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Ulead PhotoImpact

Ulead PhotoImpact (originally called Iedit) is a raster and vector graphics editing program published by Ulead Systems.

Alongside its image editing capabilities, the program also features HTML tools, such as a rollover assistant, an imagemap assistant, an HTML assistant, a background designer and a button library. PhotoImpact can also use photoshop filters in .8bf format.

The current version of PhotoImpact is X3/13.

In September 2009 Corel discontinued the product, focusing on the competing product Paint Shop Pro. Though development has been halted, the product is still being sold by Corel. A version of PhotoImpact licensed as PhotoImpact Pro is sold by Nova Development. These are rebranded versions of PhotoImpact with no program differences, thus development of the PhotoImpact Pro line has also stopped. The PhotoImpact Pro version is also still available for purchase through Nova Development. However, while the Ulead and Corel specs omit Windows 7, the Nova specs mention that windows 7 is supported.

For users, there are various help forums and tutorial banks available, both factory and non-factory.

Release history

Version Release date Reference
PhotoImpact 3 1996 [1]
PhotoImpact 4 1997 [1]
PhotoImpact 5 1999 [1]
PhotoImpact 6 2000 [1]
PhotoImpact 7 2001 [2]
PhotoImpact 8 2002 [3]
PhotoImpact XL SE (8.5) 2003 [4]
PhotoImpact 10 2004 [5]
PhotoImpact 11 2005 [6]
PhotoImpact 12 2006 [7]
PhotoImpact 13 (or X3) 2008 [8]


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