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Texas hot dog

The Texas hot dog, Texas chili dog, Texas hot, or Texas wiener is a hot dog with chili or hot sauce; it is served in various regions of the United States in variations with assorted condiments.


Texas wiener

The Texas wiener was created in Paterson, New Jersey before 1920[1][2] and in Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1918[3] originally called Texas Hot Wieners. The "Texas" reference is to the chili sauce used on the dogs, which actually has a stronger Greek cuisine influence due to the ethnicity of the cooks who invented it. It is considered a unique regional hot dog style. From its origins, the invention spread to the Pennsylvania cities of Scranton and Philadelphia.[4] Altoona's original Texas Hot Dogs shop is still open today, having two locations: Downtown Altoona and 58th Street by the Logan Valley Mall.

The wiener, also referred to as an all-the-way dog and a hot dog with everything in Pennsylvania and "All the Way" or "Up" in New Jersey, consists of a hot dog covered in D sseldorf mustard (as opposed to the Coney, which uses yellow mustard), diced onions, and chili sauce.

Texas hots can be found sporadically around the Northeastern United States; their presence is noted in New York State (Nick Tahou Hots), Connecticut (JK's Texas Hot Wieners), and others. Some of those are in North Jersey, like the Hot Grill on Lexington Avenue in Clifton, River View East on River Drive in Elmwood Park and Johnny & Hanges on Maple Avenue in Fair Lawn. The two common aspects of these restaurants are that they (1) serve hot dogs with chili, "chili sauce", or a similar meat-based sauce, and (2) they were originally founded by Greek immigrants.

Texas hot

The Texas hot is a regional specialty in Western New York and parts of Pennsylvania. This Buffalo regional favorite consists of hot dogs smothered in a spicy meat sauce with mustard and chopped onion. This creation was initially popularized by Seneca Texas Hots of Buffalo, New York. Seneca Texas hots has packaged a package of spices for home use. This version of a Texas hot is available at most Greek diners in Western New York State.

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Another popular town offering "Texas Hots" style hot dogs and hamburgers is Jamestown, NY. Johnny's lunch popularized the idea in the early - mid 1900's. By Adolf John Colera. In the late 1960's, his son Samuel Colera opened AJ's Texas Hots. Both restaurants are still currently in business and are a very popular spot to enjoy lunch, and a local tradition in Jamestown, NY. Earlier the than above is Rudy's on Lake Ontario West of Oswego, NY very near SUNY at Oswego since early 1946.


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