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Tito the Builder

Tito Mu oz, also known by the moniker "Tito the Builder", is a conservative activist[1] who has received substantial media attention for various political campaign activities. During the United States presidential election, 2008, Mu oz became notable for publicly defending Joe Wurzelbacher, and also for campaigning with Sarah Palin.[2] Mu oz is a member of the Virginia state Board of Housing and Community Development,[3] and has a conservative Latino radio show.[4]


Personal life

Mu oz, a Colombian immigrant, is presently a small construction company owner[5] and a United States citizen.[6] He is a resident of Woodbridge, Virginia.[7] Mu oz says he has 250 cousins.[8]

Mu oz hosts America Eres Tu , an hour long Spanish language radio show that is broadcast on Saturday afternoons.[9] "On his radio show, Mu oz covers social issues and takes the time to explain conservative fiscal issues. Many Hispanics don t know we owe money to other countries, Mu oz says, they don t understand we have a deficit, they don t understand the magnitude of the debt, so I m there trying to explain it in simple Spanish. [10]


Mu oz created a 527 organization called the Conservative Hispanic Coalition.[9] Mu oz also supports Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks.[11] In 2010, Mu oz considered challenging Corey Stewart, the Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, in the Republican primary.[12] According to the Daily Caller, "At a time when political leaders in both parties tend to understand their constituents as discrete and predictable voting blocks aligned by race and ethnicity, Munoz is a reminder that the American political reality is more complex, and inspiring."[13] Mu oz campaigned for Governor Bob McDonnell in the Virginia gubernatorial election, 2009.[3]

2008 presidential campaign

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Tito Mu oz received substantial media attention.[14] He became known for wearing a yellow hard hat with a McCain-Palin bumper sticker, an orange reflector jacket, as well as sunglasses.[15][16][17] He campaigned with Sarah Palin, and was known for a confrontation with reporters.[18] Will Rabbe, of the Independent Film Channel, has posted a video about Mu oz and his interaction with reporters.[19] Five days before the election, Mu oz appeared on Fox News Hannity & Colmes.[20] Mu oz told Alan Colmes that he became involved in the 2008 presidential election by giving newspapers "hiding the truth about Obama" a piece of his mind.[21]

During this time, Mu oz coined the phrase: Born in Colombia, Made in the U.S.A. [10]

2011 Virginia General Assembly campaign

In April 2011, Mu oz, who identifies as a Tea Party activist,[22] formed his own Political Action Committee called TitoPAC.[23] Mu oz ran for the Virginia General Assembly seat held by State Senator Toddy Puller.[24] In May 2011, Mu oz protested a plan for Virginia state Republicans to nominate a candidate for the 36th district race. Under this plan, one GOP representative from each of the three counties will decide "whether to call a primary, convention, firehouse primary or mass meeting to select a nominee for the Senate seat."[25] The Washington Post reported that, after "making a passionate plea in front of Northern Virginia Republicans, potential state Senate candidate Tito Mu oz got what he wanted a primary, not a convention, to select the Republican nominee for the 36th district Senate race. Three GOP representatives, one each from Stafford, Prince William and Fairfax counties, voted Saturday to hold an Aug. 23 primary to find a challenger for Democratic Sen. Linda Toddy Puller, who has held the seat since 1999.""[26] Jeff Frederick, former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, has filed paperwork to run for state Senate in the district.[27] Mu oz has stated that he wants to focus on "the depleted Route 1 corridor and education."[28] Mu oz, who will compete in the Republican primary on August 23, had been endorsed by former governor George Allen (U.S. politician).[29] "Whoever emerges would square off against longtime Sen. Linda Toddy Puller, D-Fairfax."[30] On June 16, Mu oz officially launched his campaign for state senator.[31] This was Mu oz s first run for public office.[26] "The district has a voting-age Hispanic population of 19.5 percent, according to demographic numbers provided by the state Division of Legislative Services."[32] If elected, Munoz would be the first foreign-born Hispanic to serve in Virginia's state legislature.[33]

On July 28, 2011, Mu oz challenged his opponent in the Republican primary, Jeff Frederick, to a debate solely in Spanish.[34] In the August primary, Mu oz was defeated by Frederick, losing by a 76.8% to 23.19% margin.[35] Puller won the general election.[36]

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