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That's Business

That's Business is the debut album by the rock band Home Grown, released in 1995 by Liberation Records. It was the band's first album and established their presence in the prolific southern California music scene of the 1990s. It includes several songs that would become fan favorites such as "Surfer Girl" and "Face in the Crowd."

The album contains a hidden instrumental song at track 44, following 29 tracks of silence.

Track listing

  1. "Get a Job"
  2. "The Hearing Song"
  3. "She Said..."
  4. "My Friends Suck"
  5. "Alternative Girl"
  6. "Wanna-Be"
  7. "Surfer Girl"
  8. "Ubotherme"
  9. "Face in the Crowd"
  10. "I Hate Myself"
  11. "One Night Stand"
  12. "Impotency"
  13. "Worthless"
  14. "Employer's Market"
  15. "S.F.L.B."
  16. untitled hidden track


  • John "Johnee Trash" Tran - guitar, vocals
  • Ian "Slur" Cone - guitar, vocals
  • Adam "Adumb" Lohrbach - bass, vocals
  • Bob Herco - drums
  • Pat Gowan - backing vocals

Album information

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