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Snake Byte

Snake Byte is a 1982 computer game published by Sirius Software Inc. for the Apple II, Atari 8-bit computers and Commodore 64.


The player controls a snake, crawling into a rectangular area. At the start of the game the snake has three lives and gains a life when it successfully exits a level. The aim is to eat 10 apples in each of the 25 levels. If an apple is not eaten during the given deadline, three extra apples are to be eaten. The snake becomes longer and moves more quickly with each apple eaten. The snake loses a life when crashing into a fence, the wall or itself. After the last apple in each round is eaten the snake must exit the area through a gate which appears. Higher levels have more complicated fences, making the area more difficult to navigate. An optional difficulty is the "plums" (one or two pieces) which bounce around within the area and kill the snake when they hit its head.


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