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Pradhan is a governmental, generally ministerial, title used in regions of Hindu cultural tradition. The Sanskrit Pradhan literally translates to "prime". The definitions given by the Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary include "chief" and "leader". The precise interpretation can differ significantly by state, and in many cases the style has been abandoned by many Indian princely states since the Mughal era (often in favour of Muslim styles such as Diwan or Wasir).


  • Pradhan Mantri: Prime Minister (Mantri is the root of Mandarin).
  • Pradhan Senadhipati: Chief of Staff (Senadhipati refers to an old Sanskrit style for military, also used in Nepal for Commander in Chief).
  • Pradhan Senapati: "Grand General", also translated as Chief of Staff.
  • In Nepal, Pradhan currently refers to the family name of people of the Newar community who trace their roots to northern and central India. Among the Newars, they are part of the highest tier "Chha-thari" (six-types) clan who are descendants of the Malla (Nepal) royalty, and other nobility. The other family names of this group consist of modern surnames Malla, Joshi, Rajbhandari, among others. Newar caste system stratifies them as belonging to the Kshatriya varna.



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