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Saas Bina Sasural

Saas Bina Sasural (Hindi: ) meaning House-in-law Without A Mother-in-law is an Indian comedy-drama television series based on the story of a young lady, Taanya, lovingly called Toasty, who has a sasural(in-laws house) consisting of seven quirky men, deprived of a saas(mother-in-law). The series premiered on October 18, 2010, and is produced by Vipul D. Shah of Optimystix Entertainment.



Saas Bina Sasural is the story of the Chaturvedi family, which consists of seven quirky men- Cheddilal Chaturvedi (Pitaji), Anandilal Chaturvedi (Dadaji), Tej Prakash Chaturvedi (Tej), Pashupatinath Chaturvedi (Pashu), Ved Prakash Chaturvedi (Ved), Pracheen Prakash Chaturvedi (Pracheen) and Gyan Prakash Chaturvedi (Gyan), without any woman in it. The story revolves around their life, after women come in their house.


Taanya Sharma, lovingly called Toasty, is a school-teacher in love with a kindhearted man, Tej Prakash Chaturvedi, Chaturvedi family's third son. Though Tej's family has no women in it (all seven family members are men who hate women) the family eventually agrees to their marriage and the grand wedding takes place. Thus the rule of the Chaturvedi family which forbade to touch or even talk with women is broken. Toasty then finds herself in a family in which there is a Dadaji (grandfather), Pitaji (father) and five brothers, Tej being the middle one. As all the women who came in this family are gone, she has to play the role of a warden for these men.

Toasty finds out that the eldest son(Pashu) was married to Malti. Malti had ran away as she thought that she was treated as a maid in this family. She was brainwashed by her evil mother. To get away from the family Maalti falsely accused Ved of molestation[1] and Pitaji for demanding dowry. While she was leaving home, Dadaji tries to stop her but trips on stairs thus losing his ability to walk. Toasty clears all the misunderstandings and brings back Maalti. The family also accepts her back.

Tej plans to step out of his father s business and carves out his own business creating a fight between him and Pashu.[2] While some of the family members, like Toasty did not want their years old family shop to close. As per a challenge which said that the person who earns less will have close his shop, Tej at last wins and goes to Pune to but goods, where on the way he meets with an accident.[3] Toasty and others find him in a hospital in Pune, fit and fine, and after this incident Tej plans to close his shop and resumes working in his father s business. While, Tej and Pashu reunite.

Toasty s friend, Nitika is to marry a man named Rajan. But Rajan thinks that she has an affair with Ved and hence breaks their marriage. Ved feeling guilty of being the reason for this helps Nitika in all possible manners. Ved and Nitika develop feelings for each other and the family decides to get them both married. But its then that Pitaji brings in his deceased friend s daughter, Kiya. He tells the family that he had promised his dying friend that his daughter Kiya would be married to Ved. Kiya is also stubborn to get married to Ved as this is the only access she has to her dead father s property. Finally to fulfill his father's wishes Ved agrees to marry Kiya. Soon it is revealed that Kiya is a spoiled and villainous brat who has been married earlier to a man named, Jai Malhotra. Jai starts blackmailing her for money. Toasty reveals the truth and Kiya is ousted. Ved then married Nitika.

Maalti gets to know that she is pregnant and hence the family decides to bring Ganga Devi to stay with them and take care of her.[4] Ganga Devi (called Naani Maa) is Pitaji's mother-in-law (Vimla s mother). She is an orthodox person, who has great faith in Indian traditions but is very tough and blunt in her approach. She sees that the family is having several problems with Nitika going to her job leaving Toasty alone to manage all the works with Maalti being pregnant. Naani Maa doesn't like this and hence asks Nitika to quit her job. But all family members disagree with this. In a misunderstanding between Toasty and Naani Maa, Naani Maa scolds her and hence Toasty leaves home. She meets an accident and goes in coma. But Naani Maa makes an Ayurvedic medicine for her and Toasty returns to her family. Still being weak, Nitika has to do all the household chores. Ved and Pashu fight over this and Ved plans to step out of the house. All family members convince Ved and Pashu to apologize to each other and then Ved returns home.

One day Tej wins a lottery ticket of 1 crore and all of them end up by shopping and buying things for themselves.[5][6] But, soon everyone gets selfish. Gyan goes on to bunk his schools and is helped by Pracheen to hide his deeds, while Tej lavishly spends his money. Leaving Dadaji, Toasty and others worried. So, Toasty with help of others like Pitaji, Maalti and Nitika teach Gyan, Pracheen and Tej a lesson and all the problems get solved soon. They also donate the money left to a hospital in the name of Vimla.

But as fate would have it everything gets upside down when the Chaturvedis buy a new shop. But the owner cheats them and the market is sealed as that shop was built with illegal construction and wrong figures to save tax leaving them shocked, as that was the primary income of the family and now they will no more be able to sell things and no one is ready to help them so they are forced to search for service jobs. When Tej gets a job at Mantra Beauty his boss's daughter who hates Tej at first. Suddenly starts to fall in love with Tej. At First she thought that Tej was single. But then Divya ( Tej's boss's daughter) finds out that Tej is married and tries to separate Tej and Toasty


Actor Character Role
Chaturvedi Family
Aishwarya Sakhuja Tanya Tej Prakash Chaturvedi (n e Sharma) / Toasty / Choti Bahu Female protagonist; married to Tej.
Ravi Dubey Tej Prakash Chatuvedi / Tej Male protagonist and Cheddi's 3rd son; married to Toasty.
Rajendra Chawla Pashupatinath Chaturvedi / Pashu Eldest son of Cheddilal Chaturvedi; married to Maalti.
Rohini Banerjee Madhu Maalti Pashupatinath Chaturvedi (n e Dubey) / Maalti / Badi Bahu. Pashu's wife.
Rishi Khurana Ved Prakash Chaturvedi / Ved 2nd son of Cheddilal Chaturvedi ; ex-husband of Kiya; presently married to Nitika.
Shruti Bapna Nitika Ved Prakash Chaturvedi (n e Juneja) / Nitika / Majhli Bahu Toasty's friend; married to Ved and Rajan's ex-fiance.
Shraman Jain Pracheen Prakash Chaturvedi / Vanaspati 4th son of Cheddilal Chaturvedi.
Meghan Jadhav Gyan Prakash Chaturvedi / Gyan Youngest son of Cheddilal Chaturvedi.
Kavita Vaid[7] Shanti / Buaa Sister of Cheddilal Chaturvedi.
Arvind Vaidya Anandilal Chaturvedi / Dadaji Grand father of Tej and his brothers, and father of Cheddilal Chaturvedi.
Darshan Zariwala Cheddilal Anandilal Chaturvedi / Pitaji Father of Tej and his brothers, son of Anandilal Chaturvedi and father-in-law of Toasty, Maalti and Nitika.
Gopi Desai [8] Ganga Devi / Naani Maa Mother In-Law of Cheddilal Chaturvedi and mother of Cheddi's wife, Vimla.
Sharma Family
Rajiv Kumar Lalit Kumar Sharma / Papa Toasty's father.
Anjali Mukhi Sudha Lalit Kumar Sharma / Mamma Toasty's mother.
Ketaki Chitale Dimple Sharma Toasty's sister.
Other Important Characters
Simple Kaul Smita Lumba Toasty and Nitika's friend.
Amit Varma Jai Malhotra / Jai Kia's ex-husband.
Rucha Gujarati Keya Jai Malhotra/ Kiya Ved Chaturvedi / Kiya Main antagonist and Cheddilal's deceased friend's daughter; ex-wife of Ved and Jai .
Anchal Sabharwal[9] Damini Toasty's childhood friend.
Kiran Bhargava Shobha Devi Maalti's mother.
Tanvi Thakkar[10] Riya Pracheen's ex-girlfriend.
Neha Jhulka[11] Divya Tej's lover who will try to separate Toasty and Tej
Rubina dilaik Smiley Annoying daughter of Sudha's friend


Tanya Chaturvedi

Tanya Tej Prakash Chaturvedi (n e Sharma), the female protagonist, is the eldest daughter of Sudha and Lalit Kumar Sharma. She is lovingly called Toasty (as her mother used to eat lots of toast during her pregnancy days) and belongs to a Punjabi Brahmin family. She was given the best education and she grew up being a well educated, intelligent and independent and a beautiful girl. She studied computer science in Mumbai. As she is about to pass out of college, her parents begin to talk about her marriage and then she tells them about a kind hearted man named, Tej whom she loves and he loves her back. Tej's family first disagree as they hate women for a reason but they eventually agree and their grand wedding takes place. Since then she stays with Tej and his happy family at the Chaturvedi Nivas. There she helps in solving all her family problems and is seen as the most ideal Bahu (Daughter-in-law). along with an ideal sister-in-law, wife and a granddaughter-in-law too and is loved and adored by everyone. Before marriage she always used to carry a needle and thread in her purse.

Tej Prakash Chaturvedi

Tej, the male protagonist, is the third son of Cheddilal Chaturvedi and Late. Vimla Chaturvedi. Just after completing his graduation he is married to Toasty. He is a very thoughtfull, introvert, sweet, cultured, ever smiling and caring person, in all a gentleman. He has all the things a girl wants in a man.

Anandilal Chaturvedi

Anandilal Chaturvedi, lovingly called Dadaji (grandpa) is the eldest member in the Chaturvedi family. He is very helpful and kind; he always supports Toasty. He is a father of one and a grandfather of five. He earlier had a bad habit of talking on depressing and hopeless like topics like on floods, droughts and so on. He even used to watch depressing news and had the bad knack of tokkofying his children when they are going out. He eats lot different types of churans. When, Maalti left the house he tried to stop her but as fate had, he tripped stairs and fell, since then he is handicapped; but he has never made a issue of that.

Cheddilal Chaturvedi

Cheddilal Chaturvedi, lovingly called Pitaji (father) is the son of Anandilal Chaturvedi. He loves his family a lot. He and his family is very rich. He is also the proud owner of one of the oldest saree shopes in Mumbai. His saree shop is named- "Chaturvedi Saree Bhandar" and is run by him, his sons and other employees. He was very strict & rigid & had his own mind set of rules and discipline but this attitude of him was changed by Toasty. He has seen poverty in his childhood and cares also for others. If required he just shouts to explain, bringing out the disciplinarian in him. He is a widower since his wife, Vimla died 14 yrs ago.

Pashupatinath Chaturvedi

Pashu is the eldest son of Cheddi and Late. Vimla. He is a shadow of his father, extremely short tempered and usually catches up fights as he does not other to make rules for him or go against him. He was very rude and outspoken by nature. He always shows his elbow, when needed to beat or scold others. His marriage lasted for 18 months only and so has a very bitter experience of being married and thus feels that women are bad. However, after Toasty comes in the house she gets to know this and finds that Pashu misses his wife and she together with her family get he and his wife, Maalti back with each other and since then they live a happy married life. Presently his wife Maalti is pregnant.

Madhu Maalti Pashupatinath Chaturvedi

Maalti Chaturvedi (n e Dubey) is the daughter of Shobha Devi and was married to Pashu. However, she left and ran as she thought that she was treated as a maid. She was brainwashed by her evil mother whose heart long later melted seeing Pashu and Maalti's love and care for each other. Maalti also falsely accused Ved of molestation and Pitaji for dowry but after coming back home by Toasty's help she took all them back. Dadaji trying to stop her when she ran away tripped stairs and lost his legs resulting in being a handicapped.

Ved Prakash Chaturvedi

Ved is the second son of Cheddi and Late. Vimla. He hated women as he was falsely accused of molestation by his sister-in-law, Maalti. Since then he became very religious and took up the life of Brahmacharya. He believed in everything traditional like Ayurveda, Yoga and so on. He is disinterested in money and also in marriage, and believes in simple living. But, later he falls in love with Nitika (Toasty's friend) and after a lot of struggles he gives up Brahmacharya and is married to her.

Nitika Ved Chaturvedi

Nitika Ved Chaturvedi (n e Juneja) is an ever smiling girl. She is a very good friend of Toasty. Her marriage was fixed with a man named, Rajan who disbelieved her of having an affair with Ved and their marriage was called off. Later, she and Ved fall in love by the small but significant moments they shared and after a lot of struggles her and Ved's marriage occurs.

Pracheen Prakash Chaturvedi

Pracheen, is Cheddi and Late. Vimla's fourth son. He is a college going teenager and is happy with his own world. He has a couple of planted plants, which he has named with names like Golu and takes them as a part of his family. He takes care of them and will do anything for them. Other than being a nature lover, he is also an unconventional person who has weird and bizarre logics behind his talks. He's called Vanaspati by Dimple (Toasty's sister).

Gyan Prakash Chaturvedi

Gyan is the fifth son of Cheddi and Late. Vimla. He is shown as a 12 years old (when the serial started) school going student. He takes up Toasty as his mother, as Vimla died while giving birth to him, thinking of which makes him sad. He is a happy-go-lucky lad who is loved by everyone. He is smart, aware and updated about every individual in the family with a smart way to bring a smile on their face. He also knows the do s and don t of every individual at the back of his head. Every morning he reads aloud the headlines from the daily newspaper.

Sudha Lalit Kumar Sharma

Sudha, called Mamma by Toasty and Dimple, is a homemaker. She is the mother of Tanya and Dimple, and also Lalit's wife. She's very loving and caring. When one is in a problem she tries to solve it by speaking the truth, which is usually bitter to hear.

Lalit Kumar Sharma

Lalit is Sudha's husband and the father of Toasty and Dimple. He is a share broker and calls everyone by their full name, like if he wants to call his wife Sudha, he would say, "Sudha Lalit Kumar Sharma Ji" ("Ji" is used to show respect towards someone).

Dimple Sharma

Dimple is Sudha and Lalit's younger daughter and Toasty's younger sister. She loves her family a lot and is not in a relationship with anyone. She is a happy-go-lucky college going teenager who studies in the same college as Pracheen. She's often called chipkali (lizard) by Pracheen.

Other Characters

Ganga Devi (Naani Maa)

Ganga Devi is Cheddilal's mother-in-law. Earlier Ganga Devi refused to come to the Chaturvedis' house because when Vimla was pregnant (during the time Gyan was in her stomach), Ganga Devi said that let her take care of Vimla like she had done in the times, when she gave birth to Pashu, Tej, Ved and Pracheen but Cheddi admitted her in the hospital, where Vimla died at time she gave birth to Gyan; this is the first reason. Later, when Ganga Devi said that let her take Pracheen and Gyan to the village and take care of them; as they were the youngest, then Cheddi said that he would not let her sons to live in a village and become a chuff or a clod; this was the second reason. Since then Ganga Devi broke all relationships with the Chaturvedis as she was hurt; later Cheddi tried a lot to apologise but she did not forgive him. But at last after several tricks played by Tej, she agrees to come to the Chaturvedi Nivas in Mumbai, thus Toasty's wish to have a saas in the house is fulfilled.

She is an orthodox kind of person, who has great faith in Indian traditions and other ritualistic things. She is very tough and blunt in her approach, but is positive towards life. She is loving and caring, but at the same time does not tolerate any indecency from anyone. She always tries to empower people by her own rules and regulations.

She is lovingly called Naani Maa (Granny) by Toasty, Maalti and Nitika; Naani by Tej and his brothers; Saasu Maa by Pitaji and Samdhan Ji by Dadaji.

Late Vimla Chaturvedi

She is the deceased daughter of Ganga Devi. She was very loving and caring as Toasty. She always kept her family before her. She died while giving birth to Gyan.


Kiya is the daughter of Cheddi's deceased friend. She used to live in London but comes back to Mumbai after her father's death, as her responsibility of taken up by Cheddi. She wants to settle in London, but as fate had, Cheddi has promised his dying friend that his daughter would be married to Ved, leaving the family heartbroken, as they want Ved to marry Nitika and Pitaji is nowhere to listen. Kiya too is rigid in that point as marrying Ved is the only way she could have access to her dead father s property. But, Kiya plays a trick and asks Pitaji to get Ved married to Nitika and on the night of Ved and Nitika's marriage, Kia interferes by taking Nitika's place on the altar. In a final confrontation, Ved ultimately decides to marry Kia, to fulfill his father's wishes. Heartbroken, Nitika leaves as Ved and Kiya get married, much to the disgust of all the Chaturvedi family except Pitaji Soon, she turns out to be a spoiled and villainous brat who not only smokes and drinks but has been married earlier to a man named, Jai Malhotra, who returns India and starts blackmailing her. She is forced to steal money and fulfill Jai s wants. Toasty, gets to know all these and tries her best to reveal the truth but in vain as she is always proved wrong by Kiya. But after several attempts Toasty succeeds in proving herself and Kiya is ousted, she is also left by Jai as she is of no more use to him. Thus, she's very cunning and she is also a liar, on whom one can never ever believe. She is also a villainous brat who smokes and drinks.

Jai Malhotra

Jai is the ex-husband of Kiya. He was married to Kiya and was actually her husband, during Kiya got married to Ved, to get her deceased father's property. Getting to know the truth he starts blackmailing her and asks for money, and after Kiya is caught and ousted he leaves her saying she is of no use to her.

Shanti (Buaa)

Shanti, lovingly called as Buaa, is Cheddi's sister. She is very helpful but is often called as Ashanti (disturbance) by Cheddi as she always brings in problems as she always argues for fares and prices of items.

When Toasty was unaware about Pashu's past by mistake makes friendship with Maalti and she is forbade to stay in the Chaturvedi Nivas, as the family hates Maalti, and even they- especially Tej -stop talking to her. Later Maalti comes to the Chaturvedi Nivas and says that neither Toasty knew that that Maalti was the wife of Pashu nor Maalti knew that she was Tej's wife Toasty, as they introduced themselves to each other as Taanya and Madhu Maalti Dubey. Later when the family gets to know the truth, they try many tricks to call Toasty back (like Cheddi's false heart attack, which was a joke), they even called Shanti a.k.a. Buaa (Cheddi's sister) and at last Toasty comes back and Tej and Toasty are reunited.


Damini is Toasty's childhood friend. She is professionally an actor and is completely modern wearing shorts and jeans and is western influenced. She greets Toasty in her own style, when they meet each other. She earlier helped in bringing Ved and Nitika together. Toasty and Maalti asked her to play the role of a pious woman who eventually asks Ved to marry which forces him to reveal his feelings for Nitika and her work is done.

Shobha Devi

She is the mother of Maalti. She earlier used to manipulate Maalti and Toasty against the Chaturvedis but later she found herself guilty and her heart was melted seeing Pashu and Maalti's love and care for each other and Toasty did not ever believe her. Thus, she turns out to be a very good mother and mother-in-law.

Smita Lumba

Smita is a very good friend of Toasty and Nitika. She is very helpful and friendly.


Riya is a spoiled and bratty girl from a wealthy family, who knows well how to use people for her own benefit. She is Pracheen's ex-girlfriend. He left her as she was just using him and also because she cheated him and used to backchat about him to her friends. She studies in the same college as Pracheen.


Rajan was Nitika's ex-fiance who disbelieved her of having an affair with Ved and their marriage was called off. He is very rude and outspoken and does not likes her wife or fiance even talking to another man, thus, he is very possessive.


Annoying daughter of Sudha's friend


Years Awards Category Cast Results
2011 BIG Television Awards Bechara Charecter(Male) Rajendra Chawla rowspan="2" [12]
Aishwarya Sakhuja
2012 Indian Television Comedy Awards Funniest Actor in lead role(Male) Ravi Dubey rowspan="4"
Funniest Actor in Supporting Role(Male) Darshan Zariwala
Funniest Television Show(Fiction) Optimystix Entertainment
Most entertaining Jodi Rajeev Kumar & Anjali Mukhi


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