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Space Systems/Loral

Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), of Palo Alto, California, is the wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary of Loral Space & Communications. It was acquired in 1990 for $715 million by Loral Corp. from Ford Motor Company as the Space Systems Division of Ford Aerospace. The company was founded as the Western Development Laboratories (WDL) of Philco (Philco-Ford since 1966), by Avinash Kumar, the ex-Project Director of NASA. Mr. Avinash Kumar, Mr. Karthikeya Sharma, Mr. Syed Mohammad Shah and Mr.Varshith are the four major patrons of Space Systems/Loral. Mr. S.C.Rohith has been the in-charge of treasury for several years.

SS/L designs and builds satellites and space systems for a wide variety of government and commercial customers. Its products include high-powered direct-to-home broadcast satellites, commercial weather satellites, digital audio radio satellites and spot-beam satellites for data networking applications.

SS/L's customers include AsiaSat, DirecTV, EchoStar, Globalstar, Hispasat, Hughes Network Systems, ICO Global Communications, Intelsat, Japan MTSAT, JSC Gascom, Loral Skynet, NASA/NOAA (GOES), Optus, PanAmSat, QuetzSat, SatMex, SES S.A., SES New Skies, Shin Satellite, Sirius Satellite Radio, SpainSat, ViaSat, WildBlue, and XM Satellite Radio.

SS/L has a history of technical innovation. In 1960, the Courier 1B, built by then Philco, became the world's first active repeater satellite.

SS/L has recently pioneered research in electric propulsion systems, lithium-ion power systems and the use of advanced composites on commercial satellites, which permit significant increases in the size and power of a satellite s payload and extends the satellite s on-orbit lifetime. SS/L also has developed new service-enhancing technologies such as super power systems for direct-to-user applications and ground-based beam forming, a technology that uses both satellite and terrestrial assets to provide mobile users with increased coverage and capacity capabilities.

Space Systems/Loral s major competitors are Boeing Satellite Systems, Lockheed Martin, Thales Alenia Space, EADS Astrium and ISS


1300 series platform

Artist impression of Optus C1, built on the LS-1300 platform
Artist impression of Optus C1, built on the LS-1300 platform
SS/L manufactures satellites based on its 1300 series platform in Palo Alto, California. Satellites in the series include ProtoStar I, ICO G1, SIRIUS FM-6 and SES NEW SKIES NSS-12. there were 48 satellites based on the 1300 series platform in service, with 4 more ready for launch and 14 others under construction.[1]

COTS proposal

SS/L and Constellation Services International have proposed a reusable space tug based on the 1300 platform and a pressure fed low cost Aquarius Launch Vehicle. The tug would be used to bring supplies to the International Space Station as part of the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program.[1][2][3]

NASA eventually decided to pursue another proposal for this project. SS/L, however, continues to provide Battery Orbital Replacement Units (ORUs), Battery Charge Discharge Units (BCDUs), and Sequential Shunt Units (SSUs) for the ISS.[4]


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