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Science (TV channel)

Science is an American cable, satellite and IPTV television channel owned by Discovery Communications. Science features programming in the fields of space, technology, prehistory and animals.



Discovery Science was launched in October 1996 as a part Discovery's new suite of four digital channels that were rolled out simultaneously.[1] Plans for the new networks were announced in November 1994. Back then the channel's working name was "Quark!", but that was changed before launch.[2]

The name was changed to The Science Channel in 2002 only in United States. A complete "makeover" took place in April 2003, airing newer and more up-to-date television programming.

An 1080i high definition simulcast called Science Channel HD was launched September 1, 2007, along with Discovery Channel HD, TLC HD and Animal Planet HD.

In December 2007, Science Channel debuted a brand new on-air look and changed its logo to an element box that is colored orange and white.

On June 8, 2011, it dropped "Channel" from its name and launched a new logo created by Imaginary Forces.[3]


International versions of Science Channel are transmitted in South East Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, India, Sweden, Canada, Latin America and Australia as Discovery Science.


Science broadcasts a number of science-related television series and films originally produced by or aired on Discovery Channel, e.g. Beyond Tomorrow, among some others. There have also been a few television programs produced for Science, such as MegaScience and What The Ancients Knew. Programs from other Discovery Networks, PBS and the BBC are either regularly or occasionally aired. Television series produced in the 1990s, e.g. Discover Magazine, and Understanding, can be viewed on weekdays. Science also broadcasts programs such as "Moments of Impact" and "An Idiot Abroad."


Below is a selected list of Science series.

Specials and miniseries

  • Base Camp Moon - Returning to the moon, harvesting moon dust for oxygen/water, robotics (Robonaut), etc.
  • Hawking - About the early work of British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.
  • Tank on the Moon - Concentrates on Russian attempts to launch an unmanned rover to the Moon before the successful American Apollo program.
  • Prophets of Science Fiction - About the greatest sci-fi authors of all times.
  • Science of Star Wars - Explains that the cutting edge technology of Star Wars might be useful and possible to invent in real life.
  • Futurecar - The latest technology of today may be used to create cars and sometimes funny cars in the future.
  • Perfect Disaster - Predicting violent natural disasters that could happen in the near future.
  • What the Ancients Knew - Truly innovative inventions of the ancient world.
  • Mars Rising - A six-part series on the possible future missions to mars.
  • 2057 - Predictions on the future technology of the body, city, and the world.
  • NextWorld - Predicting the future of the world, humanity, and life.
  • Punkin Chunkin - A one-hour condensed version of the World Championship pumpkin chunking contest in Sussex County, Delaware. Traditionally aired on Thanksgiving.
  • Dinosaur Revolution - A four-part miniseries on the natural history of dinosaurs. The last two episodes were planned to air on Discovery Channel, but a last-minute schedule change landed them on Science.


Former logos

File:Discovery Science network.png|Discovery Science Network File:Discovery Science-old usa logo.png|Discovery Science Channel - used from May 1999 to 2002 File:Science Channel.png|The Science Channel - used from 2002 to December 2007 File:SCIENCE-CHANNEL-LOGO.jpg|Redesigned 'periodic table-style' Science Channel logo - used from December 2007 until June 8, 2011 File:Science channel hd.png|Same as previous (used to denote HD programming) File:Science chanell 2011logo.png|Science morph logo introduced June 9, 2011 (along with name change to merely "Science")

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