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Tom Scott (comedian)

Tom Scott is a British geek comedian,[1] programmer,[2] and a presenter of Gadget Geeks on Sky One.[3]

In 2004, Scott produced a website parodying the British government's emergency response procedures and included a section explaining what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse. The GICS Operations Web Team responded by demanding the site be taken down.[4][5]

Other web-related humour Scott has created include "Evil", a web app that reveals the phone numbers of Facebook users,[6][7] "Tweleted" which allows you to see posts deleted from Twitter,[8] and "What's Osama bin Watchin?", which mashes together an image of Osama bin Laden with Internet meme videos from YouTube like the song Friday.[9] In 2012, Scott released 'Klouchebag', a satire of the social media rankings site Klout.[10][11]

Scott was the UK organiser of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and successfully ran as "Mad Cap'n Tom" for student union president at the University of York.[12]

In 2010, following his involvement in pirate-related humour, Scott ran for Parliament again as "Mad Cap'n Tom" in the Cities of London and Westminster constituency as a joke candidate promising to scrap taxes on rum, have schools offer courses in "swordsmanship and gunnery", and putting a 50% tax on downloads of Cheryl Cole MP3s. He described his chances of winning in the safe Conservative seat of Westminster as "[s]omewhere 'twixt a snowball's chance in hell an' zero."[13] He received 84 votes, 0.2% of the total.[14]

Also in 2010, Scott captained The Hitchhikers in season 3 of BBC4's Only Connect. They reached the semi-finals, but were knocked out by The Strategists.


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