To
1889 1931 Eiffel Tower, Paris, France 1889 Two further observation decks 57 & 115 m.
1931 1973 Empire State Building, New York City, USA 1931 [3] A second observation deck is located on the 86th floor at 320 metres above ground.
1973 1974 World Trade Center, New York City, USA (article) 1973 Indoor observatory on the 107th floor of South Tower opened on April 4, 1973. Destroyed during the September 11 attacks.
1974 1975 Sears Tower (since renamed Willis Tower), Chicago, USA 1974 103rd floor observation deck opened on June 22, 1974
1975 1976 World Trade Center, New York City, USA (article) 1973 Outdoor observatory on rooftop of the South Tower opened on December 15, 1975. Destroyed during the September 11 attacks.
1976 2008 CN Tower, Toronto, Canada 1976 Two further observation decks 342 and 346 metres above ground.
2008 2011 Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai, People's Republic of China 2008 Other observation decks are at and .
2011 Canton Tower, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China 2011 The outdoor rooftop observation deck opened in December 2011. There are also several other indoor observation decks in the tower, the highest at .

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