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Tourism in Nauru
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Tourism in Nauru

The Republic of Nauru is a small, isolated Western Pacific island nation, lacking many of the tourist facilities of some of its larger neighbours, such as Fiji, the Cook Islands, or even New Caledonia. Access to the island comes through once a week, with flights from Brisbane, Australia, on the national airline provider of Nauru, Our Airline.



Hotels within the Republic of Nauru consist of:

Food & Beverage

The Menen Hotel hosts two restaurants, the Anibare and the Oriental, and one bar. These food and beverage facilities offer views of Anibare bay, off the east coast of the island. The Anibare offers international cuisine and local seafood. The Oriental serves Thai, Chinese, and Indian food. The restaurants are frequented by islanders.

Leisure activities

  • Deep Sea Game Fishing is offered by several locals with privately owned boats who hire their services for chartered amounts of time. Fish that have been caught include: marlin, yellowfin tuna, skipjack, and barracuda.
  • Swimming at the beach just outside the Menen Hotel is considered by locals and visitors alike to be the best on the island. White sand and bright blue water rival any other beach in the Pacific.
  • Scuba Diving is a treat in Nauru thanks to the clear water and an intact reef. A plethora of marine life can be seen and wreck diving is even available. Equipment needed to scuba dive can be rented on the island.

Getting to Nauru

Our Airline, formerly known as Air Nauru, operates two Boeing 737-300 aircraft out of Brisbane, Australia. Our Airline serves Brisbane, Honiara (the capital of the Solomon Islands), & Nauru.

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