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Sambar Server

Sambar server was a multi-threaded, extensible application server, web server and multi-protocol proxy server with highly programmable API. It has virtual domain support (currently name based) with independent document/CGI directories, log files, and error templates. Its main competitor was Apache HTTP Server by times the software was maintained. Sambar Server came for Windows initially and Linux in later versions. Sambar Server was programmed by Tod Sambar.

As of January 3, 2007 Sambar Server was at version 7.0 Beta 4 and allowed for extended features such as XMPP, ejabberd and Google Talk. The last stable variant was 7.0p.

As of December 31, 2007 Tod Sambar announced that the development and support of Sambar Server would be discontinued. The website no longer exists as of 2009.

Server Licensing

Sambar Server is closed source and was licensed in two different ways:

  • Sambar Server Basic:

This was the free version of the server and had a limited feature set compared to the Pro version he administrator to use several features such as Mail Server, WebDAV, Document Manager, DNS, SOCKs, IRC and Throttling Services and other enhanced features.


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