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The Banner (band)

The Banner is a hardcore punk and metalcore band from Bloomfield, New Jersey with influences that range from late '80s hardcore, punk rock, heavy metal and NYHC-style metalcore.

The Banner broke up for a brief period in 2006, before reuniting with founding member Garrett Defalco. The band released their third studio album, Frailty: The Hellbound Heart in 2008, which was recorded and produced at the Machine Shop studio in Hoboken, New Jersey and released on the Ferret Music label.

The Banner broke up again briefly in 2010. In late 2011, Born to Ruin I: Ill Will was announced as the band's next release, the first of three EPs to be released throughout 2012. North American and European distribution will be handled by Melotov Records and Thirty Days of Night Records, respectively. On December 27, 2011, The Banner began streaming a demo version of the new song "Wolvesblood." The tracks "Lilith", "Negative Zone" and a cover of the Zola Jesus song "Night" were released within the first half of 2012.



Current members

  • Joey Southside (As Good As Dead, Wolve) – vocals
  • Garrett Defalco (Daggers, Dead Ones ); guitar
  • Jeremy Comitas (Bayonet, A Lifeless Alliance); guitar
  • Steve Tanis (NJDOTS, Stagnant Life) – bass
  • Paul Klein (A Lifeless Alliance, Bayonet, Gotham Road) – drums

Former members

  • Buzz Luciano (Pellinore) – guitar
  • Rich Bukowski (Pharaoh) – guitar
  • Kevin Manion (Pregnant) – guitar
  • Jon Morozowski – bass
  • Justin Fullam (Killed by The Bull,Judas Factor) – guitar
  • Chris LeBoeuf (Hoover Flags, Mixtape, Father Divine) – guitar
  • Mike LeBoeuf (This Charming Man) – drums
  • Chris "Fingaz" Larsen (Suburban Scum, Banquets) – bass
  • Ian Mullen (The Violent Hearts, The Sun The Moon The Stars) – drums/bass
  • Paul Jaffre (Shady View Terrace, The Hostage, Monument) – drums
  • Mikey Bats (Lager) – guitar

Founding members of The Banner


Studio albums

!Date of release !Title !Record label |- | December 16, 2003 | Your Murder Mixtape | Blackout Records |- | Summer, 2004 | Reflection In The Shadow Of The Beast (Unreleased) | Blackout Records |- | August 16, 2006 | Each Breath Haunted | Ferret Music |- | July 10, 2008 | Frailty | Ferret Music |- |}


!Date of release !Title !Record label |- | June 15, 2003 | Posthumous | Blackout Records |- | February, 2004 | Dead Wrong/The Banner split 7" | Warmachine Records |- | 2012 | Born to Ruin I: Ill Will | Melotov Records |- |}


  • Rattlesnakes
  • Venom and Hope

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