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ShowMeDo is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share Video tutorials.

Most of the screencasts focus on themes related to computer programming languages and Open Source software, especially Python.

ShowMeDo was created at the end of 2005 by Ian Ozsvald and Kyran Dale as a learning platform to host and share self-produced Screencasts and Video Tutorials.

Users on ShowMeDo often upload not only a single video-tutorial, but whole series, covering several related subjects.

While nearly all of ShowMeDo videos are made in English, a small number of Non-English videos exist (primarily German).

Most of ShowMeDo videos are free to watch for everyone. Since 2008, a "club" membership exist allowing paying members to watch exclusive video series.

Uploading videos is free for registered Users of ShowMeDo, but ShowMeDo requires that the content of the uploaded video be in accordance with the aim of ShowMeDo (showing how-to screencasts, FOSS development or usage information).



ShowMeDo was founded by Ian Ozsvald and Kyran Dale in late 2005.

Technical notes

Video format

ShowMeDo's video playback technology is based on Adobe's Flash Player. The video codecs used by ShowMeDo are optimised for screencasts made on a computer. The recommended codec is the Camstudio's Lossless codec.

Video rankings

showmedo shows a ranked list of videos with the number of plays in the last 30 days:

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