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Pehowa is a city and a municipal committee in Kurukshetra district in the Indian state of Haryana.



Pehowa is located at .[1] It has an average elevation of 224 metres (734 feet).

Mythic History

This site was called 'Prithudaka' in the epics of Mahabharat named after the King Prithu who prayed for the salvation of his fathers soul here. This site is where the tradition of Shraddha to fathers is offered. It is located 27 km west of Thanesar. The place boasts of existence from AD 882 but an inscription written on it states that it was actually built in AD 895. Legend has it that when the father of King Prithu was nearing his death, he wanted his son to fulfill just one wish of his. He wanted to breathe his last near the river Yamuna Prithudak.

The obedient son arranged for the same, where his father departed the world of the mortals. Filled with remorse, Prithu sat staring at the river for many days at a stretch and made innumerable offerings to God and observed fast too. The place where he is believed to have observed the fast for several days has been named Prithudak Teertha. Many ghats and temples have now been constructed in respect to the honour of the king's sacrifice.

The Lord Kartikay temple at the ghat is built at the site (as quoted by the temple priest) where Lord kartikay upon reaching back after going around the universe as per directions from Lord Shiva and Parvati removed his skin and left it with Maa Parvati. The temple has 2 rock blocks and an image of Lord Kartikay in marble flanked by 2 oil lamps. Shri Krishna made Yudhishtir light those two lamps for the 18,00,000 people who perished in mahabharat. the said lamps have been burning since the day. Oil is offered to the stone blocks, the marble image and the lamps for relieving pain of Lord Kartikay and of the souls of ancestors. If the story is true then by the most conservative estimates, the temple would be at least 4500 years old.

Pehowa Near to Shalihotra tirtha, Sarsa This tirath is located 26 kilometres from Kurukshetra in Pehowa town. Sarsa Village HolyTrith since the time of Mahabharata,So people should visit this great place once in a life Every person all over the world . Be KARMA YOGI. Form :-GITA (HINDU HOLY BOOK)

The most interesting thing to be observed at the place is the record of families kept since mahabharat. The purohits(priest) who sit around the place in small shops have been keeping records of families visiting the place since mahabharat (as per my family purohit). I quote " the records were being maintained since mahabharat of all the people visiting to get the rites performed. These were partly burnt by the islamic rulers, when massive conversions were made forcibly, to remove any track of the family tree". Still one can find records of at least past 400 years and get the entire family tree.

In pehowa mostly living LABANA's. the richest caste in sikh religion. In pehowa nearly each 3rd family have foreigner member. Pehowa nowadays leading toward developing city of the state HARYANA. it also very holy place of country. each year a big fare is organize in city naming 'chetar mela'. in which people come from different part of country mainly from punjab, rajasthan, haryana, delhi etc...


India census,[2] Pehowa had a population of 33,547. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Pehowa has an average literacy rate of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 74%, and female literacy is 64%. In Pehowa, 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.


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