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Taushani family

The Taushani family was an Albanian clan prominent in the early twentieth century.


Abdullah Pashe Taushani

Isuf Bey[1] was a signatory of the Independence[2] of the City of Elbasan on November 25, 1912. In a telegram sent to Ismail Bey Vlora, the signatories declared that "All the People of Elbasan, muslim and christian, in one voice, have accepted the Independence of Albania." ( I gjithe populli i Elbasanit, myslimane dhe te krishtere, me nje ze kane pranuar Indipendencen e Shqiperise ).

Abaz Bey Taushani[3] was an Albanian Army Officer executed (together with Kamber Benja and Bexhet Manastiri) by Austrian forces after protesting against the removal of Albanian archeological objects from Apolonia, Fier by the invading army. After their removal, the objects were sent to Austria. For their act, the Albanian Monarchy and then the Socialist Republic of Albania, declared the officers "Deshmore te Monumenteve" (Martyrs of the Monuments). The Albanian movie, Deshmoret e Monumenteve, was based upon this event.

Ismail Bey Halla

Zyber Bey Taushani was described in the Memoirs of Eqrem Bey Vlora: "Zyber Bey Taushani (of the known aristocratic family from Elbasan)...was a true knight who knew no fear, a true caballero, dressed in the picturesque Albanian national costume... [4]


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