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Rajim is a town in Raipur district, Chhattisgarh, India.



It is located at at an elevation of 281 m above MSL.[1]


Rajim is 45 km from Raipur. To reach there, one needs to take National Highway 43 to Abhanpur; from there a left turn leads a narrow but motor-able road to Rajim. Nearest airport is Raipur Airport.


Mahanadi at Rajim
Mahanadi at Rajim
The holy confluence of three rivers Mahanadi (Chitrotpala), Pairi and Sondur, called Triveni Sangam is at Rajim. Rajim is also known as the "Prayag" of the Chhattisgarh.[2]

Rajim is famous for its rich cultural heritage and the beautiful ancient temples. Shri Rajiv Lochan Mandir, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is at Rajim.[3] The temple structure is supported by twelve towered columns embroidered with stone carvings, which bear the faces of the various gods of the Hindu mythology. The temple is an important religious construct visited by devotees from all over the globe who arrive to offer their prayers to the Lord Vishnu. Other temples dedicated to the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu like the Vamana and the Narasimha are in close proximity of the Rajiv Lochan Mandir.

Kuleshvara Mahadeva Mandir stands in glory in the city even in its ruinous state. The statue of Lord Buddha in the meditative position under the Bodhi tree carved out of black stone is also popular in the city.

Rajiv Lochan Mandir
Rajiv Lochan Mandir

The annual Rajim Lochan Mahotsav is held between the 16th of February and the 1st of March. The various music and dance performances conducted in the fair displays the rich culture of Rajim.

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