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Team LCR

Team LCR is a motorcycle racing team currently competing in the MotoGP World Championship under the name LCR Honda MotoGP. The team was founded in 1996 by Italian rider Lucio Cecchinello. They are represented by German rider Stefan Bradl in the MotoGP class, riding a Honda RC213V bike.



1996 2003: Lucio Cecchinello era

The team was set up by Italian rider Lucio Cecchinello in 1996. He set up his own team for the 125cc World Championship using Honda motorcycles, earning several top ten returns. Similar results followed in the 1997.

In the 1998 the team recruited two-time 125cc runner-up Noboru Ueda to ride alongside Cecchinello. In only his second race for the team, Ueda got the team their first Grand Prix victory in the Malaysian Grand Prix at Johor Circuit. Cecchinello's first win for his own team came later that year in Madrid Grand Prix at Jarama. Cecchinello finished 5th in overall standings while Ueda only managed to finish 13th after missing half of the season due to injury. Hiroyuki Kikuchi was drafted as Ueda's replacement during his absence.

The Cecchinello-Ueda partnership continued in 1999 and 2000, yielding another win by Ueda in 1999 Brazilian Grand Prix as well as numerous podiums for both riders. Ueda finished both seasons in 5th position while Cecchinello struggled to match his teammates performance and was only able to finish in 9th and 11th position in those seasons.

In 2001 the team switched to Aprilia motorcycles. The team also recruited the Spanish youngster Ra l Jara as Cecchinello's teammate. Cecchinello's performance improved and he took the first win with Aprilia at the Catalan Grand Prix and finished the season 4th in overall standings.

In 2002 the team expanded their operation into 250cc class. San Marinese rider Alex de Angelis was recruited to partner Cecchinello in 125cc, while the young Australian rookie, Casey Stoner and the Spanish David Checa were recruited to compete in 250cc class. Cecchinello managed to repeat the last years performance and once again finished the season 4th in overall standing with 3 wins while De Angelis has his first career podium and finished 9th overall. In the 250cc class, Stoner and Checa were able to achieve several top ten finish in the team's 250cc debut season.

In 2003 the team continued their double assault in 125cc and 250cc. Casey Stoner switched to the 125cc class to partner with Cecchinello, while French rider Randy de Puniet was recruited to ride in 250cc. Both teams had a successful season with 3 race wins in each class. De Puniet, was also in contention for the World Championship. However, he only managed to finished 4th overall with 3 wins and 9 podiums. In 125cc, Cecchinello achieved 2 wins including a win in his home Grand Prix while Stoner achieved both his first career podium and his first career win with the team. At the end of 2003, Cecchinello decided to end his racing career and concentrate in team management.

2004 2005: Post-Cecchinello era

In 2004 the team retained de Puniet to ride an official Aprilia factory bike in 250cc. In the 125cc class, the team recruited two Italian riders, a former 125cc World Champion Roberto Locatelli and rookie Mattia Pasini. Both de Puniet and Locatelli had successful season and were in contention for the World Championship although they were only managed to finish the season 3rd in overall standings. De Puniet had 1 win and 8 podiums while Locatelli had 2 wins and 6 podiums.

For the 2005 season the team only competed in the in the 250cc class on Aprilia factory bikes. Roberto Locatelli moved up to 250cc and Casey Stoner returned from his one year stint at KTM. Stoner managed to record 5 wins, 10 podiums and finished the season as runner-up to Dani Pedrosa. Stoner's runner-up were the best result so far in the team history. Stoner were also the first LCR rider to have more than 3 race win in a season.

2006 present: Move to MotoGP

In October 2005, the team, along with Casey Stoner, reportedly had an agreement to move to the MotoGP class in the upcoming season with support from Yamaha.[1][2] After the season ended, Stoner received an offer from the Honda Pons team and tested the Honda RC211V bike with them at Valencia.[3] With Stoner leaving the team, Team LCR had to put their MotoGP project on hold. However, in December 2005, Stoner unexpectedly became available again after Honda Pons failed to secure sponsorship for the upcoming season.[4] Team LCR immediately re-signed Stoner and made an agreement with HRC to run the RC211V in 2006.[5]

Stoner recorded the teams first pole position in only their second MotoGP race at the Qatar Grand Prix. The subsequent race in Turkey saw LCR and Stoner record their first podium in MotoGP. Stoner competed with Marco Melandri the entire race, until Melandri managed to beat him to the line. Stoner went on to finish the season in 8th position with a series of top 10 results. Stoner left the team for a Ducati factory ride in . Veteran Spanish rider Carlos Checa replaced him at the team, riding the new 800cc Honda RC212V. However, the team was not able to repeat their impressive 2006 results, as Checa struggled to adapt to the new 800cc bike and his best finish was a sixth place at the Spanish and San Marino Grands Prix.

Randy de Puniet rejoined the team in . Again, the team struggled with the satellite bike and Michelin tyres. De Puniet's best finish was only sixth position at the United States Grand Prix. De Puniet returned for the season, once again with the RC212V, but with Bridgestone tyres, as MotoGP shifted to a single tyre manufacturer rule. In the British Grand Prix, De Puniet finished third, his best result with the team, and the team's first podium in the premier class since Stoner's 2006 podium. In , de Puniet finished the season in ninth place aboard a Honda RC212V, with his best result being a fourth place at the Catalan Grand Prix. After the departure of de Puniet to the Pramac Racing team, the team signed reigning Moto2 world champion Toni El as for the 2011 season, and El as finished 15th in the championship, finishing only five races in the top ten.


Year Class Team name Bike Riders Races Wins Podiums Poles F. laps Points Pos.
125cc Honda Team GP3 Honda Lucio Cecchinello 15 0 0 0 0 59 15th
125cc Spidi Honda LCR Honda Lucio Cecchinello 15 0 0 0 0 73 14th
125cc Givi Honda LCR Honda Lucio Cecchinello 13 1 3 0 1 130 5th
Noboru Ueda 8 1 1 4 0 62 13th
Hiroyuki Kikuchi 6 0 1 0 0 51 15th
125cc Givi Honda LCR Honda Noboru Ueda 16 1 6 1 2 171 5th
Lucio Cecchinello 16 0 4 3 0 108 9th
125cc Givi Honda LCR Honda Noboru Ueda 16 0 4 1 2 153 5th
Lucio Cecchinello 16 0 0 0 0 91 11th
125cc MS Aprilia LCR Aprilia Lucio Cecchinello 16 1 4 1 2 156 4th
Ra l Jara 16 0 0 0 0 9 26th
250cc Safilo Oxydo Race LCR Aprilia Casey Stoner 15 0 0 0 0 68 12th
David Checa 15 0 0 0 0 60 13th
125cc Safilo Oxydo Race LCR Aprilia Lucio Cecchinello 16 3 5 0 5 180 4th
Alex de Angelis 16 0 1 1 0 87 9th
250cc Safilo Oxydo LCR Aprilia Randy de Puniet 16 3 9 5 2 208 4th
125cc Safilo Oxydo LCR Aprilia Casey Stoner 14 1 4 1 2 125 8th
Lucio Cecchinello 16 2 3 0 2 112 9th
250cc Safilo Carrera LCR Aprilia Randy de Puniet 16 1 8 2 0 214 3rd
125cc Safilo Carrera LCR Aprilia Roberto Locatelli 16 2 6 1 1 192 3rd
Mattia Pasini 16 0 0 0 0 54 15th
250cc Carrera Sunglasses LCR Aprilia Casey Stoner 16 5 10 2 1 254 2nd
Roberto Locatelli 16 0 0 0 0 61 13th
MotoGP Honda LCR Honda RC211V Casey Stoner 16 0 1 1 0 119 8th
MotoGP Honda LCR Honda RC212V Carlos Checa 18 0 0 0 0 65 14th
250cc Honda LCR Honda RS250R Eugene Laverty 17 0 0 0 0 6 25th
MotoGP LCR Honda MotoGP Honda RC212V Randy de Puniet 18 0 0 0 0 61 15th
MotoGP LCR Honda MotoGP Honda RC212V Randy de Puniet 17 0 1 0 0 106 11th
MotoGP LCR Honda MotoGP Honda RC212V Randy de Puniet 17 0 0 0 0 116 9th
Roger Lee Hayden 1 0 0 0 0 5 19th
MotoGP LCR Honda MotoGP Honda RC212V Toni El as 17 0 0 0 0 61 15th
Kousuke Akiyoshi 1 (1) 0 0 0 0 4 (7) 20th
Ben Bostrom 1 0 0 0 0 0

  • Results in brackets denote the total results for the season, including races for other teams.


  • Even though Lucio Cecchinello made his Grand Prix debut in 1993, he only achieved his first career win and podium with his own team in 1998, with his first career pole came in 1999.
  • 2007 MotoGP World Champion, Casey Stoner makes his 250cc and MotoGP debut with Team LCR. He also achieved his first career win, podium and pole in with Team LCR. He also achieved his first MotoGP pole and podium with Team LCR. Furthermore, Team LCR also the first team that gives him a full season debut in 2002.
  • Former MotoGP and now Moto2 rider Alex de Angelis achieved his first career podium and pole with Team LCR.
  • MotoGP rider Randy de Puniet achieved his first career win with Team LCR.
  • Both Checa brothers, Carlos Checa and David Checa have spent a year as a rider for Team LCR.


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