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Renaissance College

If you are looking for Renaissance College in Hong Kong, see Renaissance College Hong Kong.

Renaissance College 'R'
Renaissance College 'R'

Renaissance College, also known as RC, is a faculty of the University of New Brunswick in New Brunswick, Canada. The College's flagship program is the Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership, the only undergraduate leadership program in Canada. The College also administers the Masters of Philosophy (PPE) and Bachelor of Integrated Studies programs.


The Undergraduate Program

The College accepts approximately 25 students each year. The eight term BPhil degree is normally completed in slightly less than three calendar years, as students complete domestic and international internships during the summer months for credit.

Opening its doors in September 2000, Renaissance College was Canada's first leadership studies bachelor program. The program features an innovative and comprehensive program of study that features experiential learning and strong participation in various communities.  


In 2006, Renaissance College was awarded the Alan Blizzard Award for collaboration in teaching. This award is among the most prestigious award an academic program can attain in Canada.

Maggie Jean Chestnut

Renaissance College is housed in a Victorian mansion located in Fredericton's historic downtown district. It is one kilometer from the Fredericton campus of UNB. The complex has undergone extensive renovations to suit the needs of Renaissance College and to maintain residence rooms for 31 students.

Distinguished Faculty & Founders


  • Dr. Ted Needham, Dean
  • Dr. Thomas Mengel
  • Dr. Victoria Moon Joyce
  • Dr. John Valk
  • Dr. Richard Spacek
  • Lana MacGillivary
  • Rick Hutchins
  • Leah Levac
  • Sarah King
  • Guna Kulasegram
  • Thom Erdle
  • Michael Carr
  • John Leroux
  • James Hughes
  • Tim Coates


  • Barry Bisson, holder of the J. Herbert Smith Chair in Technology Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Ken Coates, Dean of Arts, UNB Saint John
  • Jessie Davies, Director, Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development Research, UNBF
  • Terry Haggerty, Dean of Kinesiology, UNBF
  • John McLaughlin, Vice-President Research and International Cooperation, UNBF
  • Susan Montague, Director, Development and Public Relations, UNBF
  • John Morris, Director, Extension and Summer Session, UNBF
  • Elizabeth Parr-Johnston, President and Vice Chancellor, UNBF
  • David Rehorick, Professor, Sociology, UNB. Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara.
  • John Rowcroft, Assistant Vice-President Academic, UNBF
  • Lou Visentin, Vice-President Academic, UNBF

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