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Rockman (website)

right Rockman is a Norwegian music-website, one of Norway largest with 1,7 mill. readers (pop 4,5 mill.).

The site is driven by the motivation to spread the exciting current and historical knowledge of both known and unknown great artist with main focus on the wide genre of rock music. The project began by establishing a music-blog back in 2008 where the first editorial review was the story of the rock band Led Zeppelin. The popularity around Rockman has been a tremendous support from the music-loving people, and stands today as one of the largest music website with more than 1,7 million readers of all ages.

Rockman is a non-profit, neutral music site, a free space and "gathering place" for music lovers where people share the joy of music with others. Rockman has also a Facebook music friend-site. The motivation and goal behind this is to strengthen cohesion among music lovers where both readers and Rockman is able to share their joy of own artist photos, music video-clips, talking in the comment fields and share their information and links to interesting editorial reviews or music engaging activities.

Rockman has a wide and great support also from artist, music festival/concert organizers and other key people from the music industry nationally and internationally. In this way, Rockman also works as a part of a unique large and wide musical network. One main artist within Norwegian rock, Sivert H yem, known as the lead singer in the former rock band Madrugada has said following: "Rockman is one such website that Norwegian rock strongly needs".[1]


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