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Tristan Kingsley

Tristan Kingsley (born January 24, 1986) is an American pornographic actress.


Early life

Kingsley was born on January 24, 1986 in San Jose, California.[1] Kingsley claims that she was always getting in trouble when she was growing up, but was a good student in high school and was always on the honor roll. In her senior year, she did secretarial work at a gym. Kingsley stopped working until she was out of school and then did retail jobs, where she worked at an ice cream parlour and a pet store. The last job Kingsley had before entering the adult film industry was an administrative assistant at a pet store.[2]


Kingsley entered the adult film industry in 2007.[1] She came up with her porn name, Tristan Kingsley, because she liked the name Tristan and her son's middle name is Kingsley. She has done photo shoots with Hustler magazine.[3] Kingsley has also done features with Playboy TV, Penthouse magazine and Adam & Eve.

Super bowl incident

During Super Bowl XLIII, in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas, the standard-definition feed of NBC affiliate KVOA on Comcast's local system cable service was interrupted by an unknown party, when 30 seconds from Playboy Enterprises-owned adult cable television channel Shorteez was broadcast to homes just after Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald scored his fourth quarter touchdown to take the Cardinals to a 23-20 lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers.[4] During the 30 seconds, a scene from the adult film Wild Cherries 5 was airing, featuring Kingsley and Evan Stone.[5] Afterwards, 10 seconds of an end credit segment from ClubJenna, another Playboy-owned channel, was shown.[4] Comcast described the incident as an "isolated, malicious act," and offered a $10 credit for customers who claimed to have seen the incident.[6] The Federal Communications Commission announced that it would investigate the cause of the incident.[7]

Personal life

Kingsley enjoys listening to country music, most notably Garth Brooks.[3]


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