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Tanwir Phool

Tanwir Phool (, or Tanwiruddin Ahmad Phool () (born 1948 in Muzaffarpur, India) is the pen name of Tanwiruddin Ahmad Siddiqui, a Pakistani author and poet, writing in Urdu and English.


Education and career

He received his education in Karachi, Pakistan. He studied at the D. J. Science College and Urdu College, and graduated in 1971 from the University of Karachi. In 1973 he obtained a Masters Degree in Islamic history from the university. He worked at the State Bank of Pakistan from 1970 to 1997, until retirement.


Phool has written poems in the traditional Urdu forms of the Ghazal, Rubaa'ee, and Dohay, as well as the traditional Japanese form of Haiku.


Anwaar-e-Hira is a collection of religious poems by Tanwir Phool. It was published in 1997.[1]

Some of the forms used are Musaddases, with every stanza having 6 lines, and Mukhammases, with every stanza having 5 lines. It was published by the Hira Foundation, Pakistan. The introduction, which includes biographical information on the author, was written by Professor Najmul Hoda of India.


  • Presidential Award for the Best National Poetry Book of 2005 from the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan
  • National Book Foundation Awards for 3 years(from 2001 to 2003) from the Government of Pakistan
  • Government of Sindh Award in 2005 for contributions to children's literature
  • Golden Jubilee Award from the Hira Foundation, Karachi, Pakistan, for children's literature
  • Commendation Certificate for contributions to literature & poetry, from the Faran Writers Guild, Pakistan
  • Title of "Qamar-ush-Shu'araa" (Moon among the poets), given by the Shu'oor Academy, for poetic translation of the Qur'an
  • Title of "Aftab-e-Sipahr-e-Sukhan" (Sun of the Sky of Poetry) given by the head of the departments of Urdu, Arabic & Persian at Madras & Bihar Universities, India



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