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Recife Airport

Recife/Guararapes-Gilberto Freyre International Airport is the airport serving Recife, Brazil. The name Guararapes is a reference to the Guararapes Battle, fought in the surrounding area. Since 27 December 2001 the airport is also named after Gilberto de Almeida Freyre (1900 1987), a renowned and Recife-born sociologist.[1]

In 2011 the airport was ranked 7th in terms of cargo handled in Brazil, placing it amongst the busiest airports in the country.[2] It is operated by Infraero.

Some of its facilities are shared with the Recife Air Force Base of the Brazilian Air Force.



Originally called Ibura Airport, the airport had its name changed to Guararapes Airport in 1948. The facility has its origins in the time of World War II when an airport was built to replace the earlier airfield Parque do Encanta Mo a. With the end of the War, the facility acquired a strategic importance as technical and refueling stop in the route from South America to Europe.

On 18 January 1958 a new passenger terminal, replacing the original facility, was inaugurated. During this time, runway 14/32 was extended from 1,800m to 2,010m, and runway 18/36 was extended from 1,800m to 2,400m.

In 1979 an agreement with Infraero was made in order to further develop the airport complex. The passenger terminal underwent its first major renovation in 1982 and another enlargement in 1990.

In 2004 a brand new passenger terminal was built in which to a transportation facility was added a shopping mall, thus generating more traffic and revenue. Furthermore, a new parking facility was opened in 2002 and capacity of the airport was raised from 1.5 to 5 million passengers/year.

On 31 August 2009 Infraero unveiled a BRL8.75 million (USD4.6 million; EUR3.2 million) investiment plan to up-grade Guararapes International Airport focusing on the preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will be held in Brazil, Recife being one of the venue cities. The investment was used on the conclusion of the passenger terminal renovation with installation of further 8 jetways.[3] The work was completed on 1 July 2011 and the airport is now considered ready for the FIFA Cup.[4]

The Brazilian Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Center section 3 (Cindacta III) is located in the vicinity of the airport.[5]

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The airport is located from downtown Recife, from Boa Viagem Beach, and from Suape port.

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