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Pondok Pesantren Gading Mangu Perak Jombang
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Pondok Pesantren Gading Mangu Perak Jombang

Pondok Pesantren Gading Mangu Perak Jombang is one of the largest centers of Islamic religious education in Indonesia, which emphasizes the teaching of Al-Quran Al-Hadith and the formation of Karimah akhlakul younger generation. Boarding School is located in the village of Silver Ivory Mangu Jombang East Java Province. Its location just 400 meters into the northern markets District Orange Silver Jombang.

Besides educating the younger generation become preachers and mubalighot reliable mastering the Quran and Hadith as well as noble, boarding school at the same time fostering the Ivory Mangu santrinya to have a high intellect and a global perspective. Because of these boarding schools supported by public junior high, high school and vocational school under the management of Yayasan Budi Utomo.

Pondok Pesantren Gading Mangu currently accommodates 3,500 (three thousand five hundred) students divided over 1950 (one thousand nine hundred and fifty) students and 1,550 men (one thousand five hundred and fifty) women students come from various regions all over Indonesia. Of the total number of 1139 students of the school at SMU Budi Utomo, 917 people sat on the bench SMK Budi Utomo and 806 people became junior high school students Budi Utomo.

Pondok Pesantren Gading Mangu which began operating in 1952 it has facilities such as dormitories daughter, son hostel building, hall, guest house, kitchen and activity center of the mosque Baitul Antiq students who inaugurated by Regent Jombang H. Soewoto Adiwibowo on January 7, 1997.


Brief History

Boarding School Gadingmangu located in the Village Gadingmangu Gadingmangu, Silver District, Jombang, East Java, or about 13 kilometers from the city of Jombang. Distance from Surabaya Gadingmangu Boarding School about 93 miles or the distance of about 2 hours.

Pesanteren Gadingmangu cottage was founded in 1952 by:

  1. Mr. H. Bey Prawironoto (village head at the time)
  2. Mr. H.M. Mercy
  3. Mr. H. Nurhadi
  4. Mr. H. Nurhasan

Leadership Period:

  1. Year 1952 - 1963 led by Mr. H. Bey Prawironoto
  2. Year 1963 - 2006 led by Mr. KH. Abdul Gratitude
  3. 2006 - now led by Mr. KH. Ahmad Fathoni

Vision and Mission


"Being a boarding school Salafiyah globally enabled in the propagation of Islam that encourages Muslims and mankind in general have the prosperous life based on religion, honesty, trust, thrift and hard work, harmonious, compact and can work well together."


"Providing real contribution to the development of the nation and the State through propaganda, assessment, understanding and application of Islamic teachings is done thoroughly, sustainable and integrated according to the role, position, professional responsibility as a component of the nation within the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia".

Goals and Objectives


In accordance with the vision, mission, duties and functions of the Pondok Pesantren objectives are:

Increasing the quality of civilization, life, dignity in the life of society, nation and the state as well as participate in the development of complete Indonesian man, which is based on faith and devotion to God Almighty for the establishment of a democratic civil society and social justice based on Pancasila and the Constitution 45, is blessed by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.


In accordance with the objectives to be achieved, then the set targets as follows:

  1. Increase the quality of life of Islamic society as a whole.
  2. Increased the Islamic da'wah activities evenly throughout the country.
  3. Increased understanding and application of Islamic values that come from sources of pure Islamic teachings.
  4. Increase the quality of human resources of Islamic society.
  5. Increased participation of Islamic communities in various programs of nation and state.
  6. Increased religious harmony and social solidarity.

Value - Value

In carrying out the mission in order to achieve its vision, Boarding Schools to develop values which are:

  1. Having a basic attitude and the springs of religious thought on the Al-Quran and Al-Hadith
  2. Having a spirit of nationalism to realize the four noble nation of Indonesia is listed in the Constitution of 1945.
  3. Have an open heart, tolerance and tolerance in the face of differing views;
  4. Have the attitude of fair, honest, trustworthy, mujhid muzhid
  5. The balance of action and behavior in the conduct of devotion to Allah, interact with fellow human beings, and treat the universe / the environment;
  6. Moderate in formulating opinions, thoughts and deeds;
  7. Have integrity, courage and consistency in voicing the truth even in difficult situations.
  8. Commitment to support and execute the decisions of government.

Structure Ponpes Gadingmangu

Pondok Pesantren Gadingmangu have an organizational structure as follows:

  • Council Kyai: It is a supreme body consisting of elders boarding school authorities as the principal policy penentuk Pondok Pesantren Gadingmangu-member 6 (six) people.
  • Teacher Council: Council policy is the executing agency of the Kyai in the field of educational continuity. The agency consists of the Teacher / Ustad Pondok Pesantren Gadingmangu.
  • Daily Council: An executive council in charge of daily administration, management and other social activities. Daily Board members consist of representatives from Chairman, Secretary, treasurer and parts.

Education Programs at Pondok Pesantren Gading Mangu

Religious education

  • Quran; reading, translations, and commentaries
  • Hadith Association
  • Faroidh; law of distribution of inheritance
  • Qiroatu sab'ah
  • Nahwu shorof
  • Kutubu Sitta

General Education

  • Budi character / akhlakul Karimah
  • Insights nationality
  • Sports and Outbound
  • Entrepreneurship / Enterprenuership and
  • Community Service

The advantage of this integrated education system, among others:

  • In the same period the student can become preachers or mubalighot and master / khatam Quran and Hadith, as well as general education graduating junior high school or vocational school.
  • The cost of education is relatively more efficient because the location of the boarding school together with school, do not need additional transport costs. Moderate total accommodation cost only Rp 190.000, - (one hundred ninety thousand dollars) per month includes money to eat.
  • Due to school activities and lodge the students demanded strict discipline of life, there is no time for futile activities, such as wandering, watching TV and playing games excessively, clubbing and other activities that lead to violations of law and religious rules.
  • Due to boarding school students come from various regions in Indonesia, then direct each student will know each other and better understand the culture, geography and customs of various ethnic groups of Indonesia

Pondok Pesantren Ivory Mangu 2

Anticipating the development of Muslim worshipers in Indonesia Pondok Pesantren Ivory Mangu in 2000 growing to the south adjacent to the school Budi Utomo, the center of activities in the mosque Nur Hasan Luhur. Now boarding school is taken care of by 140 (one hundred forty) teachers and assisted by 135 officers / employees.

Looks open space Boarding Ivory Mangu 2 enclosed building SMK Budi Utomo, Multipurpose Building and Luhur Nur Hasan Mosque. This open space also serves as sports fields and parking lots for visitors boarding school.

Behind the building is a building vocational boarding Ivory Mangu 2, which consists of; dorm son, teaching and learning space, library, guest house, kitchen and living.

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