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A berele glass containing unfiltered tej Ethiopian tej (mead). Tej (, pronounced ; , mes, Oromo: daadi) is a mead or honey wine that is brewed and consumed in Ethiopia. It is flavored with the powdered leaves and twigs of gesho (Rhamnus prinoides), a hops-like bittering agent that is a species of buckthorn.[1] Tej is usually homemade, but throughout Ethiopia it is available in bars called tej betoch (literally, "tej houses").

The traditional vessel for drinking tej is a rounded vase-shaped container called a berele, which looks like a Florence flask. Tej has a deceptively sweet taste that masks its high alcohol content, which varies greatly according to the length of fermentation. Berz is a sweeter, less-alcoholic version of tej, and is aged for a shorter time.

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  • Tella, an Ethiopian beer


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