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Shire of Kulin
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Shire of Kulin

The Shire of Kulin is a Local Government Area in the Eastern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, about ESE of the state capital, Perth. The Shire's land area of forms a narrow east-west band, located between the Shire of Kondinin to the north and the Shire of Lake Grace to the south. Its seat of government is the town of Kulin. The local economy is based on agriculture - predominantly cereal grains and sheep.



On 14 June 1918, the Roe Road District was gazetted. It was renamed to the Kulin Road District on 12 March 1926. On 1 July 1961, it became a Shire under the Local Government Act 1960.[1]


The shire has been divided into 4 wards.

  • Town Ward (3 councillors)
  • West Ward (3 councillors)
  • Central Ward (2 councillors)
  • East Ward (1 councillor)

From 1964 until 3 May 2003, the following system existed:

  • Town Ward
  • Central Ward
  • Dudinin Ward
  • East Ward
  • Jitarning Ward
  • Kulin Rock Ward

Towns and localities


Year Population
1921 1,121
1933 1,274
1947 873
1954 1,168
1961 1,261
1966 1,393
1971 1,260
1976 1,289
1981 1,275
1986 1,162
1991 1,062
1996 890
2001 839
2006 881


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