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right ROHM Semiconductor ( , R mu) () is a Japanese electronic parts supplier based in Kyoto, Japan. ROHM was incorporated as Toyo Electronics Industry Corporation by Kenichiro Sato ( ) on September 17, 1958. The name was officially changed to Rohm in 1981 and then changed again to "ROHM Semiconductor" in January 2009. Sato has been president of ROHM from its founding. When ROHM was established, resistors were its main product. Later, the company began manufacturing semiconductors. IC's and discrete semiconductors now account for about 80% of ROHM's revenue. The name Rohm (which was originally written R.ohm) was derived from R, for resistors, the original product, plus ohm, the unit of measure for resistance.

In October 2008, ROHM acquired the semiconductor business of OKI. In October 2009, ROHM acquired the American MEMS supplier Kionix.

As of 2008, ROHM is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders.

Technology centers

Rohm has opened technology centers throughout the world.

  • 1990 - United States of America
  • 1992 - Philippines
  • 1997 - Yokohama
  • 1999 - Kyoto
  • 1999 - Hong Kong
  • 2000 - Europe
  • 2004 - Shanghai
  • 2004 - Taiwan
  • 2005 - Korea
  • 2006 - Shenzhen

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