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Serco Denholm

Serco Denholm is a joint venture between Serco Group and Denholm Group providing marine services support to the Royal Navy at the United Kingdom's three main naval bases, HMNB Portsmouth, HMNB Devonport and HMNB Clyde.[1]

Serco Denholm originally began providing the fleet support services and management at the three naval bases in 1996 [2]; as of the International Festival of the Sea in 2005, Serco Denholm were operating over 120 vessels in support of the Royal Navy, including tugs, passenger vessels, pilot boats and a range of stores and tank-cleaning lighters [2]. Serco Denholm began a contract in December 2007 to provide these services until 2022 [3]. As a direct result of this, the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service which had previously provided this role was formally disbanded on 31 March 2008. All vessels formally prefixed RMAS assumed the SD prefix instead.


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