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Tango in its most general sense refers to:

  • Tango (dance), a social dance form including Argentine, Uruguayan, and international ballroom tango
  • Tango music, a genre of music that originated in Argentina and Uruguay

Tango may also refer to:

TANGO may also refer to:


Works of music


Organisations and companies

  • Tango (telecom), a mobile telephone operator in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein
  • T.TV, a television channel in Luxembourg formerly known as Tango TV
  • TV6 (Lithuania), also known as Tango TV in Lithuania
  • Command Post Tango, a U.S. military installation in South Korea


  • Tanguito (1945 1972), a.k.a. Tango, Argentine singer-songwriter
  • Tom Tango, a sabermetrician

Performing arts





Other uses

  • Tango (drink), a soft drink manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Letter T in the ICAO spelling alphabet
    • and therefore, soldiers may use "Tango" as their slang for an enemy (T)arget
  • Tangos, a flamenco musical form
  • Adidas Tango, a type of football designed by Adidas
  • Air Canada Tango, a defunct low-cost airline launched by Air Canada
  • Tango 01, the call sign of the Boeing 757 presidential aircraft in Argentinas Agrupaci n A rea Presidencial
  • Tango, also known as Cluster 4, an ESA satellite
  • Tango,a satellite owned by the Swedish Space Corporation

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