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Sharif Razi

Abul-Hasan Muhammad ibn Al-Husayn Al-Musawi known in Arabic as al-Sharif al-Radi or in Persian Sharif Razi or Seyyed Razi (~930-977 CE) was a Shi`ite Muslim scholar and poet who was born in Baghdad. He wrote several books on Islamic issues and interpretation of the Koran. His most famous book is Nahj al-Balaghah which is a collection of Imam Ali s sayings and speeches. He founded a school named Dar ul-`Ilm ( , literally "House of knowledge") in which he trained many students some of whom became themselves later professors. His grave is located in Karbala beside the Imam Hossein s shrine. Some of his books are as follows:

  • Talkhis al-Bayan an Majazat al-Quran
  • Haqa'iq al-Ta wil fi Mutashabih al-Tanzil
  • Ma ani al-Quran


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